Intermediate Masters Title Holders

American Bully

Kayleigh Robertson and Kobe (Mr. Beefcake ATD ITD-M), BC, 12/31/20

American Pit Bull Terrier

Kayleigh Robertson and Casey Jones (A Young Vigilante ATD ITD-M), BC, 12/31/20

American Shepherd (Miniature)

Tami Dettinger and Holly (TDCH MACH Finny’s High Flying Holly CD RI FDC MXS MJS MXF TQX T2B2 CA FCAT2 SWE SCM SHDE RATCHX11 CZ8P DSX2 DJ CGCA CGCU TKP ATT ITD-M), WI, 1/12/21
Christine Crocker and Jane (FHF Calamity Jane ETD ITD-M), CT, 1/3/21

American Staffordshire Terrier

Dóri Fintha and Neige (TDCH Opium Cookie of Sweet Gangland ITD-M), Pest, 1/3/21

Australian Shepherd

Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Enchanted (TDCH CCF-CH Sazbrat Welcome to New York SDPro ITD-M), PA, 1/11/21
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Parlor (TDCH CCF-CH Sazbrat Barn Dancin in the Dark OSD ITD-M), PA, 1/11/21
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Truly (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH TeBrat Truly Scrumptious ITD-M), PA, 1/11/21
Molly Boaden and Shawna (TDCH Shawna ITD-M), IL, 1/10/21
Christine Sapa CTDI and Fresca (TDCH Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries at Angels Crossings BN CD RA CAA ACT1 TKP SWEN CGC HC PKDI RATO RNX ITD-M), CO, 1/7/21
Courtney Gluchacki CTDI and Kal (TDCH Kryptonian’s Kal-El OSD CCF2 ITD-M), RI, 1/6/21
Annie Proulx and Hope (TDCH Alyjess Gerly Hope ITD-M), QC, 1/6/21
Annie Proulx and Dulce (TDCH Alyjess Gerly Dulce ITD-M), QC, 1/6/21
Annie Proulx and Charlo (TDCH Alyjess Gerly Rio ITD-M), QC, 1/5/21
Annie Proulx and Angel (TDCH Alyjess Gerly Angel ITD-M), QC, 1/3/21
Connie Sandbach CTDI and Milo (Milo ETD ITD-M), AB, 1/2/21
Emmanuelle Bussière and Enjoy (TDCH CCF-CH Boninrook’s Enjoy Life ITD-M), QC, 12/31/20
Nita Gandara CTDI and Aella (TDGCH SDCH Einhorn’s I Am the Storm ITD-M), KS, 12/28/20

Basset Hound

Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI and Xena (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Soundtrack Warrior Princess “Xena” ITD-M), WI, 12/27/20

Bearded Collie

Nannette Evans and Willow (Runningmtn Chaniam Water Sprite TKN ATD ITD-M), OR, 1/5/21

Belgian Tervuren

Pamela Regan CTDI and Phoebe (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Am/Int CH TC-CH Patana’s Flash Point BN RI PT FDC NA NAJ CA CGCA CGCU TKE ATT VHMA PKT ITD-M), CA, 1/1/21

Border Collie

Vicki Crocker and Rogue (HiQ Rogue ITD-M), ON, 1/16/21
Jenine Wech ATDI and Finn (Finn ITD-M), VA, 1/15/21
Brittany Rose and Arya (Little Foxx’s Arya Nymeria ITD-M), WI, 1/13/21
Casey L. Palmer and Valor (TDGCH Sterling After All This Time ITD-M), MA, 1/10/21
Andrea Ruckhofer and Arya („Arya“ Dia von Western Horse and Dogs ETD ITD-M), , 1/9/21
Lynnea Britton and Trillian (TDCH Skyview Farm’s Heart of Gold ITD-M), CO, 1/9/21
Christina Opperman CTDI and Logic (TDCH CCF-CH Leebeardream Its Logical TD-ROM NSD ITD-M), Staffordshire, 1/7/21
Sandy Fuller CTDI and Luna (TDCH Blitzen’s Blue Moon ITD-M), IL, 1/4/21
Lisa Davey and Loch (TDCH Blue Baton ITD-M), , 1/4/21
Tammy Hanstead CTDI and Zip (TDCH BCRO’s Zip A Dee Doo Dah ITD-M), ON, 1/3/21
Laura Bradshaw CTDI and Pringle (Devongem Once You Pop ETD ITD-M), Northamptonshire, 1/2/21
Lynka Fortin Dumas and Everest (TDCH CCF-CH Essential Everest ITD-M), QC, 12/30/20

