Novice Stunt Dog (NSD) title holders

Alaskan Klee Kai

Christina de Juan, Ph.D. CTDI and Maera (TDCH CCF-CH URO1 GPI-CH CH’PR’ Thurisia’s Enchanted Sea Nymph NSD), 5/1/20
Christina de Juan, Ph.D. CTDI and Zephyr (TDCH CCF-CH CH ‘PR’ Kenai’s Defying Gravity NSD), 5/16/20
Christina de Juan, Ph.D. CTDI and Luna (TDCH CCF-CH URO1 PTM PTA ‘PR’ Kenai’s Circle of Life NSD), 5/22/20

American Bully

Elisha Edge and Aimee (TDCH SDCH Aimee NSD), 5/1/20

American Cocker Spaniel

Leona Hellesvig and Missy (TDCH Int. Com. Ch Vet. Ch UALCH UAG1 Enchanted Little Miss Carefree NSD), 1/13/19
Shara Barlow CTDI and Zoey (Life Through Onyx Eyes NSD), 3/15/18

American Foxhound

Sarahfaye Dolman and Keaton (Buster Keaton NSD), 8/18/18

American Pit Bull Terrier

Rachel Richards and Groot (OGP’s Tales2Astonish 4 Lilac Hill NSD), 3/15/19
Tenille Gross CTDI and Rj (RATCH Rj NSD), 5/21/18

American Staffordshire Terrier

Jessica Hudson and Finn (Finn NSD), 8/17/19
Shelley McQuillin CTDI and Mabel (SDCH TDCH Miss Mabeline NSD), 3/15/18
Dalana Bewley Huss CTDI and Chip (SDCH TDCH Alpine’s Sweet Chocolate Chip NSD), 3/15/18
Jaida Cooper and Evey (Bluenile’s Just The Way You Are CCF3 NSD), 7/3/20
Jaida Cooper and Glaceon (PMK’s Ice Cold Glaceon CCF2 NSD), 7/13/20
Dalana Bewley Huss CTDI and Loveta (TDCH Michl R Talk Southern To Me Y’all NSD), 7/27/20

Australian Cattle Dog

Sharon Middendorf and Kai-Yay (TDCH Yippee Kai-Yay NSD), 2/9/20
Theresa Dambik and Ghost ( NSD), 4/27/19
V. Lachelle Henderson and Juneau (Grizzly Hollow’s Juneau NSD), 2/13/19
Patricia Daugherty CTDI and Boaz (Devon’s Pillar of Strength NSD), 2/9/19
Patricia Daugherty CTDI and Tiki (Devon’s Midnight Flame NSD), 2/9/19
Mary La Crosse and Bullet (LNR RIG B’s Faster Than A Speeding Bullet NSD), 2/9/19
Susan Marie Boarman and Star (Boarman’s Star NSD), 4/29/18
Jennifer Baiocco and Henna (TDCH CCF-CH Blue Yonder’s Inspired Design RATCH NSD), 9/22/20
Lauren Mackenzie CTDI and Quinn (TDCH Quinlynn NSD), 11/29/20
Michael Smyth CTDI and Mattie (TDGCH CCF-CH Mattie Ulster Snow NSD), 1/1/21

Australian Shepherd

Danit Kargman and Callie (Callie Kargman NSD), 2/23/20
Kristie Kingsland CTDI and Nebbie (Nebbie NSD), 2/23/20
Kristie Kingsland CTDI and Envy (Teyrnons If I Were You I’d Wanna Be Me Too NSD), 2/23/20
Catherine Day and Beibhinn (Beibhinn NSD), 2/22/20
Wendy Zabicki CTDI and Makeeda (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Zabzoos Makeeda Moonshine NSD), 2/15/20
Maci Mize CTDI and Auzzie (TDCH Auzzie Mize NSD), 11/16/19
Erica Roden and Jericho (Forsaken’s Jericho Havok NSD), 10/20/19
Sofia Malinda Hussain and Xena (Woodstock’s Warrior Princess NSD), 10/12/19
Sofia Malinda Hussain and Jambo (Woodstock’s We Be Jammin NSD), 10/12/19
Imogene Sevin ATDI and Maeve (Maeve NSD), 8/31/19
Cherie R. Floyd and Skye (Sweet Southern Skye NSD), 8/17/19
Judy Dwyer and Sunny (You are My Sunshine NSD), 8/17/19
Nita Gandara CTDI and Ryker (TDCH Superfly’s Deep in the Weeds NSD), 8/17/19
Misty Garcia ATDI and Kricket (Valors Kricket NSD), 7/7/19
Karen Smith and Molly (Molly Pop NSD), 6/15/19
Wendy Savrese and Jazzy (Jasmine Mika Savrese NSD), 4/27/19
Erica Coulson and Murphy (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Blacknblue N Red Oh Liver NSD), 2/23/19
Morgan Cain and SuperNova (TDCH SDCH Chevy 2 Much SuperNova NSD), 1/13/19
Emily E. Magnuson CTDI and Later (Einhorn’s Fashionably Late NSD), 11/18/18
Tina Anchondo CTDI and Dax (Daxster’s Tribute NSD), 11/3/18
Nita Gandara CTDI and Aella (TDGCH SDCH Einhorn’s I Am the Storm NSD), 10/28/18
Susan Brogan CTDI and Carmine (TDGCH SDCH Equinox Will U B Mine NSD), 9/23/18
Kelly Schumann CTDI and Goose (Show-Me’s Top Gun NSD), 8/19/18
Fran Solomon and Gracie (TDCH UCD Somercrest Grace Under Fire, ASCA/AKC CDX, RAE, OA, OAJ, CGCA, CGCU, JS-O, RS-O NSD), 5/26/18
Earlene Winn CTDI and Odin (Protector of the Nine Realms NSD), 5/26/18
Nita Gandara CTDI and Cinch (SDCH TDCH Shalako’s Sheep Up and Ride NSD), 3/15/18
Nita Gandara CTDI and Scott (SDCH TDCH Cirrus Going Regimental NSD), 3/15/18
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Truly (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TeBrat Truly Scrumptious NSD), 3/15/18
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Enchanted (TDGCH CCF-CH Sazbrat Welcome to New York NSD), 3/15/18
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Parlor (TDGCH CCF-CH Sazbrat Barn Dancin in the Dark NSD), 3/15/18
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Pixie (TDCH CCF-CH Sazbrat Lemon Pixie Dust NSD), 3/15/18
Sarah Blodgett CTDI and Rio ( NSD), 3/15/18
Sarah Blodgett CTDI and Roulette (Revelaire’s Rushin’ Roulette NSD), 3/15/18
Jamie Heberlein CTDI and Meeka (TDCH Cedarwood’s Meeka Wish On Me NSD), 3/15/18
Maggie Weston and Riley (Aussie Gone Awry NSD), 3/15/18
Maggie Weston and Skye (SDGCH TDCH Einhorn’s Starry Night NSD), 3/15/18
Jim Helems CTDI and Cooper (Relic’s Cooper Play’n @Dog Hill NSD), 3/15/18
Fran Solomon and Penny (TDCH Rip Roarin’ Down Penny Lane NSD), 4/14/20
Brenda Aelick CTDI and Kevin (TDCH SDGCH CH Highrails Big Time Cash NSD), 4/26/20
Melinda Schiller and Tesla (Chaver’s Spark of Tesla NSD), 5/28/20
Traci Daly and Atticus (Legacy Star Atticus NSD), 6/6/20
Melinda Schiller and Zap (Chaver’s Lightning Strikes Twice NSD), 6/19/20
Melinda Schiller and Phoenix (Chaver’s Rising Up Like A Phoenix NSD), 6/19/20
Gina Stetsko and Bizi (TDCH CCF-CH MOTCH SHDCH LookQuest Leap at the Chance NSD), 6/27/20
Gina Stetsko and Tex (TDGCH CCF-CH LookQuest Last Cat Standing NSD), 6/27/20
Betsy McCauley ATDI and Taz (TDCH Peacock’s Pride Taz Mae NSD), 8/18/20
Kristina DeGiovanni and Audrey (TDCH Henson Menagerie Audrey NSD), 8/15/20
Kristina DeGiovanni and Summer (Summer Lovin’ CCF1 NSD), 9/11/20
Brenda Aelick CTDI and Pippa (Starpoint Almost Famous NSD), 9/15/20
Jane Coles and Jack (TDCH Highrail Jacks Are Wild NSD), 9/26/20
Courtney Gluchacki CTDI and Kal (TDCH Kryptonian’s Kal-El NSD), 11/23/20
Linda Nabors and Annie (Annie NSD), 2/19/21

Australian Shepherd (Miniature)

Michelle Gamage CTDI and Basil (TDCH SDGCH Basil B. Brave NSD), 9/23/18
Victoria Rose CTDI and Magic! (TDCH Stoverly’s Enchantment at Center Stage NSD), 8/26/18
Seren Maxwell CTDI and Brembo (SDCH TDCH Pleiades’ Four-Pot Wonder NSD), 3/15/18

Australian Shepherd (Toy)

Colraine Hunley and Ella (Herddoggies Ella NSD), 5/29/20

Basset Hound

Karen Prichard CTDI and Poppy (TDCH SDCH Baywind-Barkley’s Wrapped In Red NSD), 8/17/19
Karen Prichard CTDI and Cabo ( NSD), 8/17/19
Melissa Jokela and Eve (Rabbit Run Eveleth of Snowshoe NSD), 3/15/19
Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI, CCFC, SDJ CTDI and Josie (The Outlaw Josie Wales NSD), 8/19/18
Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI, CCFC, SDJ CTDI and Pixel (TDCH Snowshoe’s 1 In A Million NSD), 8/19/18
Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI, CCFC, SDJ CTDI and Xena (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH Soundtrack Warrior Princess “Xena” NSD), 3/15/18
Desiree Drake and Louie (Spirit of Saint Louie NSD), 4/26/20
Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI, CCFC, SDJ CTDI and Diamond (Soundtrack Mystical Diamonds and Pearls NSD), 5/8/20


Brie-Anne Kinrade and Bailey (Bailey NSD), 10/4/20


Allison Slocum and Ursa (La’Ursa L’Amour De Ma Vie NSD), 10/6/18

Belgian Malinois

Alicia Nicholas and Derp (Sublime’s Sofa King Amazeballs PerpADerp NSD), 11/16/18
Dianne Sanlorenzo CTDI and Zippy (TDCH Zippy Von Christel NSD), 10/28/18
Tiffany Holley and Nero (BelCol Normandie at Lananzoor CCF1 NSD), 8/30/20
Tiffany Holley and Hades (BelCol Hot Wheels on Fire at Lananzoor CCF1 NSD), 8/30/20

Belgian Shepherd

Marla Williamson CTDI and Fancy (Ch Attra Dea’s to Thine Self Be True CCF1 NSD), 8/26/20
Marla Williamson CTDI and Fizzgig (Attra dea’s Dark Crystal CCF1 NSD), 8/26/20

Belgian Tervuren

Sindije Saljii and Jamash (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Int.Ch Multi-Ch Grand-Ch Club-Ch Multi-Vet-Ch Jamash v’t Guitpad Service Dog CSAU TAN Exc. BH BGH-1 RO-3 RO-S OB-1 CGC Racing Master CCF4 NSD), 6/28/20
Sindije Saljii and Sayemi (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Sayemi of Hakinka’s Home CCF4 NSD), 6/28/20
Joan Olawski-Stiener and Rio (CH. ARCHX Zane Grey De Mon Plaisir CGCA, RAE, RUX2, RL2X, URO1, ITD, DSA, RAT1 NSD), 9/9/18
Dr. Pamela Regan CTDI and Phoebe (CH Int. CH TC-CH Patana’s Flash Point NSD), 5/26/18
Silvie De Four and Mila (TDCH CCF-CH Spymaster Milagro of Hakinka’s Home NSD), 4/7/20

Bernese Mountain Dog

Tammy Porter and Buzz (GCH Magic Berners to Infinity and Beyond NSD), 2/9/19
Cindy Still CTDI and Jammer (GCH De-Li’s Jukebox Jam v Triads NSD), 3/15/18
Jasen Duncan CTDI and Kaylee (Wagontale’s Favarger NSD), 3/15/18
Jasen Duncan CTDI and Shasta (Wagontale’s Winter Moon CD BN RE PT NSD), 3/15/18

Bichon Frise

Karen Short and Kenna (Lightning Strikes Twice NSD), 7/7/19
Debbie Chayet and Jasmine (Destiny’s Chayet’s Luna Jasmine NSD), 7/7/19
Mindy Columbus CTDI and Dino (Barberry Hillwood Dynamic Dino CCF3 NSD), 7/20/20
Mindy Columbus CTDI and Clay (Barberry Hillwood Heaven Scent CCF1 NSD), 7/20/20

Biewer Terrier

Dee Farrell and Trixie (CCF-CH Moore Bowwag Velveteen Rabbit NSD), 10/27/20

Black Russian Terrier

Irena Polonsky and Honey (TDGCH Midnight Solo Hanani Bat Haviva NSD), 4/25/20
Irena Polonsky and Viva (TDCH SDCH Multi CH Midnight Solo Haviva Desagres NSD), 6/9/18


Ann Cress and Tsavo (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH GCH CH BOSS Magnificent Tsavo NSD), 4/26/20

Border Collie

Anita Tate CTDI and Flirt (TDCH Flirt II NSD), 2/29/20
Teresa Blazej and Mocha (Mocha NSD), 2/29/20
Bobbie Kurivial CTDI and Squall (TDGCH Blitzen’s Tropical Disturbance NSD), 2/29/20
Miranda Bauer and Lex (Lex NSD), 2/9/20
Morgan Cain and Hemi ‘Cuda (Color Me Gone Hemi ‘Cuda NSD), 11/2/19
Jennifer Mills and Millie (Millie Mills NSD), 10/20/19
Nancy C. Lech CTDI and Tiki (TDCH Shadewood’s Light It Up! NSD), 8/31/19
Cherie R. Floyd and Spider (Gnar NSD), 8/17/19
Kelli-ann Reilly CTDI and Trick (TDCH Tricky Ricky Reilly NSD), 8/17/19
Cathy Thompson and Mariah (Frogg Hollow’s Call of the Wind NSD), 7/7/19
Lisa Lanser Rose CTDI and Mick (TDCH Mick NSD), 7/7/19
Bonnie Maki CTDI and Riot (Rain Rock Revolt NSD), 6/23/19
Linda Grotzinger and Pip (Bailey NSD), 4/27/19
Candice Christensen and Turvy (TDCH Foster Turvy NSD), 1/13/19
Joan M. Snee and Minna (Minna NSD), 11/10/18
Erica Pytlovany CTDI and Prim ( NSD), 10/6/18
Janet Smith CTDI and Patch (Wild Blue Yonder NSD), 8/19/18
Janet Smith CTDI and Karl (Twilight Kai NSD), 8/19/18
Lynn Kosmakos and Fixx ( NSD), 5/27/18
Karen Wisler CTDI and Kasey (TDCH CCF-CH Shebaa’s Siren NSD), 5/26/18
Karen Wisler CTDI and Brenna (TDCH CCF-CH MSF Brenna NSD), 5/26/18
Linda Grotzinger and Bishop (Bishop NSD), 5/26/18
Sonja Davis and Hurricane (MACH 2 Hurricane NSD), 5/21/18
Vicki Brown CTDI and Zam (SDGCH TDCH Shazam NSD), 4/15/18
Mary Spellman and Max (Max Coker NSD), 4/15/18
Mary Spellman and Roany (Molly’s Dblm Ray Red Roany Coker NSD), 4/15/18
Diane Stamp ATDI and Ruger (Stamp’s Ruger NSD), 4/15/18
Sarah Horvath CTDI and Sketch (TDCH AZ “Trick or Treat” Sketch CGCA NSD), 4/15/18
Katrina Scott CTDI and Sin (TDCH Ignited Friendships Forbidden Pleasure ETD NSD), 3/15/18
Debbie Smith CTDI and Shamrock (SDCH TDCH Cyclone’s Faithful Shamrock NSD), 3/15/18
Patricia Olson and Max (TDCH Maximilian NSD), 3/15/18
Karen Wisler CTDI and Tweed (TDCH CCF-CH KNJ Tweed NSD), 3/15/18
Stacy Pyrek CTDI and Graysee ( NSD), 3/15/18
Emily Garland CTDI and Jinks (Jinks NSD), 3/15/18
Katrina Scott CTDI and Ice (TDCH Friendships Fire N’ Ice NSD), 3/15/18
Gavin Havens and Jingo ( NSD), 3/15/18
Bella Rowe and Stardust (TDCH Solarflare’s Shooting Star NSD), 4/3/20
Silvie De Four and Rona (TDCH CCF-CH Sunshine Ladirona of Hakinka’s Home NSD), 4/7/20
Tess Starr CTDI and Ziggy (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH RATCHX 5H Ziggy Starrdog BC RATCH CA TKP), 4/10/20
Cassie Kennedy CTDI and Ren (Renegade Riptide NSD), 4/17/20
Cassie Kennedy CTDI and Stoke (Stoke The Fire NSD), 4/17/20
Cassie Kennedy CTDI and Tiki (Marquee Glowing Tiki Torch NSD), 4/17/20
Suzanne Lapointe and Mao (TDCH Borderaddik Mao IQ4U NSD), 12/20/20
Pat Young and Rocket Man (Heelalong Tuf’s Rocket Man NSD), 1/4/20
Christina Opperman CTDI and Logic (TDGCH CCF-CH Leebeardream Its Logical NSD), 7/12/20
Kerrie Piper and Solan (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH Nyanga Solar Nite NSD), 9/13/20
Kerrie Piper and Sprocket (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH Nyanga Midnite Trooper NSD), 9/13/20
Marie-France Millette CTDI and Spring (TDCH CCF-CH Spring NSD), 10/11/20
Heather Best and Gritt (True Gritt NSD), 10/12/20
Stephanie Noonan CTDI and Kenzie (TDGCH CCF-CH Rival’s Kenzie NSD), 12/10/20
Krysthel Moore CTDI and Kiss (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH P’tites Bêtes Kiss NSD), 12/10/20
Jan Martin CTDI and Amber (TDGCH CCF-CH Amber My Little Gem NSD), 1/4/21
Jan Martin CTDI and Jasmine (TDGCH CCF-CH Astra Jasmine NSD), 1/5/21
Rachel Sturgeon and Harry (TDCH Blueberry Yum Yum NSD), 3/18/21
Janice Wenig and Bodhi (TDCH Bodhi’s Smoke N Fire ITD-M CCF2 NSD), 3/13/21
Lynnea Britton and Trillian (TDCH Skyview Farm’s Heart of Gold NSD), 3/15/21
Kathie Raap and Jordie (Sundown Jordie ETD-M CCF3 NSD), 3/28/21

Border Terrier

Eva Briggs CTDI and Reilly (TDCH SDCH Happy Hobbits Streetcar Named Desire NSD), 3/15/18


Kelli-ann Reilly CTDI and Pompeii (TDCH Pompeii Italia Reilly NSD), 8/17/19
Kelli-ann Reilly CTDI and Star (TDCH Star Boxer Girl Reilly NSD), 8/17/19

Braque Francais Pyrenean

Maria Kessell and Reese (Reese de Ruisseau Peidu NSD), 3/15/18


Colleen Fawcett and Emmi (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Ir Ch/Hr/Int Ch Fostebrie Divine Gold at Beannchor NSD), 7/15/20


Nancy Ballerstedt and Noni (Knollbrook’s Second to None NSD), 10/12/19
Alice Burke and Rio (Whisper Ridge Code Name River Dance NSD), 10/12/19
Donna M. Johnson and Belle (Knollbrooks Jingle All the Way NSD), 10/12/19

Bull Terrier

Cleo Parker and Livi (Nuance Naughty or Nice NSD), 5/21/18


Beatrice Page and Tipsy (TDCH HOF GRCH Wildwood Delightful Intoxication NSD), 4/30/20
Beatrice Page and Oakley (HOF RACH (U)CH Wildwood Little Miss Sure Shot NSD), 6/2/20

Cane Corso

Janine Erato CTDI and Java (Black Pearl Java CCF1 NSD), 8/30/20
Janine Erato CTDI and Essie (GCH CH Black Pearl Espresso CCF1 NSD), 8/30/20
Janine Erato CTDI and Chai (CH Black Pearl Chai CCF1 NSD), 8/30/20

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Tara Cotton and Kit (Gatewyn Cottontail’s Starfox NSD), 7/31/20

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Erica Heider CTDI and Madeir (Lillycroft Little Knight Madeir NSD), 10/12/19
Bonnie Reifsnyder CTDI and Adele (Enchanting Spirit Rhapsody One and Only), 8/18/19
Diane Schuler and Jasmine (Onnalea First Dance at Banner NSD), 8/26/18
Pamela Graci and Gimli (KLEAS Leap of Faith NSD), 4/7/20
Penny Windlow and Fletcher (TDGCH CCF-CH Dual Ch (Neuter) (TS) Triple Ch (Neuter) (RO) (T) Daventri Midnight Dash NSD), 9/5/20

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Anja Ballwieser and Sam (TDCH Port West I Am Legend NSD), 7/10/20
Anja Ballwieser and Bo (TDCH Blucollars Bibbidi Bobbidi Bo NSD), 7/10/20


Nancy Mirantz and Raven (TDGCH Tiny Raven of Tijera’s NSD), 10/19/19
Tenille Gross CTDI and Huckabee (Huck-a-bee a Tumor of Rj NSD), 2/23/19
Heather Carrier and Bean (TDGCH Bean Bean The Wrecking Machine NSD), 6/8/20

Chihuahua (Long Coat)

Nancy Mirantz and Wolfie (TDCH Wolfie NSD), 10/19/19

Chinese Crested (Powder Puff)

Dawn Lawyer and Liam ( NSD), 8/31/19
Dawn Lawyer and Annie Buhnannie (Annie Are You Ok? NSD), 2/13/19

Cocker Spaniel

Ween Sze Teoh and Spyro (Devongem Fire And Ice CCF3 NSD), 12/10/20
Ween Sze Teoh and Moonbeam (Devongem Rainbow Dash CCF2 NSD), 12/10/20
Angela Beavis and Ollie (TDGCH CCF-CH Truffles Duke ETD-M AtoZ NSD), 3/24/21

Collie (Rough)

Cynthia Hemenway CTDI and Jazz (Hemenway’s Jazz Man NSD), 11/10/19
Patty Stafford CTDI and Jackson (CCF-CH Scarborough’s Memories of Yesteryear NSD), 10/20/19
Mary Ann Campbell ATDI and Duncan (GCH UKC-CH Sylvan Argent Creston’s The Highlander NSD), 10/19/19
Mary Ann Campbell ATDI and Summer (Sylvan Creston’s Summer Breeze NSD), 10/19/19
Lori Borenstein and Stormy (Foremost Quiet Storm NSD), 9/15/19
Joyce Jackowski and Carlie (Seabreeze Miss Carlie NSD), 10/28/18
Joyce Jackowski and Carson (Master Carson of Seabreeze NSD), 10/28/18
Stephanie Barber CTDI and Teagan (Kelstrin You, Me & Tea NSD), 9/15/18
Patty Stafford CTDI and Chance (TDCH Scarborough’s Chance of a Lifetime NSD), 5/26/18
Patty Stafford CTDI and Logan (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Scarborough’s Keeper of the Dream NSD), 5/26/18
Patty Stafford CTDI and Dylan (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Scarborough’s A Tribute To A Dream NSD), 3/15/18
Barbara Murdock and Gale (Fantasy’s Gale Force Wind), 3/15/18
Patty Stafford CTDI and Logan (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Scarborough’s Keeper of the Dream NSD), 3/15/18
Andrea Leidl CTDI and Millie (TDCH BH HWT HJCH HCH SRBCH Rineweld Heart of Goodness ‘Millie’ CCF1 NSD), 8/22/20
Meghan Crosson and Alice (Crossons It’s Always Tea Time CCF1 NSD), 10/11/20

Collie (Smooth)

Christie Powell and Jed (Lisara’s Jedediah Harwell NSD), 11/16/19

Curly Coated Retriever

Natalie Donnelly and Lodi (UKC CH SHR UJJ GCH Softmaple Green River NSD), 3/15/19

Dachshund (Miniature)

Earlene Winn CTDI and Joy (CCF-CH Christmas Joy NSD), 5/26/18
Earlene Winn CTDI and Kitsune (Wild West Weiner smokin Gun Miss Kitty CCF2 NSD), 8/3/20


Deanna Langan CTDI and Mazikeen (TDCH SDGCH Mazikeen NSD), 11/16/19
Andrea H. Carter and NASA (Andiron’s Astronomical Event NSD), 8/17/19
Kathy McCoubrey and Wesley (TDCH CH Blackthorn Ravenwood Come Fly With Me NSD), 9/23/18
Linda Davis and Taco (TDGCH GCH CH CAN CH UKC CH Snapshots Don’t Spill the Beans ETD-M NSD), 2/25/21

Doberman Pinscher

Dawn Lawyer and Willow (Wr Guinevere Von BJF NSD), 8/31/19
Frances Dauster and Kiwi (Key Lime Pie High in the Sky NSD), 8/17/19
Monica Anthony and Brio (TDCH SDCH Brio Rose vom Krieghund NSD), 4/26/20
Sandy Woodruff and Reno (TDGCH CCF-CH UWPCH MCH EN EHD UACHX UNJ URO1 Sandjo’s Rumor Has It CCF4 NSD), 5/18/20
Sandy Woodruff and Eva (TDGCH CCF-CH UWPCH MCH EN USJ AGII EHD URO2 UCH Int/Nat CH Old Drum’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eva CCF4 NSD), 5/19/20

English Springer Spaniel

Susan Smith and Crystal (Tri-ste’s Let Me Be Crystal Clear NSD), 10/12/19
Susan Smith and Maury (Tri-ste’s More Memories NSD), 10/12/19
Pam Jacoby CTDI and Macy (Chiridion Driving Ms Macy NSD), 3/15/18
Susan Smith and Edie (Tri-ste’s Special Edition NSD), 4/28/20
Susan Smith and Tibby (Wedgwood Tri-ste Spot On NSD), 4/28/20
Jeanine Jorgensen and Betty (Ch. Keypoint’s Please Play Again NSD), 7/13/20

English Toy Spaniel

Shelly Hepler and Little (Novel This Little Light of Mine CGC NSD), 9/15/18

Field Spaniel

Jennifer Hogge and Famke (CH Capriole’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun RN, BN, CD, GN, CAA, RATI, RATN, CGD, TDI, TT NSD), 5/21/18

Finnish Lapphund

Kira Sergiacomi and Vader (TDCH CCF-CH Ch Caleebra Diamond Empress NSD), 8/28/20
Nicole Wain and Leevi (TDCH CCF-CH Armahani Kuunzite Kuutamo NSD), 9/4/20

Flat-Coated Retriever

Jackie Lebbon CTDI and Alfie (Sharmead’s Alien Life Form), 8/18/19
Annie Prange and Maestro (Rush’s Q Up The Band NSD), 4/26/20
Annie Prange and Trix (Rush’s True Illusion NSD), 4/26/20

French Bulldog

Kathleen Paine and Velma (Sullybee Chambord’s It Had to Bee Me NSD), 9/22/19

German Coolie

Kim Kern and Youri (CCC’s Listen to Your Heart NSD), 5/21/18

German Longhaired Pointer

Rosey Kelley and Krypto (TDCH Kiefer Vom Coraschatten NSD), 8/17/19

German Pinscher

Robyn Harrel and Danne Jo (CH Windamir’s Haute Couture v Carabella NSD), 2/9/19

German Shepherd Dog

Laurel Stone and Jake (Jake von der Alte Baum CGC RATCHX2 NSD), 6/15/19
Pam Booras CTDI and Vera (CCF-CH Vera Vom Waldenhaus NSD), 10/16/20
Tracie Karsjens and Bliss (TDCH Atlas’ Blissful Feeling NSD), 4/14/20
Cynthia Boles CTDI and Sebastian (TDCH Sebastian Barrington Boles NSD), 4/14/20
Courtney Gluchacki CTDI and Ace (TDCH UCH DAE CH Lasvada’s Ace of Spades CA CGC DN IT NW1 ORT RN TKP TD-ROM NSD), 4/17/20
Melissa Hoyer and Fawkes (Vendetta von haus Huro NSD), 5/15/20
Tracie Karsjens and Zen (TDCH White Star’s Nirvana at Atlas NSD), 5/14/20
Courtney Gluchacki CTDI and Ivy (She-Rock’s Mardan High Maintenance V Carlyn NSD), 5/19/20
Christa Cicerone and Atlas (TDCH Krytonian’s Billy Batson NSD), 6/5/20
Carrie McAunaul CTDI and Glitch (SD-MACH SD-GCH TDCH Alphapack’s To Mend And Defend NSD), 6/9/20
Suzanne Wiebe CTDI and Jaqui (Blackridge’s Janique Eri NSD), 6/9/20
Tracie Karsjens and Luxor (TDCH Eclipse’s What Happens in Vegas NSD), 7/17/20
Melissa MacKinnon and Damon (TDCH Noble Damon vom Theishof NSD), 7/3/20
Dawn Fisher and Angel (Atlas’ A Bit Beyond Daybreake NSD), 7/15/20
Pat Saito and Rogue (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH TC-CH Wild Winds Irish Rogue TKE RN NSD), 10/23/20
Kayleigh Shield and Luna (TDCH Diamond Rogue CCF4 NSD), 1/12/21

German Shorthaired Pointer

Donna Perry and Heatley ( NSD), 12/8/18
Donna Perry and Rhet ( NSD), 12/8/18
Sarah Byrne and Olive (Olive Byrne NSD), 8/19/18
Kathleen Reynolds CTDI CCFC SDJ CTDI and Abbey (TDCH CCF-CH Steel Fork Abbey NSD), 3/15/18
Kathleen Reynolds CTDI CCFC SDJ CTDI and Rodney (TDCH CCF-CH GCH CH Voyager’s Greatest Harvest NSD), 5/31/20
Kathleen Reynolds CTDI CCFC SDJ CTDI and Greta (TDCH CCF-CH Cuttin Wilds Space Cowgirl X Kimber Tactical Greta CCF2 NSD), 5/31/20

German Wirehaired Pointer

Anita Tate CTDI and Katniss (TDCH MBISS GCHS Willamette’s Lookout Catching Fire NSD), 2/29/20
Rosey Kelley and Beren (Reece Tale of Beren and Luthien NSD), 8/17/19
Tammy Karakas CTDI and Chewie (Purepoint Noes Skye of Ada NSD), 8/26/18
Erin Zimmer and Cooper (Wireworks Love’s a Loaded Gun @ Cando NSD), 5/30/20
Ariel Wolf and Jubilee (Wesann’s N Blueline’s Cherries Jubilee NSD), 7/14/20

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Winston (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH Finnabair Winston O’Reilley NSD), 3/15/19
Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Griffin (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH CH Ber-D-Mar Ballygriffin of Greystone NSD), 3/15/19
Monique Anthony and Ginny (Elric’s Gin & Tonic NSD), 11/20/20

Golden Retriever

Bonnie Becraft and Yukon (Whiskey Creeks Elf NSD), 10/12/19
Sabine Dochmaschewsky and Summit (Shining Star at the Summit NSD), 9/15/19
Melissa Weldishofer and Godric (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Copperfield’s Golden Snitch NSD), 8/17/19
Cindy Sanford CTDI and Jamie (P-B’s Tsika Dorado NSD), 8/17/19
Barrie Lynn Wood CTDI and Sunny Bear (TDCH Tin Roof’s Sundance Kid NSD), 2/23/19
Jill Northcoat and Billy (Casadeoro Your Beau Billy NSD), 12/8/18
Colin Ladd and Fireball (Fireball Whiskey of Windham NSD), 9/2/18
Cynthia Cunningham and Tucker (Sir Tucker Cunningham NSD), 8/18/18
Joanne Sato and Koa (SDCH TDCH Margold Koa No Ka ‘Oi NSD), 5/26/18
Donna Lee and Brady (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Woodland True Patriot NSD), 5/26/18
Michelle Moustakas and Moose (Montana Moose on Main Street NSD), 5/21/18
Martin Lee CTDI and Boomer (Laurell Moving Down the Track NSD), 3/15/18
Marissa Hall and Luke (TDCH Luke NSD), 6/5/20
Joanne Sato and Maui (Wynwood Maui No Ka ‘Oi NSD), 5/23/20
Samantha Snyder and Finn (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH OPK’s Gimmie Some Finn NSD), 7/13/20
Ella Lambert CTDI and Zeke (TDCH Not Throwing Away My Shot CCF1 NSD), 7/15/20
Laura Nicholson and Ember (Freedom Paws TalkAbout Keeping It Hot NSD), 7/21/20
Kailyn Richardson CTDI and Odin (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH GldnMeadows God of Wisdom and Gold NSD), 8/7/20
Katarina Dery and Apollo (Apollo Dery NTD-M CCF2 NSD), 1/16/21
Brenda Hinshaw and Cooper (Coooper Hinshaw Vom Robertson NSD), 2/19/21

Great Dane

Darla-Jean Wotherspoon CTDI and Autumn (Dreamy Autumn Sunset NSD), 10/27/20
Darla-Jean Wotherspoon CTDI and Chaos (A Sweet Chaotic Dream NSD), 10/27/20
Darla-Jean Wotherspoon CTDI and Shade (Dreamin In Shades Of Blue NSD), 11/21/20
Darla-Jean Wotherspoon CTDI and Fab (Aristocrat GD DR FX Fabulos NSD), 11/21/20
Darla-Jean Wotherspoon CTDI and Maria (Aristocrat GD DR Black Maria NSD), 11/21/20
Darla-Jean Wotherspoon CTDI and Dream (TDCH CACJD CACD CAGCD CACIB CQUISO Ashella’s Caribbean Dreamer NSD), 12/20/20

Great Pyrenees

Diane Sammarco CTDI and Xander (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH Rivergroves Xander of Portmeirion NSD), 2/15/20
Anne Poirier CTDI and Isabella (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Du Val Perché Kira Anne NSD), 2/15/20
Anne Poirier CTDI and Sébastien (TDCH CCF-CH Ch. Woolmarsh Xeter’s Sebastian NSD), 4/26/20


Patti Hayes and Talley (TDCH Slatex Talledega NSD), 11/3/18
Christine Beisert and Dolce (TDCH SDGCH RATCHX6 Dolce Gambino NSD), 5/26/20


Penny P. Noriega CTDI and Gibbs (TDCH Sunshine Handsome Is As Handsome Does NSD), 7/7/19
Jean Devlin and Kylie Jean (Kylie Jean NSD), 7/7/19
Sharron Ferguson and Charlie (Walk Me Home Charlie NSD), 6/23/19
Leslie Safin and Heely (Nauti Heli Scene Stealer CCF1 NSD), 8/15/20
Jo-Ann Nielsen and Tesla (TDCH CCF-CH Small Opals That’s Amore NSD), 12/23/20

Icelandic Sheepdog

Nikole Henthorn and Reyka (TDCH Caradoc’s True Joule Reyka Orestus NSD), 11/3/18

Irish Setter

Joan Clancy and JOJO (Lisenair Most Wanted NSD), 4/22/20

Irish Terrier

Susan O’Driscoll CTDI and JennBug (Jenny O’Driscoll NSD), 4/15/18

Jack Russell Terrier

Robin Ross Massie CTDI and Ace (The Flying Ace NSD), 8/19/18
Claire Powell and Teddy Edward (CCF-CH He’s Just Ted CCF2 NSD), 7/19/20


Karen Sheahan and Jeep (TDCH LadySlipper’s Star of Might NSD), 2/9/20
Donna Schmitt CTDI and Sherlock (TDCH Wund-R Y The Game Is Afoot NSD), 3/15/18
Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Reggie (TDGCH CCF-CH Suncoast’s Lt Reggie Barclay of LI NSD), 8/24/20
Sonja Fromm and Kody (Kody CCF1 NSD), 8/29/20
Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Ray (TDGCH CCF-CH CH Blessed to Hope from Lavendermist Meadow NSD), 9/19/20
Stacie Beasley CTDI and Clancy (TDGCH ALCH RO3 UJJ Beasley’s Fancy Chief Clancy CDX GO RM RAE2 CGCA CGCU THDA DJ RATO BCAT TKP NSD), 12/30/20
Stacie Beasley CTDI and Monty (UKC GRCH AKC CH Wund-R Y K-Central Time in a Bottle RN CGCA FCAT TKA NSD), 12/30/20
Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Kallie (TDGCH CCF-CH Clingmey’s Keeshond Garden’s Kallie NSD), 2/18/21


Linda Mills and Brooke (PACH Redgold’s Just Winging It NSD), 8/17/19
Sarah Krueger and Duncan (Ambermoon’s Roller Soaker ATD-M CCF2 AtoZ NSD), 3/28/21

Labrador Retriever

Rebecca Bosley and Thatcher (TDCH Bush Meadow Deep Run Presiding Judge NSD), 2/15/20
Matt Roberts and Oakley (Oakley Roberts NSD), 2/15/20
Ella Lambert CTDI and Zoey (Born From the Stars NSD), 2/9/20
Kimberly Lewis CTDI and Gibson (TDCH SDCH Gibson XXXVI NSD), 8/17/19
JoDale L. Benz CTDI and Kapri (TDCH Kapri NSD), 3/15/19
Ellen Davis and Lilly (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH Lilly of Clay Farm NSD), 10/20/18
Ellen Davis and Scout (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH Scout of Clay Farm NSD), 9/23/18
Suzanne Jacques CTDI and Harper (TDCH Bronco’s Harp of a Thousand Strings NSD), 8/26/18
Connie Bowne CTDI and Snitch ( NSD), 8/26/18
Joella Givens CTDI and Lily (The Captain’s Lady Calla Lily NSD), 3/15/18
Desiree Drake and Chloe (Drake’s Little Black Dress NSD), 4/21/20
Jillian Marquart and Bailey (TDCH Marquart’s Bailey NSD), 7/18/20
Lauren Mackenzie CTDI and Winston (TDGCH Winston Warrior Wilkins NSD), 12/5/20
Helen Gray and Cadbury (TDGCH CCF-CH Swinsteads Blazing Boy NSD), 12/19/20
Helen Gray and Maverick (TDGCH CCF-CH Nicholforest Top Gun NSD), 12/19/20


Glenys Brown and Fli (Relko Flight of the Arrow NSD), 12/8/18


Deborah Gardiner CTDI and Eli (TDCH SDCH Eli Jackson Gardiner NSD), 11/3/18

Miniature American Shepherd

Erica Roden and Ecko ( NSD), 10/20/19
Mary Riley and Micah (Sapphire Gottabe Mr Micah McGee NSD), 8/17/19
Sandy Lancaster and Brodie (Lancasters Brodie of Color Country NSD), 8/17/19
Elizabeth Frum CTDI and Queenie (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Wigglebutt Wand Chooses the Wizard NSD), 6/23/19
Christine Crocker and Jane (TDCH CCF-CH FHF Calamity Jane NSD), 6/28/20
Sharon L. Jonas ATDI and Dink (Wigglebutt Cozmic One NSD), 9/11/20
Kristy Hubbard and Izzie (Wigglebutt Izzie Does It NSD), 9/11/20
Kristy Hubbard and Haven (Wigglebutt Miss B Haven NSD), 9/11/20
Sharon L. Jonas ATDI and Iko (Wigglebutt The Spy Who Loved Me NSD), 9/11/20
Angela P. Ogle and Han (Wigglebutt Han Solo ATD CCF1 NSD), 4/6/21
Angela P. Ogle and Zen (Wigglebutt Zenyatta ATD CCF1 NSD), 4/6/21

*Mixed Breed

Sandra Stojsic and Kira (Kira NSD), 6/28/20
Sarah Felberbauer and Jack (Jack NSD), 6/28/20
Sara Westelaken CTDI and Buddy (Buddy NSD), 4/25/20
Katrina Sims and Motaro (Alberta K9 Motaro NSD), 4/25/20
Barbara Elmquist and Emma Elmquist (Emma Elmquist NSD), 2/29/20
Alida Titchenal and Ollie (Alida’s Sir Garrick Ollivander of Titchenal NSD), 2/23/20
Jane Pomponio CTDI and Marley (TDCH Marley NSD), 2/15/20
Janet Wirth and Arthur (Arthur NSD), 2/9/20
Miranda Bauer and Talon (Talon NSD), 2/9/20
Miranda Bauer and Evie (Evie NSD), 2/9/20
Bonnie London and Shyanne (Shyanne NSD), 1/4/20
Lucinda Shannon and Mickey (Mickey my Unicorn), 11/16/19
Elizabeth Frum CTDI and Blaise (TDCH American Super Blaise Reigns NSD), 10/20/19
Elizabeth Frum CTDI and Margo (TDCH American Super Margo Scarlette NSD), 10/20/19
Kelly Perry and Rudy (Rudiferous von Pickles NSD), 9/27/19
Deborah Drake and Kali (Kali Drake NSD), 9/22/19
Peggy Stevens and Rags (TDCH Raggedy Ann Stevens NSD), 9/22/19
Laura Blum and Riley ( NSD), 9/22/19
Rachel Martin and Scout ( NSD), 9/22/19
Kelly Dean CTDI and Dani (Danica Joy NSD), 9/14/19
Laura M. Heyer and Fisher (Fisher NSD), 9/7/19
Barbara L. Zeiger and Rex (Lehew’s Nobel Hunter of Timber Ridge NSD), 9/7/19
Nancy Boylan CTDI and Sundae (Butterscotch Sundae NSD), 8/31/19
Nancy C. Lech CTDI and Emerald (TDCH Emerald May NSD), 8/31/19
Nancy C. Lech CTDI and Griffin (TDCH Griffins Rising Star NSD), 8/31/19
Lori Callahan and Quinn (Callahan’s Mighty Quinn NSD), 8/17/19
Chelsea Salzman and Ares (The Wrath of Ares NSD), 7/7/19
Taryn Jones and Margo ( NSD), 6/23/19
Emily Beck and Juniper (Impossible to Ignore NSD), 6/23/19
Judy Rojas and Pogo (Pogo NSD), 6/23/19
Adrienne Kelenc CTDI and Chica (Chica Kelenc NSD), 5/18/19
Deanna Langan CTDI and Flint (TDCH SDGCH Flint NSD), 4/27/19
Kristin E. Howe and Sophie ( NSD), 4/27/19
Catherine Day and Arbyl (Arbyl NSD), 4/27/19
Shannon Langel CTDI and Rune (TDGCH SDGCH Princess Rune Myth of Langel Tails NSD), 3/15/19
Debbie Bickford CTDI and Pinky Tuscadero ( NSD), 3/15/19
Joyce Pedicini and Howie (Howie Du It NSD), 3/15/19
Emily Remmers ATDI and Fowler (Remmers’s Fowler Von Great Plains NSD), 3/15/19
Melissa Lane and Graysen (Graysen James Lane NSD), 2/23/19
Morgan Cain and Plymouth (TDCH The Pride is Back NSD), 1/13/19
Gwen Toddun and Pepper ( NSD), 12/8/18
Kim Maly and Ben (Ben NSD), 12/8/18
Andrea Black and Whe (Whero NSD), 12/8/18
Birgit Meister and Demo (Demolition Houdini NSD), 12/8/18
Birgit Meister and Tiki (Tikipunga Goofy NSD), 12/8/18
Sharon Fewless CTDI and Sheldon ( NSD), 11/10/18
Danielle Daws CTDI and Rabbit (Rabbit Daws-Uhr NSD), 10/28/18
Imogene Sevin ATDI and Gracie (TDCH Sevin’s Gracie NSD), 9/23/18
Samantha Helton CTDI and Maris (Stella Maris NSD), 9/23/18
Deniece Johnson CTDI and Truman ( NSD), 9/2/18
Laurie King CTDI and Putter (TDCH Putter), 8/26/18
Laura Respecki CTDI and Kassie (TDCH CCF-CH Kassandra Respecki NSD), 8/26/18
Richard Borrow and Maya (Maya Allayah NSD), 6/9/18
Michaella Moore and Zoey (Zoey Moore NSD), 5/26/18
Stefanie Theis CTDI and Maeby (Maeby Just A Little Nuts NSD), 5/21/18
Marie Greer and Rhea (Greer’s Mother of Olympians NSD), 4/29/18
Dianna Matteson CTDI and Scuddlebutt (TDCH Scuddlebutt NSD), 4/29/18
Crystal Priorello and Indy (Happy Independence Dogge NSD), 4/15/18
Thyra Powers CTDI and Ozzie (TDGCH Ozzie Powers NSD), 4/1/18
Thyra Powers CTDI and Dixie (TDCH Dixie Powers NSD), 4/1/18
Doug Howell and Torch (SDCH TDCH Howell’s Torch NSD), 3/15/18
Michelle Gamage CTDI and Willa (TDCH SDGCH Willa Do It Right NSD), 3/15/18
Vicki Brown CTDI and Kate (SDGCH TDCH Kowabunga Kate NSD), 3/15/18
Chrissy Joy CTDI and Beasley (TDCH SDCH Good Beasley NSD), 3/15/18
Joyce Pedicini and Pauly (SDCH TDCH Sir Flat Pants Pauly NSD), 3/15/18
Maggie Weston and Jessie (SDCH TDCH Vista’s Jessie Girl RE FDC AX AXJ NF DN CGCA RL-1 NSD), 3/15/18
Brandie Sims CTDI and Charlie ( NSD), 3/15/18
Karen Kathka CTDI and Trevor (TDGCH SDCH Trevor’s Nightime Miracle NSD), 3/15/18
Melissa Fenstermaker CTDI and Gryphon (Gryphon Fenstermaker NSD), 3/15/18
Florenza Pizanis CTDI and Busta (TDCH Busta Rooby-Doo NSD), 3/15/18
Debbie Bickford CTDI and Ludo (SDCH TDCH Ludo Bickford NSD), 3/15/18
Jennifer Lamb CTDI and LB ( NSD), 3/15/18
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Xephyr (Wild Wind Xpress), 3/15/18
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Pixie (TDGCH SDCH Flying Pixie Dust NSD), 3/15/18
Matthew Pyrek and Buddy (), 3/15/18
Ariel N. Baber CTDI and Halligan (TDCH Zero to Hero NSD), 3/15/18
Brianne Durham CTDI and Scrabble (Mutt-A-Gen Triple Letter Score NSD), 3/15/18
Pamela Graci and Jinx (Graci’s Little Bit of Hijinx NSD), 4/14/20
Sophie Penson CTDI and Ducky (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH GCHAS ICNCH AZTDCh Penson’s Agile Archduck NSD), 4/17/20
Diana Underhill and Gemma (TDGCH Gemma in the Sky with Diamonds NSD), 4/20/20
Nicki Klevering CTDI and Trix (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Trix NSD), 4/27/20
Kylie Pendergrast and Ace (Ace NSD), 4/23/20
Christina Jones CTDI and Chloe (TDGCH SDGCH Flopdoodle Chloe Bean NSD), 5/5/20
Blythe “Collie” Collier and Goldie (Golden Girl NSD), 5/29/20
Jennifer Bramble and Captain Morgan (TDGCH CCF-CH Captain Morgan Spiced Gold NSD), 5/31/20
Veronica Tan CTDI and Obed (TDCH Obed Blessing NSD), 6/14/20
Carol Graham CTDI and Kody (TDCH SDGCH Kody NSD), 6/11/20
Shannon Langel CTDI and Phoenix (TDCH SDCH Phoenix NSD), 6/16/20
Natalee Yates and Toffee (Sweet as Colorado Toffee NSD), 7/2/20
Cassi Anderson and Dylan Alexander (CCF-CH Dylan Alexander NSD), 7/18/20
Laura Weeks and Reynolds (Reynolds CCF1 NSD), 8/15/20
Caitlin Smith and Lizzie (Lizzie Smith CCF1 NSD), 8/15/20
Caitlin Smith and JoJo (JoJo CCF1 NSD), 8/15/20
Leslie Morris CTDI and Perse (TDGCH CCF-CH Perephone of Sheldon NSD), 8/26/20
Julia Schwark CTDI and Rikki (TDCH Miss Rikki NSD), 9/18/20
Sandra Hardman and Nikki (CCF-CH Hardman’s Nikki Fargo NSD), 9/15/20
Courtney Mang and Lucy (Lucy Mang NSD), 9/26/20
Sophie Penson CTDI and Hope (CCF-CH CHAS Hope, Freedom and Courage NSD), 10/21/20
Grace Nogan CTDI and Bonnie (TDCH Bonnie of Day Farm NSD), 10/31/20
Grace Nogan CTDI and Clyde (Clyde of Day Farm NSD), 10/31/20
Hannah Pratt and Jackson (TDCH CCF-CH Jackson’s Earth Song NSD), 12/14/20
Katrina Prado and Mr. Wiggles (Mr. Wiggles NSD), 1/15/21
Caroline Walker CTDI and Harley (TDGCH CCF-CH Harlequin Whatever it Takes ETD-M NSD), 1/17/21
Linda A. Irwin and Rags (Patchwork Strings Around My Heart TKP NSD), 1/20/21
Samantha Morin and Nyx (Nyx NSD), 1/27/21
Sofia Roytblat and Freya (Freya Roytblat NSD), 3/20/21


Damian Burke and Suze (Bluemoon’s Crepe Suzette NSD), 6/15/19
Mary Burke and Zoe (Bluemoon’s Living the Life of Zoe NSD), 6/15/19
Erin Zimmer and Meredith (TDCH SDCH VN CH Oceano’s Myth and Legend for Horizon NSD), 5/26/18
Cheryl Smagala CTDI and Finley (Bearbrooks Jersey Girls Rock NSD), 5/12/20

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Julie Rudisill and Junior (GCHB CH Leyline’s Liquid Super Moonbeam), 8/18/19
Alyssa Kimmeth and River (Redalert’s River of Dreams NSD), 8/19/18
Lynn Berker CTDI and Rhythm (AKC CH KD’s Whitecross Fast Dancing Waters NSD), 5/26/18
Ashley McLeod and Jamie (Uplander’s Scotch Bonnet NSD), 5/9/20
Helena Schougaard and Chilli (TDCH Chilli NSD), 12/16/20

Old English Sheepdog

Kate Powell CTDI and Banxs (Banxs Piggie Boy NSD), 10/20/18


Gloria Flippen and Cricket (Wildfire Quick As A Wink NSD), 9/22/19
Linda Mills and J J (JAD’s-Spice Double Thyme NSD), 8/17/19
Kathy Schallert CTDI and Dion (Marrics Dion Sets My Soul Aflame NSD), 3/15/19
Kathy Schallert CTDI and Zach (Yakety Zack Don’t Talk Back NSD), 3/15/19
Diana Squicciarini CTDI and Glinda (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH Medlee’s Ruby Slippers), 5/26/18
Ethel Mercer CTDI and Zip (SDCH TDCH MACH Oakhills Zippin’ Around CDX RE MXB MJB CGCA NSD), 5/26/18
Mary Hostetter and Swag (SDCH TDCH GCH CH Marrics Pirates Treasure AX AXJ OF TKP NSD), 3/15/18
Bobbie Kurivial CTDI and Arden (TDCH SDCH Braylor’s Arcadian Forest of Eve NSD), 3/15/18
Maria Kessell and Jammer (Denzel Insignia Blues Jam NSD), 3/15/18

Parson Russell Terrier

Cindy Hosler and Eve (Hosler’s Eve NSD), 8/17/19
Gail L. Friedman and Mr. Friedman (SDCH TDCH Windswept Mr. Friedman NSD), 3/15/18

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Susan Bearden and Ellie (Honeyfox Paradise Falls), 11/16/19
Natalie Eichelberger CTDI and Neville ( NSD), 3/15/18
Megumi Maudhoo CTDI and Panko (TDCH Panko Tenma Maudhoo NSD), 4/7/20

Plott Hound

Barbara L. Zeiger and Ziva (Lehew’s Royal Princess of Timber Ridge NSD), 9/7/19


Rebecca Davies CTDI and Scout (Scout NSD), 5/23/20

Poodle (Miniature)

Margaret Veres and PIA (TDCH PIA of Ocala NSD), 8/17/19
Lea Gross and Beau (Canine Adventures’ Private Beau NSD), 5/21/18
Jo Humphrey CTDI and Rio (Lone Star Blue Rio NSD), 2/3/21

Poodle (Standard)

Tracey Pintell Quade and Loki (Loki Sandstorm NSD), 11/10/19
Tracey Pintell Quade and Nike (Nike Redmont of Drayden NSD), 11/10/19
Kim Kane CTDI and Monet (SDCH TDCH Sisco’s Stuck On You NSD), 9/27/19
Jill Dominguez and Nemo (Finding My Heart with GL NSD), 9/27/19
Susan K. Brubaker and Percy (Family Affair’s Sir Percy NSD), 8/31/19
Jennifer Harmon and Whisper (Whisper in the Wind NSD), 7/7/19
Catherine Elliott and Noodle (Noodle the Poodle NSD), 12/8/18
Michelle E. Fults and Bailey Rose ( NSD), 10/20/18
Michelle E. Fults and Bailey Rose ( NSD), 9/23/18
Anita Quinn CTDI and Jax (TDCH Jackson NSD), 3/15/18
Milena Barreto CTDI and Phoebe (Legacy Phoebe NSD), 3/15/18
Brook Phinney and Zeus (TDCH Kalliope Flash of Lightning), 4/23/20
William Long and Ruby (Ruby Rose Duchess of Deer Path NSD), 5/30/20
Lia Messner and Jib (Bobcat Running for Glory NSD), 8/31/20
Gail M. Laidoner and Dante (The North Star Commandant NSD), 9/1/20
Kathryn Paul and Rain (Purple Rain of Silver Pump NSD), 2/19/21

Poodle (Toy)

Maureen Urso and Buster (SDCH TDCH Buster Urso NSD), 3/15/18
Sandy Woodruff and Cyrus (TDGCH CCF-CH UWPCH MCH UNJ UACH EN EHD U-CH Int/Nat CH GCH CH De La Passion Dynamo CCF4 NSD), 5/18/20
Sandy Woodruff and Lila Jane (TDGCH CCF-CH CH Sandjo’s Custom’s Here For The Party CCF4 NSD), 5/19/20

Portuguese Water Dog

Lynda Ziegenhagel and Maze (TDCH CCF-CH Marinella’s Maybe I’m Amazed NSD), 10/12/19
Suzanne Nelson and Otis (CH Sittin on the Dock of the Bay NSD), 5/27/18
Pam Lesher and Liza (Miraval’s Life is a Cabaret NSD), 7/11/20
Tammy Hibberson and Quinta (MACH Eauchien’s Quinta CCF1 NSD), 7/16/20
Patti Schaefer and Seaquin (Cabriola Seaquin STAR NSD), 12/8/20
Karen Massner CTDI and Kanga (TDGCH CCF-CH GCH Baywood Gota Dare ToBe Difrent RN AGN AGNJ JT ADC TKP AWD ETD-M AtoZ 20:1 NSD), 4/1/21
Karen Massner CTDI and Aaroo (TDCH CCF-CH CH. Baywood Double Dare 2B Difrent RI CGCA THD ADC PD TKP WWDX ETD-M AtoZ NSD), 4/1/21


Christina R. McCauley CTDI and Felix (SDCH TDCH Felix Brooklyn Stallings NSD), 3/15/18
Maria Guthrie and Eddie (TDCH Casa Blanca’s Edward Scissorhands NSD), 3/15/18
Justine Girard and Olive (TDGCH CCF-CH Drageltik to the Moon & Back ETD-M NSD), 1/18/21

Pyrenean Shepherd

Sue Roeder and Cree (Hot and Sassy Pineapple Creole NSD), 11/20/18

Rat Terrier

Barbara Gorton and Piper (Little Pied Piper NSD), 6/29/19
Barbara McKenny CTDI and Kirby (Ratitatt Franibur Superhero CD NSD), 9/23/18

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Gail Thompson and Jessie (Mardi Gras High Tailin’ It NSD), 8/17/19


Sandra Stojsic and Odin (Ajax of Letis Black Diamonds NSD), 6/28/20
Lisa Sims and Kenzhi (Von Riddle’s Looking Down the Barrel NSD), 9/22/19
Carol Schmidt CTDI and Gabby (Player’s Girl Just Wants to Have Fun NSD), 8/19/18
Heidi Baltzly and Panzer (CCF-CH INT/UKC CH URO1 Wildhaven’s Seven Second Panzer Two CCF3 NSD), 8/3/20
Joyce Argus and Truman (CCF-CH Truman Argus NSD), 10/28/20

Russell Terrier

Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Cooper (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH Finnabair Anu Maximum Force NSD), 3/15/19
Elizabeth C. Berthold CTDI and Cricket (TDGCH Cricket Jack of Hearts NSD), 8/11/20

Saint Bernard

Laurie Keith and Bill (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH TC-CH Kudos Fits the Bill Regalbear NSD), 6/28/20
Kimberly Goodwin and Dino (Fuzzy Bear`s Amore` NSD), 12/19/20


Susan Waltman and Quiz (TDGCH ADP-CH(Th) Tubila ‘N Aeolus Just Dream On NSD), 2/22/20
Brandie Hudecek ATDI and Moses (Seawind’s Parting Red Sea CCGA TKA JC RATI ETD NSD), 3/9/20


Lisa Marino CTDI and Biscotti (TDCH Mystical’s Dolci Biscotti Bacio di Cioccolati CCF2 NSD), 9/25/20
Lisa Marino CTDI and Spumoni (TDCH Mystical’s Favorite Flavor Spumoni CCF2 NSD), 9/25/20
Lisa Marino CTDI and Sorbetto (TDCH GCH CH Alpine Glo’s Signature Delight CCF2 NSD), 9/25/20


Catherine Bickley and Smudge (Smudge du Bouleau Blanc NSD), 6/9/18

Schnauzer (Giant)

Marti B. Friedman CTDI and Karma (TDCH Karma Pink Friedman NSD), 4/27/19

Schnauzer (Standard)

Brenda Cirricione and Bekka (Von Roth’s Outrageous Fortune BN RE FDC BCAT ACT1 THDN CGCA CGCU TKP ATT VHMA ATD AtoZ CCF1 NSD), 3/28/21
Brenda Cirricione and Xander (Sondergeist Urban Legend Von Roth RI FDC BCAT CGCA CGCU TKP ATT VHMA ATD AtoZ CCF1 NSD), 3/28/21

Scottish Terrier

Cynthia Hemenway CTDI and Angus (Hemenway’s Angus NSD), 3/15/18

Shetland Sheepdog

Ellen Froot CTDI and Cedar (Amazin Simply Synergy NSD), 10/12/19
Theresa Colbert and Kaylee (Jandale Miss Kaylee, My Little Diva NSD), 8/17/19
Theresa Colbert and Cruiser (Himark Cruiser of My Heart NSD), 8/17/19
Andrea H. Carter and Lia (Linnea’s Rolins Liahona NSD), 8/17/19
Andrea H. Carter and Panda (Rolins Amelia KungFu Panda NSD), 8/17/19
Connie Fleming and Connor (Himark’s Star Trekker NSD), 8/17/19
Andrea H. Carter and Tea (Rolinamelia Seriel Sweet Tea NSD), 7/7/19
Cindy Pratt and Jaya (Weiss Jaya Laksmaya NSD), 6/29/19
Diane Smith and Kira (Bravo Inspiration NSD), 6/23/19
Peg Cass and Jazz (Sandcastles All That Jazz NSD), 11/18/18
Linda Unger and Sailor (SDCH TDCH Summerloves Moonlight Voyager NSD), 10/28/18
Susan Blais and Emma (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Blue Heavens Secret Love NSD), 6/9/18
Janet M. Moore and Toby (CCF-CH Janremlo Krystal Tobias NSD), 5/26/18
Janet M. Moore and Buster (Janremlo Buster Is Lucky NSD), 5/26/18
Jacob Hollingsworth CTDI and Chara (SDCH TDCH Shadow Hill Chara Tes Zoes RA CGC CCT NSD), 3/15/18
Clyde Hall CTDI and Nelson ( NSD), 3/15/18
Amanda Wrobel and Bella (Cathance Captation NSD), 4/20/20
Janise Nelson and Maxx (TDCH Blessings Maxwell Joseph MKxz “Maxx” NSD), 5/29/20
Susan McAdam and Luka (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Miqelon Luka NSD), 6/13/20
Barb Wright CTDI and Parker (TDCH CH Conspirito’s Park Avenue CCF1 NSD), 9/12/20
Marlene Mosher and Jasper (TDCH CCF-CH Jasper NSD), 1/10/21
Karen Gardner and Rayna (Gardner’s Tiny Whisper NSD), 1/30/21
Stephanie Boudreault and Alice (TDGCH CCF-CH Selegance Sweet Alice NSD), 2/20/21
Lynnea Britton and Infinity (Heaven’s Best Infinite Guardian NSD), 3/15/21

Shiba Inu

Austin Simmons and Deku ( NSD), 3/15/18

Shih Tzu

Jo Caywood and Beau ( NSD), 9/22/19
Jo Caywood and Bryce (Stars End The Bryce Is Right NSD), 9/22/19

Siberian Husky

Kristina Schöller CTDI and Duszka (Zandelle Anana Amarok NSD), 6/28/20
Hans Peter Schöller and Cristal (Cristal Sleed Dogs NSD), 6/28/20
Kristina Schöller CTDI and Yuri (Yuri Anana Amarok CCF1 NSD), 1/24/21
Kristina Schöller CTDI and Penny (CCF-CH Antirias Pennywise Anana Amarok NSD), 1/24/21
Shannon Faltak and Hunter (TDCH Hunter Seeker NSD), 7/22/18
Shelly Korobanik and Sila (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH Nanook’s Northern Sila NSD), 4/7/20
Shelly Korobanik and Suka (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH Nanook’s Enchanted Dream NSD), 4/7/20
Sandra Hudspeth and Shiva (CCF-CH Echoing Wind Kodiak Stand By Me CCF4 NSD), 7/19/20
Melanie Kienreich and Anouk (Anouk of Happy Dog Story NSD), 8/29/20
Malene S. Hansen CTDI and Iza (TDGCH CCF-CH Mesmocan Lightning Ridge NSD), 11/27/20
Julie Larouche and Boreal (CCF-CH Desloupiots Hiver Boreal NSD), 1/31/21
Julie Larouche and Blizzard (CCF-CH Desloupiots Blizzard D’Hiver NSD), 1/31/21

Silky Terrier

Meredith Reeve and Dora (TDGCH CCF-CH Carmorosa’s Dora the Explorer CCF4 NSD), 7/5/20

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Jessi Lemler and Drama (Sassafras Dramatic Entrance NSD), 2/9/19
Lisa Parsons CTDI and Triana (Varekai’s Besarla Mientras Vuela CCF1 NSD), 5/28/20
Eva Bernhardsson CTDI and Ester (TDCH SDCH Bardot´s Queen of the Kings NSD), 5/28/20

Swedish Vallhund Dog

Carey Haas ATDI and Zele’ (Fantasi Orell at Caliente NSD), 11/18/18

Texas Heeler

Patty DiGiacobbe and Apollo (Apollo NSD), 1/30/21

Tibetan Spaniel

Toni Rohlke and Breeze (CH Kaje’s Tuqute Summer Breeze NSD), 1/4/20


Connie Priesz CTDI and Molly (TDCH CCF-CH Little Girl Molly NSD), 6/29/19
Anna Craig CTDI and Strider (TDGCH SDCH Firelight’s Cariad Elgin Geronimo NSD), 3/15/19
Jennie Croft CTDI and Winter (Hilldale’s Winter Warrior CMF NSD), 8/19/18
Connie Priesz CTDI and Kimber (TDCH CCF-CH ALCH Mira’s Little GIrl Kimber NSD), 4/29/20


Jo Anne Lefebvre CTDI and Comanche (SDCH TDCH Instar Piper Flyn; Comanche NSD), 6/9/18
Tanya K. Rowan CTDI and Monet (Oakpoint’s Platinum Water Lily NSD), 5/14/20
Rachel McBride and Ally (TDCH SDGCH Ally’s Silver Emmy NSD), 7/5/20
Rachel McBride and Castiel (NaturesCloak Whispering’s Tanks Guardian Angel NSD), 7/19/20
Rachel McBride and Renita (TDCH SDGCH NaturesCloak is Renita’s Secret NSD), 9/6/20

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Sue Morphy and Arthur (TDCH Caergrawnt Tulip Painter with Echophy NSD), 1/17/21
Sue Morphy and Dash (TDCH Helgen Mr Minster with Echophy NSD), 1/17/21


Desiree Engel CTDI and Wicked (Quixandz Chaos Reigns NSD), 10/12/19
Charlynn Turner CTDI and Flash (Shannon Down Color In Lines NSD), 9/23/18
Diana Cognigni CTDI and Jake (TDCH Timbreblue’s Mysterious Dream Warrior NSD), 9/9/18
Diana Cognigni CTDI and Diesel (TDCH Sovereign Sporting Fields Legendary Bugatti NSD), 9/9/18
Debbie Blythe KPA-CTP CTDI CCFC CTDI and Smudge! (TDCH Karasar’s Gemstone NSD), 3/15/18

Working Sheepdog

Karen Colls CTDI and Jay-Z (TDCH Indahouse Rock Steady Crew NSD), 3/9/21

Yorkshire Terrier

Anna Craig CTDI and Peanut (Nabisco’s Nutter Butter NSD), 1/24/21


Kerrie Piper and Binx (Binxalee NSD), 10/26/20