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A lot is happening at Do More With Your Dog! Here are some of the recent highlights.

Have a suggestion or recommend a change? The Board meets monthly and welcomes your ideas (it gives us something to talk about!). Please  email us.

December 2020

  • December is Dog Play month. Download graphics here.

November 2020

October 2020

  • Release of book “The Joy of Dog Training” by Kyra Sundance
  • October is Joy of Dog Training month
  • Added currency-select option on the website
  • Launched four new Master Class course, each geared toward getting your CCF Fitness title
  • Plans are underway to launch a Trick Dog Grand Champion title… stay tuned!
  • Guidelines added to Stunt Dog virtual trials, including guidelines for ring size and type of pedestal

September 2020

  • Store website moved to a new host. Customer accounts were ported over, but customers will need to set a new password.
  • Trick Title level changes:
    1. Input requested for review of trick levels. Please email us your thoughts on tricks that should be a different level.  See full list and descriptions here
    2. Tracking has changed from Advanced to Expert
    3. A new trick of “Hugs” has been added (Advanced). Hug a stationary object such as your leg, or a vertical pole, or hug a teddy bear that is handed to him.
    4. A new tricks of “Hug (pick up and hug)” (Expert) has been added.  Pick up a teddy bear with his mouth and then hug it.
    5. Jump over a Dog has been added (Intermediate)
    6. Tetter-Totter has changed from Intermediate to Advanced. Rationale: It is tougher than A-frame
    7. Hide Your Head has changed from Novice to Advanced. Rationale: it is similar to Head Down, which is Advanced 
    8. Roll a Barrel with Front Feet has changed from Advanced to Expert. Handler shall not touch the barrel. Rationale: Push a Shopping Cart is Expert. 
    9. Heeling has changed from Intermediate to Advanced. Rationale: Heeling is a complex behavior chain with movement.
  • Effective this month, all titles will receive a free PDF certificate. This decision was made in part because of the slow shipping times we are experiencing, especially with international mail.
  • We are offering a lower price for those customers who wish only a PDF certificate but nothing in the mail. This option was requested by some international customers who incur higher shipping costs.
  • Stunt Dog Virtual Trials: we lowered the price for Ring Trial tickets to $32 for the ticket only. When the successful competitor passes, they may chose to order the ribbon and certificate.
  • We’ve combined all three Facebook instructor groups into one group:

August 2020

July 2020

  • Advisory Board established. Email them.
  • Stunt Dog Trials may now be held via live-video, from the competitor’s home.


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