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Melanie Gonglach and Teddy (Teddy Arth ETD CCF3 ITD-M), CO, 1/15/21

Cocker Spaniel

Angela Beavis and Ollie (TDCH Truffles Duke CCF1 ITD-M), Bristol, 1/10/21

Collie (Rough)

Patty Stafford CTDI and Dylan (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Scarborough’s A Tribute To A Dream ITD-M), OH, 1/14/21
Patty Stafford CTDI and Jackson (CCF-CH Scarborough’s Memories of Yesteryear ATD PSD ITD-M), OH, 1/14/21
Patty Stafford CTDI and Logan (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Scarborough’s Keeper of the Dream ITD-M), OH, 1/14/21


Linda Davis and Taco (TDCH GCH CH CAN CH UKC CH Snapshots Don’t Spill the Beans RN FDC CAX21 DCAT SWE SCM SHDN RATO DN CGCA CGCU TKP ATT VHMA ITD-M), MD, 1/16/21

Doberman Pinscher

Deborah Wilson and Sienna (TDCH Redstone’s Sweet Dreams Annie PCD RN RI SD-S-SP VBM ITD-M), NB, 12/27/20

English Cocker Spaniel

Eileen Gerber and Fynnigan (Felicity Fynnigan Moon Joyfire ETD CCF1 ITD-M), ON, 1/16/21

German Shepherd Dog

Courtney Gluchacki CTDI and Ace (TDCH UCH DAE CH Lasvada’s Ace of Spades CA CGC DN IT NW1 ORT RN TKP TD-ROM CCF2 OSD ITD-M), RI, 1/16/21
Colleen Beaudet and Conan (TDCH CCF-CH Royale’s Lone Wolf ITD-M), ON, 1/4/21
Pat Saito and Rogue (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Wild Winds Irish Rogue TKE RI RN CRAMCL HIC ITD-M), ON, 1/4/21
Cynthia Boles CTDI and Sebastian (TDCH Sebastian Barrington Boles OSD ITD-M), MO, 1/2/21
Kayleigh Shield and Luna (TDCH Diamond Rogue CCF4 ITD-M), Greater Manchester, 12/31/20

German Shorthaired Pointer

Deanna Glasgow and Findley (TDCH BNJ Ordinary Hero ITD-M), ON, 12/30/20

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Winston (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Finnabair Winston O’Reilley ITD-M), FL, 1/1/21
Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Griffin (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH CH Ber-D-Mar Ballygriffin of Greystone ITD-M), FL, 12/28/20

Golden Retriever

Jillian Todd and Addie (TDCH Northwoods Jevas Queen of the Road ITD-M), ON, 1/5/21
Melissa Williams and Illi (Harvestimes Orange and Blue Dream ITD-M), IA, 1/3/21
Nathan Wilden & Tammie Carter and Maple (Savaneta How Sweet It Is AI ATD ITD-M), SA, 12/31/20
Corrie Horne and Calum (CH. Auburnmist Road To Dunsmuir RN ETD ITD-M), NB, 12/31/20
Marissa Hall and Luke (TDCH Luke ITD-M), ON, 12/31/20
Samantha Snyder and Finn (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH OPK’s Gimmie Some Finn ITD-M), PA, 12/29/20
Jillian Todd and Louie (TDCH Kenro’s Jevas Miracle Prince TD-ROM ITD-M), ON, 12/29/20

Great Dane

Kayla Baxter and Archer (TDCH CH Paquestone’s Light Up The Sky CD RA CGN VGD ITD-M), ON, 1/3/21

Jack Russell Terrier

Claire Powell and Teddy Edward (CCF-CH He’s Just Ted ETD PSD ITD-M), North Yorkshire, 12/31/20


Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Ray (TDCH CCF-CH CH Blessed to Hope from Lavendermist Meadow SDPro ITD-M), NY, 1/15/21
Stacie Beasley CTDI and Clancy (TDCH ALCH RO3 UJJ Beasley’s Fancy Chief Clancy CDX GO RM RAE2 CGCA CGCU THDA DJ RATO BCAT TKP OSD ITD-M), MD, 12/27/20

Labrador Retriever

Julie Boyd CTDI and Ajax (Ajax Boyd ITD-M), SA, 1/2/21
Kristin Wegel and Ember (TDCH Hammr Ridgeview Fire’s Ember ITD-M), NY, 1/2/21
Julie Boyd CTDI and Bentley (TDCH CCF-CH Bentley Dyson Boyd ITD-M), SA, 1/1/21
Lori Weltz and Lily (TDCH Eromit’s Tiger Lily ITD-M), AB, 12/29/20
Lori Weltz and Cashew (TDCH Eromit’s Cashew Twist ITD-M), AB, 12/29/20


Christina Opperman CTDI and Minion (TDCH Leebeardream One In A Minion TD-ROM ITD-M), Staffordshire, 1/12/21

*Mixed Breed

Teagan Birt ATDI and Friz (Friz Go Get the Bee ATD ITD-M), OR, 1/13/21
Adel Way and Mysti (Mystique ETD ITD-M), SA, 1/10/21
Donna Berkowitz and Pearl (TDCH CCF-CH Pearl ITD-M), FL, 1/10/21
Natalee Yates and Toffee (Sweet as Colorado Toffee ATD OSD CCF1 ITD-M), MN, 1/10/21
Diana M. Radoff and Ravioli (Ravioli ATD ITD-M), AK, 1/9/21
Diana Underhill and Gemma (TDCH Gemma in the Sky with Diamonds SDPro CCF2 ITD-M), ON, 1/6/21
Marie-Josee Blondin and Bailey (TDCH CCF-CH Bailey ITD-M), QC, 1/6/21
Julie James CTDI and Barnaby (TDCH Barnaby ITD-M), London, 1/4/21
Amanda Jones and Punk (TDCH Brilliant’s Iggy Pop ETD ITD-M), FL, 1/4/21
Jo Beighley and Bently (Bently Sanchez ETD CCF2 ITD-M), MO, 1/3/21
Tammy Hanstead CTDI and Elsie (TDCH Elsa Marie You Are My Sunshine ITD-M), ON, 1/3/21
Sandy Baird and Birdie (CCF-CH Birdie Family Ties ATD ITD-M), ON, 1/3/21
Sandy Baird and Spree (CCF-CH Meant to Be ETD ITD-M), ON, 1/3/21
Nicole Pressburger and Madison (The Mad Patter ETD ITD-M), Dublin, 1/2/21
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Onyx (Rising Midnight Star ATD CCF2 ITD-M), CO, 1/2/21
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Xephyr (Wild Wind Xpress ETD CCF2 ITD-M), CO, 1/2/21
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Pixie (TDCH SDCH Flying Pixie Dust CCF2 ITD-M), CO, 1/2/21
Caroline Walker CTDI and Harley (TDCH CCF-CH Harlequin Whatever it Takes ITD-M), Yorkshire, 1/2/21
Flip Collins CTDI and Alfie (TDCH CCF-CH Alfie ITD-M), Otago, 12/31/20
Ruth Sheller ATDI and Piper (TDCH CCF-CH Sheller’s Piper ITD-M), MD, 12/31/20
Kelly Knowles CTDI and Roy (Roy Knowles ETD ITD-M), GA, 12/31/20
Tracey Hopper and Vali (Springsett The Doctor ETD ITD-M), , 12/30/20
Sophie Penson CTDI and Hope (Hope, Freedom and Courage TKP CASP MASP FASP CASFD BASFD SASFD MTASA L2AAS L3AAS UWRo CCF2 NSD TC1 ETD ITD-M), Ga, 12/29/20
Jennifer Bramble and Captain Morgan (TDCH CCF-CH Captain Morgan Spiced Gold SDPro ITD-M), MI, 12/29/20
Leslie Morris CTDI and Perse (TDCH CCF-CH Perephone of Sheldon PSD ITD-M), CA, 12/28/20
Christina Jones CTDI and Chloe (TDCH SDGCH Flopdoodle Chloe Bean ITD-M), TX, 12/28/20
Shannon Langel CTDI and Rune (TDCH SDGCH Princess Rune Myth of Langel Tails ITD-M), FL, 12/27/20

