Register of Merit (ROM) Title Holders


D. Rosenberry & J. Underwood and Chimp (Ch. Nim Chimpsky v Tani Kazari RN THDN FDC CGC CGCA CGCU TKN TKI TKA TKP ATT ETD TD-ROM), PA, 4/25/20
D. Rosenberry & J. Underwood and Princess (Ch. Yarrow Hi-Tech DreamWeaver THDN CGC CGCA CGCU TKN TKI TKA TKP ETD TD-ROM), PA, 4/25/20
D. Rosenberry & J. Underwood and Thomas (GrCh. Yarrow Hi-Tech Stuck On You At Edan Hill FDC THDN CGC CGCA CGCU TKN TKI TKA TKP ATT ETD TD-ROM), PA, 4/25/20
D. Rosenberry & J. Underwood and Sue Bee (Ch. Edan Hill’s I Dreamed A Dream FDC THDN CGC CGCA TKN TKI TKA ATD TD-ROM), PA, 4/25/20

Airedale Terrier

Debbie Klemp and Lizzi (CDN/AM CH Debonaire Frankly I’m Bizzi CGN TA TDA ATD TD-ROM), ON, 8/12/20

Akita (Japanese)

Jessie Deschamps and Taïka (TDCH Megami Taïka of Ango Angari TD-ROM), QC, 11/24/20

Alaskan Klee Kai

Jennifer Hsia and Tolkien (‘PR’ Allerian’s Legendarium v AliAK ITD TD-ROM), CA, 10/18/20
Jennifer Hsia and Lyra (TDCH AliAK’s Her DArKK Materials TD-ROM), CA, 3/27/20

Alaskan Malamute

Nichole Royer and Kwin (U-CD Am/UKC/Nat/Int/Hnrs Ch Wencinja’s Out of the Kwestion CGC CD TA WPD WTD WWPD AAAM ROM-WD ATD TD-ROM), CA, 12/10/19

American Bully

Anissa Shotbolt and Kali (Kalifornia’s Iron Hammer SPOT-ON WDS RL1 NTD-M ATD TD-ROM), SK, 2/27/21
Anissa Shotbolt and Woodsie (TDCH CH URO1 Hollywood’s Blue Crush SPOT CGN CCF1 RL1 TD-ROM), SK, 11/28/20

American Staffordshire Terrier

Jaida Cooper and Evey (Bluenile’s Just The Way You Are ETD TD-ROM), AB, 10/21/20
Jaida Cooper and Melody (FLK SO In Tune at GLK ETD TD-ROM), AB, 1/20/20

