Get Started: Setting up your Spark Team

Here's a little about Spark Teams....


  • What is a Spark team? >

    A Spark Team is a FREE, online class coached by a certified instructor. The classes are run in a Facebook group. Each class runs for one month; from the 1st of the month to the 30th. Each class has the goal of teaching enough new dog tricks for students to earn their title (either their Trick Dog title or their Canine Conditioning Fitness title). A Spark team is beneficial for all dogs, and especially for dogs which do not thrive in class environments such as shy dogs and reactive dogs. The Spark format is a great option for coaches/instructors who aren’t in a populated area, or are in an area that is not interested in positive training.
  • Who can coach a Spark Team? >

    Each team is coached by either a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) or a Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach (CCFC). The coach sets the curriculum and films and posts instructional videos every week for their students. The CTDI/CCFC earns credits as the students earn their titles.
  • How do I get students to join my team? >

    We will list your team on our website and publicize it on Facebook. You will reach out to your friendship base and publicize it to your community.
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