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Introducing the Magic Square!

Developed by World-reknowed trainer and NY Times bestselling author, Kyra Sundance, this prop is a key tool in the official Canine Conditioning Coaches training program.

The magic square acts as a Home Base for your dog. It builds your dog’s proprioception, coordination, and focus, and can be used in a variety of exercises:
  1. Pedestal Training— Send to Square
  2. Pedestal Training— Stay in Square (Home Base)
  3. Bow/Stretching (keeps belly up)
  4. Stacking for Structure Evaluation
  5. Peanut Holder
  6. Fit Ball Holder (Instability Resistance Training IRT)
  7. Teach a “Stay”
  8. Perch work (2 paws in square, rotate)
  9. Ball perch work (front paws on ball, rotate around)
  10. Teach “go to Touch Pad”
  11. Back up (square is upside down)
  12. Recall fronts
  13. Structure & Gait— Cavalettis
  14. Structure & Gait— diamonds
  15. Structure & Gait— in an arc
  16. Structure & Gait— high/low/high/low
From outside edges: 19″
Height to top of bar: 8.25″

Train in Color
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Note from Kyra Sundance, world-reknowned trainer and NY Times bestselling author:

“Those of you who have ever been to one of my workshops know what a big proponent I am of “Pedestal Training.” A pedestal acts as a “home base” for your dog, and is used to manage your dog; and to build focus, drive, and precision. The idea of a pedestal is that it’s slightly hard for the dog to get off of/out of, making it much more effective than a home base of a dog mat.”

“In the past 6 months I’ve transitioned to using the Magic Square for my dogs’ pedestals, and I’m hooked! With a raised pedestal, my dogs run and jump on top without skipping a beat. With the Magic Square, it requires 2 seconds of their concentration while they maneuver all of their legs into it, and that task is enough to interrupt their thoughts and get them in the new “home base” mindset. They stay in the Magic Square more reliably than a raised pedestal.”

“I’m so enthralled with this new training tool, that I’ve adopted it into our official Canine Conditioning Coach’s program, and will be demonstrating it at all of our workshops this year.”


Some Assembly Required

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Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 4 in


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