The CKC will record titles earned by Do More With Your Dog. The owner must submit their Do More With Your Dog certificate (PDF copy is fine), along with a fee to CKC. The  CKC will place the title on the dog’s record and produce a certificate. 



Earn your trick title through Do More With Your Dog!

Click here to learn how to earn your first trick title

CKC recognizes the following Trick Titles

  • Novice Trick Dog (NTD)
  • Intermediate Trick Dog (ITD)
  • Advanced Trick Dog (ATD)
  • Expert Trick Dog (ETD)
  • Trick Dog Champion (TDCH)
  • Trick Dog Grand Champion (TDGCH)
  • Novice Trick Dog Masters (NTD-M)
  • Intermediate Trick Dog Masters (ITD-M)
  • Advanced Trick Dog Masters (ATD-M)
  • Expert Trick Dog Masters (ETD-M)
  • Trick Dog Champion Masters (TDCH-M) [submit after January 1, 2024]
  • Trick Dog Register of Merit (TD-ROM)


Be registered with CKC

Your dog must have either a CKC Registration Number, a Performance Event Number, a CCN Number, a Miscellaneous Certification Number or an Event Registration Number.



Submit the following to CKC: