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 Teach your dog any 15  tricks from the list

Not sure what some of the tricks are? Here is a comprehensive list with video of every trick:

View video trick descriptions




 Show your tricks to a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI)

Live, or via video. There are three ways you can do this. Choose the one that’s easiest for you:

Free Facebook  Spark Team Online class with personal coach In-Person

Facebook  Spark Team classes are free. Each team is coached by a certified CTDI who will happily review your videos. This is our most popular program.

Our paid Master Class online course has your personal coach who will teach you the tricks and review your videos. The cost of the title is included in the price. Demonstrate your tricks live to a  CTDI in your area


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Earn Your Trick Dog Titles

To earn a title, the dog demonstrates a minimum number of tricks from a list for a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI). The tricks may be demonstrated on different days, in person, or via video. Each level of title needs to be earned before you can progress to the next level. Once earned, your dog’s name and title will be listed on the official title holders webpage; you will receive a certificate and ribbon; and you may add the corresponding suffix to your dog’s name.

  • Novice Trick Dog (NTD)
  • Intermediate Trick Dog (ITD)
  • Advanced Trick Dog (ATD)
  • Expert Trick Dog (ETD)
  • Trick Dog Champion (TDCH)


  Do More With Your Dog! โ€” The Official Sanctioning Body for the Sport of Dog Tricks

Whether it be a sit, or a roll over, or fetch a soda from fridgeโ€ฆ a Trick is just another word for a cued behavior.

Founded by world-renowned trainer and NY Times bestselling author, Kyra Sundance, Do More With Your Dog!ยฎ is the sanctioning body for the sport of dog tricks. With over 35,000 titles awarded, Dog Tricks is the fastest growing dog sport in the world, and with good reason! Dog Tricks are taught with positive reinforcement methods which enhance the owner/dog bond, while challenging the dog to figure out puzzles and develop new skills.

 Also Recognized by AKC

(Effective January 1, 2017)

For your dog to obtain AKC recognition for this title, your dog must be registered with AKC. Novice Trick Dog (NTD), Intermediate Trick Dog (ITD), and Advanced Trick Dog (ATD) titles will be added to your AKC registry with the suffixes TKN, TKI, and TKA. Expert Trick Dog (ETD) and Champion titles (TDCH) will be added to your AKC registry with the suffix of TKP. Submit your Do More With Your Dog!ยฎ Title certificate and a fee to AKC.

 Also Recognized by CKC

(Effective January 1, 2020)

For your dog to obtain CKC recognition for this title, your dog must have the following (mixed breeds welcome): A CKC Registration Number, a Performance Event Number, a Canine Companion Number, a Miscellaneous Certification Number or an Event Registration Number. Submit your Do More With Your Dog!ยฎ Title certificate and a fee to CKC.

 Join a Free Online Spark Team

Looking for some guidance? Our free Facebook Spark Teams are month long classes with the goal of teaching you enough tricks to earn your Trick title. Each Spark Team is coached by a certified CTDI who posts weekly video trick tutorials. Post your finished trick videos to the group to have them verified.

A Spark team is beneficial for all dogs, and especially for dogs which do not thrive in class environments such as shy dogs and reactive dogs. The Spark format is a great option for people who arenโ€™t in a populated area, or are in an area that is not interested in positive training.

Versatility Title

Your Trick Dog title may count toward your national breed club Versatility title. โ€” Natl. Poodle Club Read More

Disabled Dogs / Senior Dogs

We encourage disabled dogs to participate in the Trick Dog title program. We will work with you to establish alternate criteria for your disabled or very senior dog. Check out this video of Treasure, a totally blind and deaf dog who earned her Novice Trick Dog title by demonstrating 15 tricks: Read More

Service Dogs

Service Dogs and their handlers may need to alter the trick to work within their unique needs. This is fine.

Register Of Merit (TD-ROM) Qualifications

The primary purpose of the TD-ROM is to recognize those sires and dams which produce fine offspring. Points are earned towards a dogs TD-ROM by their offspring earning trick titles. Earn the TD-ROM when the dog and its offspring earned a combined total of 10 titles. Click here to apply for the TD-ROM title. Read More