Trick Level Description Video Desc. & Video Free Course Also Called Picture
2 On/2 Off Novice Common agility warm up exercise where the dog will place front feet on the floor or a target with rear feet on an elevated board or object. 2-on/2-off, Two On, Two Off
Back-up Chute Novice Dog will back up 5 feet (1.5 meters) in a chute made from objects like gating, boxes or furniture. Dog may pause and be given the cue to back up several times. Handler may walk beside the dog.
Balance Beam Novice Dog will walk across a non slip board that is at least six feet long (~2 meters) and 12 inches (30 cm)or less wide. An agility dogwalk can be used but is not required.
Balance Cookie on Nose Novice Dog will balance a cookie/treat on nose or head for 3 seconds. Handler will remove the cookie after 3 seconds or the dog can flip and eat. If the dog catches the cookie that can count as an intermediate trick.
Bang Game (smack a board) Novice Dog will use their front foot or feet to push down a board and make a noise. Board can be any size or length and made from any materials. The key part of the trick is that the dog pushes a board that makes a noise similar to a teeter.
Bar Jump Novice Dog will jump over a bar jump, no height requirement is required but the dog should jump vs walking over the bar. Jump may be made from anything safe around the house (Example: broom handle and blocks, etc)
Biscuit Under the Sofa Novice This logic test challenges your dog to figure out how to pull a string to retrieve a biscuit from under the sofa.
Bow Under a Magic Square Novice Dog will use the magic square to get into the bow position with the front end down (elbows on ground) and rear end up. Any home made square can be used.
Catch a Ball/Toy Novice Dog will catch a thrown toy or treat in mid air.
Cavaletti Arc Novice Dog will trot through cavalettis in the shape of an arc. At least 5 poles should be used and dog should trot thru poles for at least one repetition. Poles should be spaced appropriately for the dog's size.
Come Novice Dog will recall to the handler from a distance of 3-5 feet( .9-1.5 meters). Handler may pat leg, clap hands or cue the dog 1-2 times. Handler may not pull or reel the dog in with a leash.
Crawl Novice Dog will crawl with elbows on ground for 5 steps. A hand target or target stick may be used to guide the dog.
Disc Rollers Novice Rollers are great fun (and exercise) for your dog. Your dog learns to seize the disc while it is rolling, without the added difficulty of catching it in the air.
Doggy Push-ups Novice Starting in a "stand" position the dog will perform a sit then a down on cue for 3 repetitions. Sit, down, sit, down, sit down.
Down Novice Dog will lie down when cued with elbows on the ground
Drop It Novice Dog will release or drop an item on cue. The dog should release the item with no more than 2 cues. Handler should not be wrestling the object from the dog.
Fetch (Bring it Near Me) Novice Dog will retrieve an object and bring it within 1 foot (.3 meters) of handler, dog does not have to drop item on cue
Find Hidden Treats Novice This is an introductory trick for scent work or shell game. Dog should use his nose to find at least 3 hidden treats. Treats can be hidden under clothing or in corners of a room, behind or under objects
Focus Novice Focus (hold eye contact 6 seconds): Dog will hold eye contact with the handler for 6 seconds. Handler may cue the dog 1 or 2 verbal cues during the 6 seconds. If submitted by video, make sure the handler's face is visible.
Front Novice Front: Dog will come to front as a position change from either left or right side heel.
Hand Signals (3 Behaviors) Novice Dog will respond to any 3 hand signals given by the handler. Verbal cues should not be used.
Head Cock Novice One cue the dog will tilt his head in either direction.
Hide and Seek (Find Me) Novice Handler will go out of sight into another room and dog will find handler with 1-2 verbal cues. This is a blind recall.
Hoop Jump Novice Dog will jump through a hoop. Hoop may be made of any material and be any size. Handler can hold the hoop or use a mounted hoop in a holder.
Jump for Joy (straight up) Novice Jump for joy (jump straight up): Dog will jump straight up in air with all 4 paws off the ground on cue. Dog should not be leaning or using handler for support.
Jump Over My Knee Novice Dog will jump over handler or helper’s knee. No height requirement is required.
Kennel Up Novice When cued by handler dog will go to crate or bed from 3 feet /1m and wait 5 seconds until released by handler. Closing a crate door is not required.
Kisses Novice Kisses: When cued dog will give handler a kiss on specified area (cheek or hand)
Leave It Novice Dog will leave treat/food/toy until released by the handler for 10 seconds. Eye contact with the handler or backing away from the item is not required as long as the dog does not go for the item.
Loose-Leash Walking Novice Walk on Loose leash 30 ft/9 meters: Dog will walk with handler for 30 feet/9 meters without pulling on leash. Dog does not need to be in a perfect heel position but there should not be tension on the leash.
Memory Game (3 Baskets) Novice This trick is a precursor to the shell game. Using 3 baskets/pails/cups the handler will place a treat in one of the baskets while the dog watches. When released by the handler to find the treat the dog will go to the correct basket and get the treat. This trick should show the dog finding the treat at least twice in 2 different baskets.
Muffin Tin Game Novice This trick is a precursor to scenting games. The handler will place several treats in a muffin tin (6 tin is fine) and cover the treats with tennis balls, socks, small soft toys, etc. The dog will uncover and eat the hidden treats by removing the items covering the treats.
Paws in a Box Novice This is a confidence-building exercise for your dog as you coax them to place their paws in a Magic Square or in a box.
Paws Up on an Object Novice Dog will place both front paws on an object on cue. There is no height requirement for the object.
Peekaboo/Center Position Novice On a cue from the handler the dog will come between the handler’s legs while the handler is standing (dog and handler both facing the same direction.) Dog should hold the position for at least 3 seconds.
Platform Jump Novice (2 platforms). With the dog on a platform such as a Klimb, the dog jumps to a second platform of similar height without touching the ground in between platforms. The distance should be wide enough that the dog clearly jumps rather than simply stepping to the next platform.
Rainbow Ladder (trot through) Novice Dog will trot through a low ladder on the ground. The ladder can be made from any materials and should be around 6 feet/~2 meters. Any style of ladder can be used including homemade ladders.
Ride in a Wagon Novice Ride in moving cart/wagon: Dog will safely ride in a wagon or moving cart as the handler pulls the cart for 4-5 steps. The dog should be relaxed and comfortable and not trying to jump out.
Ring a Bell to Go Outside Novice The dog will ring a bell hanging from the door to go outside. Dog may use his nose or paw to ring bells.
Roll Out the Carpet Novice Dog will use his nose to unroll a rolled up carpet. Carpet can be a yoga mat, rug or towel and should be roughly 5 feet/~2 meters in length.
Send to Pedestal Novice Pedestal (send to platform, 3 ft/~1 m): When cued dog will place all 4 feet on a raised pedestal. Pedestal may be any height or material but should be raised off the floor and be at least 3 feet/~1m from the handler. Dog should remain on pedi for at least 5 seconds, no position is required on the pedi.
Sing / Howl Novice Your dog sings (or howls) along with you.
Sit Novice On cue dog should sit with the rear end on the ground and front feet stationary.
