I’m an AACE and I want to teach an AA Workshop



We are offering Animal Acting workshops worldwide. Workshops are taught by AACE instructors. You will be given an agenda and student gift bags containing their supplies they need (clicker, look stick, mark, etc.).

Length of time:

It is a 1-day workshop (6-8hrs, or 5hrs with no lunch break).

Your Venue:

You can host it at a facility, or in your backyard. We will post the time and venue details for your event on the website, so students will understand what they are signing up for. If you don’t know the exact venue yet, we can list just your city.

You will need to supply a few things including chairs for the students, some costume items for the dogs, some larger marks, and a pedestal.


We can implement whatever maximum/minimum students you wish, as well as the cancellation cut-off date. For example, you can say that you need 5 students by June 1st or you will cancel the workshop.

What we will provide:

We will register the students and take their payment. You will be mailed gift bags for every student

We will provide you with the agenda, but you will also have flexibility in what you teach. We just want you to make sure to cover the 13 agenda items we advertise.

You will be paid US$20 per student. Plus you’ll get a gift bag and a clapperboard.

The student registration may include the cost for their AA1/AA2 certifications, which we’d like you to evaluate on that day. We will pre-mail you their certs and metal cards, which you may hand to them when they pass.

Workshop Agenda:

The agenda is structured to be working in groups and setting up real-world scenarios, such as a commercial where a dog needs to walk across stage, or go to a mark. There are no pre-requisites for this course, so we don’t focus too much on training specific skills.

Here is the link to the workshop signup page 



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