🏋🏼‍♀️Canine Conditioning Fitness Title


Pay with Instructor Credits:  3 credits for PDF certificate.

Fitness is for all dogs. These titles reward your dog for effort corresponding to their current abilities. Rules below.




  • The CCF title is a symbol of committing to a fitness lifestyle. Fitness is about doing the best we can at the level we are at. Senior, disabled, and overweight dogs can commit to their individual fitness goals and be rewarded for it.
  • There are approximately 15 exercises in each CCF level, spanning the five components of fitness: Flexibility, Balance, Stamina, Coordination, Strength. 
  • Dog will be evaluated that he understands the exercise, actively participates, challenges himself, and improves.
  • If a particular skill is unfeasible, the certified evaluator may specify a substitution. 
  • Don’t have the equipment? Don’t worry. In the online Fit-tionary, some exercises will specify a substitution; for example throw pillows may be used instead of inflatable discs. 
  • Exercises do not have to be performed on the same day. Your evaluator may sign of on each one individually.
  • You may submit video of your exercises for evaluation.


CCF1-CCF4 RULES: Complete the 15 exercises in your level. If a particular skill is unfeasible, the coach may specify a substitution.  PRE-REQUISITES: The level before.



CCF CHAMPION RULES: You and your Coach will work together to identify 18 exercises from a list. These exercises shall be performed with excellent form.  PRE-REQUISITES: Canine Conditioning Fitness 4 (CCF4)

The goal of fitness is not to be necessarily the strongest, fastest, most agile dog in the room. The goal of fitness is to perform to the best of your abilities at the level you are at, and to exert yourself and push your limits while maintaining proper technique and form.  By achieving your CCF4 title, your dog has already demonstrated understanding and execution of various exercises in flexibility, balance, stamina, coordination, and strength. The CCF Champion title is intended to prove their excellent technique. A CCF Champion could be featured in a fitness presentation as an example of the proper way to perform an exercise.  


How to Earn this Title:


Print or View the CCF Checklist

This shows the exercises needed for each level. The online Fit-tionary has tutorials for the exercises.

Print the CCF Checklist 

Fit-tionary Online List & Tutorials 

Champion: Print the CCF Champion application checklist


Want more resources? We’ve got ’em!

This shows the exercises needed for each level. The online Fit-tionary has tutorials for the exercises.

Canine Conditioning Book 

Online Course 


Show your tricks/exercises to a Certified Fitness Evaluator

Join one of our free Facebook Spark Teams and post videos (or photos) of your tricks/exercises there. Each team is coached by a certified evaluator. 

Spark Team Online Evaluators 

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Submit the form above

Once a certified evaluator has OK’d your tricks/exercises, submit your application using the form above. You can choose your certificate and swag items.