Smile Novice On cue the dog will smile showing his teeth/say cheese.
Sneeze Novice Sneeze: Dog will sneeze on cue.
Speak (Bark on Cue) Novice Dog will bark or speak on cue.
Spin Circles Novice Dog will spin in either direction upon being cued. This only counts as one trick even if the dog spins in both directions.
Stacking (for conformation) Novice Dog will be positioned in a show stack by handler or dog will free stack on cue. Dog should hold position for 5 seconds with the handler standing in front of the dog as to present the dog for inspection to a judge. (Also accepted, Stand: On cue, dog will go from either a sit or down position to a standing position on four legs.)
Stand Novice Dog will move from a sit or down and into a standing position.
Stay Novice Stay, 6 feet(~2m) 10 seconds: The dog will maintain his position for 10 seconds when the handler steps six feet (~2m) away. Handler is not required to walk around the dog and may walk away while facing the dog by stepping back away from the dog six feet/2m or handler may turn and walk away from the dog 6 feet/~2m. Dog may be left in any position (sit, down or stand) Moving of front paws by dog is ok as long as the dog does not break position
Target disc Novice Target disc, nose touch to disc: Dog will nose touch a target on cue. Handler may hold the disc or place the disc on ground. Dog should touch the disc at least twice.
Target Stick Novice Dog nose-touches target stick. Show several times in a row, unedited, moving the target each time and varying its height and location. The dog's nose must touch the end of the target stick. The dog should be targeting the stick with his nose and not his mouth. Videos of the dog biting the target do not meet the criteria for nose target.
Touch My Hand Novice On cue dog will nose-touch the handler's palm. Should show 2-3 repetitions with the handler moving hand into various positions.
Treadmill (sustained trot) Novice Treadmill sustained trot: Dog safely shows a sustained trot on treadmill. Dog should trot for 10 seconds. Dog should not be tied to the treadmill.
Tunnel Novice Dog will go through a tunnel that is at least 3 feet/.9m long. Tunnel may be a child’s play tunnel, cardboard boxes or chairs placed in a row for dogs to go through.
Volleyball Novice This trick is totally not hard to teach. Toss a ball in the air and your dog will bop it back to you with his nose! Spike!
Wall Stand Novice Dog will place front feet on wall on cue and hold position for 3 seconds. A tree, chair or other vertical object may be used.
Weenie Bobbing Novice Dog will place his head in a low bucket or barrel and retrieve treats (hot dogs, popcorn, or others) floating on the water. Dog may eat the treats.
Which Hand Holds the Treat? Novice This trick is a precursor to scenting games and nose work. Dog will correctly identify which hand holds a treat two times in a row. Dog may indicate the treat with nose or paw.
Wobble Board Novice Dog will place all 4 paws on a wobble board or other suitable surface that moves under the dog’s feet. No position is required from the dog but the dog should stay on the board for 3 seconds.
2 On/2 Off Peanut Intermediate Dog will have rear feet on stabilized peanut, ball or similar and front feet on target or floor.
2-on/2-off Pull Back on Intermediate 2 on 2 off pull back on (pull front feet back onto platform): Dog will move front feet only on cue from a 2 on 2 off position on a ball/peanut or elevated pedestal. Front feet may be on a target or the floor and rear feet will be elevated. The dog will pull the front feet from the target or floor back onto the elevated surface where rear feet are.
A-frame Intermediate A-Frame: The dog will safely traverse up and down an A-Frame.The A-frame should be large enough that the dog takes at least 3 strides on the A-frame and at least once on each side. Example: once on the way up, once as he clears the apex, and once on the way down. The dog may take more steps on the A-frame, three strides is the minimum requirement. The dog should “hit” the contacts on the AF and not jump from an unsafe height.
Assisted Upright Walking Intermediate Dog will place paws on the handlers arm as the handler walks backward. Handler should show about 5 steps of walking. For small dogs the handler can be on their knees .
Balance on Top of a Ball Intermediate Dog will safely balance on a stabilized ball or peanut for 5 seconds. Any position is allowed.
Balance on a Block Intermediate Dog will balance on a small block or brick. The item should be half the length of the dog or less as measured from the point of the chest to the point of the hip.
Barrel Racing Intermediate Barrel racing (go out and around a cone or object). The dog leaves the handler and goes around an object/cone/barrel at least two feet away from the handler at any pace.
Baton Jumping Intermediate Baton jumping (jump a handheld bar) Dog will safely jump over a hand held bar. Bar can be a broom, pole, etc. No height requirement but dog should jump and not walk over bar.
Blind Jump/Paper-Covered Hoop Intermediate Dog will jump through a paper covered hoop or through closed curtains. This should be a blind jump.
Blowing Bubbles in Water Bowl Intermediate Dog places his nose under water in a bucket/small pool and blows bubbles in the water on cue.
Carry My Purse Intermediate Carry my purse 7 sec: Dog will carry a purse, bag or other similar item in mouth for 7 seconds
Chute Tunnel Intermediate With a little help, your dog will be confidently pushing his way through a closed fabric chute. Chute can be any length but should have a "closed" end where the dog does not see the opening.
Close the Door Intermediate On cue dog will close a door, drawer or cabinet using a nose or paw to push the item closed.
Crawl Tunnel Intermediate Dog crawls with elbows on ground through a low tunnel at least two body lengths. Tunnel can be made from chairs or other household items.
Directional Casting Intermediate Dog will be sent by handler to one of 2 or more platforms or low marks. Handler should show dog being sent to at least two platforms in a row. Platforms should be spaced 3-4 feet (~1-1.2m) apart. This trick is about showing the dog understanding and responding to directional cues and not as focused on the platforms.
Disc Catch Intermediate A flying disc is inherently intriguing to a dog; flying away, birdlike, just out of his reach.
Discern Objects’ Names Intermediate Discern objects by name: Dog will identify toys or other objects by name from a group of 4 or more objects. Dog should find the toy out of the objects in at least two repetitions in a continuous video. Retrieving the objects is not required but a definitive indication of the objects with a mouth hold, nose or paw touch is needed.
Emergency stop Intermediate Emergency stop: Dog will stop forward movement and hold position when cued by the handler. Dog should be trotting as the handler gives the cue and should stop when the cue is given.
Fetch-to-Hand (a Toy) Intermediate Dog will retrieve an object to handler’s hand on cue. Object may be thrown or previously placed by the handler. Object can be anything including a ball, or toy.
Figure-8's Through My Legs Intermediate With the handler standing and with legs spaced apart the dog will weave between each of the handlers legs with two rotations.
Flyball Box Turn/Swimmer's Turn Intermediate The dog runs to a slanted board or flyable box to complete a turn on the board. All four feet should touch the board/box. The dog may turn in either direction for this trick. No ball retrieve is required. NOTE: Flyball including ball retrieval is listed under expert tricks.
Hand Signals (6 Behaviors) Intermediate Hand signals (6 behaviors) : Dog will perform 6 hand signals as cued by the handler. Cues maybe any behaviors and do not have to be one after the other. Handler may reward in between each signal. No verbal cues should be given but a marker word or clicker may be used after the behavior.
