🐕Become a Stunt Dog Judge (SDJ)

Learn the Basics of Competition

The Stunt Dog Competition Judge Certification Course will allow trainers to understand the basics of Stunt Dog competition and the how to perform with your dog in front of an audience and the Stunt Dog Judge. 

Become a Stunt Dog Judge!

Stunt Dog is an AKC-recognized titling sport based on live trick dog performance. This workshop will familiarize you with the logistics and rules of competition. Stunt Dog Judges can host their own trials and are eligible to be selected to judge at the National Trick Dog Expo hosted annually at Purina Farms.


Comes with Free Stunt Dog Kit!

Kit includes: • Stunt duffel • 20 Scorecards • Judge’s clipboard • Rule book • Judge’s lapel pin


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This an introduction workshop. Everybody is welcome.