Trick Dog Champion (TDCH) Title Holders


Afghan Hound

Maud Fast and Kalila (TDCH Pramya Eyes On Me Please), 6/18/19
Birgitta Strömberg and Alice (TDCH Alphaville’s Finger Lickin’ Good), 3/4/18

Airedale Terrier

Anne-Marie Giroux and Grujot (TDCH Stillwaters Grujot), 6/2/20
Helene Houde and Siobhan (TDCH Satie Siobhan des Martres), 5/9/20
Debbie Klemp and Payton (TDCH Ch Debonaire It Pays to B Naughty), 5/7/20
Isabelle Magnan and Boo (TDCH BAIS MBAIG ChBAR Margeline Capuccino Boo GCN am/CGCU RI IBAR IBRH MBRH CD RATI TRSi SD-E TKA PSD-NC SDIN SDO SWN am/AchiverDog), 2/25/20
Lori Taylor and Claire (TDCH Trevorwood Hope for Clear Skies ACT1 RATS BCAT CGC NW1 TDI ETD), 12/7/17


Suzi Aleksander and Koko (TDCH Kurai Kokoro CGCA CGCU RN SEN SBN THD TKP RATI RATO CZ8B TT SD-I TL-I UL-I), 6/30/19
Nancy Almann and Kiyo (TDCH ALCH Big Benz Willow Creek’s Kiyomi AEO1 RL1 CGCA TT NW1 TDI, PD1000, TD1000, RATI VAX RNX RATN PKD-N), 12/12/15

Akita (Japanese)

Katherine Kurylo and Mochi (TDCH Michiko Go Taiheiyo Kensha CGC TKP), 5/3/20

Alaskan Klee Kai

Jade Goh and Arwen (TDCH ‘PR’ Thurisia’s Legend of Evenstar), 5/12/20
Jennifer Hsia and Ender (TDCH ‘PR’ MIKKA The Enemy’s Gate is Down), 5/5/20
Christina de Juan, Ph.D. CTDI and Luna (TDCH CCF-CH URO1 PTM PTA ‘PR’ Kenai’s Circle of Life CGCA CGCU TKP ORT NW1 L1I DDN DDEN), 4/15/20
Christina de Juan, Ph.D. CTDI and Zephyr (TDCH CCF-CH CH ‘PR’ Kenai’s Defying Gravity CGC CAA TKP ORT NW1 L1C), 4/15/20
Jennifer Hsia and Potion (TDCH ‘PR’ Thurisia’s After All This Time), 4/14/20
Jennifer Hsia and Maya (TDCH Kodiakk’s Fiscal Reckoning Day), 3/27/20
Jennifer Hsia and Lyra (TDCH AliAK’s Her DArKK Materials), 3/27/20
Christina de Juan, Ph.D. CTDI and Maera (TDCH CCF-CH URO1 GPI-CH CH’PR’ Thurisia’s Enchanted Sea Nymph SPOT-ON CGCA TKI RATI RATN), 3/18/20
Stef Roulet and Nuka (TDCH Tanit Tribe Shall We Dance ETD), 12/1/16

Alaskan Malamute

Nathalie Villaroman and Nikita (TDCH Deka Wolf’s BellaRocca Love ETD), 3/10/17
Linda Boggs CTDI and Galena (TDCH ), 6/16/16
Joanna Cronquist and Louie (TDCH Louie), 7/31/12

American Bulldog

Katie Brockman and Caldwell (TDCH Caldwell), 5/10/20

American Bully

Anissa Shotbolt and Woodsie (TDCH Hollywood’s Blue Crush), 3/21/20
Elisha Edge and Aimee (TDCH Aimee), 1/28/20

American Cocker Spaniel

Jennifer Cerrada CTDI and India (TDCH ), 8/13/18
Dorothy Smith CTDI and Echo (TDCH Juire Walk Right Back To Me), 9/2/17
Meow Heong Tan and Happi (TDCH ), 4/12/15
Linda Allen CTDI and Spice (TDCH Aj’s Royal Enchantress), 8/29/12
Linda Allen CTDI and Royal (TDCH Int./Am. Ch. Aj’s Royal Wizard, CGC), 10/5/11

American Eskimo Dog

Debbe Endres and Lacy (TDCH ), 8/12/18
Robin Murray CTDI and Henry (TDCH Henry Jones Murray), 12/20/12

American Pit Bull Terrier

Katie Gomez CTDI and Zoe (TDCH Leaf on the Wind), 6/7/20
Noelle Saladin CTDI and Nova (TDCH CCF-CH Nova), 3/27/20
Lynne Zinnel and Bell (TDCH Bell), 4/10/18
Lynne Zinnel and Klink (TDCH Klink), 4/10/18
Deborah Root and Ayla (TDCH Ayla), 11/3/17
Deborah Root and Zip (TDCH Zip), 3/30/15
Alicia Harantschuk CTDI and Vegas (TDCH Viva Miss Vegas), 10/7/14
Therese Weiner and Patchronus Charm (TDCH CH T’s Patch O Steel Patronus Charm NW1 S.T.A.R. Puppy CGC Therapy Dog OFAca OFApa ETD), 8/23/14
Therese Weiner and Samurai (TDCH CH Patch O’ T Starz WhtRck Samurai DNA-VIP OFAca OFApa ETD), 3/19/14
Richard Frejomil II and Rocky (TDCH ), 3/15/14

American Shepherd (Miniature)

Lindsay Kelly CTDI and Mable (TDCH Mable Lee Kelly), 7/14/20
Lucy Wheelwright and Cooper (TDCH Basileas Super Mini Cooper), 5/20/20
Jen Klang and Bam (TDCH Harvest Wind Boom Goes The Dynamite), 4/19/20
Elizabeth Frum CTDI and Queenie (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Wigglebutt Wand Chooses the Wizard), 6/28/19
Katherine Kedzierski and Charlie (TDCH ), 3/25/18
Jan Sund CTDI and Coury (TDCH FHF Braveheart), 11/14/17
Tami Dettinger and Holly (TDCH Finny’s High Flying Holly RN AX AXJ OF CGC RATS ETD), 1/8/17
Lex Blanton and Faith (TDCH Cantrells Have Faith in Miracles), 2/1/15

American Staffordshire Terrier

Dóri Fintha and Neige (TDCH Opium Cookie of Sweet Gangland), 9/3/20
Kata Radványi and Dobbie (TDCH Ghost Town Ain’t Mad At Cha), 9/1/20
Dalana Bewley Huss CTDI and Loveta (Michl R Talk Southern To Me Y’all), 8/6/20
Ashley E. Jacobson and Dakota (TDCH Jacobson), 4/4/20
Kelly Thorburn CTDI and Rush (TDCH Michl R Redneck Reflection), 12/19/19
Shelley McQuillin CTDI and Mabel (SDCH TDCH Miss Mabeline), 3/15/19
Jaime Martin and Holly (TDCH Holly Berries), 8/13/18
Dalana Bewley Huss CTDI and Chip (SDCH TDCH Alpine’s Sweet Chocolate Chip), 1/22/18
Lydia DesRoche CTDI and Red (TDCH Red Jefferson Walker DesRoche), 1/24/13

Australian Cattle Dog

Nelly Benabou and Sprout (TDCH Sprout), 8/18/20
Tiffany Hughes and Kronos (TDCH Kronos the CowDog), 5/19/20
Wendy Bemis CTDI and Kai (TDCH Hakai CGC), 4/16/20
Sharon Middendorf and Kai-Yay (TDCH Yippee Kai-Yay), 4/1/20
Aly Jabrocki and Cider (TDCH Corral West’s Granny Smith Got Lit), 1/17/20
Andrea Davis CTDI and Loki (TDCH CCF-CH Loki), 12/14/19
Louise Daigle and Piper (TDCH Red Pointy Dog’s She’s Just Tiny Piper), 5/11/19
Robin Herman CTDI and Skeeter (TDCH Skeeter Marie), 1/24/19
Jennifer Baiocco and Henna (TDCH CCF-CH Blue Yonder’s Inspired Design RATCH), 5/7/18
Ali Erskine CTDI and Cali (TDCH ), 2/4/18
Janet Parks and Mika (TDCH ), 1/28/18
Crystal Collins CTDI and Brisco (TDCH Brisco), 10/9/17
Laura Angelo CTDI and Mel (TDCH ), 8/31/16
Jan Martin CTDI and Mattie (TDCH CCF-CH Mattie Ulster Snow), 1/4/16
Dawn Pribyl and Trax (TDCH Kuawarri Stone Cold), 3/7/15
Tiffany Hughes and Bella (TDCH TK’s Full Moon Rising Bella), 1/1/15
Justine Sahli and Ruthie (TDCH Justine’s Jillaroo Born Again CGC THD), 5/5/14
Tess Starr CTDI and Layla (TDCH Solo’s Layla Blues Dancer TKP AX OAJ NF RN W-FDX?MF RATO HCT-s CRO 3P PKD-N OAC TN-O HP-N NCC TG-N), 5/9/12

Australian Kelpie

Kim Ball and Keldrie (TDCH Beaucedachad Keldrie (AI) FS.N), 10/25/20
Kim Ball and Baloo (TDCH Beaucedachad Baloo (AI) RN), 10/25/20
Jordan Wicks and Peony (TDCH Peony), 7/31/19
Helen Parkinson CTDI and Rue (TDCH Rue), 5/29/18
Sarah Wood and Shyla (TDCH Shyla), 4/9/18
Mary Vahaviolos and Chispa (TDCH ), 3/1/18

Australian Koolie

Briana Freshner and Freya (TDCH Kandue Tawny Buff), 4/19/20

Australian Shepherd

Rebecca Kremser and Crash (TDCH JCH Sweet Crystal Rain Crash Bandicoot GS-O JS-N RS-O), 10/25/20
Rebecca Kremser and Alou (TDCH ATCH CH Sweet Crystal Rain ADream come true GS-E-SP JS-E-SP), 10/25/20
Joanne Thibeault and Jessy (TDCH MoiAussie Shining Star), 10/18/20
Gerald Gagnon and Zoe (TDCH Tuffntendr Love Me Two Times RAE CD), 10/16/20
Kathleen Massicotte and Sofia (TDCH Princess Heart De La Colombe Béarnaise), 10/14/20
Leslie Ufford and Rosheen (TDCH Aunam Cara’s Róisín Dubh), 10/2/20
Hilda Roberts and Troya (TDCH Troya Elvikam of Dreamtale), 9/19/20
Jane Coles and Jack (TDCH Highrail Jacks Are Wild), 9/7/20
Alexanne Girard and Blue (TDCH Amalgam Radioactive Blue Element), 9/1/20
Pamela Cox and Ghost (TDCH Leonztorm Ace Ventura), 8/17/20
Soraya David and Bloom (TDCH Illmatic Purple Bloom), 8/15/20
Grace Do and Zelda (TDCH Testimony’s Breath of the Wild), 8/12/20
Elisabeth Catalano CTDI and Remedy (TDCH Remedy Eden), 8/10/20
Annie Boivin and Écho (TDCH Aussiepaws for You Kinoak), 8/4/20
Monique Engemann and Lia (TDCH Stargate’s Lady Liadrin), 7/29/20
Emmanuelle Bussière and Enjoy (TDCH Boninrook’s Enjoy Life), 7/29/20
Breanna Bolivar and Dime (TDCH CH Malkas Silver Sails), 7/14/20
Joanne Thibeault and Zumba (TDCH MoiAussie Northen Light), 7/10/20
Amy Mathews and Pickle (TDCH Foster Grant’s Predicament), 7/5/20
Agnes Ahlefeld and Kiwi (TDCH Kiwi), 6/30/20
Elli Korthuis and Tucker (TDCH Tucker), 6/26/20
Morgan Cain and SuperNova (TDCH SDCH Chevy 2 Much SuperNova), 6/24/20
Rebecca Koebel and Indy (TDCH Indiana Jones), 6/7/20
Fran Solomon and Penny (TDCH Rip Roarin’ Down Penny Lane AKC/ASCH BN RN CGCA CGCU TKA CLI-F), 6/3/20
Kristina DeGiovanni and Audrey (TDCH Henson Menagerie Audrey CGCU RN DN CCF1), 5/26/20
Annette Karlsson and Jazz (TDCH Meet MyOwn Black Ice), 5/25/20
Jessica Tetrault and Maily (TDCH Kinoak Maily CD RA CGN SGDC BDD BDF DDCh), 5/19/20
Jessica Tetrault and Faith (TDCH Arkanya Faithful to Kinoak RN), 5/19/20
Stephanie Lemieux and Seth (TDCH Moiaussie Never Look Back), 5/8/20
Sophie Le Houillier and Oakley (TDCH Tuffntendr Oakley), 4/26/20
Nicola Stokes and Miesha (TDCH East Sooke Diva Miesha), 4/23/20
Brenda Aelick CTDI and Kevin (TDCH SDGCH CH Highrails Big Time Cash RN CGN), 4/16/20
Alexanne Girard and Luna (TDCH Amalgam Under The Moonlight), 4/15/20
Susan Evans and Jozey (TDCH Bur Oak’s Happy Day With Jozey), 4/14/20
Chantel McLachlan and Strider (TDCH Lokasenna Dream Keeper), 4/11/20
Andrea Harant and George Clooney (TDCH HIT HIC CH Thunder Hill the Specialist CD ODX BGH-VT RNX RAX REX RMX JS-N RS-N), 4/1/20
Andrea Harant and Maxx (TDCH Thunderstrike Spectre Thunder Hill Primeoak), 4/1/20
Danielle Mathias and Rigby (TDCH Novacoast Believe In Magic), 3/14/20
Yanna Heng and Fidji (TDCH Fidji), 3/7/20
Mylène Blais and Simba (TDCH Simba), 2/25/20
Lisa LeLacheur and Guinness (TDCH Novacoast Truly a Legend), 2/15/20
Robin Barber and Tsunami (TDCH Stargate’s Second Wave), 2/10/20
Kimberly Poisson CTDI and Maven (TDCH Kimal’s Ravin’ Maven), 12/30/19
Brittany Kendall and Woobie (TDCH Novacoast Calculated Risk), 12/21/19
Sophie Paulin and Spotty (TDCH Lechfeld’s Spotty), 12/17/19
Kelly Schumann CTDI and Lil Red (TDCH New Spirit’s Lil Red Rocket), 9/8/19
Nita Gandara CTDI and Ryker (TDCH Superfly’s Deep in the Weeds), 9/6/19
Jessica Stricker CTDI and Ivy (TDCH Topalvi Poison Ivy), 8/29/19
Robin Barber and Surge (TDCH Stargate’s Blue Waters Rising), 8/25/19
Candy Hendrix CTDI and Rogue (TDCH Rogue Dakota Skye), 8/5/19
Katherine L. McGill CTDI and Tia (TDCH Flock-N-Farms Homegrown Elegance CGC TKA), 7/3/19
Maci Mize CTDI and Auzzie (TDCH Auzzie Mize), 6/5/19
Beth Hurley and Oliver (TDCH Green Acres Oliver’s Twist), 5/1/19
Kayla Myers and Harley (TDCH Harleen Quinzel), 4/29/19
Susan Brogan CTDI and Carmine (SDCH TDCH Equinox Will U B Mine RN TKP FDC BCAT U-AG1), 4/10/19
Christine Sapa CTDI and Fresca (TDCH Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries at Angels Crossings BN CD RA CAA ACT1 TKP SWEN CGC HC PKDI RATO RNX), 4/1/19
Carmen Oosthuizen and Mysti (TDCH Mystic Mystique), 3/23/19
Sherry Brainard ATDI and Levi (TDCH KG’s On Wings like Eagles), 2/24/19
Erica Coulson and Murphy (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Blacknblue N Red Oh Liver), 2/21/19
Gina Stetsko and Bizi (TDCH CCF-CH MOTCH SHDCH LookQuest Leap at the Chance CGN NP AGI AGXJS RAE2 RATO SHDCH), 1/11/19
Gina Stetsko and Tex (TDCH CCF-CH LookQuest Last Cat Standing CA PCD RE AGN AGNJ RATO), 1/11/19
Karen Rabb and Keeper (TDCH Pinnacle’s Finders Keepers), 10/25/18
Maggie Weston and Skye (SDGCH TDCH Einhorn’s Starry Night), 7/22/18
Valerie Sloan and Castle (TDCH Samilyn’s Castle Law CGC TKP CA), 5/26/18
Nita Gandara CTDI and Aella (SDCH TDCH Einhorn’s I Am the Storm), 5/7/18
Wendy Zabicki CTDI and Makeeda (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Zabzoos Makeeda Moonshine), 4/26/18
Susan Evans and Stormy (TDCH Bur Oak’s Stormy Cherokee Rose), 4/24/18
Sally Bruch and Rotor (TDCH ), 4/15/18
Carrie Lucas CTDI and Archie (TDCH Tresrullah’s Comic Book Guy), 2/18/18
Nita Gandara CTDI and Cinch (SDCH TDCH Shalako’s Sheep Up and Ride), 8/24/17
Nita Gandara CTDI and Scott (SDCH TDCH Cirrus Going Regimental), 8/23/17
Wendy Merritt and Bindi (TDCH Bright Eyes Bindi Bee ETD), 6/13/17
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Enchanted (TDCH CCF-CH Sazbrat Welcome to New York), 5/9/17
Molly Boaden and Shawna (TDCH ), 3/14/17
Erin McCune and Kairi (TDCH Showdown’s Dare To Dream), 1/4/17
Barbara Moore and Cheers (TDCH Tucker Creek’s Raise Your Glass), 12/20/16
Lisa Pattison CTDI and Scheme (TDCH Propwash Mastermind), 7/4/16
Jamie Heberlein CTDI and Meeka (TDCH Cedarwood’s Meeka Wish On Me), 5/25/16
Frances Cabeen ATDI and Cimra (TDCH Cimarron Rose), 4/4/16
Fran Solomon and Gracie (TDCH UCD Somercrest Grace Under Fire, ASCA/AKC CDX, RAE, OA, OAJ, CGCA, CGCU, JS-O, RS-O), 3/25/16
Susan Brogan CTDI and Ruby (TDCH Nightwatch N’ Sonryz I Hope U Dance), 2/14/16
Nadine Engelbrecht and Lexie (TDCH Zakur’s Galaxy), 1/29/16
Philippa Sloan and Stryker (TDCH Justus Strike While the Iron is Hot), 1/2/16
Becky Tellalian CTDI and Diva (TDCH U-Ch/Int’l Ch Showdown Puttin’ On The Glitz CGCA), 11/6/15
Doris Waschinski and Mocha (TDCH Mocha), 9/7/15
Gayle Silberhorn CTDI and Bryn (TDCH Big Run Bryn Jette Varg), 7/1/15
Sandra Schumann and Nellie (TDCH Woobiewoods Nell), 6/5/15
Mitzi Pilgrim and Rumba (TDCH Zakur’s My Red Rumba), 5/20/15
Mitzi Pilgrim and Belle (TDCH Zakur’s Silver Belle), 5/20/15
Doris Waschinski and Merlin (TDCH Merlin), 5/16/15
Jet Lakey CTDI and Maggie (TDCH Riverwind Bayshore Itching to Go), 3/31/15
Jim Helems CTDI and Jake (TDCH Cossack Sparkling Reserve), 1/1/15
Alexis Davison and Mia (TDCH Shartooz Quatro Harmony), 12/9/14
Susan Reindl and Fergus (TDCH Fergus Kane Reindl-Hayes), 8/19/14
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Truly (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH TeBrat Truly Scrumptious), 5/25/14
Amy Hinkle and Edraith (TDCH SteelDust Golden Gift), 4/29/14
Lisa Pattison CTDI and Lucy (TDCH Propwash Elsemere Heart’s Desire), 1/31/14
Anne Bachewich CTDI and Finn (TDCH Sheep’s Kin Feature Presentation), 12/26/13
Rebecca Park CTDI and Java (TDCH Winohka’s Sweet ’n Hot Java), 10/18/13
Helen Verte Schwarzmann CTDI and Dudley (TDCH HMS Dudley Some Kinda Wondaful), 9/13/13
Anne Bachewich CTDI and Emmett (TDCH Allum’s Energy Boy), 8/19/13
Anne Bachewich CTDI and McCoy (TDCH Sheep’s Kin Born To Fly), 6/4/13
Nita Gandara CTDI and Zane (TDCH Cirrus Riddle Me This), 4/29/13
Nita Gandara CTDI and Ander (TDCH Airbornes Band of Brothers), 4/16/13
Nita Gandara CTDI and Bella (TDCH Alias’ Breaking Dawn), 3/30/13
Devon Ward CTDI and Thor (TDCH Thunderin’ Thor), 3/23/13
Stacey Manzo CTDI and Diesel (TDCH Diesel), 1/11/13
Lindsey Logan CTDI and Autumn (TDCH Robin’s Magic Of The Sun), 1/7/13
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Parlor (TDCH CCF-CH Sazbrat Barn Dancin in the Dark), 10/30/12
Lindsey Logan CTDI and Ranger (TDCH QTAussies Magic Echoes), 8/27/12
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Pixie (TDCH CCF-CH Sazbrat Lemon Pixie Dust), 3/28/12
Chelsea Wood CTDI and Zima (TDCH Defiance’s Zomething Different), 1/24/12