Australian Shepherd

Paige Spencer & Sarah Gibbons and Dream (UK/Ir Ch Austrian Dream Cupcake To Go With Wispafete JW ShCM Ir JCH CJW’16 NTD TD-ROM), , 4/4/21
Jill Foreman and Fire (CH. Fiddlers Green Gun Powder N’ Lead TD-ROM), , 4/3/21
Sarah Gibbons and Miley (Ir/Int/UK Ch Mangry’s Need For Speed With Wispafete JW ShCM Ir JCh CJW’17 NTD-M TD-ROM), Derbyshire, 3/17/21
Annie Proulx and Angel (TDGCH Alyjess Gerly Angel ETD-M TD-ROM), QC, 1/26/21
Christine Sapa CTDI and Nico (Halfmoon Endeavor TD-ROM), CO, 1/25/21
Joanne Thibeault and Jessy (TDCH MoiAussie Shining Star TD-ROM), QC, 11/29/20
Joanne Thibeault and Zumba (TDCH MoiAussie Northen Light TD-ROM), QC, 11/28/20
Suzanne Guy and Splash (Ch Willogold Makin’A Splash TD-ROM), , 11/26/20
Mikayla Lenners and Jasper (Mct Texas Cowboy TKN NTD TD-ROM), MO, 11/19/20
Charles White and Trampas (Battlefield’s Smooth Operator ATD TD-ROM), ON, 10/30/20
Rosanne Starkman CTDI and Bogey (Ch Callibreeze Kiss Me You Fool RE CD ATD TD-ROM), ON, 10/30/20
Payton Leppington and Crave (Callibreeze Sealed with a Kiss ATD TD-ROM), ON, 10/17/20
Lucie-Marie Guilbert and Edgar (CH Highrails Current Edition NTD TD-ROM), QC, 9/13/20
Lucie-Marie Guilbert and Ingrid (CH Orane Red Baby Doll des Rêves d’Opaline ATD TD-ROM), QC, 9/13/20
Andrea Harant and Bentley (Harmony Hills Special Edition ETD TD-ROM), , 6/18/20
Jill Foreman and Hopkins (CH. Midnight At The Oasis Of Woolly Rocks ATD TD-ROM), , 5/16/20
Jessica Tetrault and Maily (TDCH Kinoak Maily ETD TD-ROM), QC, 1/20/20
Cheryl Bradley and Esa (Keepsake She’s A Hoot), OH, 11/26/19
Gayle Silberhorn CTDI and Bryn (TDCH Big Run Bryn Jette Varg), IL, 6/20/18
Kristie Kingsland CTDI and Priya (Summereane’s Big Bang Theory NTD TD-ROM), FL, 6/8/18
Aryeh Einhorn and Apple (Fairoaks Apple Of My Eye, DNA-VP TD-ROM), CA, 5/1/18
Deborah Vallandingham and Iris (The Iris Virus TD-ROM), MD, 12/16/17
Renea Dahms CTDI and Paris (Defiance It’s All About Me TD-ROM), WI, 12/6/17
Deborah Vallandingham and Duke (The Duke of Valli Farm TD-ROM), MD, 9/11/17
Gayle Silberhorn CTDI and Sera (Big Run’s Saga Continues ), IL, 5/31/16
Becky Tellalian CTDI and Austin (AKC/U-GRCH/INT’L CH Keepsake Outta My Way STDs, HSAs, HTADIs, HRDIs, RLFIs, DNA-CP), OH, 1/19/16

Australian Shepherd (Miniature)

CJ Fithian CTDI and Adelaide (Zero G’s Jam-Min’ Spitfire Adelaide TD-ROM), NC, 7/2/19


Kathy Davies and Piper (BPISS MBPIG MBBPIG GCH FCH Jasiri-Sukari Summit Up Nicely CGN NC AC FCH NS ATD TD-ROM), AB, 2/21/21
Kathy Davies and Deacon (BPIS MBPIG CH Summit Son Of A Preacher NC FCH ATD TD-ROM), AB, 2/21/21
Kelli Harmon and Mojo (UnderCover Meisterhaus Valentino ETD TD-ROM), MI, 6/16/20
Kelli Harmon and Cleo (Meisterhaus Kiroja Kiss N Tell ETD TD-ROM), MI, 6/16/20
Kelli Harmon and Roxie (Kiroja Hart N Soul ETD TD-ROM), MI, 6/16/20
Kathy Davies and Phoebe (GCH Kandem Summit No Regrets CGN TT RN CA NC AC SRL3 FCH ATD TD-ROM), AB, 6/2/20

Basset Hound

Melissa Jokela and Faith (Rabbit Run Faith TD-ROM ATD), MN, 1/7/19

Bearded Collie

Jessica Buckley and Dizzee (Supreme Ch Stylwise Dizzee Rascal HT ETD TD-ROM), ACT, 9/1/20

Belgian Malinois

Rachelle Turgeon CTDI and Guess (Guess Du Château D’agadir ITD TD-ROM), QC, 4/22/20
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Flare (TDCH Silverthorn’s Dragon Fire RN HT CGC ROM), CA, 9/26/17
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Vivid (TDCH GCH Carousel’s Dream of Fire N Ice RA HT NA NAJ NF RATS ROM), CA, 6/3/15

Belgian Shepherd

Kiarah Buckler and Fox (TDCH Stronghold K9’s Fox ETD-M TD-ROM), AB, 2/16/21

Belgian Shepherd (Tervuren)

Isabelle Bouchard and Jipsy (Nicha Jipsy de L’Hidalgo ETD TD-ROM), QC, 8/16/20
Isabelle Bouchard and Esmé (Hidalgo Esmé Gitane de L’Océan NTD TD-ROM), QC, 6/2/20

Belgian Tervuren

Silvie De Four and Kayza (Kayza of Hakinka’s Home NTD ROM), Vlanderen, 11/13/19

Biewer Terrier

Barrie Lynn Wood CTDI and Moose (Confetti Mighty Moose of Benchmark TKP CGCA CGCU ETD NTD-MTD-ROM), MI, 12/27/20

