20 Dog Tricks: One Prop


Pay with Instructor Credits:  3 credits for PDF certificate. Cardstock cert plus ribbon is 2 credits. Shipping is additional.

Earn your 20:1 Specialty Title by performing 20 tricks with one prop. Comes with a PDF certificate and optional hardcopy certificate and custom ribbon.

Directions: How to Get This Title


What was your Prop?

The prop name will print on your certificate and will be listed on the title holders webpage.

Person's Name:

Person who handled the dog for this title


We will receive the name exactly the way you typed it. In your cart, you may see (\') instead of simply ('), or you may see your dog's name translated into another language. It's OK. We will receive the name correctly.
Mixed-breed is OK

Certified By:

Your names will be listed on the title holders webpage. We can also display a link to your video if you'd like. Please tell us the URL where your video can be found.
Spark Teams are free Facebook groups coached by certified instructors, with the goal of teaching enough tricks to get your title.
Stars can be redeemed by your evaluator for product (ex: 3 Stars pays for a dog title). We'll email your evaluator to let them know.
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