Australian Shepherd (Miniature)

Sandy Braunwarth and Daisy (TDCH Daisy), 8/9/20
Kat Carlton and Vegas (TDCH Vegas), 4/28/20
Victoria Rose CTDI and Vera (TDCH Stoverly’s Vera at Center Stage), 4/5/20
Victoria Rose CTDI and Magic! (TDCH Stoverly’s Enchantment at Center Stage), 4/5/20
Carolyn Tan CTDI and Trooper (TDCH Trooper Ormrod Tan), 9/15/19
Michelle Gamage CTDI and Basil (TDCH SDGCH Basil B. Brave), 12/26/18
Barb Wright CTDI and Sophie (TDCH Sophie), 12/1/18
Jamee Lea Salley CTDI and Miss Diva (TDCH ), 3/6/18
Dana Bjornerud CTDI and Mafia (TDCH Zero G’s Offer I Can’t Refuse), 1/1/18
Dana Bjornerud CTDI and Spark (TDCH Zero G’s This Gun’s For Hire), 1/1/18
Seren Maxwell CTDI and Brembo (SDCH TDCH Pleiades’ Four-Pot Wonder), 12/29/17
Kaytlyn Riou and Timber (TDCH CCF-CH SaddleUp Timber), 9/3/15
Terri Latronica CTDI and Cooper (TDCH Hanging With Mini Cooper), 6/21/15
Lois Walters and Misty (TDCH McClanahan’s Diamond Mist ETD CGC), 4/22/15
Kristen McKenna and Cinder (TDCH Zero G’s Pyroclastic Surge), 10/20/13
CJ Fithian CTDI and Sydney (TDCH Lil’ Nubbins Sydney FMX, TFE-III; ETD; CL2, CL3-R; GS-N, RS-N, JS-N; SQ-MDE, SQ-OA, SW-MDB, DQ-BB, DQ-FB ), 2/7/13
CJ Fithian CTDI and Melbourne (TDCH Lil’ Nubbins Melbourne CGC, SQ-MDA (Disc Dog), FDCh-G, TFE-I (Flyball)), 11/29/11
Jamee Lea Salley CTDI and Miss Ruby (TDCH ), //

Australian Terrier

Claudette Earl CTDI and Sully (TDCH Alinta Loch Looking for Mr. Goodbar at Ryba), 9/12/20
Muriel McMullen and Maddie (TDCH Dunham Lake Maid In Wisconsin), 4/8/20

Australian Working Kelpie

Anna Louise Kjaer and Sirius (TDCH Bahou BM Sirius), 8/27/20


Glenna Spelrem and Lyric (TDCH Northrock’s Dance With Me RA OAC NCC NJC TN-N WV-N S-HP-I O-BR-I RATO DN NS), 11/12/20


Linda Daves Siekert and Ford (TDCH Sinbaje’s Africans Continue2Inspire), 5/9/17

Basset Artesién Normand

Nina Kujawska CTDI and Cooper (TDCH ), 4/21/15

Basset Hound

Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI and Pixel (TDCH Snowshoe’s 1 In A Million), 1/19/20
Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI and Xena (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Soundtrack Warrior Princess), 2/7/18
Karen Prichard CTDI and Poppy (TDCH SDCH Baywind-Barkley’s Wrapped In Red), 7/30/16
Karen Prichard CTDI and Ruby (TDCH Barkley’s Rockin’ Red Ruby), 12/20/15


Wendy Bidey and Cleo (TDCH Raimex Rio), 8/10/20
Wendy Bidey and Mawgan (TDCH Whistlers Mawgan), 5/20/20
Manako Sugiyama CTDI and Jasmine (TDCH Chelseacourt Matsurika), 5/12/20
Catherine Botha and Odin (TDCH Cherive Lord Odin), 8/31/16
Clare Hulse and Jampa (TDCH Cherive You’re So Good), 8/31/16
Wendy Danzig and Madison (TDCH Madison Danzig), 6/29/15
Manako Sugiyama CTDI and Mint (TDCH Kenalis Candyman CGCB AD RN), 6/14/15
Gill Land CTDI and Daks (TDCH Rogadam Dakota CGC(Silver), TDI, TTII, ETD), 6/11/15
Stephanie McGuire CTDI and Belle (TDCH ), 2/28/15
Catherine Botha and Atalanta (TDCH Cherive The Onyx), 5/2/14

Bearded Collie

Jennifer Watson and Emmie (TDCH Hpnotiq’s Prairie Sunshine), 4/11/20


Justine Bradley and Mango (TDCH My Main Squeeze du Chateau Rocher), 7/13/18
Wendy Bemis CTDI and Fleetwood (TDCH Fleetwood Mes Yeux Vigilant RN CGC), 12/7/12

Belgian Laekenois

Kate Lloyd CTDI and Jinx (TDCH Belgenbeau Fuzzy Logic), 10/1/15

Belgian Malinois

Shannon Langel CTDI and Valkyrie (TDCH Valkyrie), 8/29/20
Greg Laslo CTDI and Eddy (TDCH Don’t Be Deterred), 6/20/20
Janie Peirce and Zoey (TDCH Windrush’s Zoë), 4/29/20
Tracey Geddes CTDI and Vixen (TDCH Malinger’s Sly Foxy Lady), 4/5/20
Rachelle Turgeon CTDI and Métis (TDCH Métis Von Raliam), 3/30/20
Tracey Geddes CTDI and Trinity (TDCH CH A’Trinity the Protector), 3/26/20
Edwin Paz and Mia (TDCH Mia), 1/24/20
Melissa LaMere-Dragovich CTDI and Neo (TDCH Whispering Echos The Red Pill), 12/28/19
Rachelle Turgeon CTDI and Yurko (TDCH Yurko Sagacaol), 11/28/19
Julia Preußer CTDI and Jorlik (TDCH Jorlik vom Greifenring), 2/26/19
Robin Sweetapple CTDI and Gucci (TDCH Stronghold K9’s Gucci), 1/11/19
Chris Crawford and Toska (TDCH Red Star i’Toska), 1/4/19
Lisa Paul and Copper (TDCH Caryaovata Orion’s Star), 1/4/19
Julia Preußer CTDI and Scania (TDCH Easy vom Hause Ripp), 5/17/18
Lianne Shinton CTDI and Flirt (TDCH M’Flirt de Loucyn), 6/17/16
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Streak (TDCH Ch Carousel’s Silver Streak RAE BN PCD NA NAJ NF TD HSAS SCHH1), 11/28/15
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Vivid (TDCH GCH Carousel’s Dream of Fire N Ice RA HT NA NAJ NF RATS), 11/7/15
Chris Puls and Dazzle (TDCH Loup Noir Jasper), 10/12/15
Angela Silvestri CTDI and Flare (TDCH Silverthorn’s Dragon Fire RN HT CGC), 5/25/15
Ashley Rietfors and J.A.T.O. (TDCH UUJ J.A.T.O. De La Grande Ille CAA ETD CGCA), 5/15/14
Ike Iacovino CTDI and Rizer (TDCH C’ Rizer Des Barriques CGC, NTD, ITD, ATD), 8/22/13

Belgian Sheepdog

Heather Christison and Kwin (TDCH RO Ch Beljekali Kwintessence CDX RAE), 8/21/20

Belgian Shepherd

Marilou Dobie and Fancy (TDCH Meraki’s Fancy Free at Vaan), 7/5/20
Sylvie Ferland and Xhulu (TDCH OTCh, RGCh Xhulu de Lescaut RMX3 RAE 2), 5/21/20
Git Jering and Trotza (TDCH Trotza), 5/20/20
Marilou Dobie and Puck (TDCH Teseko Phootloose Vaan), 12/21/19
Kiarah Buckler and Fox (TDCH Stronghold K9’s Fox), 7/8/19

Belgian Shepherd (Tervuren)

Linda Christison and Jordie (TDCH RO Ch Beljekali Jordie CD RAE), 8/21/20
Silvie De Four and Mila (TDCH Spymaster Milagro of Hakinka’s Home), 12/12/19

Belgian Tervuren

Sindije Saljii and Sayemi (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Sayemi of Hakinka’s Home), 10/7/19
Martina Schmidt and Leeloo (TDCH Revelry’s My Fifth Element), 6/1/18
Mara Saljii and Aris (TDCH Multi-CH Vet-CH Urson z Koziarni), 5/31/18
Sindije Saljii and Jamash (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Int.Ch Multi-Ch Grand-Ch Club-Ch Multi-Vet-Ch Jamash v’t Guitpad), 2/25/17
Pamela Regan CTDI and Phoebe (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH IntCH CH Patana’s Flash Point PT BN RN NA NAJ CA), 5/4/15

Bernese Mountain Dog

Joanne Murrell and Jester (TDCH Aus CH Bernation Paws For Applause CD RM HTMI FSA), 2/25/19
Raechel Drill CTDI and Paisley (TDCH Call Me A Touch Of Risque Paisley), 10/9/18
Sue Murray and Kai (TDCH RO.CH HTM.CH FS.CH Cloudforest Jaeger CD RAE PT), 3/21/18
Sue Wilkinson and Syrrah (TDCH Orloff Jungfrau Syrrah ETD), 11/17/17
Lisa Petterson CTDI and Nellie (TDCH Doubledutch’s Nellie B CGN), 3/28/13

Bichon Frise

Wendi Holz and Cosmo (TDCH MyBliss Flyin’ High in the Cosmos), 5/24/20
Yoko Ichikawa ATDI and Kei (TDCH Belle Creek’s Sunshine Love), 12/2/18

Biewer Terrier

Irina Kanfer and Rosie (TDCH PotiJohn’s Puppy Love Everlasting Rose), 4/20/20
Brenda Lawson and Izzie (TDCH Windyridge’s Dazzling Darling RE THDA CGN CGC TKP), 11/16/19

Black Russian Terrier

Irena Polonsky and Honey (TDCH Midnight Solo Hanani Bat Haviva CGN PKD-T), 6/11/20
Jean Brown and Kicka (TDCH Multi CH MidnightSolo Adara Bat Haviva CKC CD-X RM FPR2 PTE AN URO2 UCD UWP RATN PKDN UN2 FF2 IN2), 10/31/18