Hoop Jump over another dog's back Intermediate With the handler holding a hula hoop over another dog's back the dog jumps through the hoop over the other dog's back. No height requirement is needed but the dog should jump and not walk through the hoop.
Hold Object in Mouth (5 sec.) Intermediate Hold object in mouth 5 sec: The dog will hold any object in their mouth for 5 seconds. Object can be a toy, leash, dumbbell or anything similar. The handler may not hold the dog’s head or touch the dog during the hold. The dog should not excessively shake, chew or hold the object and the handler should be able to have the dog release the object without a tug or keep away.
Honk a Bike Horn Intermediate When cued by the handler the dog will honk a bike horn using either a paw or nose press or his mouth. Dog should honk the horn at least twice. Two quick honks is fine.
Jump Through My Circled Arms Intermediate With handlers arms forming a circle the dog will jump through the handler’s arms.Handler may be sitting for a smaller dog or handler may stand. Height is not required, but the dog should jump through the handlers arms not step through.
Jump wraps Intermediate Dog will wrap to the left and right over a bar jump in any order. Low jump height is fine. Dog will complete one wrap after the other as the handler cues each wrap.
Leg Weave Intermediate With handler in standing position and walking forward the dog will weave between handler’s legs as the handler walks forward. Handler and dog should move at least 4 steps.
Look Left/Look Right Intermediate With the dog in a sit or down facing away from the handler and handler (behind the dog facing away from the dog)the dog and handler both look over their shoulders mirroring each other looking back left and right in any order.
Mail Carrier (take note to someone) Intermediate Dog will take a note, piece of mail or envelope in his mouth from the handler and deliver item to another person's hand. Distance can be 3-5 feet (.9-1.2m) for the dog to travel with the note.
Open the Door Intermediate Dog will open a door using a rope or tug
Pawprint Painting Intermediate Paw Print painting (paw at easel): Dog will place paw deliberately on a paper or easel to transfer paint. The handler should not place the dog's foot in the paint or on the paper, the dog must perform the action.
Paw Wrap Around Object Intermediate On cue, the dog wraps one paw around a cane or similar non-stable object (broom, mop, rifle, etc.) and holds it for 5 seconds. Dog may be in a sit or standing position. This trick is a precursor for the the advanced trick Hug an Object.
Peekaboo (remain between my legs while I walk) Intermediate Peekaboo (stay between legs as I walk): As the handler is standing the dog will come behind the handler and between the handler’s legs and stay in that position as the handler walks forward five feet/1.5m.
Pick a Card from a Deck Intermediate Handler will have a deck of cards with several cards fanned out at dog’s level and the dog will take a card into his mouth from the deck on cue and give the card to the handler.
Platform jump with hoop between platforms Intermediate Platform jump with hoop b/w platforms: Handler will place two platforms at appropriate distances apart based on dog’s size and place a hoop between the platforms. The dog will move from one platform to the other jumping through the hoop as the dog moves.
Pull on a Rope / Tug Intermediate Dog will pull on a rope or tug on a toy. Dog should hold or pull the rope for several seconds. Show two repetitions.
Rainbow Ladder: Front Paws Only Intermediate Rainbow ladder (only front paws, luring ok): Dog will walk through ladder with front paws only similar to a side pass action. Handler may move with the dog and be beside the dog or in front of the dog. Any type of ladder may be used and 5 steps should be taken.
Roll Over Intermediate On cue the dog will roll over in either direction. Dog should roll all the way over. Roll over is one trick so rolling in both directions is just one trick.
Selfie Intermediate The dog and handler will pose as if taking a photograph "selfie" image. On cue the handler will ask the dog to come around behind the handler and place paws on the handler's shoulder facing the same direction as the handler to look over the handler's back at the camera as if posing for a selfie. The dog can use a platform or step to reach the handler's shoulder if needed. The dog should hold the position for several seconds in order to snap a photo.
Shake Hands Intermediate On cue the dog will offer his paw to the handler’s hand. Either paw may be used but this counts as one trick if dog can offer both sides.
Shake Your Head "No" Intermediate One cue the dog will shake his head left,right or up and down.
Side-Step Drill Intermediate Side-step drill (front feet in magic square or object, rotate around it). With the front feet on a perch or raised object the dog will circle the object with his front feet staying in place the perch and his rear feet pivoting around the perch. The handler may move with the dog or stand in front of the dog as the dog moves. The dog should pivot 360 degrees in either direction. This counts as one trick even if the dog pivots in both directions.
Shell Game (Nose at Correct Cup) Intermediate Shell game (nose a correct pail): Handler will place 3 pails out with a treat under 1 cup. Handler will shuffle the cups and then cue dog to find the correct pail with the treat. Dog should indicate the correct pail with his nose. Handler should show the trick twice moving the pails around.
Sit Pretty / Beg Intermediate Dog will sit up on his rear legs as if to beg. The dog should not be supported by the handler or a wall.
Soccer Intermediate Dog will push a ball with his nose on cue for 3 nudges.
Stay (Out of Sight) Intermediate Stay (out of sight, 20 sec): Dog will hold the position he is left in for 20 seconds as the handler goes out of sight and returns. The dog may maintain any position (sit, down, stand, etc) and foot movement is fine as long as the dog does not leave position. Handler does not need to walk around the dog but the dog should maintain position until released.
Sustained Nose-Touch (Sustained 4 sec) Intermediate Sustained nose touch, 4 sec: Dog will offer nose touch to handler’s hand or a disk/target for 4 seconds.
Target Mark Intermediate Target mark (go to flat/low mark or to magic square): On handler’s cue the dog will go to a low target 5 feet/1.5m from the handler and wait in any position for five seconds until release. Target may be any size in diameter. No specific behavior is required on the target with the stay.
Tell me a secret Intermediate When cued the dog will approach the handler and place his nose near the handler's ear as if telling the handler a secret. The dog should hold the position for 1-2 seconds. Small dogs can use a step up or platform to reach the handler.
Arm Weaves Advanced With the handler on hands and knees the dog will go under the handler and weave between the handlers arms as the handler moves forward on thier palms while the dog weaves around each arm. Show 5-6 steps.
Back stall Advanced Backstall: With the handler on all fours on the floor the dog will jump on the handler’s back on cue and wait until released. Small dogs (under 20 lbs) may jump from a small step onto the handler’s back.
Back Up Advanced Dog backs up 5 feet/1.5m. Handler may move with the dog but body pressure should not be pushing the dog to move backward. Dog may be in front of the handler facing the handler or in heel position moving backward with the handler. A low foot target may be used (ex a throw rug or paving stone).
Bark the Answer Advanced My dog can count, 2+2 dog barks answer: Based on the “Clever Hans” experiments of the 1890s, the handler asks the dog a math question and the dog barks (or paws) until the correct answer is reached (ex- the handler asks “What is 2+2? The dog barks 4 times). The dog is actually barking on the cue of the question and continues barking until a subtle body language cue tells the dog to stop.
Bow Advanced On handler’s cue the dog will bow with elbows on the ground while the rear end stays in standing position. Dog should hold the bow position for 4 seconds. No food lure should be used but a hand signal may be used.
