Canine Body Language

Melissa Fenstermaker


Your dog is trying to tell you you know what they are saying?

This seminar will teach you:

-How to keep your dog and yourself as a trainer safe. 

-How to present this information to your clients and community. 

-When to know to ask for help. 

Melissa has always had an interest in working with dogs. She started working at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital in 2003. Shortly after joining in there she went to school at National K-9 to become a Certified Dog Trainer.  Over the years her love for dogs has grown along with her passion for training.  Her thirst for more knowledge has always been pushing her in new directions.  In 2014 she went back to school with Karen Pryor Academy to become a Certified Training Partner.  Melissa had always know about Kyra Sundance and had read many of her books and structored classes after them.  In 2016 she had the privilege of attending Kyra Sundance's workshops for Certified Trick Dog Instructor, Canine Conditioning Coach, Pedestal training and Stunt Dog Judge.  She has since gone on to judge the first ever Stunt Dog Championship trial held at Tridex in 2017.  Melissa is a head trainer at Union lake where she runs Puppy Preschools, Puppy Play nights, Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience, Agility, Trick Training, Stunt Dog, Canine Conditioning, Drop off and Private lessons. Her favorite classes to run are classes that have been inspired by Kyra Sundance.  Melissa's goal in dog training is to help people realize how smart their dogs are and that training is fun.  


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