Border Collie

Kat Nicholl-Basye and Todd (TDCH East Willow’s Beyond The Vision), 11/15/20
Sally Wheeler and Zac (TDCH Seaposer Boatman Zacharias), 11/13/20
Norma de Rose and Joule (TDCH RV Joule), 10/29/20
Norma de Rose and Caisey (TDCH RV Caisey), 10/27/20
Norma de Rose and Rhys (TDCH Rhys), 10/19/20
Claire Patterson-Abrolat and Kilt (TDCH PD Kilt of Kynlaire TT2 ETC), 10/14/20
Rachel Sturgeon and Harry (TDCH Blueberry Yum Yum), 10/11/20
Emma Shaw and Abby (TDCH Weyahead Love At First Light), 10/2/20
Lisa Davey and Loch (TDCH Blue Baton), 9/22/20
Charlotte Brooke and Wisp (TDCH Kennafell Midnight Whisper), 9/11/20
Mary Ann Nester and Costa (TDCH Devongem Bright Buttons), 8/26/20
Marie Mac Donald and Piper (TDCH Hollowshot’s Play Me A Tune Piper George), 8/26/20
Isabelle McKee and Thunder (TDCH Eastwillow’s Thunderstruck ETD), 8/16/20
Eszter Dori and Alice (TDCH Little One Alice of Special Sixth Sense), 8/11/20
Anelize van Wyk and Cara (TDCH Mackland PocketOSunshine), 8/2/20
Alex Heal and Nelson (TDCH Tymbarweir Silver Lining), 7/31/20
Doreen Frappier and Nike (TDCH Sunshine Valley’s Nike Sweet Success), 7/28/20
Candice Christensen and Turvy (TDCH Foster Turvy), 7/18/20
Kerrie Piper and Sprocket (TDCH CCF-CH Nyanga Midnite Trooper), 7/17/20
Cyd Griffin and Kirin (TDCH Krazy Kirin at Heikym), 7/17/20
Audrey Vojtech CTDI and Perk (TDCH Hob Nob Rapid Rewards), 7/15/20
Kerrie Piper and Solan (TDCH CCF-CH Nyanga Solar Nite), 7/12/20
Mariann Tóth Hóborné and Candy (TDCH Grch Forestry Farm Gloria), 7/10/20
Valerie Bastet and Fionn (TDCH Ewenique Fionn), 7/10/20
Chrissy Joy CTDI and Darby (TDCH Darby the Fidget), 6/30/20
Cheyann Newman and Beckham (TDCH Beckham Tkachuk Newman), 6/30/20
Zsuzsanna MacPherson and Rory (TDCH Puildobhrain Spring Lad), 6/26/20
Chrissie Scott and Oggie (TDCH The Ogg at Jezzla), 6/26/20
Felicia Wynn and Kody (TDCH Avatar’s Kodiak Dream Catcher of Bayshore), 6/23/20
Andrea Lengi and Eli (TDCH Quicksilver Friend in High Places), 6/11/20
Annick Chassé and Bebop (TDCH CCF-CH Bebop CCF4), 6/5/20
Bronwyn van Dyk CTDI and Epic (TDCH Epic), 6/1/20
Liz Morris CTDI and Heidi (TDCH Silver Merry Maker), 5/28/20
Bobbie Kurivial CTDI and Squall (TDCH Blitzen’s Tropical Disturbance), 5/21/20
Hayley Woodcock and Boogie (TDCH Glenalpine Boogie), 5/17/20
Deborah Crease and Tayen (TDCH Breurn Blue Moon), 5/17/20
Lilla Koperniczky and Ellie (TDCH Pieces of a Dream Crystal Clear “Ellie”), 5/16/20
Anita Tate CTDI and Flirt (TDCH Flirt II NA NAJ NF DDB CAA TKP PSD), 5/16/20
Zoë Reekmans and Aelynn (TDCH Countess Of Mystic Realms At Real Pearl), 5/11/20
Zoë Reekmans and Kenai (TDCH Planned Winner From Izzy’s Footsteps), 5/10/20
Zoë Reekmans and Daeva (TDCH P’Daeva), 5/10/20
Lexi Brigante and Jiffy (TDCH EC’s Jiffy), 5/9/20
Dannielle Pemberton and Fame (TDCH Ohutu is Famous at Whiterock), 5/8/20
Hilary Warren and Reef (TDCH Meisterwerk Reef), 5/8/20
Nancy C. Lech CTDI and Tiki (TDCH Shadewood’s Light It Up!), 5/5/20
Laura Landry and Violet (TDCH L-Squared’s Prairie Blue Violet), 5/4/20
Emma Hughes and Aggy (TDCH My Girl Aggy), 5/3/20
Casey L. Palmer and Valor (TDCH Sterling After All This Time), 5/1/20
Cheryl Scott and Macauley (TDCH Kings Macauley), 4/30/20
Gabriella Román and Fédra (TDCH Poseidon Elf Magic Felicitás “Fédra”), 4/30/20
Debra Sellon and Callie Jane (TDCH Contact Point’s Calamity Jane), 4/26/20
Patty O’Bleness CTDI and Firefly (TDCH CCF-CH Hidden Valley Firefly After Dark), 4/24/20
Karen Moore and Chime (TDCH MACH Brighteye N South Street’s It’s About Chime XF T2B3 CGC TKP), 4/19/20
Christina Opperman CTDI and Logic (TDCH CCF-CH Leebeardream Its Logical), 4/6/20
Kirby McIlveen and Blitz (TDCH Queen Blitzen), 4/2/20
Krysthel Moore and Kiss (TDCH CCF-CH P’tites Bêtes Kiss RPT CGN NBRH NBAR), 3/30/20
Sally Wheeler and Reuben (TDCH Sunnydean Heart of Gold), 3/22/20
Jan Martin CTDI and Jasmine (TDCH CCF-CH Astra Jasmine), 3/20/20
Erin Stacks and Skylar (TDCH Marvels Most Wanted Mutt), 3/9/20
Heather Wheatley and Lolly (TDCH Lola), 3/4/20
Rachel Dawson and Beckett (TDCH Beckett), 3/2/20
Hedwig Sebulke ATDI and MAXI (TDCH Maxli), 2/25/20
Sarah Nichols and Casper (TDCH Caora’s Casper), 2/23/20
Lynnea Britton and Trillian (TDCH Skyview Farm’s Heart of Gold), 2/19/20
Suzanne Lapointe and Mao (TDCH Borderaddik Mao IQ4U), 2/18/20
Teresa Hanula and Leonard (TDCH Leonard Lee Hanula), 2/11/20
Kirby McIlveen and Sora (TDCH Destined to Fly of Scuderia F40 JP CGCA TKP DN BCAT), 2/1/20
Linda Desaulniers CTDI and Ty (TDCH Passion BC Thief of Hearts), 1/29/20
Shona Thirsk and Judge (TDCH Grand Oakes All Rise), 1/13/20
Tracy Wood CTDI and Fundy (TDCH Fernweh’s Party All the Time), 1/13/20
Lynka Fortin Dumas and Everest (TDCH CCF-CH Essential Everest), 1/12/20
Tammy Hanstead CTDI and Zip (TDCH BCRO’s Zip A Dee Doo Dah ), 1/3/20
Andrea Incitti and Jax (TDCH Jax Incitti), 1/3/20
Michelle Belio and Arya (TDCH Expedition Reverie’s Rebel of the North), 1/3/20
Ann MacLean and Jayce (TDCH Double R Jayce), 12/22/19
Jeanne Shaw CTDI and Torrent (TDCH Rival’s Torrent), 12/22/19
Jeanne Shaw CTDI and Focus (TDCH Focus), 12/22/19
Bella Rowe and Stardust (TDCH Solarflare’s Shooting Star), 12/14/19
Caitlyn Olvitt and Kestra (TDCH Platinum’s Call of the Wild “Kestra”), 12/13/19
Silvie De Four and Rona (TDCH Sunshine Ladirona of Hakinka’s Home), 12/12/19
Josée Roussy and Kazz (TDCH Classic Kazz), 11/21/19
Toni Surko CTDI and Rayne (TDCH Rayne), 11/10/19
Rebecca Piquette and Kira (TDCH Kiltaire’s Got Game RN), 11/9/19
Janice Wenig and Bodhi (TDCH Bodhi’s Smoke N Fire), 11/5/19
Marie-France Millette CTDI and Spring (TDCH CCF-CH Spring), 10/26/19
Vanda Goddard and Maya (TDCH Birkcross Blue Eyed Dream ), 9/8/19
Angie Tucker and Kahlan (TDCH Meisterwerk Kahlan), 9/1/19
Thyra Powers CTDI and Deacon (TDCH Deacon Powers), 8/20/19
Charlotte Brooke and Floss (TDCH Ellan-Vannin Floss Of Kennafell), 8/16/19
Chrissy Joy CTDI and Whidbey (TDCH Whidbey), 7/30/19
Amanda Burkhart RVT and Absol (TDCH Hoenn’s Disaster), 7/7/19
Karen Wisler CTDI and Kasey (TDCH Shebaa’s Siren FDC RATCHX CGC CGCA CGCU TKA TKP), 4/6/19
Karen Wisler CTDI and Brenna (TDCH MSF Brenna CA RATCH CGC CGCA CGCU TKA TKI TKP), 4/2/19
Sandy Fuller CTDI and Luna (TDCH Blitzen’s Blue Moon), 2/25/19
Marla Friedler-Cooper CTDI and Swank (TDCH Spritzig Pretty Penny BBT), 2/19/19
Shelly Vandevelde CTDI and Stitch (TDCH Spritzig Extraterrestrial Phenomenon BBT), 2/14/19
Noelle Hufnagel and Layla (TDCH Layla Hufnagel), 2/11/19
Patricia Olson and Max (TDCH Maximilian), 1/10/19
Fiona Vidler-Stewart and Oz (TDCH Oz Crystal Rousse), 12/27/18
Katherine Martucci, DVM CTDI and Dazzle (TDCH ), 12/16/18
Judy Mather and Lucie (TDCH Khayoz Rockin Robin CDX), 12/7/18
Lisa Lanser Rose CTDI and Maisie (TDCH Maisie III), 12/2/18
Katrina Clark and Linx (TDCH Hendurrie Rocky Fella), 12/2/18
Teresa Histed and Trick (TDCH Rooqui Talented Trickster), 10/21/18
Jennifer Kolasa and Sisu (TDCH Double J Sisu), 10/13/18
Anneke Verweij and Jazz (TDCH ), 10/8/18
Linda Brown and Buzz (TDCH Rossendale Buzzyboy ETD), 10/1/18
Sandra Banks and Grace (TDCH Bluestars Mystic Explorer), 9/29/18
Agnes Ahlefeld and Annie (TDCH Annie), 9/25/18
Marla Friedler-Cooper CTDI and Rain (TDCH Spritzig Singin’ In The Rain SBS), 9/19/18
Heidi Olivier and Cindy (TDCH ), 8/14/18
Hayley Woodcock and Star (TDCH Samdais Little Star TDex NOVex RL4), 8/8/18
Jenna Maytom and Piper (TDCH Duszah Tu Meke Piper ETD), 8/6/18
Lisa Duff and App (TDCH TT App of the Day), 7/27/18
Sandra Banks and Willow (TDCH Haulton Willows in the Wind), 7/25/18
Kelli-ann Reilly CTDI and Trick (TDCH Tricky Ricky Reilly), 7/9/18
Kelly Daniel and Chace (TDCH Weyahead Chace ‘N’ Chocolate FD CH AG CH ADXG JDX JAX SNX RN), 6/3/18
Jeanne Shaw CTDI and Nai’a (TDCH Ash’s Nai’a), 3/27/18
Gaby Grohovaz and Flumi (TDCH Carnelian Famous Flame ETD), 3/3/18
Sandee Stuczynski and Star (TDCH Bo Peep Midnight Star CGC ETD), 2/7/18
Debbie Smith CTDI and Shamrock (SDCH TDCH Cyclone’s Faithful Shamrock), 1/23/18
Abigail Hughes CTDI and Faith (TDCH You Gotta Have Faith), 11/3/17
Jennifer Hill and Roke (TDCH Guirmere Highland Roke ATD), 11/3/17
Jennifer Hill and Kricket (TDCH MISR – Kricket ETD), 10/23/17
Vicki Thacker CTDI and Rhys (TDCH 5H Rhys), 10/18/17
Vicki Brown CTDI and Zam (SDGCH TDCH Shazam), 10/16/17
Tess Starr CTDI and Ziggy (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH RATCHX 5H Ziggy Starrdog BC RATCH CA TKP TKE RN NJC HP-N), 9/18/17
Shandy Blake CTDI and Heidi (TDCH Asset’s Queen of Mean), 9/14/17
Karen Didrickson CTDI and Wes (TDCH Brush Creek Wesley ETD), 9/4/17
Katrina Scott CTDI and Sin (TDCH Ignited Friendships Forbidden Pleasure ETD), 8/27/17
Katrina Scott CTDI and Ice (TDCH Friendships Fire N’ Ice), 8/26/17
Tammy Stillwater and Twister (TDCH Avatar Bayshore Twist O’Fame), 7/25/17
Anna Larsson and Fonzie (TDCH Emenems Fonzie), 7/23/17
Jenn Anthony and Nickleby (TDCH Nickleby), 3/29/17
Tammy Stillwater and Tweedy (TDCH Bayshore Avatar Tweedy McBright UD RAE2 BN GN GO ETD), 3/2/17
Aaliyah Martinez and Live (TDCH SH Live Loud), 2/21/17
Lynzie Bacchus CTDI and Re-Run (TDCH ), 2/14/17
Lisa Lanser Rose CTDI and Mick (TDCH ), 9/12/16
Babette Kis and Lanes (TDCH Laney), 8/25/16
Cynthia Egyed and Whiz (TDCH Topshelf’s a Whiz of a Wiz), 4/18/16
Yolande Johnson and Bobby (TDCH ), 3/17/16
Deborah Seymour CTDI and Chase (TDCH ), 2/27/16
Mary Vahaviolos and Mickey (TDCH ), 2/16/16
Shuko Okawara and Kuma (TDCH ), 1/17/16
Julie Schrecengost and Blayze (TDCH Riverrun’s Summer Dreams Ablayze), 1/14/16
Bobbie Lyons ATDI and Drama (TDCH Hidden Valley Tough Act to Follow), 1/5/16
Tess Starr CTDI and Chance (TDCH Sageway Second Chance PKD-N HP-I TKP RATO BC(deaf)), 12/20/15
Vicki Thacker CTDI and Mariah (TDCH ), 10/13/15
Jennifer Bailey and Jett (TDCH TBC Jett Propelled), 10/1/15
Holly McArthur CTDI and Diesel (TDCH Jento’s Turbo Diesel), 9/16/15
Brenna Fender and Tessa (TDCH Contact Point’s Brenrich Tesseract), 8/27/15
Kathleen Mocharnuk and Cricket (TDCH Hillcrest Quick As A Cricket), 8/16/15
Kathleen Mocharnuk and Katydid (TDCH Kickstart’s Katydid It!), 8/2/15
Christina Young CTDI and Enzo (TDCH Rival’s Catch Me If You Can), 7/10/15
Nicky Griffiths and Ted (TDCH Mr. Ted Wing), 6/5/15
Sarah Thoreen CTDI and Reese (TDCH Reese), 5/31/15
Kathy Clayton CTDI and Teagan (TDCH Bergundtal Teagan), 5/17/15
Jan Martin CTDI and Amber (TDCH CCF-CH Amber My Little Gem), 4/13/15
Ericka Barber ATDI and Trip (TDCH Lock-Eye What a Trip he is), 3/30/15
Bobbie Kurivial CTDI and Zee Zee (TDCH Blitzen’s Florida Breeze), 12/9/14
Debbie Hanley CTDI and Moon (TDCH Ignited’s NewMoon), 12/1/14
Carolyn Jane Halhead and Zing (TDCH Canyonland Beloved Go Back to Glory), 9/28/14
Rachel Fein CTDI and Flash (TDCH Lytnstryke Photo Finish), 9/25/14
Julia Hamilton CTDI and Ember (TDCH MFR’s Ember Rose), 9/17/14
Sarah Horvath CTDI and Sketch (TDCH AZ “Trick or Treat” Sketch CGCA), 9/8/14
Eva Briggs CTDI and Rikki (TDCH Lockeye Rikki Tikki Tavi), 8/18/14
Dorene Bourque and Ryder (TDCH Shadewoods Ryder), 7/27/14
Patty O’Bleness CTDI and Jazzie (TDCH CCF-CH Hidden Valley All That Jazz), 6/20/14
Nichole Curry and Joey (TDCH Joey), 3/30/14
Maddisen-Leigh Phelan CTDI and Rev (TDCH TNC Rev ’em Up), 1/12/14
Audrey Vojtech CTDI and Ty-Dye (TDCH Riot’s Ty Dyed Tag Along), 11/4/13
Christina Young CTDI and Maxi (TDCH Max), 10/21/13
Maureen Mickens and Kannon (TDCH Cyclone’s Spiraling Cannonball CGC NF NA AGI AGII NTD ITD ATD ETD), 10/18/13
Lisa Morrissey CTDI and Brody (TDCH Brody), 7/24/13
Audrey Vojtech CTDI and Punk (TDCH Hidden Valley’s Dream B!G), 7/11/13
Hedwig Sebulke ATDI and Dusty (TDCH Dusty), 4/10/13
Kim Bond and Angus (TDCH Angus), 3/25/13
Kate Lloyd CTDI and Maddy (TDCH Maddy), 3/9/13
Julie Lizotte CTDI and Pixie (TDCH Pixie), 2/19/13
Taryn Hodge and Freeman (TDCH Amos Fortune Freman AX AXJ NF RS-N JS-N), 2/14/13
Doris Anderson and Yukon (TDCH Lock-Eye Yukon Anderson), 7/21/12
Katrina Aliff ATDI and Chase (TDCH Chase Aliff), 5/4/12
Sharon Page and Savvy (TDCH VX U-CD U-AgII CHX RiverRun’s Satellite VCD-2 CDX TD OA OAJ HSAs HIAs HXAs HRDI/II/IIIs HTDIs HTDIId AX RN BH CGC), 4/8/12
Marla Friedler-Cooper CTDI and Synergy (TDCH Hillcrest Synergy In Motion Granting Pleasure), 3/19/12
Sara Carson Devine CTDI and Hero (TDCH Worth The Wait), 1/19/12
Astrid Buhmann CTDI and Star (TDCH TH’ ONE & ONLY, CH Highborne Buzzing Star FDX), 12/19/11
Debbie Hanley CTDI and Bleu (TDCH Bleu Moon CGC, TNS-E), 12/4/11
Victoria Warfel and Zoe (TDCH Warfel’s Flying Zola), 11/24/11
Astrid Buhmann CTDI and Puka (TDCH NAT FLY TEAM ‘06, TH’ ONE & ONLY, GR CH (CART), CH (OB) Zarbo CDEX, FDX), 11/23/11
Pamela Johnson CTDI and Bandit (TDCH ), 11/17/11
Pamela Johnson CTDI and Twix (TDCH ), 11/17/11

Border Terrier

Helen Cottrell and Pippin (TDCH Crockston Master Pippin), 10/10/20
Ashley McMillan and Benson (TDCH Sunkist Strut N’ My Stuff), 5/2/20
Hélène Gignac and Bentley (TDCH Terriland Running in the Snow), 4/10/20
Donia Roorda CTDI and Bryn (TDCH CH Elwha Bryn It to Win It RN CRN1 CGN), 2/18/20
Eva Briggs CTDI and Reilly (TDCH SDCH Happy Hobbits Streetcar Named Desire), 12/5/18
Laura Ryder CTDI and Wicket (TDCH Buguya Secret Mission), 11/19/17
Laura Ryder CTDI and Milani (TDCH Cherishem Miss Milani), 11/19/17
Victoria Neale and Indi (TDCH Feisty Doris), 5/1/15


Erica Martin and Blizzard (TDCH C’Lestial Mont Blanc Legend), 8/18/20
Kathleen Poniatowski and Muse (TDCH Mielikki Kalabria RiverRun Dark Muse ETD), 4/18/17

Boston Terrier

Rebecca Munson and Buzz (TDCH Jeane’s Treasure From Above At Tre Run), 7/8/20
Heather Neldner and Penny (TDCH Little Bit of Luck), 3/14/14

Bouvier des Flandres

Carolle Caron and Laya (TDCH Custos Uksakka de la Wallonie CGN), 10/21/20
Marlene Richard and Rufus (TDCH C Ch Boyero Ready Set Go), 8/9/20
Monique Pouliot and Sky (TDCH Galheights Call M at Sky Fall), 8/8/20
Carolle Caron and Deesse (TDCH Loyale-Deesse W. du Clos de la Luette), 7/30/20
Carolle Caron and BrahmaBoy (TDCH Audi-BrahmaBoy de la Wallonie), 7/11/20
Candace Crouch and Breeze (TDCH Sleeping Lady Windsong of Denali), 1/13/19
Janet Garrett CTDI and Mack (TDCH Mon Cher Maestro), 6/9/17
Liz Chamberlain CTDI and Mouse (TDCH Reina Nyra van Caya’s Home at Ragamuffin), 8/10/15
Ellen Saegaert and Bailey (TDCH ), 12/14/14


Rebecca Davies CTDI and Silas (TDCH Silas), 8/18/20
Tania Butler and Poppy (TDCH Poppy), 11/10/19
Barbara Smith CTDI and Batman (TDCH Happy Tails Dark Night PCD BN RE CGC), 10/1/18
Kelli-ann Reilly CTDI and Star (TDCH Star Boxer Girl Reilly), 7/9/18
Tania Butler and Pixie (TDCH Pixie), 6/28/18
Roxann Wilkinson CTDI and Farkle (TDCH Wilkinson’s It’s Farkle Time!), 12/30/17
Carolyn Bassett CTDI and Razz (TDCH Gremlix Razzle Dazzle CGCG JD RA), 6/22/17
Amelia Kellum CTDI and Doug (TDCH Douglas Kellum), 9/1/16
Jane Barron and Rosa (TDCH Mummanui Frosty Rose), 6/6/13
Kelli-ann Reilly CTDI and Tag (TDCH Tag Reilly), 1/2/12
Kelli-ann Reilly CTDI and Pompeii (TDCH Pompeii “Italia” Reilly), 12/28/11


Colleen Fawcett and Emmi (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Ir Ch/Hr/Int Ch Fostebrie Divine Gold at Beannchor), 7/10/20


Judi Lacey and Alfie (TDCH CCF-CH Alfie), 8/8/20
Cheryl Trevithick and Asher (TDCH Trevithick’s Asher Dasher), 9/16/19
Tony Trevithick and Jojo (TDCH Trevithick’s Indiana Jojo), 9/16/19
Alison Boyd and Griswold (TDCH Marsport Griswold Chase ETD), 7/17/18
Sharon P. Miller and Victor (TDCH MACH Casabergen’s Victor Gentry CD BN RE MXS MJX MXF RATO), 12/22/15
Terri Latronica CTDI and Bree (TDCH Chilcote Kaze’s Summer Breeze), 6/22/15
Katherine L. McGill CTDI and Sara (TDCH Flock N Farm Sarabell CGC), 1/25/13

Brussels Griffon

Mari Hiltz CTDI and Mayzie (TDCH What A Mug A’Mayzing Cinnamon Honey RN MX MXJ CL4-R CL4-H CL4-F CL3-S), 3/31/12

Bull Terrier

Roberta Meadows and George (TDCH General George S Patton III), 8/7/20
Gabriela Brooker and Lucy (TDCH Angel Lucy Pel-rim), 3/31/20
Ally Mohan and Dakota (TDCH SomeOkies Dakota Outlaw), 2/12/20


Napsugár Pillár and Böbe (TDCH ), 2/17/19
Kim Mayes CTDI and Riddick (TDCH Riddick), 10/24/11


Kim Klassen and Tyler (TDCH GCH Garroway’s Livin’ On The Edge CGN PCD RN), 5/1/20
Leigh Reynolds CTDI and Roxy (TDCH ), 12/13/11

Ca De Bou

Kelly McIntosh and Kai (TDCH Kai De Libertine), 11/15/17

Cairn Terrier

Diane Grainger and Isla (TDCH GCh Skerryvore Isla Touch of Magic CGN TD PCD RI CAX S SDO SPOT-ON TKP CGC), 4/20/20
Diane Grainger and Addie (TDCH OTCh Ch (Alt) Linwell’s Adelaide Nevertheles CGN PCD RI RAE JE AGX AGIJ AGXJV IP JTV TD CAX NS TT SD-S RATI ADC SGDC BCAT TKP CGC), 5/6/19
Pattie Whitehouse and Luraiche (TDCH Kian’s Precious Gemstone), 10/22/18
Diane Grainger and Ember (TDCH Linwell Cabaret’s Little Ember RAE CGN CDX AGMX AGXJ IP NS SD MADC SGDC TKP), 9/14/18
Karen McClean CTDI and Doyle (TDCH Tarahill’s Wish Upon a Star CGN RATN SD-S RN), 10/22/16
Karen McClean CTDI and Aoibheann (TDCH AmCan GCh Quarrydene’s Queen of Diamonds), 5/20/15

Cane Corso

Lucie Malouin and Giulietta (TDCH CCF-CH Giulietta Amarone Di Diva), 4/3/20

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Esther Farber and Pro (TDCH CCF-CH GCH CH Snapdragon Professor Hinkle RN CA BCAT TKA), 10/25/20
Kayelene Hawthorne and Oliver (TDCH Dragontails Black Irish Moon ETD), 4/29/17

Catahoula Leopard Dog

Annie Strobel and Zoe (TDCH UAGI UR02 UWPCH UCD Miss Flying High’s ResQ Me Zoe CAA DS CGCA RATI TDI), 3/11/17

Cattle Dog

Kasandra Fleury and Maggie (TDCH Maggie-Mae), 11/30/14

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Alexandra Wood and Louis (TDCH Karidana The One And Only Louis), 10/7/20
Janette Wilson and Stevie (TDCH Jessicav Create the Illusion RN TKS), 7/30/20
Penny Windlow and Fletcher (TDCH CCF-CH Dual Gr Ch (Neuter) (TS) Triple Ch (Neuter) (RO) (T) Daventri Midnight Dash CDX RAE4 AD JDX SDX GD SPDX FS.I HTM.I ET), 7/7/20
Rachel Fournier and Yamka (TDCH Yamka de L’Amitola), 6/3/20
Rachel Fournier and Ozalee (TDCH Ozalee Aleshanee de L’Amitola), 6/3/20
Becky Barrie and Thunder (TDCH Midsummers Black Thunder CKC # BA543218), 4/16/20
Trudy Tinkham and Clodagh (TDCH Moyola Miss Clodagh), 9/18/19
Nicola James and Kick (TDCH Glenbrows Hand of Fate ETD), 8/14/17
Nicola James and Lupin (TDCH Glenbrows It Had To Be Me), 5/19/15
Magda Negele and Snoopy (TDCH Snoopy Cleverboy vom Feenstaub), 5/18/15
Debra Aheimer and Jackson (TDCH Buddington’s Gen. Stonewall Jackson), 3/15/15

Chesapeake Bay Retreiver

Donna Cooley & Jill Gagliardo and Bocce (TDCH Longshore’s Bocce Bear RE DM CGCA ETD), 10/10/17

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Anja Ballwieser and Bo (TDCH Blucollars Bibbidi Bobbidi Bo), 1/2/20
Anja Ballwieser and Sam (TDCH Port West I Am Legend), 1/1/20


Nancy Mirantz and Raven (TDCH Tiny Raven of Tijera’s NR), 2/3/20
Heather Carrier and Bean (TDCH Bean Bean The Wrecking Machine), 12/15/19
Tizzie Jarvis and Teddy (TDCH ), 3/25/15
Kathryn Pate and Pippa (TDCH Pippa), 7/2/13

Chihuahua (Long Coat)

Nancy Mirantz and Wolfie (TDCH Wolfie), 4/18/20
Rebecca Jewsbury CTDI and Dexter (TDCH Chocolate Chip), 11/18/14

Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

Melissa Wallace CTDI and Uintah (TDCH TACH4 Uintah CGC MXJ NF TN-E BR-O HPN NJC NAC ATA-B RAT-I ETD), 7/9/18
Donna Brittain and Angel (TDCH Temple & Phipps’ Angel Gets Her Wings RN PKD-T), 1/28/16
Donna Brittain and Simba (TDCH Temple’s The Lion King CDX PCDX BN GN RAE4 CGC ASCA-RAX), 5/26/15

Chinese Crested

Linda van Klaveren CTDI and Magick (TDCH Sassytails Magical Treasure), 11/27/16
Kim Mayes CTDI and Loki (TDCH Nalibey’s Love Me Do Loki TD), 10/10/13

Chinese Crested (Powder Puff)

Sharon Pointeer and Zerin (TDCH Zerin), 8/20/20

Cocker Spaniel

Angela Beavis and Ollie (TDCH Truffles Duke), 10/8/20
Sharon Hendrickson and Gunner (TDCH Gunner Big Paws Hendrickson), 8/28/20
Susanna Larsdotter CTDI and Fajsty (TDCH Bergkällans Dodge Lancer), 5/1/20
Susanna Larsdotter CTDI and Duppen (TDCH Inja Gundogs Debutante DuPont), 5/1/20
Jaime Bast and Tallulah (TDCH MACH2 Dunmorr KG’s Ou La Lu La), 3/21/20
Kim Wright and Dotty (TDCH Forever Dotty), 5/20/19
Kelly Daniel and Flori (TDCH Caderyn Leicestershire botanist), 10/16/18
Laurie Menyo and Kali (TDCH Kali of Eland ETD), 1/7/17
Leona Hellesvig and Missy (TDCH ALCH Enchanted Little Miss Carefree, CGC, NA, CL2-R, CL2-H), 5/10/15
Lynn Stacey CTDI and Bella (TDCH Brock Ballastar), 6/14/14

