Torch Relay Title (Pentathlon Series)


Pay with Instructor Credits:  PDF certificate: 3 credits.

Doglympics Pentathlon Series. Rules below.




RULES: Run/walk one of the Doglympic distances listed below. Demonstrate second element.


In the human Olympics, the torch is lit in Greece and passed from person to person in a relay along its  journey to the host city for the Opening Ceremony.  At the Opening Ceremony, the athletes and coaches recite the Olympic Oath of fair play and honor. The athletes walk with their countrymen in the spirit of sportsmanship. We invite you make a similar symbolic journey and oath with your dog, committing to your dedication to each other, to the community you represent,  and to dog sports as a whole.


To earn the “Torch Relay” title, run/walk your choice of any of these olympic distances with your dog. The distance will be printed on your certificate. Show proof to a Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach (CCFC)

    • 400 meters (equal to .25 miles / .4k / 1 lap around a track)
    • 800 meters (equal to .5 miles / .8k / 2 laps around a track)
    • 1,500 meters (equal to 1 mile / 1.5k / 4 laps around a track)
    • 5,000 meters (equal to 3.1 miles / 5k / 12.5 laps around a track)
    • 10,000 meters (equal to 6.2 miles / 10k / 25 laps around a track)


Show your Doglympics Spirit by doing at least one of the following:

  1. Commit to the Doglympics Oath:
    As a dog sports athlete, I promise to compete in these Doglympic Games with honor and spirit, to give my best effort in every event, and to respect my fellow competitors, both canine and human. I pledge to embody the values of loyalty, determination, and sportsmanship, and to always wag my tail with pride, win or lose. This oath symbolizes my lifelong commitment to do more with my dogs.
  2. Parade of Athletes:
    In the spirit of the athletes opening ceremony walk of nations, walk other members of your community, club, or team. (Matching uniforms would be even better.)
  3. Carry the Flag/ Carry the Baton:
    Have your dog carry a flag, or a baton, or torch.
  4. Winners Podium:
    Have your dog mount the winners podium and stay. (Can he hold a flag and wave as well?)
  5. Doglympics Laurel Wreath:
    In ancient Greece winning athletes were awarded a wreath of olive branches on their head as a symbol of victory and honor. Have your dog wear a wreath of branches or flowers.




How to Earn this Title:


Run/walk one of these distances: 400m, 800m, 1,500m, 5,000m, 10,000m.

Do a second element: Doglympics Oath, Parade of Athletes, Carry the Flag/Baton, Winners Podium, Doglympics Laurel Wreath



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