Broad Jump Advanced Based on the AKC Open Obedience (CDX) exercise the handler will leave the dog facing roughly 8 feet/2.4m from the broad jump in a sit and move to the right side of the jump remaining 2 feet/.6m from the jump. Once cued by the handler the dog will take the jump and while the dog is in midair, the handler will make a 90-degree pivot, but will remain in the same spot. The dog will clear the entire distance of the hurdles without touching them and, without further command or signal, immediately return to a sitting position in front of the handler, and return to heel position. The broad jump consists of four white telescoping hurdles, all about 8 inches/20cm wide. The largest hurdle will measure about 5 feet/1.5cm long and about 6 inches/15cm at the highest point and are arranged in order of size, evenly spaced, covering a distance equal to twice the height of the high jump setting for each dog. Four hurdles will be used for a jump of 48 to 72 inches/121 to 182, three for 28 to 44 inches/71-111cm, two for a jump of 16 to 24 inches/40-60cm, and one for 8 inches/20cm. The length of the jump is determined by the dog’s height at the withers. (see AKC obedience rules for jump height chart, page 108)
Canicross Advanced Canicross is a team sport where the dog is attached to the runner’s waistline with a bungee leash via a harness designed for pulling, whenever the runner’s feet are off the ground, the dog pulls the runner forward. Video should show the team starting into motion and moving for 100 feet/30m with at least one stop and one 90 degree turn.
Chorus Line Kicks Advanced Chorus line kicks: Peekaboo alternating paw lifts With handler standing the dog will come behind handler and through the handler's legs with both dog and handler facing the same direction. As the handler raises each leg the dog will raise a paw. This may also be performed in front or heel position.
Counter (treibball, dog goes to opposite side of ball from me) Advanced Counter, handler circles around ball, dog stays opposite side of ball: This exercise begins with the dog next to the handler facing the exercise ball. When cued, the dog moves to a position on the other side of the ball directly opposite and facing the handler. The dog maintains this position relative to the handler as they move around the ball 360 degrees.
Directed Retrieve Advanced Directed retrieve (3 identical objects): This trick is based on the utility obedience exercise where 3 identical gloves are placed by the steward and the dog retrieves the glove the handler indicates. For this trick the handler or a helper will place 3 identical objects (gloves, socks, tennis balls, toys, etc) at least 10 feet/3m away from the dog and handler team. The dog is blinded during the glove placement so the dog will be with his back to the articles. After the articles are placed the handler will begin in heel position with the dog facing away from the gloves and turn with the dog to face the gloves. The handler will indicate to the dog with a hand signal to retrieve the correct glove. The dog will then leave the handler on cue and go to the correct glove and return to the handler with that glove, sitting in a front position with the handler and waiting for the handler to take the glove.
Distance Work (3 behaviors, 10 ft /3m away. OK to treat between each) Advanced Distance work 3 behaviors, 10 ft/3m away ok to treat b/w: The dog will perform any three behaviors at a distance of 10 feet/3m from the handler. The dog can be on a pedestal or on the floor. Examples of behaviors to perform: down, sit, spin left or right, stand, sit pretty, etc.
Dock Diving Advanced The dog jumps off the dock and catches the toy; catching the toy in the air is not required. See Expert tricks list for additional dock diving information.
Double Hoop Circle Advanced Double hoop circle (2 hoops at my sides, dog circles me): The handler will stand while holding two round hoops that are appropriate size for the dog. The handler will stand with the hoops held out on both sides. The dog will circle the handler and jump through the hoops as the handler holds the hoops. The dog should go through the hoops twice. This trick can also be performed with the handler kneeling on the ground and holding the hoops out at their sides and having the dog circle the handler through the hoops.
Drop on Recall Advanced Drop on recall: Based on the AKC Open obedience exercise the handler leave the dog to stay in the sit position. The handler will walk forward to ~ 30 feet/9m, then turn, face the dog, then the handler will cue/signal the dog to come. The dog must come directly at a brisk trot. After the dog has traveled a few feet the handler will give a cue/signal to drop, and the dog must drop immediately to a complete down position. The dog must remain down until the handler gives the command or signal to come.
Food Retrieval Advanced Food Retrieval: When prompted by the handler the dog will retrieve a food item such as a raw egg, a hot dog, a slice of bacon, etc and deliver the food item to the handler. The dog should not eat or chew on the item. The handler should be able to take the food easily from the dog with no tugging or wrestling. Dog should retrieve ~ 6 ft/2m.
Footsies (peekaboo, dog places paws on my feet) Advanced Footsies (peekaboo paws on my feet): While the handler is standing with feet shoulder width apart, the dog will come behind the handler and enter between the handler's legs and place his front feet on the handler’s feet.
Get the Phone When It Rings Advanced Phone (get phone when it rings): Upon hearing a phone ringer noise (electronic, actual ring or handler saying ring/ring) the dog will pick up the phone and bring it to the handler.
Get Your Leash Advanced Your dog will fetch-to-hand his leash from its regular spot, when it's time for a walk. Leash should be at least 6 get from handler and delivered to hand.
Half Reverse/Scoot Advanced Based on a freestyle move the dog starts facing the handler, does an independent 180 degree turn, and backs into position between the handler's legs.
Head Down Advanced Head down, chin rest: On cue the dog will place his chin down on an object such as the floor, a pillow of the handler’s palm. The dog should hold the position for at least 5 seconds.
Heel with auto sit Advanced Heel at side, auto sit: When cued by the handler the dog will heel on either side of the handler for 20 feet /6m and automatically sit when the handler stops. Video should show a stop and start with the heeling at a normal pace and should be performed off leash. Extra cue should not be given to cue the sit.
Hide Yourself Advanced On cue from the handler the dog will move away from the handler and go hide behind an object or inside a box. Note: Hiding in a suitcase with the dog opening the case, getting inside and the top down over the dog is an expert trick.
Hide Your Head Under a Cushion Advanced Are you playing hide-and-seek? Have your dog hide her head under a cushion.
Hug a toy or object Advanced Hug a toy or object: With the dog in a sit the dog will place his front paws around an object such as a cane or the handler's leg and hug the object. If this trick is completed with the dog picking up the item and then hugging then it’s an expert trick.
Hula Hoop Spin Advanced Dog will take a hula hoop into his mouth and spin 360 degrees while holding the hula hoop.
Jump into My Arms Advanced Jump into my arms: W ith the handler standing the dog will jump into the handler’s arms to be caught. For a small dog(under 20lbs)the handler can kneel down to catch the dog or lean back against the wall crouched down. Also a small dog can jump from a chair into the handler’s arms. Larger dogs can jump into arms sideways.
Jump Over My Back Advanced Starting with the handler on all fours in a table top/bridge position the dog will jump over the handler’s back on cue. It is ok if the dog lightly pushes off the handler’s back. For small dogs (under 20lbs) the handler can be lower to the ground in a crouched position.