Collie (Rough)

Lone Sørensen and Madonna (TDCH Lapinette’s Easy Tiger), 10/20/20
Lone Sørensen and Rammstein (TDCH Lapinette’s Count Basie), 10/19/20
Trine Greve ATDI and Dixie (TDCH Lapinette’s Girl Crazy), 9/20/20
Erika B. Nielsen and Hera (TDCH Lapinette’s Heading for the Top), 8/14/20
Patty Stafford CTDI and Logan (TDCH SDGCH Scarborough’s Keeper of the Dream), 7/9/20
Gabriella Román and Abyghell (TDCH Abyghell), 6/30/20
Mary Anne Schaeper and Maisie (TDCH Schaeper’s Miss Maisie Belle), 5/16/20
Monique & Michelle Arpin and Taz (TDCH Ch Pairiepine Brackenbrae Whonor), 3/16/20
Karin Nilsson and Tesla (TDCH Lapinettes Gorgeous Blue Monday), 3/11/20
Jenny Hopper and Tuppance (TDCH Aaronwell Azena for Lexcol), 8/23/19
Patty Stafford CTDI and Chance (TDCH Scarborough’s Chance of a Lifetime), 4/23/19
Candace Crouch and Trooper (TDCH ), 1/14/19
Andrea Leidl CTDI and Millie (TDCH BH HWT HJCH HCH SRBCH Rineweld Heart of Goodness ‘Millie’ HWT BH), 12/16/18
Deb Bauer CTDI and Vinny (TDCH Invincible Vinny), 7/22/18
Patty Stafford CTDI and Dylan (TDCH SDGCH Scarborough’s A Tribute To A Dream), 8/20/17
Shawn Evans and Lucas (TDCH SD Windkist’s Lean On Me, CGC, RATI, RATN, ETD), 1/23/17

Collie (Smooth)

Marilyn R. Clayton and Smoochie (TDCH Ch Sunnland’s Blame It On Rio CDX HSs HTd AgXS AgXJS XPS RE SDN CGN RATN), 4/14/20
Hannah M. Collison CTDI and Brenn (TDCH Metallic Debonair), 11/25/19
Ulla Granberg and Luna (TDCH Merciless Love Bomb), 9/26/19
Pamela Leland CTDI and Dancer (TDCH Wild Wind May I Have This Dance), 12/25/17
Lillian Puchalski and Dyna (TDCH Larlill Tirnanog Wild One CD,TD,BN,RN,RARE,VC,VCX,TDI,HIC,CLI-S,CLI-F,BPD,CIL-IR,BPDX,CGC), 12/15/11

Coton de Tulear

Aleesia Chow and Peekaboo (TDCH Wonder Coton Now You See Me CRNMCL), 8/4/20
Sylvia Van Doorn CTDI and Ciella (TDCH Cotonrun Meant To Be), 4/3/19
Linda A. Irwin and Ruffles (TDCH Mignonne Joie De Vivre), 10/14/17

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Jade Goh and Ashira (TDCH Greyfarer Ashira), 5/20/20


Amy LaDew and Luke (TDCH FC Hoppledach’s Lucas Paul AX AXJ JE CGC RATN TSAD TG3 ETD TKP ETD), 6/27/17
Lauren Goldsworthy Gomez and Tipper (TDCH Fiji of K.H. Palacio Patio), 12/24/15
Kathleen Tepperies CTDI and Max (TDCH Max), 7/6/13

Dachshund (Miniature)

Vicky Lee and Hetty (TDCH Abbilis Practical Magic With Jahenbe), 9/16/20
Vicky Lee and Robin (TDCH CCF-CH Jahenbe’s It’s A Miracle), 8/16/19
Maureen Meads and Jemma (TDCH CCF-CH Rafthouse Jemma Meads), 6/17/19


Marjory Bird and Little Abby (TDCH DotsOn Luna Lovegood), 9/30/20
Geneviève Dubuc and Zara (TDCH DotsOn Love is an Open Door), 3/28/20
Geneviève Dubuc and Leilani (TDCH Ch. DotsOn Wingardium Leviosa RN CGCA CGCU), 1/19/20
Kathy McCoubrey and Wesley (TDCH CH Blackthorn Ravenwood Come Fly With Me TKP THDD CAX RI FCAT2 SCN SDN CGCA TT), 1/10/20
Jessica Rousseau and Oliver (TDCH Element Green Arrow RN), 11/14/19
Deanna Langan CTDI and Mazikeen (TDCH SDGCH Mazikeen), 10/22/19
Amy Linder CTDI and Casey (TDCH Merry Go Round Arson Case Investigator CGC THD), 3/15/15
Dayna Hilton ATDI and Molly (TDCH Molly the Fire Safety Dog), 8/14/14
Gill Anderson CTDI and Specs (TDCH Dumbledeer Tally Ho), 10/31/13
Leslie Morris and Yahtzee! (TDCH TR Gem of a Roll For Yahtzee), 9/7/13
Leslie Morris and Pixel (TDCH Echoview’s 2 Bits Per Pixel), 7/4/13

Danish-Swedish Farmdog

Monica Turner CTDI and Mae (TDCH Winstrides’ Mae the Road Rise Up av Nordost), 7/30/19

Doberman Pinscher

Marie-Claire Guindon and Ninja (TDCH Can Ch Cassel N Soulstorm Wait for It CRNMCL ETD TKP RATO MBRH MBAR TRRD CA RATI IBARp IBRHp TT CGN VPM TD-ROM CCF1), 8/18/20
Mimi Davis and Jasmine (TDCH Liberty’s Jasmine), 6/13/20
Natalie Strachan and Luther (TDCH Ravallese’s Destined ToB Darius), 5/18/20
Sarah Wood and Hugo (TDCH Chopitea Doddington), 5/2/20
Melissa Goncalves and Preston (TDCH Lord Preston vom Dobereich), 5/2/20
Deborah Wilson and Sienna (TDCH Redstone’s Sweet Dreams Annie PCD RN RI SD-S-SP VBM), 5/2/20
Chelsey Periard and Fitz (TDCH Cresswell’s Sha Na Na), 4/30/20
Monica Anthony and Brio (TDCH SDCH Brio Rose vom Krieghund), 4/9/20
Joanne Haberl and Tango (TDCH Mojave’s Aster), 11/24/19
Christi Clyde CTDI and Luna (TDCH Kiki’s Luna Moon), 10/2/18
Sherri Ritson-Rogers and Soter (TDCH Braebrook’s Going to Jackson ETD), 10/31/17
Darice Evers and Maiya (TDCH Casarhy’s Maiya Chili Bean TD NW2 NW3-V NW3-E ETD RLPX CW-ZR1), 12/27/15
Valerie Koogle and Hazel (TDCH Alisaton Hazel First Dance V. Raklyn), 5/16/15
Kelly Schiavone and Damien (TDCH Kalora’s Can You Believe It CGCA), 4/12/15
Dena Moore and Derick (TDCH Notori’s Rock Solid v Blumont, CGC, ETD), 2/19/15
Tasha Jones and Coco (TDCH Coco), 11/13/14
Julie Westphal and Guinness (TDCH Guinness von Dynasty, CGC, TDI, RN, BH, ETD, CA), 12/14/13
Merry Lee Hritsuk and Meadow (TDCH Smack-Dab’s Meadow Sunshine), 8/24/13
Merry Lee Hritsuk and Cal (TDCH Smack-Dab’s Americal), 7/5/13

Dutch Shepherd

Sylviane Chapoulaud and Flash (TDCH Chydenius Chamisso Wapini von Folge), 9/28/20
Melanie Hart and Vigor (TDCH VRIJHEID’S Incisor), 2/8/20
Kim Cooper and Recce (TDCH Recce von Logan Haus), 12/24/19
Ali Erskine CTDI and Ruger (TDCH Ruger), 11/9/19
Ann Dijkstra CTDI and Axis (TDCH ), 8/31/16
Ella-Kate Mickelson and Deja Vu (TDCH Blackfrost’s Eighth Star True North), 2/8/16

Dutch Shepherd Dog

Ashley Rietfors and Pyro (TDCH Battleridge Pyro UUJ SND-B PD-B ED-S ETD CGC), 5/10/14

English Mastiff

Karen Massner CTDI and Sherman (TDCH CIA’s Soa Jax of Simesh), 5/12/20

English Shepherd

Pamela Van Nest and Puddin (TDCH Puddin), 4/2/20
Pamela Van Nest and Annie B (TDCH Annie B), 3/31/20
Mary Susan Kozoyed and Sunny (TDCH Highview’s Sunny One So True…), 8/20/19
Cindy Carlson and Cosi (TDCH Carlson’s Good Shepherd Cosi Fan Tutte), 3/6/16
Annie Lang and Ashley (TDCH Peaslee’s Squiggle), 4/26/15

English Springer Spaniel

Tracey Howe and Thistle (TDCH Naycar’s Thistle Belle), 9/21/20
Michelle Armitage and Trixie (TDCH McD’s Sure Fire Trixie), 9/20/20
Michelle Armitage and Cameron (TDCH McD’s He’s On Fire Cameron), 9/20/20
Donna Ewing and Bryce (TDCH Dalsand Kytra ‘N Noble’s Bright Ice), 7/25/20
Joanne Charlton and Toby (TDCH Petronella Jubilee Jester), 6/15/20
Erin Massender CTDI and Hunter (TDCH Handsome Hudson Waterbaby), 6/1/20
Mary Monteith and Clark (TDCH McD’s Glad All Over), 5/20/20
Yan Gao and Jasper (TDCH Jasper), 4/16/20
Ashley Atkinson and Spencer (TDCH Parlor’s Rainbow Sus Spencer), 4/15/20
Amanda Gilbert and Elphaba (TDCH Elphaba), 3/31/20
Barbara Deg CTDI and Camo (TDCH Narvin’s U Turn), 11/3/19
Lise Molgat CTDI and TaiChi (TDCH Double L’s TaiChi), 4/30/19
Leslie Keys and Echo (TDCH Woodland Keysown Rowen’s Echo), 2/17/17
Leah Thye and TJ (TDCH Tucker Jack “TJ”), 1/17/15

English Toy Spaniel

Penny Windlow and George (TDCH Triple Ch (Neuter) (T) (TS) Grand Ch Cavildown Prince George RAE RE FS.S HTM.S CCF1), 8/18/20

Eskimo Spaniel

Eileen Gerber and Khia (TDCH Khia Kay Nanuq), 4/29/15

Finnish Lapphund

Malin Väisänen and Ninja (TDCH Black Blosssom Annie), 9/23/20
Malin Väisänen and Suki (TDCH Black Blossom Troll Nejlika), 9/10/20
Nicole Wain and Leevi (TDCH CCF-CH Armahani Kuunzite Kuutamo AI CCD RE JDX SPD GD HT ET JC), 8/16/20
Michelle Gurney and Slinky (TDCH CCF-CH Aus Ch Armahani Iolite Ihana AI JC HT ET WPD FD), 6/22/20
Hanna Rubio Vretby CTDI and Viggo (TDCH Black Blossom Lord Snow), 4/19/20
Hanna Rubio Vretby CTDI and Grimm (TDCH Black Blossom MR Indor), 4/19/20
Inger Danielsson and Cita (TDCH Fjällvallarens Cita), 3/22/20
Frida Flodin and Riki (TDCH Bredbäcks Rikki), 12/19/19
Inger Danielsson and Greta (TDCH Fjällfarmens Greta), 10/27/19
Kira Sergiacomi and Ryker (TDCH Ch CCF-CH Theldaroy Suklaa Crispello WPD), 12/13/18
Kira Sergiacomi and Vader (TDCH CCF-CH Ch Caleebra Diamond Empress JC), 12/8/18
Caitlin Rixon and Spirit (TDCH Janoby Ivory Prince), 5/27/18
Michelle Gurney and Squiggle (TDCH CCF-CH Aus Ch Aus Neut Ch Armahani Diamond Dansut AI CCD RA AD JD SPD SD HT ET JC WPD FMX), 5/6/18

Finnish Spitz

Katie Brennan and Kimma (TDCH Loistava’s Kimma RE AX AXJ RATO CGCA CGCU ETD), 5/8/17
Katie Brennan and Jari (TDCH Loistava’s Jari CGCA CGCU ETD), 5/8/17

Flat-Coated Retriever

Karen Wickham and Charlie (TDCH Coastalight Guns and Noses), 7/24/20
Karen Wickham and Riggins (TDCH Coastalight Smoky Quartz), 7/18/20
Leonard “Buzz” Cecil CTDI and Vela (TDCH Jolly Jigging Jill ATD), 9/15/11

Fox Terrier (Smooth)

Bonnie Bartlett and Fallon (TDCH Foxwell Rama Oh So Striking), 2/27/19

French Bulldog

Isabella Bordieri and Winnie (TDCH Winnie), 6/3/20
Teresa Maloney and Oliver (TDCH Oliver Blu), 8/1/18


Lia Mulder ATDI and Pablo (TDCH ), 8/23/15

German Coolie

Helen Parkinson CTDI and Kwis (TDCH Quantum’s Kwisatz Haderach), 5/29/18
Katherine Ferger CTDI and Zindzi (TDCH Zindzi), 4/25/13

German Longhaired Pointer

Rosey Kelley and Krypto (TDCH Kiefer Vom Coraschatten), 8/7/19

German Pinscher

Kirstin Lukasko and Scooby (TDCH Caches One Haute Toddie), 9/22/20
Rebecca Fersovitch and Daphne (TDCH Tri-Pinscher SweetNymph Daphne), 9/6/20
Robyn Creamer and Berlyn (TDCH GCh Ufourea Leaping For Love PCD RA NS), 8/21/20

German Shepherd Dog

Danielle Todd CTDI and Kalla (TDCH Kalla Von Rothhaus), 9/20/20
Natasha Thomas CTDI and Phoenix (TDCH Tavia vom Wildhaus), 8/22/20
Lin Edmonds and Inddy (TDCH Incubus Chikki), 8/17/20
Liza Haynie and Asha (TDCH Asha Haynie), 8/15/20
Colleen Beaudet and Conan (TDCH Royale’s Lone Wolf), 8/8/20
Tanya Smith and Samson (TDCH CH Call Me Samson Von Lousar CGN CDI RE SDN TDX), 7/30/20
Cindy Knowlton and Seger (TDCH Hawks Hunt’s Fire Lake), 7/24/20
Kennedy Schultz and Juneau (TDCH Juneau of Alaskis), 7/23/20
Lin Edmonds and Nico (TDCH Reinglens Bad Reputation), 6/28/20
Zilda Hutton and Lola (TDCH Giantlands Lola), 6/21/20
Pat Saito and Rogue (TDCH CCF-CH Wild Winds Irish Rogue), 6/4/20
Chanel Schwartzentruber and Quill (TDCH Caffeine von Narnia), 6/3/20
Alexandra Morun and Piper (TDCH Piper Rose Von Hoffnung), 5/24/20
Nicki Oade and Drama (TDCH Gregorian Dramatic Omen ADX JDX CDX UDX WDX TT2 RN), 5/2/20
Tracie Karsjens and Luxor (TDCH Eclipse’s What Happens in Vegas), 4/25/20
Tracie Karsjens and Zen (TDCH White Star’s Nirvana at Atlas), 4/15/20
Tracie Karsjens and Bliss (TDCH Atlas’ Blissful Feeling), 2/25/20
Tanja Todic and Skye (TDCH De Juco Skye), 1/30/20
Amy Olvitt and Ren (TDCH Shon Ren CGC TKA ORT), 12/23/19
Courtney Gluchacki CTDI and Ace (TDCH UCH Lasvada’s Ace of Spades CA CGC DN HT NW1 ORT RN TKP), 12/9/19
Kim Chartier and Spyke (TDCH Spyke Von Raliam), 12/8/19
Tracey O’Neil CTDI and Harry (TDCH Sablecraft Olly), 10/16/19
Natasha Baguley CTDI and Kaiserin (TDCH Kaiserin of Noblelines), 10/1/19
Kayleigh Shield and Luna (TDCH Diamond Rogue), 9/14/19
Cynthia Boles CTDI and Sebastian (TDCH Sebastian Barrington Boles), 8/14/19
Sue Matthews and Izzy (TDCH Kezara of Kremlynn), 7/30/19
Shannon Sullivan Hard CTDI and Zelda (TDCH Just Zelda vom Haus Morrisson), 4/10/19
Lesley Noack and Katrina (TDCH Southern Wrecker Hurricane Katrina), 2/2/19
Sue Matthews and Zac (TDCH Abaeterno Flash), 11/30/18
Melissa MacKinnon and Damon (TDCH Noble Damon vom Theishof), 9/13/18
Erika Kurtz CTDI and Minyan (TDCH Minyan’s Mischief Managed), 5/22/18
Julia Preußer CTDI and Talladega (TDCH Bona vom Parker Schloss), 5/17/18
Carrie McAunaul CTDI and Glitch (TDCH SD-MACH SD-GCH Alphapack’s To Mend And Defend), 12/26/17
Robin Sweetapple CTDI and Duck (TDCH Kado Von Hollenhund CKC), 10/12/17
Jill Upton CTDI and Huslu (TDCH Jostella Simply Gold), 7/13/17
Marcia McGrory and Rex (TDCH McGrory’s Rex CD BN RE THDN CGCA CGCU TKP), 6/8/17
Yvonne Ferguson CTDI and Wrangler (TDCH Carissima’s U Wrangler SD-MACH RE CGN HIC), 3/13/17
Maureen Mickel and Celia (TDCH Celia Belle Mickel), 1/14/17
Leslie Greenson and Isaak (TDCH Wolvesden Isaak), 11/11/16
Bridgette M. Ashmore CTDI and Nakoda (TDCH Nakoda von Watcher Engel), 5/21/16
Celeste Diamantini CTDI and Kodi (TDCH Kodi Bibeau Diamantini Vom DeLeeuw), 4/25/16
Pat Behles and Britta (TDCH Britta vom Sturm und Drang), 4/23/16
Cheryl Kooiman and Axel (TDCH CK’s Axel Keeping The Peace), 7/18/15
Joan Dandy and RE (TDCH Remmington Von Eichenluft), 9/27/14
Joan Dandy and Dakota (TDCH ), 9/27/14
Kiley Spade and Titan (TDCH Titan), 5/1/13
Jennifer Andress and Pongu (TDCH Pongu), 3/13/13
Jill Upton CTDI and Uschi (TDCH Vonthurlow’s Uschi), 1/7/13
Lori Waters CTDI and Loretta (TDCH UGetBack Loretta CD HSAs), 3/2/12

German Shorthaired Pointer

Kathleen Reynolds CTDI CCFC SDJ CTDI and Abbey (TDCH CCF-CH Steel Fork Abbey CD SH RA THDN CGCU PCD BN FDC TKE), 6/27/20
Sally Zacharias and Emma (TDCH SJF’s Pistol Annie), 4/25/20
Samantha Geis and Maverick (TDCH Cady Falls Eros), 4/23/20
Kathleen Reynolds CTDI CCFC SDJ CTDI and Rodney (TDCH GCH CH Voyager’s Greatest Harvest CGCA CCF2), 4/16/20
Isabelle Bernard and Zana (TDCH Karpaten Irbis Ondine), 4/16/20
Lindsy Levesque and Ramsey (TDCH Pointblank’s Ramsey), 4/6/20
Siobhan Marguerite Martel and Gala (TDCH Fondcombe Galadriel’s Gift), 3/29/20
Emily Meko and Piper (TDCH Legacy K She Said Yes ), 11/25/19
Janelle Mondi CTDI and Belle (TDCH Sander Mt’s Boppin’ Birdie Belle), 6/22/16
Jennifer King and Ranger (TDCH Rock Candy Ranger), 4/30/13

German Wirehaired Pointer

Anita Tate CTDI and Katniss (TDCH MBISS GCHS Willamette’s Lookout Catching Fire JH NA CA DM DS CGCA TKP), 5/3/20
Sharon Morozumi and Claire (TDCH Claire de Lune), 4/15/16

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Griffin (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH CH Ber-D-Mar Ballygriffin of Greystone), 10/20/14
Mark Brown and Winston (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Finnabair Winston O’Reilley), 10/20/14

