Intermediate Masters Title Holders


James Underwood and Chimp (Ch. Nim Chimpsky v Tani Kazari RN RI THDN FDC CGC CGCA CGCU TKN TKI TKA TKP ATT ETD TD-ROM ITD-M), , 1/1/21
James Underwood and Eve (Watermark Back to the Beginning at Edan Hill RN RI RA FDC CGC CGCA CGCU THDN TKN TKI TKA TKP ATT VHMA ETD ITD-M), , 1/1/21


Charlène Mayer and Akamaru (TDCH Daomori Akamaru ITD-M), QC, 3/13/21

American Bully

Elisha Edge and Aimee (TDCH SDCH Aimee CCF2 ITD-M), MO, 1/3/21
Kayleigh Robertson and Kobe (Mr. Beefcake ATD ITD-M), BC, 12/31/20
Anissa Shotbolt and Woodsie (TDCH CH URO1 Hollywood’s Blue Crush SPOT CGN RL1 WD CCF1 TD-ROM ITD-M), SK, 12/29/20

American Cocker Spaniel

Jaime Bast and Tallulah (TDCH CCF-CH MACH2 Dunmorr KG’s Ou La Lu La ITD-M), MO, 3/1/21
Leona Hellesvig and Missy (TDCH Int. Com. Ch Vet. Ch UALCH UAG1 Enchanted Little Miss Carefree GCGA THDA TDIA CD RE AX AXJ AF Cl2-R CL2-H CL2-F APS APK APG APJ APR APD SIN SCN ORT NW1 TKE PSD ITD-M), MN, 1/22/21

American Pit Bull Terrier

Ellie Buntenbach and Harley (TDCH Harley ETD ITD-M), IL, 2/17/21
Lynne Zinnel and Klink (TDCH Klink ITD-M), IA, 2/7/21
Lynne Zinnel and Bell (TDCH Zinnel’s Bell ITD-M), IA, 2/7/21
Kayleigh Robertson and Casey Jones (A Young Vigilante ATD ITD-M), BC, 12/31/20

American Staffordshire Terrier

Caroline Olsson and Elvis (Wild Thunderbolt’s Crazy for You ITD-M), , 2/21/21
Anthea Proudfoot and Bones (Bones Malone ATD ITD-M), Victoria, 2/16/21
Caroline Olsson and Blossom (Wild Thunderbolt’s Blossomtime ITD-M), , 2/15/21
Dóri Fintha and Neige (TDGCH Opium Cookie of Sweet Gangland ITD-M), , 1/3/21

Australian Cattle Dog

Robin R. Lux and Ruby (TDCH CCF-CH CH Havuherd’s Iron in the Fire ITD-M), CA, 2/14/21
Shannon Rhude and Treble (TDGCH Treble ITD-M), MB, 2/14/21
Michael Smyth CTDI and Mattie (TDGCH CCF-CH Mattie Ulster Snow ITD-M), Wolverhampton, 2/4/21