Black Russian Terrier

Irena Polonsky and Viva (TDCH SDCH Multi CH Midnight Solo Haviva Desagres TD-ROM), ON, 10/19/18

Border Collie

Bronwyn van Dyk CTDI and Rogan (Ch. Fly Hob Nob Ambassador for Askenhill CGC (Br.) ATD TD-ROM), Gauteng, 3/24/21
Bronwyn van Dyk CTDI and Fable (Ch Fly EuroFire Aesop’s Fire FD FDX CGC (G) ATD TD-ROM), Gauteng, 3/24/21
Karine Lusignan and Laila (Passion Laila ATD TD-ROM), QC, 3/17/21
Selena Short and Shine (Pollyvinall Bunnabee to Otterbarrow ATD ITD-M TD-ROM), , 3/6/21
Steph Murray and Sage (Just Sage At Elsanna ATD TD-ROM), , 2/4/21
Norma de Rose and Rhys (TDCH RV Rhys TD-ROM), ON, 12/22/20
Norma de Rose and Jasmine (Jasmine TD-ROM), ON, 10/30/20
Kathleen Deschenes and Zoro (Zoro ITD TD-ROM), QC, 10/28/20
Ana Mrksic and Jagger (Moys Lke Jagger ETD TD-ROM), ON, 6/5/20
Charlotte Brooke and Floss (TDGCH Ellan-Vannin Floss Of Kennafell TD-ROM), , 4/30/20
Sydney Ryan and Ego (On Target’s Narcissist ETD), OR, 4/26/20
Christina Opperman CTDI and Logic (TDGCH CCF-CH Leebeardream Its Logical TD-ROM), Staffordshire, 4/17/20
Christina Opperman CTDI and Snoopy (Meisterwerk Ghost at Leebeardream TD-ROM TD-ROM), Staffordshire, 4/12/20
Anne-Julie Boucher and Bidule (Ptitesbetes Bidule ETD TD-ROM), QC, 1/30/20
Patty Warren and Rave (Rave Moy TD-ROM), NC, 7/26/19
Marla Friedler-Cooper CTDI and Splash (Never Never Land X’ Splash Attack! TD-ROM), CA, 3/6/19
Christina Opperman CTDI and Flyte (Suga Gero At Leebeardream AW(S) TD-ROM ETD), Staffordshire, 1/4/19
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Shiver (FHF Shiver TD-ROM), IL, 2/20/17
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Fusion (Hob Nob Fusion TD-ROM), IL, 2/20/17
Larry Adams and Mirk (), CO, 12/1/15
Carolyn Jane Halhead and Zing (TDCH Canyonland Beloved Go Back to Glory TD-ROM), Gauteng, 11/24/15
Astrid Buhmann CTDI and Star (TDCH TH’ ONE & ONLY, CH Highborne Buzzing Star FDX TD-ROM), Gauteng, 11/24/15
Kathleen Mocharnuk and Cricket (TDCH Hillcrest Quick As A Cricket), CA, 9/3/15
Carol Parker and Mara (TBC Marnatha AX AXJ NF), CO, 5/27/15
Colleen DeWitt CTDI and Carson (Int’l/Am GrCh Fallons Royal Carson CGC TT BN RA CD ATD TD-ROM), TN, 6/23/14
Donna Sullivan CTDI and Shelby (Donivan’s Red Hot Dreamn O EWE), NV, 6/23/14


Bob A. Parkhurst Jr. and Lucy (Lucy’s Loyal Dynamo JH ETD TD-ROM), NY, 1/21/20


Beatrice Page and Tipsy (TDCH HOF GRCH Wildwood Delightful Intoxication ETD TD-RM), GA, 6/17/20


Leanne Zukowski and Tuff (Am Ch Can GCh Sycalcade’s Eight Seconds to Win CGN RE CD TT RATI ETD CCF3 TD-ROM), AB, 7/15/20

Cairn Terrier

Karen McClean CTDI and Aoibheann (TDCH AmCan GCh Quarrydene’s Queen of Diamonds TD-ROM), AB, 1/27/20

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Barbara R. Miller and Daisy (White Hart Better Than Chocolate NJP, RA, TKA, TD-ROM), WA, 1/16/19