Golden Retriever

Cathy Cummins and Trek (TDCH Yaqui’s Reddi to Trek), 10/27/20
Alvina Williams and Seren (TDCH Bryncapuchin Supasundae), 10/10/20
Megan Esherick CTDI and Elf (TDCH Surf ‘N Turf Belvenie Winter Solstice SCN SIN SBN FDC BCAT CGC), 10/8/20
Andrea Hesz and Aline (TDCH Golden Von Schwarcz Fabiola), 9/16/20
Kailyn Richardson CTDI and Odin (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH GldnMeadows God of Wisdom and Gold CGC CGCU), 9/1/20
Lilly Niebuhr and Jag (TDCH Ambertrail’s Jumpin Jack Flash), 8/29/20
Glenna MacLeod and Dazzle (TDCH Amberview I’m The Real Deal CD RI CGN), 8/27/20
Kristine Freebairn and Skye (TDCH Annabre Elegeant Jessie CD RE), 8/25/20
Hannah Lomoth Klaehn and Gabe (TDCH Blueherons Highway to Heaven), 8/20/20
Grier Morris-Obst and Marlo (TDCH InTheBlind Marlo May), 8/19/20
Kerry Sugden and Secret (TDCH Jarysmystic Firefly), 7/31/20
Jillian Todd and Louie (TDCH Kenro’s Jevas Miracle Prince), 7/4/20
Robyn Thomson and Cora (TDCH Fyke’s Jewel From The Sea), 6/5/20
Lise Boucher and Soleil (TDCH Taygold’s Ray of Light), 5/20/20
Taylor Lima CTDI and Chester (TDCH Tahnee Howl At That Moon), 4/25/20
Marissa Hall and Luke (TDCH Luke), 4/20/20
Jasmine DeBlois CTDI and Phoenix (TDCH Smok’nGold’s Spittin Fire), 4/11/20
Susan Kindratiuk and Aer (TDCH Wimberways Golden F’Aer), 3/31/20
Linda Abram and Bogart (TDCH Goldpaw U Gimme Jungle Fevr), 3/9/20
Malin Larsson and Lilo (TDCH Höstglädjens Read Between The Lines), 2/29/20
Melanie Hart and Whisky (TDCH Tanbark’s Wisconsin Sun), 2/8/20
Sharon Needham CTDI and Fred (TDCH Kultas Fred), 1/28/20
Melissa Weldishofer and Godric (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Copperfield’s Golden Snitch), 10/18/19
Rachel Fein CTDI and Cloud (TDCH Wynwood’s Diamond In The Sky), 9/12/19
Sarah Knight and Rylee (TDCH Smok’n Gold’s Hearts Ablaze), 8/31/19
Susan Stacey and Hunter (TDCH Stacey’s Sir Hunts-A-Lot), 6/10/19
Barrie Lynn Wood CTDI and Sunny Bear (TDCH Tin Roof’s Sundance Kid FDC CGCA CGCU PSD), 5/26/19
Briar Dunn and Bramble (TDCH Rubus Parvifolius), 4/4/19
Samantha Snyder and Finn (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH OPK’s Gimmie Some Finn), 2/15/19
Tera Jurrens and Ocean (TDCH SEDGI Freedom Paws Chasing Waves UD NA NAJ CGCA TKI), 1/28/19
Katherine Martucci, DVM CTDI and Kova (TDCH Saturday Night Shared Electrons), 12/16/18
Dale Hays and Goldie (TDCH Redog’s Goldie Hays), 11/17/18
Kristi Fiala and Cody (TDCH Doc Mar’s Mayan Wild West Cowboy CGC TDIA), 9/10/18
Kari Trotsky and Athena (TDCH Trotsky’s Athena), 3/5/18
Donna Lee and Brady (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Woodland True Patriot CD BN RN CGCA CGCU TKA), 10/7/17
Joanne Sato and Koa (SDCH TDCH Margold Koa No Ka ‘Oi RN AX AXJ NF CGCA CGCU TKA), 9/25/17
Holly McArthur CTDI and Tilly (TDCH Topbrass Full Tilt Boogie), 3/30/17
Eric R. Schenk and Romeo (TDCH Royal River’s Abel Romeo CGC ETD), 2/5/17
Pamela Murn and Rocky (TDCH Skyefire’s Rocket Dog ETD), 1/31/17
Trixia Lassiter and Charlie (TDCH Charlie Lassiter), 9/30/16
Helen Akines and Barlie (TDCH Barlie Doug Matthews (!)), 9/1/16
Pam Jones CTDI and Sandy (TDCH Northwoods Chamber of Secrets), 4/4/16
Carolyn P. Moseley and Misty (TDCH Adirondac Play Misty for Me), 2/27/16
Timeea Giloan and Bengee (TDCH Bengee Giloan), 2/24/16
Lesley Harris and Dillon (TDCH Brass Tacks Harris’ Dillon CD UCD BN RA NA NAJ CGC ARCH), 10/23/15
Jennifer Cerrada CTDI and Hunter (TDCH CORNWOOD CHIVES REGAL), 5/11/15
Sharon Grant CTDI and River (TDCH Davinci’s Golden River of Dreams), 11/26/14
Maggie Lamb CTDI and Stella (TDCH Golden Shores Stellar Storm CD, RE, RL1, CGC, ETD), 2/24/14
Patricia Stein and Brady (TDCH Rosewood A Time To Celebrate), 7/31/13
Nissa Blocher and Jimmy (TDCH Jimmy), 2/3/13
Cindy Briggs CTDI and Jody (TDCH Mach 2 Firemark Hot Flash CDX XF AD ADHF), 9/24/12

Gordon Setter

Michelle Hope CTDI and Faith (TDCH Bracadale Dark Angel), 8/27/12

Great Dane

Kayla Baxter and Archer (TDCH Paquestone’s Light Up The Sky CGN RN PCD), 12/14/19
Napsugár Pillár and Luna (TDCH ), 12/22/18
Jane Hadfield and Lux (TDCH Notradane Beautiful Lux), 6/6/18
Sacha Packer and Gavin (TDCH Australian Champion Amasa The Gavinator (AI)), 5/14/18

Great Pyrenees

Anne Poirier CTDI and Sébastien (TDCH CCF-CH Ch. Woolmarsh Xeter’s Sebastian), 4/16/19
Anne Poirier CTDI and Bear Bear (TDCH Bear Bear), 2/10/19
Anne Poirier CTDI and Isabella (TDCH SDGCH CCF CH Ch Du Val Perché Kira Anne), 9/12/18
Diane Sammarco CTDI and Xander (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Rivergroves Xander of Portmeirion), 5/6/18
Diane Sammarco CTDI and Quinn (TDCH Quinn of Portmeirion), 8/10/15


Patti Hayes and Talley (TDCH Slatex Talledega BCAT CGC TKI NSD), 11/8/18
Christine Beisert and Dolce (TDCH SDGCH RATCHX6 Dolce Gambino OA OAJ OFP NW2 THD CGCA CGCU RS-N JS-O GS-O L1C L1I AN TDIA PKD-N CZ8B), 4/30/17


Jo-Ann Nielsen and Tesla (TDCH Small Opals That’s Amore), 11/18/20
Sabrina Lo and Charlie (TDCH BPIS GCH Yup’s Coal Harbour), 10/3/20
Carol Thurlby and Coco (TDCH Talemaker’s Coco), 8/28/20
Carol Thurlby and Doozie (TDCH Talemaker’s Doozie), 8/28/20
Mary-Lou Mackie and Moxie (TDCH Talemaker’s Force of Character), 8/6/20
Lois Warthe and Aliada (TDCH Hug-a-Brew’s Aliada Siempre), 5/19/20
Mette H. Larsen and Miki (TDCH Jabir’s Danés Ippolito), 4/21/20
Penny P. Noriega CTDI and Gibbs (TDCH Sunshine Handsome Is As Handsome Does), 9/30/19
Lauren Goldsworthy Gomez and Pixel (TDCH Justamere Capture The Moment), 5/8/18
Ellen Kurland CTDI and Billie Jean (TDCH Justamere Dreamcatcher’s Summer Storm), 6/7/17
Lauren Goldsworthy Gomez and Dancer (TDCH Justamere First to Dance Ayita), 6/7/17
Claire Paulson and Petey (TDCH Can.Ch/OTCh Pocotesoro El Cometa Del Rey CGN AgN RAE SJATD ETD RATI RATN CRA-CL), 2/8/16

Icelandic Sheepdog

Marie-Thérèse Mrusczok and Sara (TDCH Huldudals Sara), 4/12/20
Nikole Henthorn and Reyka (TDCH Caradoc’s True Joule Reyka Orestus), 9/20/18
Linda Voss and Reykur (TDCH Tri-Star Reykur Bosi ETD), 11/8/17
Beverly G. McCarter and Kirby (TDCH Vittetoes Kjarkur Keilirsson JHD-S CGCA), 9/9/16
Gabi Vannini CTDI and Link (TDCH Stubborn Elm’s Oskasteina Skiptingur RN CGC), 12/7/15
Gabi Vannini CTDI and Jeni (TDCH Tuckahoe Didi Belle CGCA), 4/13/14

Irish Setter

Kathy Clark and Ryder (TDCH GrCH Rhuzara’s Ghost Rider CD), 6/7/20
Courtney Hayes and Guinness (TDCH Guinness Hayes), 1/22/20
Shuko Okawara and Kiwi (TDCH ), 1/17/16
Kathleen Tepperies CTDI and Brandy (TDCH Brandy), 5/23/12

Italian Greyhound

Christine Jafarkhani and Yuri (TDCH FC Izat From Russia With Love SC RN BN CD PCDX C-CDX RL-1 EDT), 10/29/17

Jack Russell Terrier

Jasmine Khoo and Ola (TDCH Windcharm Hela’s Ola), 6/14/20
Erin Hackney and Zuul (Only Zuul MADC AGDC MSCDC ExJBronze SSN BID JRTCC AAD JRTCC AGD IBRH IBAR N-JE PKD-N), 5/16/20
Patricia Budrow and Sterling (TDCH Reynard’s Folly Sterling), 4/24/20
Daniele Pichette CTDI and Salty (TDCH ExBRH GChBAR SeaDog Salty Brine MGTG TRSi DD ED-J CCF3), 3/30/20
Daniele Pichette CTDI and Spade (TDCH GChBAR ChBRH DDACh Inseguire Ace o’Spades AADC SGDC AMDD BMDF MGTG TRSi FDX), 1/28/20
Laura Breckheimer and REO (TDCH VERS-NATCH CATCH2 RATCH ARCHX REO Speed Waggin’), 1/27/20
Daniele Pichette CTDI and Squat (TDCH ChBRHs FDCh Squat Le Petiloo AADC AGDC EXJ-Br MSDC DDX MBAR MGTGs TRSi ED-J), 1/27/20
Lucy Howard CTDI and Bailey (TDCH Baileys Gardening Delight), 4/14/19
Lyn Ridley ATDI and George (TDCH ), 3/31/19
Margaret Hendershot and Mario (TDCH ADCH PDCH CATE TACH2 TNAC MBR Hit Reset to Play Again), 1/2/19
Joarc Geelen and Rio (TDCH Basil Baggins Brush), 3/30/18
Kathleen Tepperies CTDI and Rebel (TDCH Rebel), 10/20/17
Emily Roxas and Tasha (TDCH Thasha of Chyn & Cait), 8/24/16
Meike Flintzak and Spidey (TDCH ), 2/13/16
Wendy Cook and Talie (TDCH Talie Wally Woo), 9/20/15
Heather Brook and Jesse (TDCH Just Jesse the Jack), 4/5/13


Sue Christie and Rika (TDCH Farsetkees Willow’s Girl), 10/26/20
Karen Sheahan and Jeep (TDCH LadySlipper’s Star of Might), 5/23/20
Natalie Spurrell and Allegro (TDCH Keesridge Allegro con Brio), 2/15/20
Carol LeGars and Kilo (TDCH Smokee Ridges Priceless Parody CGC CGCA CGCU TKN TKI TKA TKP ATT), 2/12/20
Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Ray (TDCH CCF-CH CH Blessed to Hope from Lavendermist Meadow), 11/6/19
Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Kira (TDCH Suncoast’s Kosmic Kira Narisse), 5/16/18
Donna Schmitt CTDI and Sherlock (TDCH Wund-R Y The Game Is Afoot), 1/3/18
Stacy Dickinson CTDI and Lupin (TDCH Wyndjamr’s Reflections of a Blue Moon ), 2/14/16
Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Kallie (TDCH CCF-CH Clingmey’s Keeshond Garden’s Kallie), 4/15/15
Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Reggie (TDCH CCF-CH Suncoast’s Lt Reggie Barclay of LI), 4/11/15
Stacie Beasley CTDI and Clancy (ALCH RO2 UJJ Beasley’s Fancy Chief Clancy RA CGC UADJJ TDCH), 4/21/14


Nadene Hoskins and Bindi (TDCH Corraglen Bindi), 10/1/18
Merrilee McGee and Dux (TDCH Dux McGee), 6/4/18


Richard Lyes and Merlin (TDCH Amber’s Vagabond V.D. Toetesteijn ETD), 9/26/17


Ida Sjo and Utchi (TDCH Åbyfjordens Bruno), 5/9/19

Labrador Retriever

Kristin Wegel and Ember (TDCH Hammr Ridgeview Fire’s Ember), 11/11/20
Julie Boyd CTDI and Bentley (TDCH CCF-CH Bentley Dyson Boyd), 10/17/20
Helen Gray and Cadbury (TDCH Swinsteads Blazing Boy), 10/6/20
Velma Ricketts and Mazie (TDCH Simply Amazing), 9/27/20
Helen Gray and Maverick (TDCH Nicholforest Top Gun), 9/23/20
Stephanie Shaw and Theo (TDCH Theo), 9/20/20
Lauren Mackenzie and Winston (TDCH Winston Warrior), 9/8/20
Shannon Nicholson and Darby (TDCH Darby), 8/10/20
Kayla Hatten and Cayenne (TDCH Cayenne Toot Hatten), 8/8/20
Lori Neily and Shayleigh (TDCH MOTCH Loyal Labradors Shayleigh UD RE SH WCX(2) CGN SADC SSGDC), 8/4/20
Namita DigheShetty CTDI and Jericho (TDCH Eromit’s Jericho Beach Bum), 8/3/20
Allyssa Hewitt and April (TDCH April Showers Bring May Flowers), 7/13/20
Allison Litfin and Claire (TDCH Mardles Llanfair Clarion Call), 7/2/20
Jillian Marquart and Bailey (TDCH Marquart’s Bailey), 6/3/20
Maureen McEntee and Story (TDCH Startops Never Ending Story), 5/10/20
Suzanne Jacques CTDI and Harper (TDCH Bronco’s Harp of a Thousand Strings CD RA NAP TKE CGC), 4/13/20
Bella Rowe and Charley (TDCH Charles Huckleberry Rowe), 4/5/20
Sandra-Marie Hrycko and Hope (TDCH Aile Bleue Hope CGN RE SD-Ssp), 3/23/20
Cathy Miller and Holly (TDCH AlpyneAir Forget Me Not), 3/9/20
Rebecca Bosley and Thatcher (TDCH Bush Meadow Deep Run Presiding Judge), 1/16/20
Elena Bureynikova and Phoebe (TDCH Bureynikova’s Phoebe), 1/14/20
JoDale L. Benz CTDI and Kapri (TDCH Kapri), 1/12/20
Janessa McKenzie and Neeva (TDCH Neeva), 1/3/20
Lori Weltz and Cashew (TDCH Eromit’s Cashew Twist), 1/3/20
Beth Grooms CTDI and Sam (TDCH Samantha’s Calm Before the Storm), 12/11/19
Heather Coiner CTDI and Pearl (TDCH Calypso’s Black Pearl), 10/10/19
Heather Schneider and Gabby (TDCH Eromit’sTalk of the Town), 8/29/19
Alycia Rogal CTDI and Coulee (TDCH Torg’s Water on Stone TPK), 5/17/19
Lori Weltz and Lily (TDCH Eromit’s Tiger Lily), 4/30/19
Jeff Dentler CTDI and Chase (TDCH ), 2/12/19
Megan Rose Taylor and Rowley (TDCH ), 2/4/19
Claudia Brabazon and Magic (TDCH Staghorn’s Black Magic RN RI RA), 11/20/18
Christa Tucker CTDI and Daisy (TDCH CCF-CH Daisy Mac Tucker II), 11/19/18
Ellen Davis and Lilly (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Lilly of Clay Farm), 10/23/18
Ellen Davis and Scout (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Scout of Clay Farm), 10/10/18
Kimberly Lewis CTDI and Gibson (TDCH SDCH Gibson XXXVI), 8/23/18
Debbi Booth and Ocean (TDCH Galody Handcuff Lightning ETD), 2/25/18
Jo Laurens and Moye (TDCH Contender Covey at Galody ETD), 2/19/18
Bobbi Rakita and Riley (TDCH Rakita’s Riley), 1/17/18
Anne Chapman and Gracie (TDCH Dancing Tiny Tara ETD), 12/31/17
Andrew Bignell CTDI and Oscar (TDCH Oscar Bignell ETD), 11/1/17
Lynn Peffley ATDI and Charlie Brown (TDCH Kingsland’s Charlie Brown ETD), 8/5/17
Kathryn Pate and Luna (TDCH Eromit’s Dark Side of the Moon ATD), 12/10/16
Heather Schneider and Emma (TDCH Eromit’s Jane Austen), 9/13/16
Samantha Perkins and Homer (TDCH Go Big or Go Home), 1/27/16
Chesna Vitanovec CTDI and Faith (TDCH Faith Odessa Vitanovec), 1/17/16
Andrew Telford and Ben (TDCH Trialwise Elliot Buttons), 10/16/15
Tamara L. Tucker CTDI and Abe (TDCH Hero Dogs Abraham Lincoln), 9/30/15
Cassandra Newell and Sig (TDCH Intl/Nat CH, UKC CH, USJ K7s’ Sig’s Ridin’ Shotgun CGC, RN, SPD, FO, THD, RATS, ORT, ETD), 9/25/15
Corinne Dziuba and Timber (TDCH Eromit’s Shiver Me Timber), 9/8/15
Nina Kujawska CTDI and Lenny (TDCH ), 4/21/15
Crystal Meadows and Charlie (TDCH Sir Charles on Henrico), 2/27/15
Marie Moy and Bubba (TDCH Bubba), 12/3/14
Marie Moy and Georgia Belle (TDCH Miss Georgia Belle), 12/3/14
Nicole Schimpf and Addie (TDCH Addie), 3/6/14
Emily Cassell CTDI and Maddie (TDCH Madeleine Belle), 10/15/12

Lagotto Romagnolo

Melita Rogers CTDI and Aria (TDCH IL NASO SA AROMA ARIA), 3/25/17
Melita Rogers CTDI and Lilly (TDCH Suzaluca Lilly Larkin), 7/22/13

Lakeland Terrier

Lori Napoli and Phoebe (TDCH Glacieridge Fifty Hot Cross Buns), 7/29/16

Lapponian Herder

Marianne Neidhardt and Modji (TDCH Gátchis Nástitös-Modji), 10/7/20
Marianne Neidhardt and Aili (TDCH Gátchis Bargi Aili), 10/7/20


Sarah Hatton and Memphis (TDCH Lyndordream Simba ETD), 1/12/18

Lhasa Apso

Sue Ridgley and Coco (TDCH Karlyn Ridgley’s Luigi Coco Chinetti CGC TKP), 10/11/16


Linsey Moeskops and Kai (TDCH BE CH NED CH LU CH BEvetCH NEDvetCH BISvet BWBE’14 BeW’14 BVWBE’15 BVW’15 VW’15 Kai de la Maison Dominique AG1 GP1 MCFT TDUD ETD DSA), 12/16/16


Alex Cowtan and Archie (TDCH CCF-CH Up n Over Archie), 6/13/19
Christina Opperman CTDI and Pea (TDCH Leebeardream Sweet Pea), 2/1/19
Christina Opperman CTDI and Minion (TDCH Leebeardream One In A Minion), 12/28/18
Ruth Sheller and Layla (TDCH Layla), 3/23/17
Rosie Reid CTDI and Pixel (TDCH Pixel), 6/12/15


Megan Hemmer and Nanuq (TDCH Nanuq), 2/9/20
Deborah Gardiner CTDI and Eli (TDCH SDCH Eli Jackson Gardiner), 4/14/18
Marisa Oh Chen and Obi Wan Chenobi (TDCH Bellarata’s You Better Believe It), 7/20/13
Aastha Gaur and Gustave (TDCH Crime Master Guga), 7/12/13
Joanie Carqueville and Chadwick (TDCH Shanlyn’s Keep’N The Chadwick CD BN RE), 5/18/13