Mail from the Mailbox Advanced Mailbox, open lid, fetch mail: On cue from the handler the dog will open a mailbox by pulling the lid open and taking out the mail/object. The lid can be opened with a rope attached to the lid for the dog to pull. The “mail” can be any object and the mailbox can be an appropriate size and height for the dog. Note: The expert version of this trick has the dog open the box, get the mail and close the box.
Maypole Advanced This trick is a combination of hold and around an object . The dog would hold end of ribbon and run round and round the pole wrapping the ribbon around the pole. Show the dog going around the pole with the ribbon 3-4 times.
Ninja Roll Advanced The dog begins in a sit or a down on a raised platform. On cue, the dog rolls over off the edge and lands in a stand onto a platform/ground lower than the starting surface. Dogs should drop around half of their height at the withers when they roll.
Paintbrush Painting Advanced Paintbrush painting (poke brush at easel): Dog will take a paintbrush in his mouth and touch the brush onto an easel or paper to “paint.” Handler may apply paint to the brush before giving the brush to the dog. Dog should demonstrate 2-3 paint strokes on the paper.
Pickpocket Pooch Advanced Pickpocket pooch (steal handkerchief from pocket): While the handler is standing with a kerchief in their back pocket the dog will approach the handler and remove the kerchief. The dog may put his paws on the handler as he gets the kerchief.
Pick up flat item and give to handler Advanced Pick up flat item and give to handler: On cue the dog will pick up a flat item like a credit card or coin from the floor and deliver it to the handler.
Place (circle to my side) Advanced Place (circle behind me, sit at side): Part of heeling and formal obedience work for this trick the dog circles behind the handler on cue and comes into heel position. Dog may come to either side, handler should not take a step backwards as the dog comes around. Traditional obedience requires this on the left but either side is accepted for this trick.
Play Dead Advanced On cue the dog will lie on his side or on his back in a playing dead position and wait until released. Dog can start from any position.
Play the Piano Advanced Dog will use use paws or nose to push piano keys to make sounds with 2-3 swipes on the keys. Any toy piano can be used.
Pull a wagon with a rope/handle Advanced With a rope attached to a wagon or cart the dog will pull the item 5 continuous steps. Wagon/cart can be sized based on the dog’s size.
Rainbow Ladder: Back Paws Only Advanced Rainbow ladder, rear paws through ladder luring OK: Dog will move his back legs only through the ladder in a side pass style movement. Handler may be at the dog’s side or in front of the dog. The handler may lure the dog with a treat or toy but physical manipulation should not be used. The dog should move rear legs over a minimum of 5 ladder rungs.
Rebound Advanced Rebound: On cue the dog will perform a tight turn (like a swimmer’s /flyball turn) on a stable and safe object at 90 degree angle. All 4 feet must touch the object.
Remove socks/slippers Advanced Remove socks/slippers: One cue the dog will remove the handler’s socks or slippers and deliver them to hand.
Say Your Prayers Advanced One cue the dog places his front paws on a chair or the handler’s arm and then places his head between his front feet in a head bowed position. The dog should hold the position for 5 seconds.
Side (swing to my left side) Advanced Side, swing finish to sit at my left :When cued the dog will come to the handler’s left side into heel position. Dog should start from in front of the handler and come into a tight heel so that the dog is within a few inches of the handler.
Side Pass Advanced This trick is lateral movement where the dog moves sideways similar to the same maneuver from a horse. The dog may start in a side/heel position with the handler or in a front position facing the handler. The dog and handler should move 5 side steps in either direction. Body pressure should not be used to move the dog.
Side Step Drill: Ball/Disc Advanced Side Step drill on stabilized ball: With a stabilized ball the dog will place his front feet on the ball and rotate his rear feet 360 degrees around the ball. The handler should not move as the dog rotates.
Skateboard (front paws only) Advanced Using a skateboard the dog will place his front paws on the skateboard and push the skateboard continuously for a minimum of 5 feet/1.5m.
Spin a Tight Circle on a Small Pedestal Advanced With all 4 feet on a small block the dog will spin 360 degrees on cue. The block shall be narrower than the space between the back and front feet of the dog standing on the ground naturally. The dog should not sit while turning.
Surfing/Paddleboarding Advanced Dog will ride on a surf or paddle board as the board moves through the water. Video should show the dog comfortably riding on the board without trying to jump off for several seconds.
Tap Light Advanced On cue the dog will use his paw or nose to activate a desk bell, tap light, or button. Using one or two feet is allowed with purposeful foot placement.
Target mark (touch target with a rear foot) Advanced Target mark touch target with rear foot: Using a foot target the dog will place one or both rear feet on the target on cue. This is a rear foot awareness exercise and is a foundation skill for several tricks including Backup Up The Stairs, Leg Hike and Paw Pods.
Teeter-Totter Advanced Dog will walk across a teeter from one end to the other without jumping off as the teeter moves. There is no height requirement required but there should be an obvious tip of the board as the dog navigates the board. Competition agility teeter is not required.
Tidy Up Toys into Toy Box (no lid) Advanced Using an open toy box the dog will place one toy in the box on cue. The “toy box” can be any size or shape container. The handler should not crowd the dog but can point to the toy box and the box should not be placed right under the dog making dropping the toy in the box the only choice.
Treibball (counter, push ball toward you) Advanced Treibball send dog to counter, push ball 4 ft/~1m: The trick starts with the dog at the handler’s side and a large ball or exercise ball placed 4 feet/~1m away from the team. The dog is sent from the handler's side to the opposite side of an object. The dog pauses behind the object, when cued by the handler the dog pushes the ball 4 feet/~1m to a location near the handler.
Turn the page/reading Advanced Dog turns pages of a book using their nose to flip the pages, like they are reading. Dog should show turning 2-3 pages.
Turn off/on Lightswitch Advanced On cue the dog will turn on/ off the lightswitch with his paw. A flat rocker light switch is easiest for dog especially for flipping to the up position. Small dogs can use a stool or chair to reach the switch.
Walk Another Dog Advanced Walk another dog:For this trick the dog will safely take a leash attached to another dog and walk the dog 5 feet /1.5m with the leash in his mouth.
Wave Advanced On cue the dog will raise his front paw in a wave. The dog should not touch the handler and there should be enough distance between the dog and handler so that this trick does not appear to be a paw shake.
Weight Pull Advanced Weight pull a cart or tire while wearing a harness: Weight pulling is a dog sport involving a dog pulling a cart or sled loaded with weight a short distance across dirt, grass, carpet, or snow. The dog is hitched to the cart or sled with a specially constructed harness designed to spread the weight and minimize the chance of injury. The handler will attach the dog’s harness to a cart or sled, leave the dog and proceed to a location at least 5 feet/1.5m in front of the dog, the dog will pull the cart to the handler moving the cart at least 5 feet/1.5m. Alternately the handler may stand behind the cart and have the dog pull the cart forward 5 or more feet/1.5m. The handler may not push or pull the cart to help the dog.
Wipe Your Paws on Doormat Advanced The dog will wipe his front paws on a door mat, rug or towel on cue. Three or more swipes with both front paws should be shown.