Cocker Spaniel

Kelly Ladouceur and Charlotte (Am Can Ch KLAD Samamari Fire And Rain TKN ETD TD-ROM), AB, 12/1/20
Christina Opperman CTDI and Ruby (Dimnds N Ruby A Leebeardream ETD TD-ROM), Staffordshire, 4/13/20

Collie (Rough)

Gertie Olesen and Choctaw (Wall Street’s Krewe of Choctaw TD-ROM), , 3/19/21
Winnie West Ørngreen and Hayley (Lassies Sweet American Hayley TD-ROM), , 3/19/21
Debbie Crosson and Brandi (Ch Markos Hot Toddy TD-ROM), BC, 1/17/21

Coonhound (Redbone)

Chayse Madore and Trouble (Rimfire’s Looking for Trouble NTD TD-ROM), NY, 4/26/20

Dachshund (Miniature)

Vicky Lee and Robin (TDGCH CCF-CH Jahenbe’s It’s A Miracle TD-ROM), Leicestershire, 9/24/20


Geneviève Dubuc and Lara-Jade (Ch. Proctor’s a NU touch in Dots CGN ATD TD-ROM), QC, 4/21/20

Doberman Pinscher

Marie-Claire Guindon and Ninja (TDCH Can Ch Cassel N Soulstorm Wait for It CA RATO MBRH MBAR RATI IBARp IBRHp TT CGN VGM ETD TD-ROM), ON, 4/20/20

Field Spaniel

Rebecca Menard and Artemis (GCH Pemberley’s Moonlight Huntress ATD NTD-M TD-ROM), ON, 2/10/21

Finnish Lapphund

Annie Carlsson and Heidi (Härestrand’s Princess Calypso ATD ITD-M AtoZ TD-ROM), , 3/31/21
Jessica Taylor and Dukino (Aus Ch Neut Ch Taigakoira Aitosas Davvir RN AD JD ATD TD-ROM), Victoria, 8/27/20
Leah Sundstrom and Alleria (Aus Ch. Caleebra Armani Diamond RE JC ROM ATD), NSW, 8/18/19
Michelle Gurney and Squiggle (TDCH CCF-CH Aus Ch Aus Neut Ch Armahani Diamond Dansut AI CCD RA AD JDX SPD SD HT ET JC WPD FMX), NSW, 1/15/19

French Spaniel

Gaelle Coconnier and Madiba (Du Nordet Madiba De l’Aamadis ATD TD-ROM), QC, 6/23/20

German Shepherd Dog

Suzanne Wiebe CTDI and Harley (Blackridge Harley ETD TD-ROM), ON, 2/9/21
Mary-Anne Boulet and Aero (CH Aeroforce vom Albtal HIC NS ATD TD-ROM), ON, 10/17/20
Mary-Anne Boulet and Clio (Albtals Clio vom Zaubermeister ATD TD-ROM), ON, 10/17/20
Nicki Oade and Indi (Gregorian Celtiagh Storm CGCB RA JDX TT1 ETD TD-ROM), Auckland, 4/25/20
Courtney Gluchacki CTDI and Ace (TDCH UCH DAE CH Lasvada’s Ace of Spades CA CGC DN IT NW1 ORT RN TKP TD-ROM), RI, 12/20/19
Dawn Fisher and Bentley (Eclipse’s Drive for Excellence), MN, 1/17/19
Lindsay Chlopek CTDI and Berlin (Berlin an Granville vom Gildaf), IL, 5/24/17
Lindsay Chlopek CTDI and Caldonia (Caldonia von Granville), IL, 5/24/17
Leslie Greenson and Garak (Garak von Heksterhorst), ON, 11/18/16

German Shorthaired Pointer

Aimee Wales & Debbie Lewis & Jean Gauchet-Hargis and Buddee-Shooter (GCH DC Robin Crest DoubleEE Shoot to Thrill MH VCX TD-ROM), CA, 3/27/21
Karen Rooks Nauer & David J. Nauer and Kelli (GCH CH Voyager’s Princess Bride JH NA NF VC TD-ROM), CO, 3/23/21

