🏃🏼‍♀️2K-9 Ruff Run


Pay with Instructor Credits:  3 credits for PDF certificate. 

2k run/walk with your dog. Rules below.





RULES: Run or walk 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) with your dog.


RACE DIRECTORS:  Want to host a live 2K-9 Ruff Run event? Pre-purchase ten or more titles for 10% off, and we’ll mail you a package with the ribbons and medals. Race Director (10-pack)


How to Earn this Title:


Run or speed-walk 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) with your dog. That is 5 laps around a track.

Proof can be a photo, video, stopwatch, GPS, written statement from a spectator, etc.


QUESTION: Do we have to RUN?

ANSWER: You can run or walk. You and/or your dog should be exerting yourselves with effort. If either the person or the dog is only capable of a slow walk, they they should do the slow walk. Fitness is for everyone.


QUESTION: Can I submit a run/walk that we did a long time ago?

ANSWER: You should have completed the 2K within the past 30 days


QUESTION: My dog is very old and walks slowly. Can he still do it?

ANSWER: Fitness is just as important for senior dogs as for younger dogs, and we applaud your attention to his health. Go get ’em!


Show your tricks/exercises to a Certified Fitness Evaluator

Join one of our free Facebook Spark Teams and post videos (or photos) of your tricks/exercises there. Each team is coached by a certified evaluator. 

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Once a certified evaluator has OK’d your tricks/exercises, submit your application using the form above. You can choose your certificate and swag items.


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