Australian Shepherd

Alison MacGillivray and Harry (Tucker Creek’s Harris Tweed STDs RATS RN BR-N NAC TN-N NJC ITD-M), ON, 3/27/21
Malin Bjørnsgård and Artax (Dragonora Dirty Sexy Money ITD-M), , 3/25/21
Ann Fox and Bruce (Bruce ITD-M), England, 3/24/21
Mary Jane Lie and Ace (Norstar Aussie Heart Of Rhythm ITD-M), , 3/19/21
Rafaela Palme and Kimba (Palmvalley A Morning Breeze ATD ITD-M), , 3/18/21
Olivia Gibbons and Louie (TDCH Moortime Hidden by Mist ITD-M), , 3/3/21
Sam Boole and Lexi (Wispafete Dream Weaver ITD-M), , 3/1/21
Xénia Seregi and Nelson (TDCH Nelson By Baby Jane ETD ITD-M), , 2/28/21
Peggy Caldwell and Bailey (RHF’s Bailey of Pagosa Springs ATD ITD-M), CO, 2/26/21
Peggy Caldwell and Faith (Appian Ways Leap of Faith ITD-M), CO, 2/26/21
Beth Hurley and Oliver (TDCH Green Acres Oliver’s Twist ITD-M), PA, 2/24/21
Courtney Goodey and Bixby (Wispafete Real and True ITD-M), Staffordshire, 2/17/21
Shannon Rhude and Coping (TDGCH Uproar’s Cuprous Coping Saw ITD-M), MB, 2/14/21
Helle Green and Dash (TDCH Östra Greda Come As You Are ITD-M), , 2/9/21
Helle Green and Taylor (TDCH Leading Angel Mr. D’s Diamond ITD-M), , 2/9/21
Bobbi Rakita and Chaco (Appian Way Chaco ETD ITD-M), CO, 2/8/21
Fran Solomon and Penny (TDCH Rip Roarin’ Down Penny Lane AKC/ASCH BN AKC RI ASCA RN CGCA CGCU TKP CLI-F ATT SDPro ITD-M), CA, 2/7/21
Pernille Sørensen and Opie (TDGCH DeLuca Av Dalsrud ITD-M), , 2/6/21
Heather Mee and Haze (TDGCH Lamintone Enchanted Fire ITD-M), Shropshire, 2/6/21
Robin Barber and Surge (TDCH Stargate’s Blue Waters Rising ITD-M), TX, 2/5/21
Robin Barber and Tsunami (TDCH Stargate’s Second Wave ITD-M), TX, 2/5/21
Jessica Stricker CTDI and Ivy (TDCH Topalvi Poison Ivy ITD-M), AZ, 2/4/21
Amanda Jones and Ticket (TDCH Dreamshot No Speed Limit ITD-M), FL, 1/31/21
Carina Enevoldsen and InZane (TDCH Khetashio Cool Addiction DK20883/2016 ITD-M), , 1/31/21
Yanna Heng and Fidji (TDGCH Fidji ITD-M), QC, 1/29/21
Erica Coulson and Rupert (Malka’s Causin’ A Stir ATD ITD-M), ON, 1/27/21
Kelly Schumann CTDI and Goose (Show-Me’s Top Gun ETD OSD ITD-M), IL, 1/25/21
Heather Mee and Nita (TDGCH Lamintone Dare to Dream AW(B) ETD ITD-M), Shropshire, 1/17/21
Annette Karlsson and Jazz (TDGCH Meet MyOwn Black Ice ITD-M), Västergötland, 1/15/21
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Enchanted (TDGCH CCF-CH Sazbrat Welcome to New York SDPro ITD-M), PA, 1/11/21
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Parlor (TDGCH CCF-CH Sazbrat Barn Dancin in the Dark OSD ITD-M), PA, 1/11/21
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Truly (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TeBrat Truly Scrumptious ITD-M), PA, 1/11/21
Molly Boaden and Shawna (TDCH Shawna ITD-M), IL, 1/10/21
Christine Sapa CTDI and Fresca (TDCH Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries at Angels Crossings BN CD RA CAA ACT1 TKP SWEN CGC HC PKDI RATO RNX ITD-M), CO, 1/7/21
Courtney Gluchacki CTDI and Kal (TDCH Kryptonian’s Kal-El OSD CCF2 ITD-M), RI, 1/6/21
Annie Proulx and Hope (TDCH Alyjess Gerly Hope ITD-M), QC, 1/6/21
Annie Proulx and Dulce (TDGCH Alyjess Gerly Dulce ITD-M), QC, 1/6/21
Annie Proulx and Charlo (TDGCH Alyjess Gerly Rio ITD-M), QC, 1/5/21
Annie Proulx and Angel (TDGCH Alyjess Gerly Angel ITD-M), QC, 1/3/21
Connie Sandbach CTDI and Milo (Milo ETD ITD-M), AB, 1/2/21
Emmanuelle Bussière and Enjoy (TDGCH CCF-CH Boninrook’s Enjoy Life ITD-M), QC, 12/31/20
Carrie Lucas CTDI and Archie (TDCH Tresrullah’s Comic Book Guy ITD-M), NS, 12/31/20
Nita Gandara CTDI and Aella (TDGCH SDCH Einhorn’s I Am the Storm ITD-M), KS, 12/28/20


Kathy Davies and Vinnie (TDCH BIS-BBE BIG BPISS MBPIG GCH Summit Special Vintage CGN RN NC S ITD-M), AB, 3/11/21
Rhonda Sitter and Lily (Ch Summit Sweet Surrender CGN NC S CA ETD CCF2 ITD-M), AB, 1/26/21
Kathy Davies and Ruby (TDCH Summit My Stardust Melody ETD ITD-M), AB, 1/18/21

Basset Hound

Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI, CCFC, SDJ CTDI and Diamond (Soundtrack Mystical Diamonds and Pearls ETD PSD CCF1 ITD-M), WI, 1/18/21
Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI, CCFC, SDJ CTDI and Josie (The Outlaw Josie Wales ETD SDPro CCF1 ITD-M), WI, 1/18/21
Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI, CCFC, SDJ CTDI and Xena (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH Soundtrack Warrior Princess “Xena” ITD-M), WI, 12/27/20


Brie-Anne Kinrade and Bailey (Bailey ETD ITD-M), ON, 1/19/21

Bearded Collie

Nannette Evans and Willow (TDCH Runningmtn Chaniam Water Sprite TKN ATD ITD-M), OR, 1/5/21


Justine Bradley and Recon (Heptima Canis Mayrau ATD ITD-M), PA, 1/29/21
Justine Bradley and Mango (TDCH My Main Squeeze du Chateau Rocher ITD-M), PA, 1/28/21

Belgian Malinois

Mélyane Boily & Marie-Neige Simard and Kylo (Kylo ETD AtoZ ITD-M), QC, 3/11/21
Gianina Ahke and Ice (Ice vom Causa Nostre Letitia ITD-M), , 3/1/21
Tiffany Holley and Hades (BelCol Hot Wheels on Fire at Lananzoor TKN CGC ATD ITD-M), TX, 2/6/21
Tiffany Holley and Nero (BelCol Normandie at Lananzoor ATD ITD-M), TX, 2/6/21
Robin Sweetapple CTDI and Gucci (TDGCH Stronghold K9’s Gucci ITD-M), NL, 1/29/21
Sophie Pruneau and Cheap (Cheap ETD ITD-M), QC, 1/9/21

Belgian Sheepdog

Heather Christison and Kwin (TDGCH RO Ch Beljekali Kwintessence CDX RAE ITD-M), NSW, 3/11/21

Belgian Shepherd

Kiarah Buckler and Fox (TDCH Stronghold K9’s Fox ITD-M), AB, 2/13/21

Belgian Shepherd (Tervuren)

Linda Christison and Jordie (TDGCH RO Ch Beljekali Jordie CD RAE ITD-M), NSW, 3/11/21
Janet Brown and Gryfyn (TDCH Isengards Up to Mischief ITD-M), ON, 1/31/21

Belgian Tervuren

Sherri Spangler and Shine (TDCH CH Vivant Et Lisse Shine on Harvest Moon ITD-M), AK, 1/17/21
Dr. Pamela Regan CTDI and Phoebe (CH Int. CH TC-CH Patana’s Flash Point BN RI PT FDC NA NAJ CA CGCA CGCU TKE ATT VHMA PKT ITD-M), CA, 1/1/21

Bernese Mountain Dog

Kari Thomson and Takoda (TDGCH Tailspins National Guard ITD-M), AB, 1/29/21
Raechel Drill CTDI and Paisley (TDCH A Touch Of Risque Paisley ITD-M), CA, 1/22/21

