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What is a Spark Team?

A Spark Team is a free, online class coached by a certified instructor. The classes are run in a Facebook group.  Each class has the goal of teaching enough new dog tricks or fitness exercises for students to earn their title. 



Who can coach a Spark Team?

Each team is coached by either a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) or a Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach (CCFC). The coach sets the curriculum and films and posts instructional videos every week for their students. The CTDI/CCFC earns credits as the students earn their titles.



How do I get students?

We will list your team on this website and publicize it on Facebook. You will reach out to your friendship base and publicize it to your community.






Create a Facebook Account

Sign up on



Create a Facebook Group

In Facebook Newsfeed look at the top, right menu bar and choose the Plus button and then “Group” 



Group Settings

Once you’ve created the group, click the button called “…More” and then choose  “edit group settings”.


Many of the options here will be your personal preference, but below are a few options we suggest you choose: 

  • Description: SESSION STARTS JANUARY 1– Ignite your passion for dog tricks! Join us for 4 weeks as we coach you through learning 15 new dog tricks. You can do it! Your totally excited coach is XXXX (CTDI). ***All the important info is in the post pinned to the top of the page***
  • Location: Best to leave blank, as you want students from all over
  • Tags: Dog Tricks, Dog Training, Clicker Training, etc.
  • Linked Pages: Do More With Your Dog!, and possibly your other Spark groups
  • Web Address: Something like BobsNTDSparkTeam
  • Privacy: Public
  • Posting Permissions: Anyone in the group
  • Post Approval: unchecked



Add an Admin

Add Kyra Sundance as a member to your group. Make her a group Admin. Access this setting by going to “Members” in the left sidebar.



Add Cover Image

Add a cover image to your group. Customize your own with your team name and photo.

Download logos



Customize your title application form (optional)

Dog Tricks Spark Teams may wish to use this 1-page title application form. It is a PDF form, so you can download it and enter in your name and your Spark group name, and possibly all the tricks you will teach (or the student can handwrite in the tricks). This way the student will remember your name when it is time for them to submit their app online.

Download logos



Add the Pinned Post

Facebook groups allow you to “pin” one post. This post always remains at the top of the page. This post will have all the important info for your students. 

Note: on mobile devices there is a button at the top of the page that says “view pinned posts.” People never realize to click that button, so we have to try really hard at the beginning to make sure everyone knows to read that pinned post. This has been our single biggest challenge.

In the pinned post, include the following:

Novice Trick Dog Title application form:

Int/Adv/Exp Title application form:

Submit/Pay for your title here:



Let us know about your group!

Email us about your Spark Team so we can add it to this website. Be sure to let us know the languages that you support.




Advisory Board member Lorrie Reynolds gives tips on how to build and grow your Spark Team. Download her PDF document here.