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Graphics for current promotions, logos, Stunt Dog scorecards, etc.:

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Our Tricktionary is missing some videos of finished tricks, and some tutorials on how to teach the tricks. We’d love if you can contribute a video for a missing item, or if you can remake a better version of a video currently on there. Also, if you want to suggest a new trick, please let Kyra know! 661-803-5829

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Class 10-Pack


New CTDI and CCFC instructors are paired with experienced instructors to be their “buddy.” Buddies are there to answer your questions and guide you through the process, both before you finish your exams, and after. If you’d like to be paired with a buddy, please select one from the list and contact them directly.

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How do I earn credits?

With every student title, you earn one credit. Stunt dog live ring trial judging is 2 credits; video judging is one credit.

Refer a new CTDI/CCFC/SDJ instructor to earn 8 credits.

Credits can be redeemed for almost everything we sell, including dog titles, Master Class online courses, and merchandise.

How can I see my current credits total?

We send you a PDF statement of your points every month.  Otherwise, you can get a fairly up to date (within a few days) total of current points available by clicking your name here and looking at the very bottom of the popup.

How much are credits worth?

For titles, 1 credit is worth US$8.30. For Master Class online courses, 1 credit is worth US$6. For most other things, 1 credit is worth approximately US$3. Promotional discount prices are not available when paying with credits.

How can I purchase something with credits?

You can find the credit price for items on this website, in small font below the money price.  When you checkout, there will be an option asking if you wish to pay with a credit card, PayPal, or instructor credits. When we receive your order we will look how many credits you have in your bank, and contact you if we need additional payment by credit card. Note that the credits price listed is the final cost. 




  • CTDI Designation = Trick Title credits + Champion Evaluation credits + New CTDI Referral credits
  • CCFC Designation = Fitness Title credits + New CCFC Referral credits
  • SDJ Designation = Stunt Dog Title credits + New SDJ Referral credits
  • AA Designation = AA Title credits

Here are the number of credits you need to earn to achieve each level:

  • Bronze: earned 15 credits
  • Silver: earned 30 credits
  • Gold: earned 45 credits
  • Trainer of the Year: earned 60 credits
  • All-Star: earned 100 credits
  • 2X All-Star: earned 200 credits 

Free Gifts: Free gifts are mailed to you when you achieve levels. Gifts may vary depending on what we have in stock, but here is generally what you will receive:

CTDI Free Gifts

  • Bronze, Silver, Gold, Trainer of the Year: Keychain
  • All-Star: Embroidered logo jacket
  • 2X All-Star and beyond: Gifts vary… Silver logo pen, embossed notebook, embossed marble coaster, logo dog bowl, etc.

CCFC Free Gifts

  • Bronze: Logo lanyard
  • Silver: Logo clipboard
  • Gold and beyond: varies, including logo tumbler, logo banner, etc.

AACE Free Gifts

  • Bronze, Silver, Gold, Trainer of the Year: Metal card
  • All-Star: logo black vest

See pictures of the instructor awards




When students order dog titles, they have the option to pay USD$5 to give their instructor a Gold Star. A gold star translates into one credit, and will show up on your credits statement. It does not, however, count toward your award level designation.


This comment came in from a participant. I want you to know that you really make a difference in people’s lives and dogs’ lives. It’s not much, but we make the world a tiny bit better place.
“I’ll be honest. This program has been a major blessing in my life. I was so nervous before I got my pups on wether or not I was going to succeed at training or teaching them anything. I’ve never tried with any of my past dogs. Well two weeks after getting my pups I found this program through a Facebook page and that’s when my whole world just opened up! It gave me everything I needed to reach for the stars. Now I have this incredible bond with both my pups. I have confidence in myself and built confidence in my pups. I’m so grateful for this program and how much it has helped my crazy little family!!!! Thank You All For Everything You Do!!”
—Juanita Neumann, with Belgian Malinois Whiskey & Freedom