Group Clicker Tricks Classes to Develop Advanced Training Skills, Engagement, and Client Retention

Jacob Hollingsworth

M.A., KPA-CTP, CTDI, CCC, SDJ, All-Star-TC, AKC Evaluator

This lecture will overview essential clicker training concepts and how to incorporate them into a concept driven curriculum that enables ongoing classes with students at multiple skill levels. This curriculum maximizes flexibility in behavior selection, enabling students to simultaneously work on a variety of tricks tailored to their individual interests and skill levels. This can be used in both fixed and modular schedule formats. This lecture will cover developing shaping and targeting skills, teaching cue concepts, shaping fluency, building on known behaviors, taking time to teach clean concepts now for rapid learning later, setting the dog up for success, etc.  

Jacob is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner and has been an active member of the Do More With Your Dog community for 9 years. Building upon his lifelong exposure to professional and competitive animal training, and a strong academic background, Jacob has spent the last 12 years specializing in teaching people to train their dogs using clicker training and positive reinforcement. Jacob has a passion for inspiring positive change through developing compassionate trainers who are equipped to craft creative training solutions.

While Jacob specializes in teaching people and dogs, he has also worked with several other species, including titling an Advanced Trick Cat, who also served as a demo animal in some of Jacob’s Dog Tricks Classes!

Watch some of Kitty’s tricks here!

2019 Agenda of Speakers

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