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Pay with Instructor Credits:  PDF certificate is 8 credits. Display package is additional 3 credits.  Shipping is additional.

Industry Certification:

Movie productions and other film and photography sets are expensive endeavors and a production company will not risk wasting time by hiring an animal that is ill-prepared for the job, which is why they hire animals with industry standard certification to work on SAG-AFTRA and other professional sets. This enables the production company to reduce risk and increase the likelihood of a quality performance. Credentialed animals are added to the online registry which includes their photo and the owner’s contact details, allowing productions and animal acting agencies to find and hire the animals. We take no cut of their job wages.

There are five Animal Actor certifications (Levels 1-5). Each must be earned consecutively. Each certification is earned by demonstrating the skills on the checklist to an Animal Actor Certified Evaluator (AACE). 


How to get your certification:

  1. Download the checklist criteria: Animal Actor Checklist  
  2. Video or photograph the animal performing the skills from the checklist.  
  3. Show your videos to a Animal Actor Certified Evaluator (AACE) in one of our free Facebook Spark Teams
  4. Once the AACE has approved your videos, submit this form


Animal Actor Info:

If we already have the animal's information, you do not need to give it to us again.
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Spark Teams are free Facebook groups coached by certified evaluators.
Stars can be redeemed by your evaluator for product (ex: 3 Stars pays for a dog title). We'll email your evaluator to let them know.
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Animal Actors printed application handbook +
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