Manchester Terrier

Nicole Sales ATDI and Kenji (TDCH CAA CGCA), 11/12/14

Manchester Terrier (Toy)

Corey Titon and Denzel (TDCH Fwaggles Dreamboat V Rustic LN), 2/5/20


Marica Ljungholm and Meya (TDCH Joy), 3/28/20
Marica Ljungholm and Britta (TDCH Foske Lisa V D Wilde Vaart), 3/10/19


Kirby McIlveen and Flash (TDCH Rockin’ KR Blue Flash Lightning CGCA TKP), 2/17/20
Kirby McIlveen and Torch (TDCH Rockin KR Red Raging Torch TKP DJ), 2/1/20

Miniature Pinscher

Sandra Carbonell CTDI and Foster (TDCH Carbonell’s Foster Reid), 6/28/17
Sandra Carbonell CTDI and Emily Hope (TDCH Carbonell’s Emily Hope), 6/21/17

*Mixed Breed

Laura Respecki CTDI and Kassie (TDCH Kassandra Respecki), 11/4/20
Devon Stevens and Neo (TDCH Dobby Does His Best), 11/3/20
Katy Olson and Koda (TDCH Kodiak Bear), 11/1/20
Ann Lee CTDI and Izzy (TDCH Izzy Wizzy Woo), 10/31/20
Mary Lang Walters and Lily (TDCH Lily), 10/26/20
Tara Tower and Chevy (TDCH Chevy), 10/16/20
Bettina Szajbert and Artur (TDCH Artur), 10/6/20
Katie Tigchelaar and Bandit (TDCH Bandit), 10/3/20
Hannah Pratt and Jackson (TDCH Jackson’s Earth Song), 10/3/20
Marla Matera and LEO (TDCH CCF-CH Leo Matera CGCA TKP CW-SRA CW-ZR1A CW-OAL1 WCRL-RL1), 9/29/20
Cassie Gress and Beau (TDCH Lambeau), 9/21/20
Chas Robert and Skye (TDCH Skye High Rocket), 9/15/20
Charlene Williams and Sheena (TDCH Sheena), 9/13/20
Divina Reyes CTDI and Bruno (TDCH Bruno Reyes), 9/8/20
Jessica Croezen and Rocky (TDCH Rocky), 9/8/20
Gill Hannam and Bryn (TDCH Bryn Bach Melys), 9/6/20
Caroline Sanders and Luna (TDCH Sheza Loony Lunatic), 9/6/20
Ruth Sheller and Piper (TDCH CCF-CH Piper), 8/28/20
Natasha Cameron ATDI and Tobias Roger (TDCH Tobias Roger), 8/27/20
Alison Poulter and Jive (TDCH Jump and Jive), 8/26/20
Shannon McCooeye and Bruno (TDCH Bruno), 8/25/20
Christine Bennett and Puzzle (TDCH Jackapoochi Puzzle), 8/24/20
Marie-Josee Blondin and Bailey (TDCH CCF-CH Bailey), 8/19/20
Pauline Jackson CTDI and Bug (TDCH Bug), 8/19/20
Karen Ashorn and Lacey (TDCH Ashorn’s Lacey), 8/18/20
Laurie King CTDI and Putter (TDCH Putter THDA CGCA CGCU TKP NSD), 8/17/20
Kristin Cabaniss and Izzy (TDCH ITS Now or Never), 8/15/20
Finnian Mckeown and Porter (TDCH Howdy Huckleberry Cowboy), 8/13/20
Natasha Cameron ATDI and Bella (TDCH Bella), 8/13/20
Jane Pomponio CTDI and Marley (TDCH Marley), 8/13/20
Linlin Cao and Niko (TDCH Niko’s the Future is Mine NW2 L1V L1I), 8/12/20
Meredith Moulton and Poppy (TDCH Papaver PadThai of Slumberland), 8/12/20
Allie Burgess CTDI and Kitty (TDCH Kitty), 8/9/20
Caroline Walker CTDI and Harley (TDCH Harlequin Whatever it Takes), 8/9/20
Christie Bahena CTDI and Monster (TDCH CMOB’s Monster Under the Bed), 8/6/20
Robin Clinch and Moss (TDCH Moss), 8/6/20
Cicy Guimond and Aurora (TDCH Aurora), 8/1/20
Caitlin Eldridge and Kraken (TDCH Release the Kraken), 7/30/20
Judi Lacey and Ruby (TDCH CCF-CH Ruby Star of Larks Field), 7/25/20
Tina Fanetti and Dug (TDCH Lord Dug MacDoogall of Barkbottom), 7/22/20
Julie James CTDI and Barnaby (TDCH Barnaby), 7/16/20
Donna Berkowitz and Pearl (TDCH Pearl), 7/13/20
Lisa Seltmann and Freya (TDCH Seltmann’s Lady of the Lake), 7/12/20
Irene Ng and Sierra (TDCH CCF-CH Sierra of Acacia), 7/9/20
Laura Harper and Gabbie (TDCH Gabbie), 7/4/20
Stephanie Tomasky CTDI and Orly (TDCH Orly Borly Tomasky), 7/2/20
Mary Gee and Piper (TDCH Piper), 6/30/20
Lori Yarrow and Frida (TDCH Frida), 6/30/20
Bailey Krause-Kaglea and Dally (TDCH Dally), 6/22/20
Greg Laslo CTDI and Stella (TDCH Chupacabra in Cute Boots), 6/18/20
Sara Macpherson CTDI and Jasper (TDCH Jasper the Unbrave), 6/15/20
Lisa Seltmann and Fizz (TDCH Seltmann’s Blueberry Fizz), 6/12/20
Dana Symons and Copper (TDCH Copernicus Faramir Symons), 6/9/20
Emily Charbonneau CTDI and Juno (TDCH Juno), 6/9/20
Tonie Farace and Kimber (TDCH Kimber X), 6/7/20
Gretchen Meyer and Sugar (TDCH Sugar), 5/30/20
Anne Proctor and Chota (TDCH Rangeview Chota at Morada CGCB RN), 5/29/20
Vicki Hinton and George (TDCH George), 5/29/20
Polly Alexander and Finn (TDCH Goat Getter CGC TKA BCAT), 5/27/20
Katie Streeter and Anna (TDCH Let’s Go Bananas), 5/20/20
Lucy Wheelwright and Toby (TDCH Rub A Dub Tub), 5/20/20
Imogene Sevin ATDI and Gracie (TDCH Sevin’s Gracie), 5/10/20
Frederike Spyrka and Nala (TDCH Nala), 5/9/20
Nicki Klevering CTDI and Trix (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Trix), 5/4/20
Carol Ann Foster and Max (TDCH Max), 5/2/20
Chelsea Du Jardin CTDI and Knox (TDCH Good as Gold Knox), 4/30/20
Sharon Grant CTDI and Journey (TDCH The Incredible Journey), 4/30/20
Reegan Rollings and Stella (TDCH Stellaluna), 4/30/20
Samantha Geis and Zetes (TDCH Zetes), 4/27/20
Leslie Morris CTDI and Perse (TDCH CCF-CH Perephone of Sheldon), 4/26/20
Emily Mathews ATDI and Ryder (TDCH CCF-CH Ryder), 4/23/20
Christina Jones CTDI and Chloe (TDCH SDGCH Flopdoodle Chloe Bean), 4/21/20
Mélanie Gagnon and Techno (TDCH Techno), 4/20/20
Flip Collins CTDI and Jack (TDCH Jack), 4/13/20
Anne Smith and Mochi (TDCH Mochi), 4/12/20
Sarah Van Renselaar CTDI and Zero (TDCH Weskeys Zero to Sixty), 4/7/20
Grace Nogan ATDI and Bonnie (TDCH Bonnie of Day Farm), 4/7/20
Carol Graham CTDI and Kody (TDCH SDGCH Kody), 4/6/20
Jennifer Wyllie and Emma (TDCH Emma in the Wild), 4/5/20
Élise Lacroix and Flavie (TDCH Flavie), 3/30/20
Andrea Oxton and Kinny (TDCH Kinny), 3/23/20
Flip Collins CTDI and Alfie (TDCH CCF-CH Alfie), 3/20/20
Jennifer Bramble and Captain Morgan (TDCH CCF-CH Captain Morgan Spiced Gold), 3/5/20
Arianne Arseneault and Polka (TDCH Polka), 2/24/20
Ashley Watkins CTDI and Sky (TDCH Sky), 2/23/20
Tammy Hanstead CTDI and Elsie (TDCH Elsa Marie You Are My Sunshine), 2/17/20
Marie-France Millette CTDI and Shelby (TDCH Shelby), 2/14/20
Sarah Newlin CTDI and Maya (TDCH Maya), 2/2/20
Sarah Burkett and Annie (TDCH Annie), 1/31/20
Carol Lynch and Harry (TDCH Harry), 1/27/20
Sonia Catherall and Harry (TDCH Harry), 1/10/20
Marjory Bird and Zeus (TDCH Zeus), 12/31/19
David Longseth CTDI and Nikki! (TDCH Nikki!), 12/14/19
Caroline Knight and Beans (TDCH Beans), 11/30/19
Jen Suekawa and Jasper (TDCH Jasper), 11/20/19
Martha Podyma and Jazzy (TDCH Jasmine CGC), 10/21/19
Cassie Zydek and Kane (TDCH Kane A Roo CL2 CL3 CGC), 10/7/19
Drew Van Roekel and Murphy (TDCH Murphy Van Roekel), 10/3/19
Ellen Petrick and Tazza (TDCH Tazza Barking Spiders), 9/24/19
Ellen Rak and Cider (TDCH Cider Rakova Dunlap), 8/27/19
Jerica Greenhalgh and Marley (TDCH Marley), 8/16/19
Jennifer Lueck CTDI and Branson (TDCH Branson O’Brien), 7/31/19
Melanie L. Babendreier CTDI and Daisy (TDCH Daisy Doodle Dandy), 7/15/19
Jerica Greenhalgh and Nova (TDCH Nova), 7/10/19
Sarah Shapiro-Ward CTDI and Percy (TDCH ), 6/19/19
Samantha Cunha and Cannoli (TDCH Cannoli), 6/7/19
Sandy Morales and Sunny (TDCH ), 5/31/19
Morgan Cain and Plymouth (TDCH The Pride is Back), 5/20/19
Margaret Hendershot and Natasha (TDCH Louie’s Make Way for a Villain), 5/13/19
Shannon Langel CTDI and Rune (TDCH SDGCH Rune), 5/7/19
Margaret Hendershot and Malachi (TDCH CATCH Hendershot’s Message From My Past), 5/6/19
Jamie Blake and Tink (TDCH Tink), 4/29/19
Ida Sjo and Jack (TDCH Jack Crowbally Bart), 4/16/19
Emma Thorsell and Molly (TDCH ), 4/8/19
Deanna Langan CTDI and Flint (TDCH SDGCH Flint), 3/28/19
Ali Imel CTDI and Blossom (TDCH Blossom Imel), 3/6/19
Corinne Andersen and Vision (TDCH OB’s Seeing is Believing ATD), 2/20/19
Julia Schwark CTDI and Rikki (TDCH Miss Rikki), 2/13/19
Cheryl Petryshyn CTDI and Rift (TDCH ), 2/9/19
Mary Green and Augie (TDCH Augie VIII), 1/29/19
Rachel Lyn Woodward and Kyra (TDCH ), 1/7/19
Stephanie Leese and Flip (TDCH Leebeardream Chosen By Pea), 1/6/19
Suzanne Dubnicka CTDI and River (TDCH River Dubnicka CGCA TKP RATN), 12/13/18
Jodi Jarvis-Therrian CTDI and Odin (TDCH Odin Jack Jarvis), 12/7/18
Imogen Woodman CTDI and Rumpelstiltskin (TDCH Rumpelstiltskin), 11/17/18
Patrick Koh ATDI and Obed (TDCH Obed Blessing), 10/30/18
Veronica Tan CTDI and Obed (TDCH Obed Blessing), 10/29/18
Rachel Sutton and Wookiee (TDCH Wookiee’s Favorite Things), 9/4/18
Shannon Langel CTDI and Phoenix (TDCH SDCH Phoenix), 9/3/18
Elsie Louise Pfleider and Sheba (TDCH Sheba Braveheart Aspin of Owlsperch), 8/17/18
Heidi Olivier and Zeta (TDCH ), 8/14/18
Margaret Whitehead and Buzz (TDCH Buzz Aldrin Lightyear Whitehead), 8/10/18
Diane Cranston and Sky (TDCH Sky CGC CGCA SPOT-ON DSA), 7/22/18
Sylvia Van Doorn CTDI and Shazam (TDCH O GR CH Shazam), 7/12/18
Janette Wilson and Miss Scarlette (TDCH RO. CH Scarlette CDX RAE DWDFN HTMA), 7/9/18
Erica Sherbanuk and Rudi (TDCH ), 6/30/18
Karla Barton CTDI and Liam (TDCH Liam “Demon”), 6/23/18
Rosalind Walkington and Fletcher (TDCH CGCG TCQ RAE1), 6/10/18
Susan Staffeld ATDI and Carmen (TDCH Mac’s Forbidden Love RN CGC ETD), 6/9/18
Danny Terry and Holly (TDCH DMT’s Christmas in Dixie), 6/1/18
Krista Gilpin and Sugar (TDCH Sugar), 5/31/18
Jessianne Page CTDI and Dakota (TDCH Dakota Lopez ETD), 5/25/18
Sassafras Lowrey CTDI and Charlotte (TDCH Charlotte), 5/15/18
Sacha Packer and Little Man (TDCH ), 5/13/18
Samantha Cunningham and Toby (TDCH CCF-CH Toby Falcor the Luck Dragon), 4/6/18
Tracy L. Kraftchisin and Callie (TDCH Callie Kraftchisin), 3/25/18
Andrea Lengi and Audie (TDCH Audie), 3/18/18
Florenza Pizanis CTDI and Busta (TDCH Busta Rooby-Doo), 3/18/18
Christine Macfarlane and Storm (TDCH ), 3/16/18
Kari Trotsky and Yogi (TDCH YOGI XXXII), 3/10/18
Jaime Martin and Henry (TDCH ), 3/9/18
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Pixie (SDCH TDCH Flying Pixie Dust), 2/20/18
Ariel N. Baber CTDI and Halligan (TDCH Zero to Hero), 2/18/18
Beth Higginbotham and Anna (TDCH Higgz Frozen Princess ETD), 1/26/18
Imogen Woodman CTDI and Millie (TDCH Millie), 1/7/18
Samantha Cunningham and Thunder (TDCH CCF-CH Thunder from Down Under CGC), 1/7/18
Mercedes Osolin CTDI and Raven (TDCH ), 1/1/18
Sylvia Van Doorn CTDI and Charli Girl (TDCH O. GR. CH. Charli Girl RAE), 12/31/17
Crystal Blaker CTDI and Wrigley (TDCH Wrigley Blaker), 12/29/17
Michelle Gamage CTDI and Willa (TDCH SDGCH Willa Do It Right), 12/27/17
Kathleen Tepperies CTDI and Bea (TDCH Bea), 12/23/17
Samantha Cunningham and Mia (TDCH CCF-CH How Can I Resist Momma Mia CGC), 12/17/17
Lynzie Bacchus CTDI and Wynn (TDCH ), 12/4/17
Raechel Drill CTDI and Lilah (TDCH Miss De Lilah Darling Doodle ETD), 11/29/17
Thyra Powers CTDI and Ozzie (TDCH Ozzie Powers ), 11/13/17
Thyra Powers CTDI and Dixie (TDCH ), 11/13/17
Robin Murray CTDI and Stuart (TDCH Stuart ‘Squirt’ Murray), 10/31/17
Carole Husein CTDI and Sally (TDCH ), 10/23/17
Shelly Turner and Tess (TDCH ), 10/19/17
Sandra Carbonell CTDI and Franklin (TDCH Carbonell’s Franklin Lewis), 10/18/17
Janet Waters CTDI and Serra (TDCH Serra Plain and Tall AX AXJ NF T2B TKP CL1-R CL1-F CL1-H NAC NJC CA NW3 NW3-V NW3-C L1I L1C SD-S), 10/6/17
Janilee Benell CTDI and Fuzz (TDCH The Fuzz CGN RL1), 9/18/17
Karen Profenna CTDI and Sophie (TDCH Sophie Profenna), 9/4/17
Bailey Preston and Bella (TDCH BellaTheBall ETD), 8/27/17
Maggie Weston and Jessie (SDCH TDCH Vista’s Jessie Girl RE FDC AX AXJ NF DN CGCA RL-1), 7/31/17
Tony Hahn and Cali (TDCH Cali Hahn ETD), 7/14/17
Peggy Stevens and Rags (TDCH Raggedy Ann Stevens BN RA CA BCAT RATN DS CGC TKE), 6/30/17
Linda Scannell and Annie (TDCH Lil Orphan Annie Comes Home ETD), 6/22/17
Tina Sawicki and Piper (TDCH ), 6/5/17
Debbie Markwick CTDI and Vinnie (TDCH ), 5/22/17
Corinne Sollows and Freya (TDCH Freya Sollows ETD), 5/10/17
Joyce Pedicini and Pauly (SDCH TDCH Sir Flat Pants Pauly), 4/30/17
Debbie Bickford CTDI and Ludo (SDCH TDCH Ludo Bickford), 2/26/17
Karla Krieg ATDI and Wilbur (TDCH ), 2/20/17
Dani Miller and Murphy (TDCH Murphy), 2/7/17
Paula King and Rose (TDCH ), 1/19/17
Tania Butler and Sky (TDCH Sky), 1/11/17
Gina Burger and Brody (TDCH Mr. Brody Longfellow Wiggle-Tail Burger), 12/27/16
Doug Howell and Torch (SDCH TDCH Howell’s Torch), 12/19/16
Heather Trudell and Reba (TDCH ), 12/1/16
Dr. Donna K Buechler-Furey and Raven (TDCH Buechler-Furey Raven), 9/11/16
Helen Byrne CTDI and Nellie (TDCH Nellie), 9/1/16
Sharon Bugelli and Coco (TDCH ), 7/7/16
Barbara King and Toblerone (TDCH Toblerone), 6/30/16
Graham and Jenn Steel and Noel (TDCH ), 6/6/16
Cheryl Lynn Pinnock and Tru (TDCH Trudy), 5/28/16
Debbie Blythe KPA-CTP CTDI CCFC CTDI and Fetch! (TDCH Fetch! CGC RATI RATN), 5/8/16
Chrissy Joy CTDI and Beasley (TDCH SDCH Good Beasley), 4/23/16
Tiff Shao and Soro (TDCH ), 4/16/16
Stacey Spanovich Damm CTDI and Ruby (TDCH ), 4/2/16
Samantha Perkins and Josie (TDCH Just Josie BN RN CGC CD-C RL1 RATI RATS), 1/27/16
Nicole Vaughn CTDI and Duzi (TDCH CBC Duzi Ratel), 1/25/16
Elizabeth Frum CTDI and Margo (TDCH American Super Margo Scarlette), 1/25/16
Megan Rose Taylor and Ruby (TDCH Ruby the Superdog), 1/16/16
Heidi Priester and Lina (TDCH Lina), 1/10/16
Sarah McManaman ATDI and Zephyr (TDCH ), 1/1/16
Dr. Astrid Porges and Fibi (TDCH ), 1/1/16
Joni Grant and Tinker (TDCH ), 12/25/15
Judy Girard and Tango (TDCH Kentucky Tango), 12/20/15
Lea Griffin and Ladybug (TDCH ), 12/4/15
Joanne Wudrich and Luna (TDCH ), 11/17/15
Rob Montague and Layla (TDCH Layla Montague), 10/30/15
Dani Hudson and Mack (TDCH McKinley ‘Mack’ Hudson), 9/27/15
Karen Kathka CTDI and Trevor (SDCH TDCH Trevor’s Nightime Miracle), 8/30/15
Tessa Savelkoel and Puck (TDCH Puck), 8/26/15
Dia Bates and William (TDCH Mr Blue Sky), 7/27/15
Mary Brick and Pepper (TDCH Pepper), 6/19/15
Megan Bassett and Rufus (TDCH Rufus Bassett), 5/30/15
Kathy Mayer CTDI and Kaydee (TDCH ), 4/21/15
Elizabeth Frum CTDI and Blaise (TDCH American Super Blaise Reigns), 4/4/15
Nancy C. Lech CTDI and Emerald (TDCH Emerald May), 3/21/15
Amy S. Reese and Hoosier (TDCH Hoosier Magoo), 2/6/15
Dana Harris and Jade (TDCH Jady Lady Harris BN RE OA AXJ OF CGCA), 1/31/15
Julia Mueller CTDI and Khazi (TDCH ), 1/20/15
Robin Murray CTDI and Simon (TDCH Simon “Spike” Murray), 1/12/15
Kate Renner and Baker (TDCH Ingomar Di Mancini Torsione Pane CAX2, RN, RL1, ETD, CGC, TT), 12/24/14
Andrea Lengi and Pye (TDCH Pye-Dog), 12/14/14
Beren Garrity and Ransom (TDCH ), 10/7/14
Hedwig Sebulke ATDI and Struppi (TDCH Struppi), 8/31/14
Kate Lloyd CTDI and Badger (TDCH ), 7/2/14
Lisa Sockriter and Ariella (TDCH Ariella Surfgirl CGCA, ETD), 3/27/14
Nancy C. Lech CTDI and Griffin (TDCH Griffins Rising Star), 12/1/13
Vicki Brown CTDI and Kate (SDGCH TDCH Kowabunga Kate), 10/7/13
Rachel Lane CTDI and Dustin (TDCH Dustin Alexander Lane), 7/30/13
Annalisa Thompson and Roxy (TDCH Diamond In The Ruff), 7/12/13
Leah Thye and Tanker (TDCH Tanker Thye), 4/13/13
Lindsay Oakley CTDI and Marlee (TDCH Marlee), 1/11/13
Katherine Ferger CTDI and Zelda (TDCH Zelda), 5/26/12
Melita Rogers CTDI and Abbey (TDCH Abbey Delta Therapy Dog CGC), 3/14/12
Melita Rogers CTDI and Jessie (TDCH Jessie), 3/14/12
Kimberly Chappell and Zoë (TDCH KC’s High Flying Zoë CGC TDIA), 10/30/11
Cindy Otto CTDI and Dolce’ (TDCH Dolcetto), 10/23/11
Karen Profenna CTDI and Hailey (TDCH ), 10/6/11