Black Russian Terrier

Brittany Rose and Arya (TDCH Little Foxx’s Arya Nymeria ITD-M), WI, 1/13/21

Border Collie

Mariana Majalainen and Scooby (Cemig Scooby AtoZ ITD-M), , 4/3/21
Mariana Majalainen and Blue (Bryning Blue Smartie AtoZ ITD-M), , 4/2/21
Maj-Britt Schultz Jensen and Trini (Gawain’s Drawing Attention (DK08157/2013) ITD-M), , 3/25/21
Christina Opperman CTDI and Puddle (TDGCH Elsanna Hillbilly Wild Fern at Leebeardream CCF4 ITD-M), Staffordshire, 3/24/21
Sarah Vigneault and Newton (Passionbc Newton ETD ITD-M), QC, 3/22/21
Kirsten Dahl and Easy (TDGCH Hazyland Moria ITD-M), , 3/15/21
Helena Persson and Qila (Ash Òir Tequila ETD AtoZ ITD-M), , 3/15/21
Heather Skanes and Eve (Boywood Eve ETD ITD-M), NL, 3/11/21
Lisa Lanser Rose CTDI and Mick (TDCH Mick ITD-M), FL, 3/8/21
Carol Belsten and Anya (Pauldens Rhapsody in Gold ATD ITD-M), , 3/5/21
Karen Wisler CTDI and Kasey (TDCH CCF-CH Shebaa’s Siren FDC RATCHX CGC CGCA CGCU TKA TKP SDPro ITD-M), OH, 3/4/21
Karen Wisler CTDI and Brenna (TDCH CCF-CH MSF Brenna CA RATCH CGC CGCA CGCU TKA TKI TKP SDPro ITD-M), OH, 3/4/21
Sonelle van Wyk CTDI and Ranger (TDGCH Wylwind Red All Bout It ITD-M), Gauteng, 3/4/21
Michelle Gallant and Jazmyne (TDCH Jazmyne ETD AtoZ ITD-M), NB, 3/2/21
Becky Jones and Ozzy Jones (Ozzy Jones ITD-M), Cornwall, 3/1/21
Katey Kosteriva and Misty (Misty ITD-M), AB, 2/28/21
Carol Ward and Sassi (Trumagik Simply Sassi ETD ITD-M), QLD, 2/25/21
Carol Ward and Max (Borderstrand Takittwo Th Max ETD ITD-M), QLD, 2/25/21
Melanie Patten and Robbie (Robbie ITD-M), Derbyshire, 2/20/21
Melanie Patten and Joseph (Joseph ITD-M), Derbyshire, 2/20/21
Stephanie Noonan CTDI and Kenzie (TDGCH CCF-CH Rival’s Kenzie CRNMCL RN ITD-M), ON, 2/19/21
Pippa Wheeler and Rock (Otterbarrow Ray of Sun Shine ITD-M), Devon, 2/18/21
Barbara Takács and Zibby (Pieces of a Dream Charming Crystal ATD ITD-M), , 2/17/21
Jan Martin CTDI and Onyx (TDCH Onyx ITD-M), West Midlands, 2/17/21
Linda Desaulniers CTDI and Ty (TDCH Passion BC Thief of Hearts ITD-M), QC, 2/15/21
Janice Wenig and Bodhi (TDCH Bodhi’s Smoke N Fire ITD-M), OH, 2/13/21
Marie Mac Donald and Piper (TDGCH CCF-CH Hollowshot’s Play Me A Tune Piper George ITD-M), NS, 2/12/21
Dominique Turmel and Luna (LGP Luna Paloosa ITD-M), QC, 2/12/21
Sonelle van Wyk CTDI and Xena (Eurofire Power of Dreams ETD ITD-M), Gauteng, 2/11/21
Kathie Raap and Jordie (Sundown Jordie ETD CCF3 ITD-M), WI, 2/10/21
Becky Jones and Hendrix (Hendrix ATD ITD-M), Cornwall, 2/7/21
Jan Martin CTDI and Jasmine (TDGCH CCF-CH Astra Jasmine ITD-M), West Midlands, 2/4/21
Jan Martin CTDI and Amber (TDGCH CCF-CH Amber My Little Gem ITD-M), West Midlands, 2/4/21
Selena Short and Dottie (Pollyvinall Sqeetl to Otterbarrow ITD-M), , 2/4/21
Karen Connal and Rùm (TDGCH Tillychance Rùm The Risk ITD-M), , 2/2/21
Dominique Turmel and Bebelle (TDCH Bebelle ETD ITD-M), QC, 2/1/21
Selena Short and Shine (Pollyvinall Bunnabee to Otterbarrow ITD-M), , 2/1/21
Selena Short and Fever (Diagemtas Fever to Otterbarrow AW (B) ITD-M), , 1/28/21
Selena Short and Puffin (Otterbarrow Time to Shine ITD-M), , 1/28/21
Annick Chassé and Méli (CCF-CH Méli ETD ITD-M), QC, 1/24/21
Thyra Powers CTDI and Deacon (TDGCH Deacon Powers ITD-M), CO, 1/24/21
Annick Chassé and Bebop (TDGCH CCF-CH Bebop ITD-M), QC, 1/23/21
Annick Chassé and Swing (CCF-CH Grand Oakes Freestyle Swing ETD ITD-M), QC, 1/19/21
Patty O’Bleness CTDI and Jazzie (TDGCH CCF-CH Hidden Valley All That Jazz ITD-M), OR, 1/18/21
Patty O’Bleness CTDI and Firefly (TDGCH CCF-CH Hidden Valley Firefly After Dark ITD-M), OR, 1/18/21
Charlotte Brooke and Wisp (TDGCH Kennafell Midnight Whisper ITD-M), , 1/17/21
Charlotte Brooke and Floss (TDGCH Ellan-Vannin Floss Of Kennafell TD-ROM ITD-M), , 1/17/21
Vicki Crocker and Rogue (HiQ Rogue ITD-M), ON, 1/16/21
Jenine Wech ATDI and Finn (Finn ITD-M), VA, 1/15/21
Marie-France Millette CTDI and Spring (TDCH CCF-CH Spring NSD ITD-M), QC, 1/12/21
Casey L. Palmer and Valor (TDGCH CCF-CH Sterling After All This Time ITD-M), MA, 1/10/21
Andrea Ruckhofer and Arya (TDCH Dia von Western Horse and Dogs ETD ITD-M), , 1/9/21
Lynnea Britton and Trillian (TDCH Skyview Farm’s Heart of Gold ITD-M), CO, 1/9/21
Christina Opperman CTDI and Logic (TDCH CCF-CH Leebeardream Its Logical TD-ROM NSD ITD-M), Staffordshire, 1/7/21
Sandy Fuller CTDI and Luna (TDCH Blitzen’s Blue Moon ITD-M), IL, 1/4/21
Lisa Davey and Loch (TDCH Blue Baton ITD-M), , 1/4/21
Siobhan Simpson and Daisy (Daisy ETD ITD-M), , 1/4/21
Tammy Hanstead CTDI and Zip (TDGCH BCRO’s Zip A Dee Doo Dah ITD-M), ON, 1/3/21
Laura Bradshaw CTDI and Pringle (Devongem Once You Pop ETD ITD-M), Northamptonshire, 1/2/21
Marie Gruslin and Odin (Odin ETD ITD-M), QC, 1/2/21
Krysthel Moore CTDI and Kiss (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH P’tites Bêtes Kiss RPT CGN NBRH NBAR DJ SDPro TC4 ITD-M), QC, 1/1/21
Lynka Fortin Dumas and Everest (TDCH CCF-CH Essential Everest ITD-M), QC, 12/30/20