Achoo Expert Achoo (fetch tissue from box, throw in trash): When the handler pretends to sneeze (other cues allowed), the dog goes to a tissue box. The dog retrieves a tissue from the box and brings it to the handler. After the handler “uses” the tissue, the handler gives the dog the tissue and directs the dog to put it into the trash can. The dog carries the tissue to an open can and drops the tissue in the trash can. The tissue can be a handkerchief, paper towel or a tissue.
Airplane Expert Airplane:This trick is named after the “airplane” position the handler assumes. The handler holds their arms straight out to their sides (bent elbows are OK) in an “airplane” or “t” position. The dog circles the handler in either direction and jumps the handler’s “airplane” arms as they complete the circle. The dog should jump each arm at least once (2 jumps total) more jumps are fine but not required. Height is not a requirement and the handler may sit on the ground or kneel as appropriate for their dog, the goal is the dog goes around and over the handlers outstretched arms. The handler's arms must remain out-stretched and should not be used to cue, point or lure the dog over the arms.
Back up on stairs Expert Back Up Stairs: With the handler standing at the bottom of the stairs, the dog backs up a flight of stairs. Show the dog backing up at least 4 stair steps. Handler should remain stationary.
Balance Beam: Double Rail Expert This trick challenges the dog’s balance and coordination. The rails should be roughly chest width apart and there should be a gap of at least a paw width between the rails. The rails should be at least twice the length of the dog as measured from nose to hip. The height of the rails is not important as long as the dog is clearly placing his feet on each rail for the length of the board.
Barrel Roll: 2 feet pushing Expert Barrel Roll, 2 feet pushing: The dog pushes a peanut or similar object by placing his front paws on object and walking forward on his back legs. The dog should demonstrate placing his feet on the object and moving the item safely from a stopped position pushing forward a minimum of 5 steps.
Barrel Roll: 4 Feet on barrel Expert Barrel roll, dog walks on top: The dog stands with four feet on top of a barrel, fitness peanut or similar object. The dog walks forward causing the barrel to roll backward. The dog should take at least 3 steps on the barrel.
Barn Hunt Expert This is another scent work trick, to count as an expert trick the dog should hunt for the rat in a course resembling a BHA novice or higher level course. The dog will locate a rat hidden in a hay maze which includes climb challenges, a tunnel and distraction tubes both empty and with rat litter. Video should be submitted for the trick to count.
Basketball Expert The dog retrieves a ball, carries it to a basket or hoop where the dog drops “dunks” the ball into the hoop by releasing the ball into the basket.
Bring me Soda from the Fridge Expert (Open fridge, fetch, close). The dog opens a door by any means, typically by pulling a rope, reaches into the fridge or cooler and retrieves a can or bottle beverage for the owner, the dog then closes the door. The handler has the choice of having the dog retrieve the beverage then sending the dog to close the door or having the dog close the door then returning to the handler with the beverage. “Beverage” can be any object.
Chess Expert This trick combines mouth hold with precision placement. The dog will lift a chess piece and replace it upright, without destroying the rest of the board. Show two reps.
Climb a Ladder Expert The dog climbs an object that closely resembles a traditional ladder. The ladder should have enough rungs for the dog to comfortably place all four feet on the ladder and have room to climb one more step with all four feet. The dog may climb with the left front foot and bring the right foot up to join it, then raise the left rear foot and bring the right rear foot up to join it or any variation or combination of climbing one additional rung with all four feet after all four feet are on the ladder. A standard 6'/1.8m painter's ladder is recommended for this trick.
Cover Your Eyes Expert Cover eyes - quick swipe ok: The dog may be sitting, standing or lying down for this trick. The dog raises a front paw and wipes at the bridge of his nose. The dog may swipe at his nose or hold his paw on his nose/head in a salute position both are allowed.
Cross your paws (usually lying down) Expert Cross paws: This trick is typically done with the dog laying down, but may be done standing as well. When asked the dog will take one front foot and cross it over or in front of the other. Example the dog is laying down and lifts his left foot and places it over his right front foot/leg similar to a human crossing their legs in a chair. When standing the dog crosses one foot in front of the other clearly bringing the foot across the other. To qualify for this trick, the dog only needs to go in one direction (left over right) and not both directions.
Directed Jumping Expert There will be two jumps set at least 15 feet/4.5m apart. The dog and handler stand in the center of the jumps at least 10 feet/3m in front of the jumps, the dog is sent between the jumps(a go out) to a location at least 5-10ft/1.5- 3m feet behind the jumps and approximately centered between the jumps and sits on handlers cue. The handler remains in the same location and directs the dog to jump one of the jumps (hand and verbal signals are OK), the dog takes the jump and returns to the handler. Once the dog has completed the jump, the handler may turn to face the dog. The handler then sends the dog out between the jumps and repeats the exercise with the other jump.
Disc Vault/Rebound Expert Disc vault, rebound off leg, back, hip: The dog uses the handler’s body as a launching pad or platform to jump for a disc or thrown toy.. This trick combines skills from three earlier tricks: 1) catch a toy 2) flyball box rebound 3) jump my knee, back or into my arms. From the ground, the dog jumps to a body part presented by the handler and uses the handler’s body to launch to catch a thrown toy such as a flying disk.
Distance Work (6 behaviors, 12 feet/3.6m away, treats between OK) Expert Distance work 6 behaviors, 12 ft/3.6m away, treats ok b/w: The dog performs 6 different tricks 12 feet/3.6 away from the handler. Typically this is done starting with the dog on a platform or mark. Tricks may be performed individually and the handler may reward in between tricks. Tricks may be done in sequence without the handler rewarding, in this case tricks that involve moving such as send to a tunnel then weave poles may be done in sequence the dog does not have to be sent to a platform as long as the handler remains 12 feet /3.6m away from the dog.
Dock Diving- e Expert Dock diving at the expert level includes three key components, the dog jumps from the elevated dock, the dog catches the toy above the water line (in the air or suspended) and retrieves the toy to the dock. Examples include: Distance jump - dog jumps into pool after toy, catches toy in its mouth and carries it to dock. Air retrieve/high jump expert- dog knocks toy down with mouth from rig and brings it back to the dock. Hydro dash expert- dog fetches toy from rig and brings back to dock.
Find the Object With My Scent Expert Find object with my scent (6 objects): Based on the utility scent articles routine this trick requires 6 identical objects, 5 that are “cold” unscented articles and a 6th article that the handler has scented by holding and rubbing with their hands scattered on the ground/floor. The dog is asked to find the correct object, for the obedience exercise the dog retrieves the correct object, with the advent of the handler scent search in AKC scent work trials, the dog may clearly indicate the correct object. Objects may be of any material as long as they are identical objects. Handler should show in the video which item is the scented item. Examples of identical items to use: 6 socks, 6 gloves, 6 tennis balls, canning jar lids/rings etc. Other variations of this trick can be: Find the TV remote, find my car keys, find my sock/glove. These items should be placed out of sight from the dog and the dog cued to find the item and retrieve to handler. Also finding the handler's scented article (glove/sock/cottonball) in a box or in a search environment similar to the AKC & UKC exercises is also counted under this trick. The handler should scent an article with their hands and place it inside a box that is placed in row of 6 boxes and the dog will indicate which box contains the scented article. A room search for the handler's hidden cotton ball is also accepted and should be similar to the AKC handler scent search.
