Fetch Title (Pentathlon Series)


Pay with Instructor Credits:  PDF certificate: 3 credits.

Doglympics Pentathlon Series. Rules below.




RULES: Demonstrate any 10 tricks with a fetching element


Earn your Pentathlon Series “Fetch” title by demonstrating any 10 tricks with a fetching element. This title challenges you to think about what behaviors your dog CAN do, and then transfer those behaviors to a new trick based on fetching. A Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) will evaluate your submission. There are plenty of Fetch tricks that do not involve the dog holding something in their mouth. Some examples of fetch tricks are::

  1. Popcorn bobbing (fetch popcorn from tub of water)
  2. Fetch a wagon by pulling it with a harness
  3. Fetch supplies by wearing a backpack
  4. Fetch a Treibball (by pushing it)
  5. Fetch a Treibball through a tunnel (tunnel ball)
  6. Fetch another dog
  7. Fetch a family member
  8. Fetch a cookie from a closed container
  9. Fetch my shopping bag (put bag over dog’s neck or back and the dog brings it)
  10. Messenger dog (note attached to collar)
  11. Fetch the clerk by ringing a desk bell
  12. Find the hidden treats
  13. Fetch the bubbles/laser light/RC car/ chase object
  14. “fetch my scarf/necklace” by having them go stick their nose in a tied scarf and wiggle back onto their head/neck and bring it to the person. 
  15. Fetch a skateboard by pushing it
  16. Fetch a shopping cart by pushing it
  17. Fetch yourself, “recall”
  18. Fetch your tail (grab your tail)
  19. Fetch a sock off my foot
  20. Pickpocket (pull a kerchief from my back pocket)
  21. Fetch a card from a deck
  22. Fetch item and bring it near me
  23. Fetch to hand
  24. Fetch object from a far distance
  25. Blind fetch (object is placed outside the room or behind furniture)
  26. Fetch from water (lake or pool)
  27. Fetch and drop into a box (or basketball net, etc)
  28. Fetch the specific item I ask you to (lay out several items, call out one)
  29. Fetch a raw egg
  30. Fetch something metal
  31. Fetch leash from a hook on the wall
  32. Pull a wagon by pulling a rope
  33. Fetch your dinner bowl
  34. Fetch your leash
  35. Antler shed retrieve
  36. Fetch a flying disc
  37. Flyball fetch
  38. Can you think of more?


How to Earn this Title:


Choose 10 Tricks with a Fetching element.

You can use the Tricktionary Tricks, or make up your own fetching tricks.



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