Golden Retriever

Samantha Snyder and Finn (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH OPK’s Gimmie Some Finn ETD-M TD-ROM), PA, 1/7/21
Corrie Horne and Logan (CH. Chuckanut’s Trossachs Valour RE CGN ATD TD-ROM), NB, 1/2/21
Jillian Todd ATDI and Louie (TDGCH Kenro’s Jevas Miracle Prince TD-ROM), ON, 12/10/20

Great Dane

Shinae Perry ATDI and Athena (Pacific Blue’s Goddess Athena CGC TKN NTD TD-ROM CGC TKN NTD TD-ROM), TX, 2/27/21
Shinae Perry ATDI and Boomer (HnrsCh IntCh NatCh UKC Ch Pacific Blue’s Blazin’ Boomer CGCA BCAT TKN ATT TC NTD TD-ROM), TX, 2/4/21
Anita K. Anderson and JD (MBISS Can GCH Am CH Kiltic N Daynakin’s Moonshine TD-ROM), AB, 2/3/21
Charity Smith and Gypsy (BOSS BPISS BPIG GCh ATG’s Wild Child CGN RN VGD TD NTD TD-ROM), AB, 1/28/21
Darla-Jean Wotherspoon CTDI and Chaos (A Sweet Chaotic Dream CCF2 NSD ETD NTD-M TD-ROM), Puerto Plata Province, 1/24/21
Darla-Jean Wotherspoon CTDI and Shade (Dreamin In Shades Of Blue CCF2 NSD ETD NTD-M TD-ROM), Puerto Plata Province, 1/24/21
Kate Paradis and Ginnie (CH Paquestone’s Gold N Ginger TD-ROM), BC, 1/21/21
Darla-Jean Wotherspoon CTDI and Dream (TDCH CACJD CACD CAGCD CACIB CQUISO Ashella’s Caribbean Dreamer NSD CCF2 ETD NTD-M TD-ROM), Puerto Plata Province, 1/10/21
Darla-Jean Wotherspoon CTDI and Autumn (Dreamy Autumn Sunset CCF2 NSD ETD NTD-M TD-ROM), Puerto Plata Province, 1/10/21

Great Pyrenees

Carol Graham and Vimy (Gch Woolmarsh Vimy Ridge NTD TD-ROM), , 8/28/19
Carol Graham and Rachelle (Ch Woolmarsh Rachelle NTD TD-ROM), , 8/28/19


Lorraine Purnell CTDI and Bugi (GCh Pocopayasos’ Heavy Duty Bugi RI AGN AGIJ TKE ETD NTD-M TD-ROM RI AGN AGIJ TKE ETD NTD-M TD-ROM), ON, 2/6/21
Tracy Smith and Ace (CH. Pocopayasos Ace Is High ATD TD-ROM), ON, 8/3/20

Jack Russell Terrier

Meghan Rabon and Twister (Fleet Street Twister ETD TD-ROM), NJ, 4/14/20
Susan Getty and Pedey (Forget-Me-Not Pedey ETD TD-ROM), ID, 4/13/20

Labrador Retriever

Whitney Rupp and Felix (Chops Itty Bitty Kickass Kitty ETD TD-ROM), IL, 1/23/21
Rosanne Starkman CTDI and Tempo (Callibreeze Girls Got Rhythm ITD TD-ROM), ON, 9/24/20
Alycia Rogal CTDI and Coulee (TDCH Torg’s Water on Stone TPK TD-ROM), BC, 5/14/20
Barbara King and Harvey (Six Mile’s Canadian Twist TD-ROM), BC, 3/22/19


Christina Opperman CTDI and Minion (TDCH Leebeardream One In A Minion), Staffordshire, 4/6/20


Marica Ljungholm and Britta (TDCH Foske Lisa V D Wilde Vaart TD-ROM), Västerbotten, 4/1/20

Miniature American Shepherd

Karen Bailey Cooper and Baker (UCH Flagtree’s Bake Me A Cake RI FDC BCAT RATN DSX DJA CGCA CGCU TKA AtoZ ATD-M ETD 20:1 TD-ROM), OK, 4/7/21
Karen Bailey Cooper and Cupcake (Flagtree’s Piece of Cake CD PCD BN RM RAE PT FDC NA NAJ NJP CAA BCAT RATN CGCA CGCU TKP ATD ITD-M AtoZ TD-ROM), OK, 4/7/21
Mindy Stevenson and Tux (Latigos Limited Edition), , 12/3/18
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Faith (Birchview’s Goddess of Hearth and Flame TD-ROM), IL, 2/20/17
Lynette VandeVenter ATDI and Magic (Alta Vista Do You Believe in Magic TD-ROM), IL, 2/20/17

