Three Simple Steps to earn your Canine Conditioning Fitness Title


Step 2

Practice the Level 1 exercises with your dog

See description and tutorial for every exercise


Step 3

Show your exercises to a Certified Fitness Coach

There are 3 ways to connect with a coach:

Facebook Spark Team
classes are are coached by a certified CCFC instructors who will happily review your videos.  

Pay for Convenience 
Our  Master Class online course gives you a personal coach to teach and guide you through the titling process. The cost of the title submission is included in the price.  

Demonstrate your tricks live to a  CCFC in your area


Step 4

Submit your application/Pay



Ready for more Titles?

Check out our Title Overview page for application forms and rules for each title.

Title Overview Page



Canine Conditioning Fitness is practiced in pursuit of peak performance, injury prevention, coordination, flexibility, and rehabilitation.

Earn your Canine Conditioning Fitness title and medal by demonstrating mastery of skills for a certified Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach (CCFC). Skills are explained in Kyra’s Canine Conditioning book. Dog will be evaluated that he understands the exercise, actively participates, challenges himself, and improves. Video submissions accepted. Four title levels to achieve. 

Approved and Vetted Fitness Techniques

Although this Canine Conditioning and Fitness program has been extensively researched and reviewed by a panel of experts in the field, we recognize that any physical endeavor comes with risk. Please evaluate each dog and exercise before attempting a skill, and, if necessary, consult with your veterinarian or other expert. Please see the top expert reviewer bios at the back of Kyra’s Canine Conditioning book. 

Substitutions for an Exercise

If a particular skill is unfeasible due to physical or behavioral difficulties, the coach may specify a substitution at their discretion. An exercise may be considered unfeasible if:

  • The exercise is not well suited for the breed
  • The exercise is unsafe because of a dog’s health issues 
  • You do not have access to the required equipment
  • It is causing undue fear or reactivity in the dog

To see pictures of every exercise and a list of substitutions, check out the free online Master Class: