Embezzlement Case

Help us Gather Information

April 29, 2020 Dear Customers:

It has been concluded that a former employee, Jorgi Martin, was embezzling money. Jorgi set up a fake PayPal account called Do More With Your Dog and was sending Paypal invoices to our customers. Those customer payments were being deposited into Jorgi’s personal account, which was also attached to the email of jorgi@domorewithyourdog.com. When the invoice was paid, Jorgi. She did this particularly with non-goods purchases which couldnโ€™t be inventoried such as Fastrack phone call exams, and Master Class online courses, but we also have evidence of her doing this with higher priced merchandise such as CTDI kits and Stunt Dog kits. Please help us to collect data by forwarding any PayPal receipt from her invoices. Note that any PayPal invoice you have from her will not be accessible as she deleted her PayPal account. Please forward receipts to info@domorewithyourdog.com

Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it.

Kyra Sundance 


Example Invoice

Here is an example of what you are looking for:

If you have ever given your credit card number to her over the phone, we’d like to get any details you can remember or dig up. (*If you gave your cc to Kyra or Minnie, you are fine. It’s only the ones that you gave to Jorgi that we suspect of fraud). Please send to: info@domorewithyourdog.com