Lynda Koserski and Zwack (TDCH Herdabout Artic Just A Nip ETD), 5/26/17


Erin Zimmer and Meredith (TDCH SDCH VN CH Oceano’s Myth and Legend for Horizon WD1 WRD TDD TDDX CD BN RI CGCA TKEP), 5/6/20
Nina Clare and Tesla (TDCH Kivisilman Yleisurheilija), 5/5/20
Chantal Nault and Solo (TDCH Can CH Longship’s Destined to be Unique CD WRD CGN / Am. CD), 1/21/20
Amanda Buse and Nahkohe (TDCH Nordic Wonder Bear w/Me CDX PCDX GN BN RM RAE TKP CGC WRD DD3), 7/27/19
Sassafras Lowrey CTDI and Sirius (TDCH Numa’s Sirius Whimsy CGC TKP), 12/27/18
Tiffany Moran and Angus (TDCH IntCh Coal Harbor’s Mighty Angus CD BN RE WDIII CGC), 4/13/15

Norwegian Buhund

Jasmine Tata and Kinzi (TDCH Jorund Kinzi ETD), 9/12/17
Jasmine Tata and Finna (TDCH Trollheimen Cara Finna ETD), 8/4/17

Norwich Terrier

Joe Nutkins CTDI and Ripley (TDCH Norowic Lady Of Lorien), 5/24/19
Joe Nutkins CTDI and Cassie (TDCH Tebrun Chocolate Muffin), 9/29/16
Joe Nutkins CTDI and Merlin (TDCH Tebrun Favour), 5/5/15
Ali Hayes and Toby (TDCH Ragus Double O’Seven), 1/2/15
Joe Nutkins CTDI and Taylor (TDCH Tebrun Timothy), 12/5/14

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Kristen Riberdy and Wyatt (TDCH Kasomor’s Gunslinging Cowboy), 10/4/20
Rochelle Kurth and Coach (TDCH CCF-CH Tipping Rock Centerfield at Hawks Nest), 9/6/20
Louise Ince and Houdini (TDCH Tivalake Let’s Step Out), 9/1/20
Lisa Porter CTDI and Zeppelin (TDCH Tollwest’s Whole Lotta Love TD-ROM), 8/20/20
Sophie Hughes and Gem (TDCH Eusanit Gem Stone At Abacot), 8/18/20
Louise Ince and Troy (TDCH Decoyman’s Piper Edward), 8/17/20
Michele Levitt CTDI and Riley (TDCH Tartan’s Keeper of the Secret), 7/28/20
Sally Sanford and ZeeZee (TDCH Danehaven Midgell at Paludic RL6ex), 7/24/20
Sally Sanford and Lace (TDCH Erikachen Lasadoir at Paludic RL6ex), 7/24/20
Glenna MacLeod and Garnet (TDCH Ch Roaneden’s Rare Gem CD TD RE CGN), 7/11/20
Diane Mac Kay and Filou (TDCH Nothwest Filou), 7/7/20
Sandy Franceschini and Lewis (TDCH CH Seaterrace Hallow’ Jack-O), 7/2/20
Rochelle & Carolyn Kurth and Noble (TDCH Hawks Nest Divine Providence), 6/14/20
Olivia Stephenson and Theo (TDCH Ch Seaterrace Theo’dorable Lennon), 6/1/20
Sandra Rivas and Charlie (TDCH Gambit Doglefox), 10/22/19
Caryl Darling and Morgan (TDCH Pikkinokka’s Captain Morgan RN, CGN), 11/19/14

Old English Sheepdog

Jaclin Dunne and Polly (TDCH Polly Wolly – born blind), 2/4/18
Jaclin Dunne and Ralphie (TDCH Ralphie – born deaf), 7/26/17
Dana Stafford and Piper (TDCH Jelabobs My Dream Come True), 3/27/16


Kaitlyn Ripley and Betsy (TDCH Betsy), 8/5/20
Jessica Budd-Whitbread CTDI and Jasper (TDCH CCF-CH Rockalily’s Diamond in the Ruff), 7/11/20
Gwen Ruddick and Angus (TDCH Tollegend Celtic Tradition II), 6/24/20
Gwen Ruddick and Al-Vinn (TDCH GCh Sunoka’s Al-Vinn’s Red and Ready), 6/24/20
Wendy Wallace and Rumor (TDCH SDDA-CH OTCH Can CH Arkeno’s This Rounds on You RM RATN SN Agl CGN), 6/20/20
Margaret Henigman and Fleur (TDCH Ch Littlewing’s Satin Flower CD), 6/3/20
Christina Sanders and Quasi(modo) (TDCH AGMCH2 Topflite Rings My Bell SHDGMCh MXP AGSCX JTX CGN), 4/17/20
Sharon P. Miller and Ezra (TDCH UKC CH Medlee’s Desiderata RAE CGCA TKP), 8/30/18
Diane Gailit CTDI and Skylar (TDCH Skylar Bleu), 8/31/17
Bobbie Kurivial CTDI and Arden (TDCH SDCH Braylor’s Arcadian Forest of Eve), 7/2/17
Mary Hager CTDI and Ricco (TDCH Monarch’s It’s Amore ETD), 7/1/17
Mary Hostetter and Swag (SDCH TDCH GCH CH Marrics Pirates Treasure AX AXJ OF TKP), 6/26/17
Ellen Kurland CTDI and Magic (TDCH MACH Utopian Lil Bit of Majic), 6/7/17
Mary Lantis and Jayde (TDCH Wildcard Better Than Diamonds ETD), 12/20/16
Ellen Kurland CTDI and Lil Bit (TDCH Wild Card’s Courteous Canine Lil Bit), 1/8/16
Lezlie Couch and Freckles (TDCH Arbeitsheim Designer Freckles), 8/22/15
Vicki Rasmussen and Yoshi (TDCH Clairus Akai Let’s A Go CGC ETD), 1/27/15
Joan Dandy and Bentley (TDCH ), 9/27/14
Ethel Mercer CTDI and Zip (SDCH TDCH MACH Oakhills Zippin’ Around CDX RE MXB MJB CGCA), 6/2/14
Diana Squicciarini CTDI and Glinda (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Medlee’s Ruby Slippers CGC), 2/4/14
Sharon Page and Dash (TDCH Topflite Dash 4 Cash), 3/27/12

Parson Russell Terrier

Jude Carrelli and Bo (TDCH Gwen’s Zooming Bo), 6/21/20
Ana Balaklijec and Nikole (TDCH Ultra Black Eyed Pea), 6/19/20
Edith Gravel and Zomby (TDCH Zomby), 2/11/20
Sharon Page and Copper (TDCH Res-CU), 1/5/20
Gail L. Friedman and Mr. Friedman (SDCH TDCH Windswept Mr. Friedman), 3/9/18
Kathy Weaver CTDI and Cody (TDCH Silver Creek Kodachrome ETD), 11/24/17
Mark Timmins and Rosie (TDCH ), 5/5/17
Wendy Cook and Bandit (TDCH Auldtoby’s Bounding Boy), 9/22/15
Dawn Pribyl and Lex (TDCH Alexander Lu Third Star), 2/7/15


Emma Kate & Rachel Frazier and Newt (TDCH Newton Scamander), 5/21/20

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Laurie Spease and Teava (TDCH Ch Triad You’re Unbelievable), 11/11/20
Lory-Pier St-Germain and Daisy (TDCH Silverlining Daisy IBRHp NBRHp IBARp NBAR), 11/9/20
Laurie Spease and Kes (TDCH Triad Kestrel Feather), 8/18/20
Tracy Wood CTDI and Risen (TDCH Risen), 3/4/20
Megumi Maudhoo CTDI and Panko (TDCH Panko Tenma Maudhoo), 3/4/20
Barbara Farrell and Jinty (TDCH Ravinel The Supernatural Jinni), 12/26/19
Jeanine Brown and Jazz (TDCH Ravinel Little Light of Mine), 3/19/19
Barbara Farrell and D’Arcy (TDCH Drifan Imaginethat Windswept), 4/8/18
Brianne Wyatt and Hercules (TDCH Croswynd’s Iron Gentleman OA OAJ NF TKP ETD), 1/15/18
Lori Nichol CTDI and Emmy (TDCH Academy’s Choice ETD), 2/27/17
Kylee Karre and Toski (TDCH Petoskey’s Charm ATD), 12/29/16
Clarissa Bergeman CTDI and Simon (TDCH Elf Saddle Simon Fitzrowdy), 7/25/16
Naomi Marsh and Bashi (TDCH ), 7/5/16
Susan Jackson and Jeli (TDCH Absolute Princess Paws On Fire Jeli Beli), 1/12/15
Angela M. Hicks and Stretch (TDCH Stretch II), 10/19/14
Susan Brogan CTDI and Finn (TDCH Elf Saddle Finrod Edennil CGC RL1), 7/11/14
Debra Lynch and Tinkerbelle (TDCH TACh3 Tinkerbelle W-FD/MF ETD), 3/25/12

Peruvian Inca Orchid

Hanna Sjoblom-Saldana and Hula (TDCH Bay’s Bushyfur Hawaiin Hulatytto), 11/1/20

Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

Megan Esherick CTDI and Chili (TDCH MACH6 Clancy’s Capsaicin Rush VCD2 RAE MXG3 MJG3 OF T2B RHX2 CGCA), 8/27/17
Megan Esherick CTDI and Salsa (TDCH Ch. MACH3 Clancy’s Bhut Jolokia VCD1 RAE MXS2 MJS2 NF T2B RHX2 CGCA), 8/27/17
Megan Esherick CTDI and Maya (TDCH GCh. Ch. Gebeba Clancy Poetic Justice VCD1 RAE OA AXJ MXP MJP T2BP NW1 RHX CGCA), 5/25/17

Plott Hound

Kasandra Fleury and Oliver (TDCH Oliver Twist), 1/10/15


Heather Coiner CTDI and Mason (TDCH CCF-CH Mason Dog), 6/8/19


Sheilah Gibson and Joker (TDCH Joker Lewis Gibson), 11/17/11

Poodle (Miniature)

Lis Proctor and Finch (TDCH Inchcolm Finch of Morada JDX RN), 6/28/20
Natalie Twardawa and Rousseau (TDCH Rousseau), 6/1/20
Margaret Veres and PIA (TDCH PIA of Ocala), 4/26/20
Natasha Franca and Stark (TDCH Bellefleet Stark The Dire Wolf), 8/11/19
Stephanie Gill and Mr. Bean (TDCH Absolute Silver Laughing Out Loud), 7/28/19
Stephanie Gill and Shimmy (TDCH Campanile Clarion Burlesque), 11/22/17
Penny P. Noriega CTDI and Springer (TDCH ), 3/13/16
Kim Kane CTDI and Jiffy Jay (TDCH Karbit’s Diablo Grande Chili Pepper), 5/11/14
Maya Fleming and Kiki (TDCH Kiki), 2/15/12

Poodle (Standard)

Sharon Carroll and Vincent (TDCH Sirokko Silver Lining), 11/10/20
Louise Lorrain and Abby (TDCH Kushnivas Absolutely), 11/2/20
Louise Lorrain and Keisha (TDCH Kushnivas Hoodwinked the Devil), 9/15/20
Wilma Wilson and Bergin (TDCH APAW’s Quintessential Brilliance ETD), 8/15/20
Marie Pearson and Gatsby (TDCH Vintage Spirit The Great Gatsby), 7/25/20
Amanda Ulbrich and Kanga (TDCH Angel’s Let’s Have a Parti RN CA BCAT SWN SCNE SCA SIA SBA THD CGCA CGCU TKP), 5/31/20
Sharlene Pedram and Oliver (TDCH Inspired Toffee Sunshine), 5/17/20
Barbara Baron and Echo (TDCH Tiara Everyone You See Is Full Of Life), 5/12/20
Riley Story and Ila (TDCH Ila Jane Story), 5/1/20
Barbara Baron and Quinney (TDCH Tiara Q Baby It’s You), 4/29/20
Brook Phinney and Zeus (TDCH Kalliope Flash of Lightning), 4/14/20
Jacqueline Erickson and Maize (TDCH Palbago Foxy), 3/26/20
Jacqueline Erickson and Ruby (TDCH Ruby Red Jule), 3/26/20
Jacqueline Erickson and Mossy (TDCH Mossy Green Jule), 3/26/20
Jacqueline Erickson and Ox (TDCH Oxford Blue Jule), 3/26/20
Ashley Watkins CTDI and Bo (TDCH Cremelulas Mr Bojangles), 3/18/20
Kathleen Gagnon and River (TDCH Arreau’s Joy to the World CGN), 3/8/20
Anita Quinn CTDI and Jax (TDCH Jackson), 2/5/20
Joan M. Wilson and Bentley (TDCH Tree Top’s Start me Up FDC AX OAJ OF TKP RAT-N PK-N CSL3-R CSL3-F CSL2-H CSL2-S), 12/29/19
Shelly Reinke and Burl (TDCH Burl), 1/16/18
Raechel Drill CTDI and Oliver (TDCH Tova’s Onyx To Goodness UGRCH TKP CGC VC ETD), 12/20/17
Kaleigh Wray and Olivia (TDCH Violet Enchanted Sky), 11/22/17
Mary Ann Eustis and Deacon (TDCH Whisper Ridge North to Alaska RN TD RATCHX CGC ETD), 11/12/17
Faye Shank and Benny (TDCH Benjamin Rosebud Galen ETD), 9/16/17
Rosemary Wilson and Willow (TDCH Laetitia Willow In A Nightwind ETD), 8/3/17
Lezlie Couch and Magic (TDCH Saneval’s Summertime Magic ETD), 3/9/17
Connie Large CTDI and Aspen (TDCH Natalie’s Lovin’ Large 4 The Rockies CGC TDI), 9/13/16
Connie Large CTDI and Bevviin (TDCH Patriot’s Lucky Charm R-FE/N), 8/22/16
Kim Kane CTDI and Monet (SDCH TDCH Sisco’s Stuck On You), 6/22/16
Anita Quinn CTDI and Buster (TDCH Buster), 5/1/16
Dondi Black CTDI and Toby (TDCH Ravenswood Toby Black), 1/13/16
Jo Humphrey CTDI and Journey (TDCH Sterling Lone Star Journey CGC THDA), 5/29/15
Judith Stoodley CTDI and Luna (TDCH Moonshine Magic Moonbeam RDCH), 4/18/15
Katerina Jansen CTDI and Lizzy (TDCH ), 4/6/15
Kalin Turri and Oakley (TDCH Oakley), 5/1/13
Joyce Stargardt CTDI and Annie (TDCH Stargardt’s Annabelle), 3/27/12
Debbie Wachel and Maggie (TDCH Carlyn Calamity Jane’s Marguerite), 10/2/11
Debbie Wachel and Penny (TDCH Shangri-La Penelope), 10/2/11

Poodle (Toy)

Sandy Woodruff and Lila Jane (TDCH CCF-CH Sandjo’s Custom’s Here For The Party CGCA TKPE CCF4), 5/23/20
Rieko Ogawa and Pino (TDCH Pino JDX JADE RA CGCS), 4/25/20
Nancy Laporte and Zelda (TDCH Zelda), 3/31/20
Maureen Urso and Buster (SDCH TDCH Buster Urso), 11/7/17
Melody Murray CTDI and Sassy (TDCH Paisley’s Destined to be Sassy), 7/23/17
Ester Hilmarsdóttir CTDI and Mia (TDCH Conan Catchas Mia Millionaire), 1/3/15
Nova Edgcombe and Pop Star Rocket (TDCH Poppy Henrietta Edgcombe), 6/19/13

Portuguese Water Dog

Shelly Johnston CTDI and Button (TDCH Goldwater’s Button Nose CD RE AWD), 11/8/20
Astrid Homet and West (TDCH CH. Cutwater Where the Wind Takes Me), 9/15/20
Eva Månsson and Zandi (TDCH Abadessan´s Zandi), 8/29/20
Christiane Roy and Fado (TDCH Ch RCh OTCH Pattedeau Spring Surprise RMX CGN ADC SD-S(SP)), 7/13/20
Lorie Crouch and Oscar (TDCH GMOTCH RGCH Rideghaven’s Oscar The Crouch MWD SD-A CRB AgN AgNJ AgNP MAC6 GROM), 6/16/20
Audrey Hawthorne and Raia (CH TDCH Armada’s Lets Parti), 4/21/20
Karen Massner CTDI and Aaroo (TDCH Ch. Baywood Double Dare 2B Difrent RI CGCA THD ADC WWD), 4/19/20
Karen Massner CTDI and Kanga (TDCH GCH Baywood Gota Dare ToBe Difrent RN AGN AGNJ JT ADC AWD), 4/13/20
Elisabeth Pyykkö Eriksson and Sune (TDCH Waterpassion´s Eastsea Enjoy), 3/19/20
Rick Oberndorf and Ahava (TDCH MACH Allyn The One Two Love MX MXB MXJ MJS XF T2B2 THD CGC TKP), 10/21/19
Pat Vokes and Mauzzi (TDCH Charbr’s Mauzzi Morning CGN PCD), 10/8/19
Lynda Ziegenhagel and Maze (TDCH CCF-CH Marinella’s Maybe I’m Amazed), 8/12/19

Presa Canario

Kelly McIntosh and Raeah (TDCH Raeah De Cabeza Grande), 12/14/17


Christina R. McCauley CTDI and Petunia (TDCH Pugnacious Petunia), 9/6/19
Maria Guthrie and Eddie (TDCH Casa Blanca’s Edward Scissorhands), 3/8/18
Christina R. McCauley CTDI and Felix (SDCH TDCH Felix Brooklyn Stallings), 2/16/17
Kimberly Lewis CTDI and Briscoe (TDCH Kim’s Briscoe), 7/29/15


Toni-Marie Isden CTDI and Sanka (TDCH Adnama King of Magic), 7/11/18


Jennifer Nowak and Mayhem (TDCH Catskill Mini Mano Mayhem), 9/22/20
Susan Hanserkers and Mizar (TDCH Akinnaz Xcellent Mizar), 1/26/20
Melita Rogers CTDI and T zi (TDCH Kelprin T zvihar), 11/12/19

