September 29, 2021

Dear Customer and Friend, 

Every year at Do More With Your Dog! we engage in a strategic planning session to set our compass for the next year and for the next five years. As a dog enthusiast myself, I tend to have personal relationships with many of our customers (and their dogs) and think of our company in the spirit of a large and supportive team rather than a vendor/customer relationship. 

I really value your opinions. Many of our new products and features come from your ideas! I would appreciate any feedback you’d like to give. 


Kyra Sundance☀️

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  • 📝What is our priority?

    Which of these things would you like us to focus on most this year?
  • 💥Spark Teams

    Spark Teams are Facebook groups which evaluate your videos for your title
  • ⚡️Specialty Titles

    2K-9 Ruff Run, Summer of Ruff, Triple Threat, Alphabet Challenge, etc.
  • General Thoughts

    Please add anything else that may be helpful in our planning session.