Summer of Ruff 2024


Pay with Instructor Credits: 3 credits for PDF certificate. 

Peace, Love, and Ruff! ✌️❤️🐶

Choose 15 of the 20 hippy-themed challenges. Rules below.




RULES: Perform 15 of the 20 challenges. 


Peace, Love, and Ruff!  Join us on our “Summer of Ruff” and earn your title by performing 15 of the 20 hippy-themed challenges. Submit photos or video. Comes with certificate, ribbon, sticker, and bandana.

  • Tricks do not have to be performed on the same day. Your evaluator may sign of on each one individually.
  • You may submit video of your trick for evaluation.

How to Earn this Title:


Choose at least 15 of the 20 hippy-themed challenges

To see the 20 challenges, watch the movie trailer video or download the game board.

Download the Gameboard 



Show your tricks/exercises to a Certified Trick Evaluator

Join one of our free Facebook Spark Teams and post videos (or photos) of your tricks/exercises there. Each team is coached by a certified evaluator. 

Spark Team Online Evaluators 

Prefer to work with evaluator in person? Click here.


Submit the form above

Once a certified evaluator has OK’d your tricks/exercises, submit your application using the form above. You can choose your certificate and swag items.

Additional information

Choose your Certificate/Award:

📧 Email Certificate Only, ✌️Swag Package (Paper Certificate, Ribbon, Sticker, Bandana)