Balls Title (Pentathlon Series)


Pay with Instructor Credits:  PDF certificate: 3 credits.

Doglympics Pentathlon Series. Rules below.




RULES: Demonstrate any 10 tricks utilizing a ball or balls


Earn your Doglympics Series “Balls” title by demonstrating any 10 tricks utilizing a ball. This title challenges you to think about what behaviors your dog CAN do, and then transfer those behaviors to a new trick involving a ball. A Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) will evaluate your submission. Some examples of ball tricks are:

  1. Paws up on a yoga ball
  2. Circle around a yoga ball
  3. Balance on top of a yoga ball
  4. Muffin Tin Game with tennis balls
  5. Ball Pit Game: Find the treat/toy hidden in a box full of balls
  6. Catch a ball
  7. Fetch a ball
  8. Push a soccer ball
  9. Find the hidden ball (like the “find hidden treats” game)
  10. Backtrack memory game (retrace steps to find ball)
  11. Shell Game / Cups and ball
  12. Volleyball
  13. Basketball
  14. Flyball
  15. Tidy up your toys; drop ball in toy box
  16. Find your ball by scent
  17. Bowling

How to Earn this Title:


Choose 10 Ball Tricks.

You can use the Tricktionary Tricks, or make up your own ball tricks.



Show your tricks/exercises to a Certified Trick Evaluator

Join one of our free Facebook Spark Teams and post videos (or photos) of your tricks/exercises there. Each team is coached by a certified evaluator. 

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