*Mixed Breed

Morgan Jarvis ATDI and Tactix (Hazstacks Tactix ETD TD-ROM), ON, 1/28/21
Sara Reusche and Pan (PSF’s Pantalaimon ATD TD-ROM), MN, 7/18/20
Nicole Vaughn CTDI and Piglet (G2G And Then I Got Pi ATD TD-ROM), SK, 6/2/20


Yvette Piantadosi and Sassy (Nuuk IIK’K’AAK’NAAB Tanus ITD TD-ROM), NC, 10/29/20
Yvette Piantadosi and Rocket (Koves Berci Betyar Puszta TD-ROM), NC, 3/9/20
Yvette Piantadosi and Chris Echard and Rocket (Koves Berci Betyar Puszta TD-ROM), NC, 8/12/19

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Lisa Porter CTDI and Zeppelin (TDCH Tollwest’s Whole Lotta Love TD-ROM), AB, 8/21/20
Rochelle & Carolyn Kurth and Pinky (Hawk Nest Tollin’ with a Twist ATD TD-ROM), , 5/7/20

Parson Russell Terrier

Marie-Claude Lantagne and Bagnole (Double Barrel’s Dixie D’Mon ETD TD-ROM), QC, 5/28/20
Liz Carter ATDI and Blade (Jacks Wild Wicked Witch NTD TD-ROM), NV, 5/6/20

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Delania McNatt and Annie (UKC GCH Haystacks Make Way For Annie CGC RN HIC RATI UFA USA ETD TD-ROM), OK, 12/4/20
Vicky Fontaine and Knight (Noble Knight Faier Stalker ITD TD-ROM), QC, 9/30/20

Poodle (Standard)

Karen Holden CTDI and Joy (Int’l Am CH Intrigue Spirit of Laetitia CGN, RE, HIC, AGNS, AGNJS, O-NAC, WV-O, TGN, NAP, NJP, NFP, PCC Versatile Poodle, ATD), BC, 9/21/15

Poodle (Toy)

Åsa Tova Bergh CTDI and Jamma (Maylines Easy Jamming ETD TD-ROM), , 3/28/21
Kathleen Cullen and Tango (Ch Cullen’s Dances on Moonbeams CDX CGN RE AGN AGN-J JT ETD TD-ROM), ON, 6/10/20
Kathleen Cullen and Calypso (Ch OTCh Cullen’s Calypso Dancer RE CGN ETD TD-ROM), ON, 6/10/20

Portuguese Water Dog

Dawn Fleming and Expo (Baywood Dora the Explorer ETD TD-ROM), , 1/3/21
Sharon Walker and Blanca (Baywood Blanca ATD TD-ROM), SK, 1/3/21
Brenda Brown and Mission (Baywood Sask River Mission ATD TD-ROM), AB, 10/21/20
Karen Matthews and Etoile (Pattedeau Etoile De Mer ETD TD-ROM), ON, 6/19/20


Josee St-Pierre and B’Elanna (Drageltik’s B’Elanna Torres NTD TD-ROM), QC, 2/9/21

Pyrenean Shepherd

Tricia Waples CTDI and Hivernal (Hivernal du Val du Vent Doré TD-ROM RN RA CRNMCL HIC RAT-I RAT-N ETD), ON, 11/10/16


Lene Søndberg and Fillucca (TDCH ABC Royal’s Fillucca ETD-M TD-ROM), , 3/15/21


Ali LeCarpentier and Kaizu (Tywysog Cyntaf Arabaidd of Madejel ITD-M TD-ROM), Nr Buxton, 3/15/21
Ali LeCarpentier and Mara (Kensteen Brook of Madejel ITD-M TD-ROM), Nr Buxton, 3/15/21

Shetland Sheepdog

Valerie Auclair and Zeus (Ch Bradshaw the Lightning of Zeus CGN ETD TD-ROM), QC, 2/12/21

Siberian Husky

Kristina Schöller CTDI and Cristal (Cristal Sleed Dogs ETD TD-ROM), Steiermark, 9/17/20