Fishing With a Rope Expert Fishing rope with treasure hangs over a ledge and the dog pulls up: A treat or toy is secured to the end of a rope and hung over a ledge, balcony or table in such a way the dog must pull the treat up onto the ledge to reach the treat. The dog may grip the rope and back up, or grip the rope, stand on the rope and re-grip the rope, but should demonstrate creative use of two skills (mouth target and back up or mouth target and foot target) to get the treat. This trick must include the dog using both his paws and mouth to be an expert trick. The treasure must be hanging below the dog and not over the dogs head so as to resemble the dog "fishing."
Footsies (peekaboo with dog’s feet on my feet as I walk) Expert Footsies peekaboo with dogs feet on handler’s feet walking: This skill builds on the noviced, intermediate and advanced versions of peekaboo. The dog relocates to a position between the handlers legs, places his feet on the handler’s feet / shoes and keeps his front feet on the handler's feet as they walk forward together a minimum of four steps.
Foot Stall Expert With the handler lying on their back with legs outstretched and feet in the air soles flat toward the sky, the dog jumps on to the soles of the handler’s feet and balances there on two or four feet.
Flyball Expert Based on competition flyball the dog runs over the 4 hurdles and to the flyball box fetching the ball. completing the box turn, and running back over the hurdles with the ball to the handler.
Get in a Closed Suitcase Expert Dog will open a suitcase with hand mouth or nose and get into suitcase with lid closing down over the dog as if the dog is packing himself up in the luggage.
Handstand Expert The dog backs up, placing his rear feet on a wall or slightly slanted board (30 degrees or less from the wall) and backs up to a position where his back is parallel with the wall or board. Alternately the dog may perform a handstand without support by balancing on his front legs only.
Herding Expert The dog must demonstrate the ability to move and control livestock by fetching or driving and be sufficiently trained to work at the proper balance point to move the stock forward on the course. The team should demonstrate a lift and fetch of the stock, a change of direction and stop of the dog and stock. It should be clear that the dog is controlling the stock independently and not under excessive pressure or control by the handler.
Hoop Jump over My Back Expert The handler holds the hoop over his or her back and bends forward, when cued the dog jumps over the handler’s back passing through the hoop. The handler may be standing, kneeling on the ground or lowered onto all fours as necessary to accommodate the dog’s size and ability to jump. The dog may jump over the handlers back or briefly touch the handlers back, but should be clearly jumping through the hoop. The handler should not lure the dog through the hoop or have a second handler hold the hoop.
Hoop Leg Weave Expert Your dog crossing back-and-forth jumping hoops as you walk.
Hug a toy dog has picked up Expert With the dog in a sit the dog will pick up an object in his mouth and place both front feet around the object to hug the object. If this trick is completed with the handler giving the dog the object then that is an advanced trick.
Index Cards (dog responds to words/symbols) Expert Index cards (dog responds to written instructions, any method): The dog performs three distinct behaviors on the cue of the word or symbol on a piece of paper when the cards are presented by the handler. This is a cue transfer behavior where the handler will show the dog three cards for different behaviors and the dog will offer the behavior on the cards with no verbal cues from the handler. This is a Clever Hans style trick where it appears to the audience the dog is "reading" the cards but the dog is responding to body cues from the handler. One repetition is needed. To qualify keep the cues subtle such as different hands or positions to hold the cards, raising eyebrows or other subtle cues just once. Avoid re-cueing or extreme movements.
Jump Rope Expert The dog jumps a jump rope either with the handler or a jump rope swung by one with the rope attached to a post or door knob etc or with two people swinging the rope. The rope is swung in a complete 360 degree arc with the rope passing over the dog’s head at least once and the dog jumping the rope at least twice.
Kennel Up (open door, go in crate, close door) Expert Kennel up open go in, close: The dog goes to a dog crate with a solid door, opens the door by pulling a rope or using his paw, goes into the crate and closes the door by pulling a rope. The dog does not have to manipulate the latch, but must open and close the door on his own. Soft sided crates are not appropriate for this trick.
Laundry Day Expert This trick demonstrates the helpful nature of our dogs. The dog will help with the laundry by removing clothing from the dryer and placing it in the laundry basket, or by taking clothing from the laundry basket and placing it in the washing machine.
Leg Hike Expert Leg hike rear leg lift: On cue, the dog lifts one rear leg and holds it in the air similar to a male dog urinating. Alternately the dog may extend the rear leg backward in the air in a toe point / arabesque behavior. A prop like a fire hydrant or such may be used as if the dog is hiking a leg on an object or the leg lift may be a freestanding leg lift. The dog can also lift their leg onto an object as long as it is high enough to differentiate it from a rear foot target.
Leg Weave (backward) Expert This is a variation of the orbit or back around me trick. The dog walks backward through the handler’s legs then backs around one leg returning to the center of the handler’s body then backs in through the handler’s leg and around the other leg, performing leg weaves while backing up. Show 2 repetitions in both directions.
Limp Expert Limp walk with front leg lifted 3 steps: While standing, the dog lifts a front leg and holds it in the air. Without lowering the leg the dog hops forward on three legs three times
Litter in the Step Can Expert The handler may hand the dog an object or direct the dog to pick up the object. The dog takes the object to a garbage pail with a foot activated lid, the dog steps on the lever then drops the object into the open lid.
Mail from the Mailbox (including lid) Expert Mailbox open fetch and close: The dog opens the mailbox door by pulling a rope or other method, the dog retrieves an object from the mailbox, then closes the mailbox door. The dog may retrieve the object to the handler prior to being sent back to close the door or may close the door then retrieve the object to the handler, either sequence is acceptable depending on the handler’s preference.
Match to Sample Expert With the dog and handler facing each other the handler will have 3-5 objects in front of the dog and the handler will hold up an identical item of one of the 3-5 items on display to the dog. The dog will identify the item the handler is holding from the lined up items in front of the dog by any clear indication. The dog should match three times with the items the handler selects in an unedited video. The handler should give one verbal cue for the match and not a cue for the items(this is not a name recognition trick but matching the object shown) and then remain silent.
Moonwalk Expert Back up in bow 4 steps: The dog will bow and backup 4 steps while maintaining the bow position. Steps are counted as backward movement of the front feet, each front foot should move twice. This trick can also be performed as a backward crawl from a lying down position.
Nose Work Box Search Expert The dog searches 5 or more boxes, one of which contains a novel scent such as birch or anise (any non-food scent is permissible). The dog should indicate the correct box in a manner the handler can identify. Alternately the scent item can be hidden (out of sight) in the environment such as on a vehicle or on a garbage can etc. The handler should show the hot box and that it does not contain food either before or after the search. If the video is from a trial then the judge's confirmation of the alert should be included in the video. NOTE: Since Scent Work and Nose Work competitions require dogs to run on leash in the trials it is acceptable to submit trial video from these venues of dogs competing on lead as long as the leash is not used to guide the dog to source.