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Rochelle Kurth and Coach (TDCH CCF-CH Tipping Rock Centerfield at Hawks Nest ITD-M), CT, 1/2/21


Diana Squicciarini CTDI and Glinda (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Medlee’s Ruby Slippers CGC ITD-M), PA, 12/28/20

Parson Russell Terrier

Laura Foster and Colin (Hoolmark Paleface ETD ITD-M), Northamptonshire, 1/15/21

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Lauren Kuperstein and Willow (Outlands Willow Wisp ETD ITD-M), WA, 12/29/20


Brooke Colley and Briar (Kingscroft IL Migliore ETD ITD-M), NY, 1/10/21

Poodle (Miniature)

Faye Roche and Brio (Eaglehill’s Little Big Shot ETD ITD-M), IL, 1/3/21

Poodle (Standard)

Paige Pinney and Bishop (TDCH Piccolo’s To Waypoint This Looks Bad ITD-M), MA, 1/3/21


Noémie Simard ATDI and Viktor (Vigelais Viktor ETD ITD-M), QC, 1/8/21

Pyrenean Shepherd

Esmee Verberne and Riley (TDCH Riley Run to the Hills ITD-M), Noord-Brabant Holland, 1/7/21

Rat Terrier

Alannah Leavitt and Cassie (Cassie ETD ITD-M), AB, 1/7/21

Russell Terrier

Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Cooper (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Finnabair Anu Maximum Force ITD-M), FL, 1/3/21

Saint Bernard

Laurie Keith and Bill (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Kudos Fits the Bill Regalbear ITD-M), MB, 12/29/20


Lisa Marino CTDI and Biscotti (TDCH Mystical’s Dolci Biscotti Bacio di Cioccolati OSD CCF2 ITD-M), VA, 1/4/21
Lisa Marino CTDI and Sorbetto (TDCH GCH CH Alpine Glo’s Signature Delight OSD CCF2 ITD-M), VA, 1/4/21
Lisa Marino CTDI and Spumoni (TDCH Mystical’s Favorite Flavor Spumoni OSD CCF2 ITD-M), VA, 1/4/21

Shetland Sheepdog

Lynnea Britton and Infinity (Heaven’s Best Infinite Guardian ETD ITD-M), CO, 1/11/21
Sandy Fuller CTDI and Zephyr (Chatham’s Gentle Breeze ETD ITD-M), IL, 1/10/21
Sandy Fuller CTDI and Lily (Belmark Water Lily ETD ITD-M), IL, 1/4/21
Marlene Mosher and Jasper (Jasper ETD ITD-M), QC, 1/1/21

Siberian Husky

Malene S. Hansen CTDI and Iza (TDCH CCF-CH Mesmocan Lightning Ridge OSD ITD-M), Jylland, 1/6/21


Jessica Angel and Finn (TDCH Star Rein ITD-M), WA, 1/5/21


Connie Priesz CTDI and Molly (TDCH CCF-CH Little Girl Molly RN THDD RATO CGCA CGCU TKE FDC VHMA PSD TC3 ITD-M), MN, 1/8/21
Connie Priesz CTDI and Kimber (TDCH CCF-CH ALCH Mira’s Little GIrl Kimber RN RATN CGC TKE VHMA PSD TC3 ITD-M), MN, 1/8/21


Tanya K. Rowan CTDI and Monet (Oakpoint’s Platinum Water Lily TKP JH CGC RATN VHMA NA 111 ETD CCF1 OSD ITD-M), NY, 12/31/20

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Caroline Vink and Oscar (Caergrawnt Viking ETD ITD-M), , 1/16/21

Working Sheepdog

Christina Opperman CTDI and Summer (TDCH CCF-CH Leebeardream Summer Leebear TD-ROM ITD-M), Staffordshire, 1/14/21
Karen Colls ATDI and Jay-Z (Indahouse Rock Steady Crew ATD ITD-M), Warwickshire, 1/6/21

Horse (Miniature)

Noeline Cassettari CTDI and Rose (TDCH Flying Dust Ombre Rose ITD-M), NSW, 1/6/21