Trick Dog Grand Champion Title [TDGCH]


Pay with Instructor Credits: 23 credits for PDF certificate option.

Check the Rules section below for a link to detailed instructions and videos.




RULES: Video submitted to staff evaluators; not CTDI

PRE-REQUISITES: Trick Dog Champion (TDCH)

  • The TDGCH title has 6 categories. 
  • Make a video (or videos) of your tricks according to the application form.
  • The TDGCH title is evaluated by Do More With Your Dog staff, and not by a CTDI. Submit your payment and video using the white button below.
  • If any of the videos do not pass, we will contact you and tell you specifically what we need redone, and you can submit a new video for that skill when you are ready (at no additional cost). We want you to succeed! 


How to Earn this Title:


Watch our detailed online video for examples of each exercise

Grand Champion Rules & Sample Video Submission 


Submit the form above

Submit your video directly to us for evaluation. Do not submit to your CTDI evaluator.


Additional information

Choose your Certificate/Award:

📧 Email Certificate Only, 🔖Paper Certificate, 🎗Display Package (Paper Certificate & Ribbon), 🏅Swag Package (Paper Certificate & Medal), 🏵Paper Certificate + Rosette, 🏵🏅Paper Certificate + Rosette + Medal