Open a Door (by using door handle) Expert Open a door using a handle: The dog manipulates a door handle or door knob to open the door. The dog may paw at the handle or use his mouth to manipulate the handle.
Orbit (circles backwards around your legs) Expert Orbit circles handler backwards:The dog may start in any position next to the handler, when asked the dog will back in a circle 360 degrees around the handler ending in the same location he started from. Only one repetition and one direction is required for this trick, the dog may circle either clockwise or counterclockwise.
Paintbrush Painting (including bucket) Expert Paintbrush painting takes brush from bucket and pokes easel: The dog retrieves a paint brush from a bucket and pokes it at a canvas/paper on an easel, wall or in the handler’s hand, creating an original work of art. The paint brush can be modified to make it easier for the dog to hold by adding rubber grips or connectors to the handle. The dog does not need to return the paint brush to the bucket for this trick. Another option for this trick is for the dog to take the brush and poke the easel and return the brush to the bucket; instead of taking the brush from the bucket the dog can pick up the brush from the handler and then poke at the easel. Both versions require the dog to poke the brush at the easel.
Paw Pods (4 feet target) Expert Paw pods 4 feet on 4 targets: This trick uses 4 balance pods such as the Fit Paws Paw Pods or TotoPawds. The pods are placed on the ground at the approximate spacing that will allow the dog to stand with all four feet squarely under him. The dog independently places one foot on each pod and balances on the pods. The handler should not manipulate the dog or place the dog’s feet on the pods.
Piggybank (put coin in slot) Expert Piggybank coin in slot: The dog picks up a coin, poker chip or similar and places it in the slot of a “piggy” bank. This trick can also be like the child game of Connect 4, in which the dog drops a coin in the top slot of the game board.
Push a Shopping Cart Expert Push shopping cart: The dog pushes a shopping cart or similar object by placing his front paws on the handle of the cart and walking forward on his back legs. The dog should demonstrate placing his feet on the cart and moving the cart from a stopped position. The cart should be pushed forward a minimum of 5 steps.
Rainbow Ladder: Step Backward Expert Rainbow ladder, steps backward low height ok: The dog backs in a straight line along the length of the ladder stepping over at least 5 rungs with all four feet. The handler may walk beside the dog or stand in front of the dog. Touching the ladder rungs is ok. The ladder should be set up in a free area and not against a wall.
Rainbow Ladder (push a yoga ball through it) Expert Rainbow ladder pushes ball thru middle: This trick requires an inflatable exercise ball and a rung ladder, the rainbow ladder is ideal for this trick as the legs will help keep the ball on the ladder. The dog pushes the exercise ball in a straight line down the length of the ladder completing at least 5 rungs. The ladder must be in an open area and not against a wall.
Retrieve Over High Jump (with formal hand delivery) Expert Retrieve Over the High Jump with formal hand delivery: The handler throws an object over a jump and sends the dog to retrieve the object. The dog should perform the jump, pick up the object and return to the handler with the object over the jump. The dog should return to the handler and hold the object until asked to release the object. The dog may sit or stand in front or at heel, but should demonstrate a calm hold before the handler takes the object.
Ring Toss Expert Ring toss: The dog picks up a ring such as a pool toy or stacking ring and places it over an upright post or cone on the ground. Placing one ring on the post is sufficient to show this trick. The base may be stabilized, taped to the ground or supported by the handler if the base is wobbly but the handler should not hold the base in their hand.
Roll Yourself in a Blanket Expert The dog lies down on a blanket, takes a corner of the blanket in his mouth and rolls over while holding the blanket, wrapping himself in the blanket.
Rolling Hoop Dive Expert The handler throws a large hula hoop so that the hoop rolls in an upright wheel position. While the hoop is rolling on the ground, the dog runs through the hoop. Only one hoop is required for this trick.
Scootering / Mushing Expert Mushing is a sport or transport method powered by dogs. It includes carting, pulka, dog scootering, sled dog racing, skijoring, carting and draft dog work. The goal of this trick is to have the dog pull a cart, bike or sled while wearing a harness with the handler walking or riding behind the dog or beside the dog for draft dog work. The dog should show moving the object from a stop, pulling the object/person and a stop.
Shell Game (More Advanced Indicating) Expert (indicate with paw, sit/down, or nose-lock). Shell game paw: This trick is based on three card monte and proves dogs are hard to trick. This trick is performed by hiding food or a toy under one of three identical "cups", typically terra cotta flower pots. The cups are moved around to mix up the order. The dog may watch or be in another room. Once the pots have been thoroughly switched around, the dog is allowed to search the pots for the treat. The dog must indicate the correct pot, ideally by placing his paw on the correct pot. Alternate indications include a chin rest on the pot, sit or down in front of the correct pot or extended nose lock with freeze in place for several seconds. This trick should be performed twice in a single unedited sequence.
Skateboard (3 or 4 paws on top) Expert The dog pushes the skateboard to get it moving then places 3 or 4 paws on the board and rides it a minimum distance of 5 feet/1.5m. The dog may keep 3 feet on and push the board with his 4th foot or push the board forward with his two front feet on to get it moving then jump on and ride it with all 4 feet on the board.
Stacking cups/bowls Expert The dog will take bowls or cups and stack them them one of top of the other. Show 3 repetitions.
Through a Hoop Lying on the Ground Expert Through hoop lying on ground: A hula hoop is placed flat on the ground. The dog will lift one side of the hoop off the ground either by picking it up with his mouth or by nosing under the hoop, then duck his head under the hoop and pass through the upright hoop.
Tidy Up Toys (including opening lid) Expert The dog uses any method to open a box, then picks up a toy, carries it to the box and places the toy in the box.
Track a Person’s Scent Trail Expert The dog will follow and track and human scent trail previously laid for at least 50 steps with a turn and an article indication at the end of the track. The track may not be baited with food and the dog may wear a long line in this trick but the handler must not be using the line to guide the dog in any manner.
Treibball (send dog to counter the ball, push toward you 15 ft/4.5m) Expert Treibball send to counter push 15 ft/4.5m: This trick starts with the dog at the handler’s side and a large ball or exercise ball placed 15 feet/4.5m away from the team. The dog is sent from the handler's side to the opposite side of an object. The dog pauses behind the object, when cued by the handler the dog pushes the ball 15 feet/4.5m to a location near the handler.
Trust Fall Expert With the dog facing away from the handler and handler facing the dog’s back, the dog will fall backwards into the handler’s arms on cue. Trust falls must not be performed from more than 1 foot/.3 m off the ground to count. Utmost safety and spotting of the dog is required for this trick. The dog must be calm and relaxed in the video.
Walk on Hind Legs Expert Walk on hind legs: With the dog several feet away from the handler the dog will stand on his rear feet with front feet in the air and walk 2-4 steps either forward or backward. No luring from the handler so handler should be visible in the video.
Weave Poles Expert Weave poles no lure: This trick comes from the dog sport of agility and consists of a series of upright poles. The dog negotiates the poles by weaving between the poles in a slalom pattern. Dog will complete at least 6 weave poles with no luring. Handler may run beside but should not use body pressure or hand lure.