Silken Windhound

Keith Hicks and Azure (HIT RBIS URO1 UKC CH/ARBA/KC USA CH Kristull Azure Twilight Allure TD-ROM), , 11/10/16
Keith Hicks and Dior (MBIS MRBIS CACIB UKC/ARBA/KCUSA GRCh ISWS CH UCI/ICKC/IABCA INT’L CH Allagante Christian Dior TD-ROM), , 11/10/16

Silky Terrier

Carolyn Kool and Holly (CH Curiosity’s Holly Goes Lightly TD-ROM), BC, 1/20/21

Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Tamaskan Dog

Kelly Smith CTDI and Clara (TDCH White Elk Isabella Bird at Sundog TD-ROM TD-ROM), LA, 4/15/20

Thai Ridgeback

Alina Geishofer CTDI and Sunee (Multi-CH Caroline Thai Bellijess NTD TD-ROM), Styria, 1/23/21


Lori Hoffman Kohn and Sadie (Burr Oaks Shady Lady TD-ROM), MN, 3/31/21
Michel R. Berner and Nikko (Int’l Ch CH Riverside Mira’s Irish Storm TD-ROM), WI, 3/16/21
Michel R. Berner and Starr (Mira’s Titletown TD-ROM), WI, 3/16/21
Marie-Eve Thibeault and Thalia (Lekka Thalia by Faithful Miro ATD TD-ROM), QC, 8/3/20
Julie Sansregret and Ivie (Vihar EV Ketto Kihivas ATD TD-ROM), , 5/18/20


Rachel McBride and Ally (TDCH SDGCH Ally’s Silver Emmy TD-ROM), ON, 10/19/20
Tanya K. Rowan CTDI and Leonardo (AKC CH UKC CH IC-CHC Multiple INT’L CH PTN Platinum’s Ultimate Renaissance Man CGCA CGCU FDC SPOT THDX RATN TKE ETD TD-ROM), NY, 12/23/19

Weimaraner (Longhaired)

Nina Fotara CTDI and Kodiak (TDCH Morpheus Ruler of Dreams at Astraios TD-ROM), Essex, 8/17/17

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Laura Gerlach and Taffy (Hillpark Summer Dream of Caergrawnt ITD TD-ROM ITD TD-ROM), , 12/22/20


Crystal L. Crookshanks and Maggie (CA CH Manorcourt Midnight Magnolia CA RATI RATN NS RN ATD TD-ROM), AB, 6/17/20
Laura Baratta and Tristan (TDCH AmCH & CanGCH Burnt Sienna Red Mountain DPC TRP PR SGDC MSDC AGNJS NJP NJC TN-N IAC Am.Can.RN SD-A SDS-N CW-SP TD-ROM TKP RATI RATM CGN CGC ETD), BC, 1/5/18

White Swiss Shepherd

Katherine Frechette and Kira (White Dream Team Double Delight ETD TD-ROM), QC, 11/24/20

Working Sheepdog

Karen Colls CTDI and Flash (Indahouse Suited and Booted AWG ATD TD-ROM), Warwickshire, 3/23/21
Karen Colls CTDI and Dizzee (Fix Up Look Sharp Indahouse ITD CCF1 TD-ROM), Warwickshire, 3/23/21
Christina Opperman CTDI and Spring (TDCH Leebeardream Easter Bunny TD-ROM), Staffordshire, 3/23/21
Christina Opperman CTDI and Zeva (Leebeardream Zeva Le Bear ETD ITD-M TD-ROM), Staffordshire, 3/6/21
Christina Opperman CTDI and Autumn (TDCH Leebeardream Fright Night ETD TD-ROM), Staffordshire, 11/14/20
Christina Opperman CTDI and Costa (Leebeardream Hint of Coffee ETD TD-ROM), Staffordshire, 4/23/20
Christina Opperman CTDI and Tullulah (Tula Lee Bear at Leebeardream ETD TD-ROM), Staffordshire, 4/23/20
Christina Opperman CTDI and Summer (TDCH CCF-CH Leebeardream Summer Leebear TD-ROM), Staffordshire, 1/4/19

Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless)

Alina Geishofer CTDI and Kamanchi (Kamanchi Luc T. (Mestre) NTD TD-ROM), Styria, 10/12/20