Border Terrier

Kathy Teufel and Douglas (Cripple Creek Always Looking Up to the Frontier BN RN RI TDNTDI TDA BHN ATD ITD-M), WA, 3/16/21
Libby Tanton-Joy and Lunar (CCF-CH Orangebox A New Hope at Itsaso ATD AtoZ ITD-M), Devon, 3/6/21
Kathy Teufel and Danny (Ch Otterecho Frontier Rusty Roads CGC RE BN PCD RATO ATD ITD-M), WA, 2/9/21
Helen Cottrell and Bramley (TDGCH Stowthorney Phantom ITD-M), , 2/3/21


MJ Heaps and Chilli (Lilac’s Lady in the Quarry ETD ITD-M), MB, 1/26/21


Maryl DeJong and Ziggy (TDCH Ziggy Bentley Bagel DeJong ETD ITD-M), ON, 2/3/21


Holly Boyes and Hadji (TDGCH Hadji ITD-M), ON, 4/1/21

Cairn Terrier

Avril Billingsley and Mabel (TDCH Goldngrove’s Mabel ETD ITD-M), BC, 2/11/21

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Melanie Gonglach and Teddy (Teddy Arth ETD CCF3 ITD-M), CO, 1/15/21

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Charlotte Grant and Misty (Kewpy’s Misty Blue AtoZ ETD ITD-M), BC, 3/25/21


Heather Carrier and Bean (TDGCH Bean Bean The Wrecking Machine ITD-M AtoZ), Fl, 3/8/21
Nancy Mirantz and Raven (TDGCH Tiny Raven of Tijera’s NR PSD ITD-M), NM, 2/15/21

Chihuahua (Long Coat)

Nina Hechelbacher CTDI and Sunny (TDGCH CCF-CH Bastian von Chihuahuafreunde ITD-M), , 1/30/21

Chinese Crested

Isabelle Bouchard and Zsa Zsa Gabor (Sassytails Silklace Merrywidow ATD ITD-M AtoZ), ON, 3/17/21

Chinese Crested (Powder Puff)

Sharon Pointeer and Zerin (TDCH Zerin ITD-M), , 12/31/20

Cirneco dell’Etna

Annik-Tabea Lassak CTDI and Blenda (Blenda del Gelso Bianco ETD AtoZ ITD-M), , 3/17/21


