Canine Conditioning Workshop

What a Weekend Will Do!

 Canine Conditioning encompasses five areas of physical and mental fitness:
  • Confidence
  • Strength
  • Coordination
  • Focus
  • Ability to Follow Directions

Featuring all new material, world-renowned trainer Kyra Sundance introduces you to activities which build each of these important life skills. Learn innovative ways to work with props such as hoops, balls, FitPAWS inflatables, and Klimb pedestals. (a full set of props supplied for every student).

Using an innovative weighted yoga ball which moves in slow-motion, we teach the dogs beginning Treibball skills such as nose-pushing the ball, orbiting the ball, mirroring the handler, directionals (going to left or right ball), and herding skills.

Complete the weekend course to earn your Canine Conditioning Coach (CCC) certification. Bring your own dog or use our loaners.

Canine Conditioning Coach full workshop - $495




Our goal is to help each person at the level that they are at. You will not be singled nor judged on the performance of your dog; in fact, many trainers choose to bring their more difficult dog. All props and meals are supplied for you as well as a free gift bag full of books, DVDs, training tools, and more!


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5 Skills to Success

  • Help dogs overcome challenges and flourish as they learn to execute physical exercises as well as to focus and actively problem-solve. A unique opportunity to work in-person with Kyra Sundance, world-renowned trainer and internationally bestselling author of “10-Minute Dog Training Games.”

  • Confidence


    Through games in confidence, your dog is able to be more comfortable with activities involving water, loud noises, independent hunting, and more. You can literally see your dog transform from a fearful dog to a water-confident dog after a ten-minute game of Weenie Bobbing. Other activities include hunting in a box of packing material which introduces him to nose work and teaches him scenting ability. Your dog will leave more confident.

  • Strength


    Through games in strength, your dog will get the exercise she needs while building stamina, balance, hind end coordination. Activities like assisted upright walking strengthens your dog's core and leg muscles. This type of conditioning can help prevent back problems as your canine ages. Your dog will leave stronger.

  • Coordination


    Through games in coordination can help your dog learn high-end awareness, balance, mental focus, and jumping skills. They make dogs think about where their feet are going and what they need to be doing next. More specifically, an activity like cavalettis are used to adjust stride length, pacing, and foot placement for dogs whose hind feet are knocking jump bars. Your dog will leave coordinated.

  • Mental Focus

    Mental Focus

    Through games in mental focus you can improve your dogs memory, logic, perseverance, self-control, scenting ability, and independent hunting skills. Activities like the logic test will challenge his brain by making him think about new ways to accomplish a goal. This mental stimulation will benefit every dog. Remember, it may take your dog many repeated attempt to solve each problem a game presents - but he'll be very proud of himself when he does! These games challenge your dog to experiment with different ideas to accomplish a goal. This mental stimulation will increase your dog's intelligence.

  • Following Directions

    Following Directions

    Through games of following directions your dog learns directional cues, going to and staying on a mark, self-control, communication, coordination, retrieving skills, targeting, and pawing behavior. Dogs intuitively understand human directional cues. Some of the activities in following directions include helping your dog create work of art as he spreads paint on canvas with his paws. This is both used for bonding and pawing skills. You can decorate your home with some original art made by your dog! Working cooperatively with your dog in a positive way will be a wonderful bonding experience, and your dog will bask in your attention and pride in him. Your dog will follow directives.

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Why Games?

  • Games make a happier, healthier Dog.
  • Build coordination, confidence, intelligence, mental focus, and following directions.
  • Games are a foundation for dog sports.
  • You and your dog will bond as you help him succeed


  • Learn from the Best: Kyra Sundance

    Kyra Sundance is an internationally bestselling author of dozens of books, DVDs, and training kits including "10 Minute Dog Training Games," and the industry standard "101 Dog Tricks." Her clear, step-by-step instructions made training a snap. With 40 workshops under her belt, Kyra's programs are tried-and-true, well organized and professionally presented.

    Kyra Sundance is a world-renowned dog trainer, lecturer, and international best-selling author. With over a million copies in print, Kyra’s award-winning books, DVDs, and activity kits have inspired dog owners worldwide to develop fun and rewarding relationships with their dogs. Honed through decades of professional experience, Kyra’s easy to follow step-by-step training methods are the most effective and humane way to train. Her positive methods foster confident, happy dogs who are motivated to do the right thing rather than fearful of making a mistake. As professional performers, Kyra and her Weimaraners starred in shows for the king of Morocco, Disney’s Hollywood stage shows, circuses, halftime shows, on The Tonight Show, Ellen, Animal Planet, in movies, and in their own television series.

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 CEU (continuing education credits)

Workshop Testimonials

  • Kyra Sundance, I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic 3-day weekend. Your Stunt Dog and Canine Conditioning Coach workshops were fun, engaging, and very informative! I've been training dogs for over 40 years, but I was still able to learn something from both of these workshops! Thank you for all of your time, commitment to the sport, your friendship, and your generosity. The fact that you spend so much of your personal time helping so many people, in such a positive and energetic way, just shows how much you truly care for the sports of Trick Dog and Stunt Dog.
    Jonanne LaRe Thompson
  • As I went to her seminar. It changed directions of my training programs. She is like solid positive energy. If you can't come away from her with ideas you need to go back to the start. Because she is great at what she does. She is more real then most trainers I have been too. Kyra thank you
    Martin Lee
  • Thank you for validating the art of trick dog training and providing all the info and support. I'm forever grateful.
    Lisa Lanser CTDI
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  • CCFC Master Class Bundle

    CCFC Master Class Bundle

    This bundle includes all four levels required to become a certified Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach (CCFC).
    $469.00 The Coach's Pack and manual, which will be mailed to you. After successfully completing this bundled course, you will be an accredited CCFC.
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