Pyrenean Shepherd

Esmee Verberne and Riley (TDCH Riley Run to the Hills), 6/22/20
Mette H. Larsen and Coby (TDCH Coby Blue de la vie Pastorale), 3/28/20
Inga Törnqvist and Colt (TDCH It’s Like Colt Always Loaded), 11/3/19
Ilonka Breen and Bee (TDCH Chaparral’sPetite Abeille), 4/2/18
Lee Ann Simonson and Henri (TDCH Chaparral’s High Honour ATD), 6/12/17
Mary Newman CTDI and Ace (TDCH AKC/UKC CH Premier l’as de La Foret CD RAE3 RATS CGCA TT), 12/16/14
Tricia Waples CTDI and L’eQuippe (TDCH Wynsume’s Tessa), 9/1/12

Rat Terrier

Evan Turpin and Frankie (TDCH Venture Hill’s Frankie), 5/21/20
Ashley Kutzli and Smallpox (TDCH River Ridge’s Itchin’ to Party), 10/7/15

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Laurie Hynes and Fia (TDCH Flickering Flame Lights The Way ETD), 12/24/17


Avery Rudnisky and Lyncoln (TDCH Lyncoln), 10/30/20
Erin Hackney and Gozer (TDCH Gozer the Destructor), 8/14/20
Sue Trout and Mudwiser (TDCH Esmonds Mud Wiser Whiskey), 6/22/20
Lise Molgat CTDI and Fiesta (TDCH Fiesta Von Der Schlossmuhle), 4/30/19
Åsa Tova Bergh CTDI and Duga (TDCH Crowhills Farah), 1/23/19
Sharon Cierniak CTDI and Jet (TDCH Lakeside’s Oskar), 1/4/19
Barb Burgess and Wicca (TDCH Akamai Wicked This Way Comes), 9/22/18
Ana Cilursu and Zoey (TDCH Twice the Speed of Life PT HT CD RA BN RL1 HIC), 11/19/15
Janet Fabian and Roxy (TDCH Roxy), 1/20/13

Russell Terrier

Elizabeth C. Berthold CTDI and Cricket (TDCH Cricket Jack of Hearts RN THDN CGC TKE CCF1), 2/29/20
Alex Geisler and Mr. Bellamy (TDCH Geisler’s Abbey Road), 8/29/19
Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Cooper (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Finnabair Anu Maximum Force), 8/15/16

Saint Bernard

Laurie Keith and Bill (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Kudos Fits the Bill Regalbear), 4/26/20


Susan Waltman and Hickory (TDCH Tubila ‘N Aeolus Where Dreams Begin), 3/27/20
Susan Waltman and Quiz (TDCH Tubila ‘N Aeolus Just Dream On), 3/17/20
Jamie Ang and Avery (TDCH Arrabesq Shadad Salim AI JC), 7/20/18


Teresa Michaud and Quila (TDCH CH Sancha Y Samoden Gran Cosa JHD HTs RI PCD), 9/12/20
Lisa Marino CTDI and Biscotti (TDCH Mystical’s Dolci Biscotti Bacio di Cioccolati), 7/30/20
Kathleen Morrison and Alfie (TDCH Sancha’s Alfio Sings for Lola), 7/14/20
Anna K. Phelps and Cosmo (TDCH Fionntan’s Earth Wind Fire Water), 7/13/20
Lisa Marino CTDI and Sorbetto (TDCH GCH CH Alpine Glo’s Signature Delight), 6/24/20
Lisa Marino CTDI and Spumoni (TDCH Mystical’s Favorite Flavor Spumoni), 4/12/15


Marc-Alexandre Beaulieu and Ally (TDCH MessyHair Kennel’s Beloved Carolyn), 9/6/20
Marc-Alexandre Beaulieu and Neo (TDCH Nothing Else Matter but Neo), 7/17/20


Patsy Michiels and Dazzle (TDCH Delorans Bedazzled), 2/8/20
Melanie Kenny and Stella (TDCH Ch. Monterrez Star of the Show), 8/20/19
Tilda Carinder and Lexie (TDCH Lövgrodans Nilla), 4/25/19
Melanie Kenny and Theo (TDCH Volnera Smooth Operator), 6/18/18
Linda Boggs CTDI and Tori (TDCH Torbellino), 5/9/18

Schnauzer (Giant)

Marti B. Friedman CTDI and Karma (TDCH Karma Pink Friedman), 1/30/20

Schnauzer (Miniature)

Lynn Bryden CTDI and J Lo (TDCH CH Ashlyn’s My Little Girl), 6/24/20
Kerri Loney and Gus (TDCH Jaydeez You’re Still the One), 4/26/20
Lou-Anne Lambert and Quinn (TDCH Raylin CJ I’ve Putaspellon You), 4/12/20
Susan Piper and Ruby (TDCH Ruby Begonia Piper), 10/10/19
Rhea Hass and Ella (TDCH CCF-CH Hass’ Cinderella TKP), 9/3/18
Rhea Hass and Heidi (TDCH Hass’ Miss Heidi THDD CGC TKP), 9/10/17
Ashley Rietfors and Nemo (TDCH Nemo XV ETD CA CGCA CGCU), 9/11/15
Mikaela Gustafson CTDI and Angel (TDCH Mikaela’s Little Angel), 6/11/15
Mikaela Gustafson CTDI and Chloe (TDCH ), 6/11/15

Schnauzer (Standard)

Jane Pilkey and Willow (TDCH Silcort Willow), 10/18/20
Jane Pilkey and Polo (TDCH Silcort Polo), 9/6/20
Michelle Ross and Sleigh (TDCH Peppermill Dashing Thru The Snow), 8/1/20
Andrea Ferguson Jones CTDI and Ryder (TDCH Dinsdale’s Weight of a Nation), 4/21/20
Andrea Ferguson Jones CTDI and Caber (TDCH Dinsdale’s Highland Fling), 4/19/20


Malcolm & Keryn White and Harley (TDCH Harley), 9/24/13

Shetland Sheepdog

Renate Ploder and Pongo (TDCH Zabadak of Cherryglen), 10/4/20
Susan Blais and Emma (TDCH CCF-CH Blue Heavens Secret Love), 9/9/20
Sarah Davis and Daisy (TDCH Follyfox Funny Girl), 6/29/20
Barb Bell and Finn (TDCH Skyehaven After Midnight CDX RE CAX NS CGN), 6/29/20
Glenda Harris and Electra (TDCH Conspirito’s Hot Flash), 6/14/20
Cassie Weston and Chip (TDCH Grandgables Meant To B Chip), 5/23/20
Lilian Mettan-Ure and Quinn (TDCH CCF-CH Valdosta Dare to Dream of Savendie), 5/12/20
Renee Shriver CTDI and Annabel (TDCH Hearlake Ain’T No Stopping Me), 5/8/20
Lori Leslie and Izzy (TDCH Herdabout the Need for Speed), 5/1/20
Barb Wright CTDI and Parker (TDCH CH Conspirito’s Park Avenue), 4/8/20
Courtney Stevens and Kite (TDCH Herdabout UpUpAway To Eastecho), 3/23/20
Courtney Stevens and Echo (TDCH Herdabout Bouncing Back), 3/23/20
Courtney Stevens and Cloud (TDCH Herdabout A Silver Lining), 3/23/20
Susan McAdam and Luka (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Miqelon Luka), 3/14/20
Patty Rollheiser and Spryte (TDCH Cassbar’s Skittles N’ Bits), 2/9/20
Julia Burgess and Epic (TDCH Heartstrings Epic Adventure), 1/23/20
Tera Jurrens and Everest (TDCH Freedom Paws Mount Everest), 2/27/19
Linda Unger and Sailor (SDCH TDCH Summerloves Moonlight Voyager), 1/24/19
Maureen Koepp and Odie (TDCH Summerloves Bark of the Bay CD, BN, RE, MX, MXJ, XF, T2B, ETD), 10/20/17
Linda A. Irwin and MacTavish (TDCH Scottish Shenanigans ), 10/14/17
Renee Shriver CTDI and Oscar (TDCH Boo Boo’s Second Chance), 8/20/17
Renee Shriver CTDI and Melody (TDCH Pineland’s Unchained Melody), 8/19/17
Heather Pohlman CTDI and Phantom (TDCH Ciel Brae Phantom of the Moors), 9/13/16
Natalie Bridger Watson and Indi (TDCH Ink Throw Down the Gauntlet), 12/31/15
Dorothy Wiland and Alexander (TDCH ), 10/2/15
Dorothy Wiland and Oliver (TDCH Lairds Little Oliver), 7/30/14
Melaney Mathews and Brody (TDCH MBPIG Ch Greendor’s Ain’t Misbehavin ETD), 9/21/13
Michelle Hope CTDI and Rhythm (TDCH Kendale Swept Away), 8/27/12
Gail Robbins and Skye (TDCH Clantyre Blu Skye Gail’s Limit CGC, TDI,RL1,RL2,UCH), 6/14/12
Sandy Fuller CTDI and Brody (TDCH Sweet Brody of Eddleman Hill RN AXJ OA OF CL4 CGC), 5/4/12
Sandy Fuller CTDI and Misty (TDCH C-Mar Lilac Mist CGC HIC), 4/7/12
Felicia The CTDI and Bella (TDCH Bella Miralonze The), 4/1/12
Felicia The CTDI and Bailey (TDCH Bailey Miralonze The), 4/1/12
Jacob Hollingsworth CTDI and Chara (SDCH TDCH Shadow Hill Chara Tes Zoes RA CGC CCT), 1/15/12

Shiba Inu

Celine Yang ATDI and Severus (TDCH Marma’s Severus Snape ), 4/28/20

Shih Tzu

Ann Lee CTDI and George (TDCH Gorgeous George of Hindles), 11/9/20
Linda Borgander and Saga (TDCH Saga), 5/1/20
Marla Blowers and Romeo (TDCH Romeo Blowers), 6/25/19

Shiloh Shepherd

Elisabeth Shea and Penny (TDCH Miracle’s Most Faithful), 8/28/15

Siberian Husky

Malene S. Hansen CTDI and Iza (TDCH CCF-CH Mesmocan Lightning Ridge), 10/5/20
Kim Mayes CTDI and Spirit (TDCH Nalibey’s Spirit of the Seppala Dog), 9/6/20
Shelly Korobanik and Suka (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Nanook’s Enchanted Dream), 10/26/19
Shelly Korobanik and Sila (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Nanook’s Northern Sila), 10/24/19
Lauren Collins and Lady Collins (TDCH CGC TKI), 4/18/19
Shannon Faltak and Hunter (TDCH Hunter Seeker), 11/21/18
Kim Mayes CTDI and Nova (TDCH Nalibey’s Supernova Girl), 9/16/17
Kim Mayes CTDI and Rocket (TDCH Nalibey’s Rocket Across the Universe), 7/24/17
Pamela Johnson CTDI and Isabelle (TDCH ), 11/30/11
Kim Mayes CTDI and Seppala (TDCH Seppala’s Silver Sun King), 9/15/11

Silken Windhound

Ruth Ann Miller CTDI and Kohl (TDCH Starfyre Chrysocolla), 8/6/16

Silky Terrier

Meredith Reeve and Scamper (TDCH Watch Me Scamper CCF1), 5/5/20
Meredith Reeve and Dora (TDCH CCF-CH Carmorosa’s Dora the Explorer), 2/22/20

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Angie Jung and Cody (TDCH Cody Jung), 8/23/17

Spanish Greyhound

Tumeria Langlois and Jordan (TDCH Jordan), 6/12/20

Spanish Water Dog

Pauline Jackson CTDI and Mr T (TDCH Mr T), 8/19/20

Spinone Italiano

Julie Dorney and Brio (TDCH Casalvieri’s Dante), 5/12/20


Ariane Goerlich and Rimke (TDCH Rimke Sintsje van de Waterplaats), 7/12/20

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Cassie Zydek and Player (TDCH Xtreme’s Work Hard, Play Hard!), 6/9/20
Maria Eklund and Kiwi (TDCH Matheriz Kick-Ass Keeper), 4/12/20
Kayla Werezak and Watson (TDCH CH Hillside Hound of Baskerville CGN), 12/22/19
Lucy Howard CTDI and Taz (TDCH Tazmanian Devil), 12/22/19
Elinda Anderson CTDI and Sweet Pea (TDCH Ch Rakstaff Goodgirl Sweet Peace Promise CA THDN CGC TKP Fcat), 10/23/19
Maria Lindsjö and Tekla (TDCH Age of Empires Corona), 9/8/19
Eva Bernhardsson CTDI and Ester (TDCH SDCH Bardot´s Queen of the Kings), 9/8/19
Barbara McDonald CTDI and Legend (TDCH ), 9/3/17
Elaine Armstrong CTDI and Bronnie (TDCH Bronsters Not a Monster), 5/24/15
Kath Howie and River (TDCH ), 5/19/15
Karen Brown and Gemma (TDCH ), 5/5/15
Louise Twinberrow CTDI and Jimmy (TDCH Master James), 4/12/15
Stace Houghton CTDI and Jess (TDCH ), 4/4/15
Stace Houghton CTDI and Buster (TDCH ), 3/23/15
Stef Roulet and Kai (TDCH ), 9/16/14
Stace Houghton CTDI and Elmo (TDCH ), 8/22/14
Louise Stapleton-Frappell CTDI and Jambo (TDCH Warrior for Life), 9/22/13

Sussex Spaniel

Ann McGloon and Tollie (TDCH Quarr Tollard Royal, ETD), 10/12/15

Swedish Lapphund

Cathrine Jonsson and Yezz (TDCH Herding Instinct’s Voice Of Victory), 10/25/20

Swedish Vallhund

Rochelle Helminski CTDI and Gambler (TDCH AZ-MT Sol Gambler), 1/23/16

Tamaskan Dog

Kelly Smith CTDI and Sassenach (TDCH Sundog Hellcat), 11/5/20
Kelly Smith CTDI and Clara (TDCH White Elk Isabella Bird at Sundog TD-ROM), 3/9/20
Jaisie Kwok CTDI and Raiden (TDCH White Elk Parhelion), 3/6/20

Tibetan Terrier

Sarah Ellis CTDI and Zac (TDCH Waterley Starring Role at Incalux), 4/30/20
Sarah Ellis CTDI and Pebbles (TDCH Incalux Lytening Strikes), 3/17/18
Sarah Ellis CTDI and Lola (TDCH Playtime Looby Lou @ Calypsong), 10/1/17

Toy Fox Terrier

Sue McTigue CTDI and Sky (TDCH Colorado Sky Jumper THD CGC TKP CCG CGU), 3/20/19


Helene Gauthier and Karott (TDCH Lekka’s Joyful Karott by Malek), 11/13/20
Siobhan Marguerite Martel and Atia (TDCH Ch. Akar’s Atia Julii CGN CD RN), 8/21/20
Connie Priesz CTDI and Kimber (TDCH CCF-CH ALCH Mira’s Little GIrl Kimber TKP CGC RATN), 5/7/20
Anna Craig CTDI and Strider (SDCH TDCH Firelight’s Cariad Elgin Geronimo), 2/22/17
Renee Russell and Bailey (TDCH High Ridge’s Firecracker), 12/12/16
Linda Kush and Roxie (TDCH RoxieAnna), 6/23/16
Connie Priesz CTDI and Molly (TDCH CCF-CH Little Girl Molly CGC THD THDA), 7/11/15
Corrine Sellars and Bodi (TDCH UKC BIS, UKC/CKC CH Varazs Mokany Kiralyi Orban FDJ, CGN, NAVHDA NA Pz I, JH, ETD), 1/8/13


Rachel McBride and Renita (TDCH SDGCH NaturesCloak is Renita’s Secret), 9/2/20
Bronwyn MacDonald and Vedder (TDCH GCh/ UKC CH/UR01 Wynder’s Beneath The Waves CGN RN TT FDJ V NSD SPOT-ON RI AGNS), 4/20/20
Rachel McBride and Ally (TDCH SDGCH Ally’s Silver Emmy), 4/17/20
George J.M. Vos CTDI and Prince (TDCH Meander Goldstrike Griffin), 10/8/18
Jo Anne Lefebvre CTDI and Comanche (SDCH TDCH Instar Piper Flyn; Comanche), 8/7/16
Gretchen Stephenson CTDI and Avi (TDCH FIREMARK’S SILVER SHOT OCTAVIA, VCD1, MH, SDX, RDX, VX2), 4/29/15

Weimaraner (Longhaired)

Ngaire Abernethy CTDI and Tai (TDCH Minalt’s Fuzzy Tai Ngamere), 7/18/20
Nina Fotara CTDI and Faith (TDCH Astraios Earth Angel), 7/7/17
Debbie Allery and Tyler (TDCH Thrihyrne Trickster to Whitecross), 1/21/12
Nina Fotara CTDI and Kodiak (TDCH Morpheus Ruler of Dreams at Astraios), 10/11/11

Welsh Sheepdog

Nerys Thomas and Haf (TDCH Cwmbyr Lady Haf), 7/5/20
Rebecca Jewsbury CTDI and Alexis (TDCH ), 3/21/15

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Julie Lister and Ricky (TDCH Ch Ricochez Gerwyn Gawain TD), 10/5/20
Anna Helmersson and Osse (TDCH Osse – Funbones Midnight Passion), 11/16/19
Sue Morphy and Dash (TDCH Helgen Mr Minster with Echophy), 8/2/18

Welsh Terrier

Laurie Harding and Filly (TDCH Darwyn’s Flying Filly), 4/28/20
Emma Kesler and Miles (TDCH Shaireab’s You’re Under Arrest ETD), 1/20/18

West Highland White Terrier

Jennifer Nowak and Evelyn (TDCH CCF-CH Bella Vista’s Evie Body Needs One!), 7/15/17
Angelika Nagel CTDI and Emmely (TDCH Emmely Erdbeer vom Hadler Land), 1/5/17


Susan Graham and Bentley (TDCH CH Clandara’s Driving the Bentley CGN), 10/26/20
Chanèlie Roy & Valérie Diotte and Prana (TDCH GCH Freckashpeng Prana CGN CA S), 2/17/20
Debbie Blythe KPA-CTP CTDI CCFC CTDI and Smudge! (TDCH Karasar’s Gemstone OSD RATI RATN CGCA CGCU TKP), 1/1/20
Laura Baratta and Dustyn (TDCH Whiparoo Storm in Heaven), 9/10/19
Laura Baratta and Tristan (TDCH AmCH & CanGCH Burnt Sienna Red Mountain ETD), 3/24/18
Diana Cognigni CTDI and Diesel (TDCH Sovereign Sporting Fields Legendary Bugatti), 1/23/18
Aaryn Secker and Marsanne (TDCH CH Jetstream Marsanne Veraison CGN CA CW-SD PKD-N RATI ETD CGN CA CW-SD PKD-N RATI), 1/2/18
Nicola James and Cerys (TDCH Dowdrogo Queen Cerys ETD), 10/3/17
Diana Cognigni CTDI and Jake (TDCH Timbreblue’s Mysterious Dream Warrior), 4/14/12

White Shepherd Dog

Carolyn Murray CTDI and Scout (TDCH SureFire Jean Louise), 5/23/20
Carolyn Murray CTDI and Cooper (TDCH Patchwork’s Special Agent Cooper), 12/10/13

White Swiss Shepherd

Stephanie Mussmann and Kodi (Kodi), 4/6/20


Amber Overwater CTDI and Frampt (TDCH Virevolte Rivers of Living Water), 5/7/19

Working Sheepdog

Christina Opperman CTDI and Spring (TDCH Leebeardream Easter Bunny), 5/3/20
Amy Wood and Scout (TDCH Idlewild Mockingbird), 2/10/19
Christina Opperman CTDI and Summer (TDCH Leebeardream Summer Leebear), 6/19/18

Yorkshire Terrier

Cathy Sams and Sugar (TDCH Sugar Bella Of Sugar Hill), 7/17/20
Bev Miller and Morgan (TDCH Magical Morgan), 4/22/16
Thomas Bandi and Amber Star (TDCH Bandi’s Amber Star), 6/25/14


Marie Staffeldt and Reggie (TDCH Reggie), 3/28/20


Elinda Anderson CTDI and Elsa (TDCH Goat Mountain View Elsa Blu), 12/2/19

Guinea Pig

Jenna Symons and Ace (TDCH Ace), 1/25/17

Horse (Miniature)

Noeline Cassettari CTDI and Rose (TDCH Flying Dust Ombre Rose), 2/2/16