Stunt Dog Nationals

The highlight of TriDEx is the Stunt Dog National Championships, culminating in the crowning of the National Trick Dog Champion.

TriDEx presents a venue for earning a "Stunt Dog" title which are earned through live trick show performance in front of an audience.


Requirements to Compete:

Do More With Your Dog! is the official governing and sanctioning body for the sport of dog tricks. Over 14,000 Trick Dog titles have been awarded to dogs who successfully demonstrated a required number of qualifying tricks to a judge. Trick Dog Titles are required to be eligible to compete in The AKC Stunt Dog Nationals and subsequently be able to earn the corresponding stunt dog title.


Competition rules are posted here or you can attend a Introduction to Stunt Dog Competition workshop which focuses on teaching trainers the basics of competition and allows Certified Trick Dog Instructors (CTDIs) to become certified as a Stunt Dog Judge!