How to Earn Your
Stunt Dog Title in 3 Simple Steps

Learn the Routine

There are just 9 exercises for the Novice level. Review the rule book; watch Kyra perform in a video; or join a free Spark Team for advice and community.


Purchase a Ring Trial Ticket

Due to the quarantine, most of the ring trials are now done via live video, such as with Zoom or Facebook or iPhone. We’ll set you up with one of our friendly judges 🙂



Our judges are here to help you succeed. They will guide you throughout your routine. One passing score earns your dog their title!


What is Stunt Dog?

Stunt Dog Ring Trials are live trick dog performances. Stunt Dog titles are awarded through live ring trials. They are AKC recognized. It is a structured rule-set where every competitor follows the same 9 exercises (except for the Champion level, which allows creativity).

Prerequisites to Stunt Dog 

 Trick Dog Titles  are required to be eligible to compete in The AKC Stunt Dog Nationals and subsequently be able to earn the corresponding stunt dog title.

 Stunt Dog Rule Book 

Click “Read More” to view a PDF of the current Competition Rules

Regulation Props


1. Klimb Pedestal or similar

2. “Go to Mark” mark

3. Hoop

You can purchase these three items as part of the “ Stunt Dog Competition Pack. ”

 Who are the Judges? 

To become a Stunt Dog judge, you must first be a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI). Read more to see our current list of judges.

To become a judge, you must take our online certification course  here. 

Judges will be able to host their own “intro to stunt dog competition” classes, and will be eligible to hold trials.

Are additional Klimbs permitted for larger dogs?


Are other props allowed to be used during the performance?

Yes, you may use props in addition to the ones required.

Are there any restrictions on music?

Yes. You may not use any music with explicit or inappropriate language.

Do we have to perform a different Champion routine if we are selected as finalists?

No, you will perform the same Champion routine twice.

Are bitches in season permitted to enter the ring?

Yes, bitches in season may compete, but must wear pants.

Is there a limit to how many attempts we get to pass?

No, you may enter the ring as many times as needed, but you must purchase a ticket for each try.

Do we have to have the corresponding Trick Dog Title to compete?

 Yes, you must have the corresponding Trick Dog Title to enter the ring.