Julie James CTDI and Barnaby (TDGCH Barnaby ITD-M), London, 1/4/21

Cocker Spaniel

Fallon Gunn and Benny (Benny ETD ITD-M), , 1/21/21
Hannah Billington and Leo (TDCH Hondonvale Sunrise ETD ITD-M), Stoke On Trent, 1/14/21
Angela Beavis and Ollie (TDGCH CCF-CH Truffles Duke CCF1 ITD-M), S glou, 1/10/21

Collie (Rough)

Helle Heidi Jensen and Nigella (TDGCH Lassies Nifty Nigella ITD-M), , 2/5/21
Patty Stafford CTDI and Dylan (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Scarborough’s A Tribute To A Dream ITD-M), OH, 1/14/21
Patty Stafford CTDI and Jackson (CCF-CH Scarborough’s Memories of Yesteryear ATD PSD ITD-M), OH, 1/14/21
Patty Stafford CTDI and Logan (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Scarborough’s Keeper of the Dream ITD-M), OH, 1/14/21

Dachshund (Miniature)

Maureen Meads and Jemma (TDGCH CCF-CH Rafthouse Jemma Meads ITD-M), Pembrokeshire, 1/19/21
Vicky Lee and Robin (TDGCH CCF-CH Jahenbe’s It’s A Miracle TD-ROM ITD-M), Leicestershire, 1/17/21
Vicky Lee and Hetty (TDGCH Abbilis Practical Magic With Jahenbe CCF2 ITD-M), Leicestershire, 1/17/21


Gill Anderson CTDI and Bleriot (Dalysium Thunderstruck ETD ITD-M), QLD, 3/25/21
Kelly Amos and Nike (TDCH SpotWdr N Element Princes Heir Cdn/Am RN DSA DM S TKE CGN VCX ITD-M), ON, 2/17/21
Linda Davis and Taco (TDGCH GCH CH CAN CH UKC CH Snapshots Don’t Spill the Beans RN FDC CAX21 DCAT SWE SCM SHDN RATO DN CGCA CGCU TKP ATT VHMA ITD-M), MD, 1/16/21

Danish-Swedish Farmdog

Catrin H. Karlsson and Tross (Leonberget`z Shougero Af Trenta ITD-M), , 3/6/21

Doberman Pinscher

Dina Popadiuk and Anni (Smack Dab’s Totally Awesome ETD ITD-M), BC, 3/25/21
Sarah Wood and Hugo (TDCH Chopitea Doddington ITD-M AtoZ), East Sussex, 3/8/21
Linda Rusinko and Drago (UCH URO1 URATN HVCH-BP Drago Daker CGC RATI TT S.P.O.T. ETD ITD-M), OH, 2/20/21
Barb Adam and Monarch (Dobereich Summer Sensation ETD ITD-M), ON, 1/24/21
Deborah Wilson and Sienna (TDGCH Redstone’s Sweet Dreams Annie PCD RN RI SD-S-SP VBM ITD-M), NB, 12/27/20

Dutch Shepherd

Kelly Knowles CTDI and Athena (Athena Knowles CCF1 ITD-M), GA, 2/14/21

English Cocker Spaniel

Julie Joncas and Chopin (Malysse Chopin ATD ITD-M), QC, 3/20/21
Nathalie Robitaille and Irlande (Ch Malysse St-Patrick’s Irlande ATD ITD-M), QC, 3/11/21
Nathalie Robitaille and Clémentine (Ch Malysse Divine Clémentine ATD ITD-M), QC, 3/11/21
Tanya Woods and Cookie (TDGCH Kebarlea Cookies N Cream ATD ITD-M), SA, 1/24/21
Dianne Ford and Jenga (TDGCH Devongem Let It Shine ITD-M ETD), NL, 1/19/21
Eileen Gerber and Fynnigan (Felicity Fynnigan Moon Joyfire ETD CCF1 ITD-M), ON, 1/16/21

English Shepherd

Pamela Sisler CTDI and Toby (Toby Fast Paws ETD ITD-M), OH, 3/29/21
Pamela Sisler CTDI and Turbo (Groves Turbo ITD-M ATD), OH, 2/15/21

English Springer Spaniel

Tracey Howe and Thistle (TDGCH Naycar’s Thistle Belle ITD-M), AB, 1/24/21

Finnish Lapphund

Hanna Carlson and Zohki (Lihkku Cohki ITD-M), , 3/14/21
Annie Carlsson and Toffie (Toffiefee ATD ITD-M), , 2/10/21
Annie Carlsson and Heidi (Härestrand’s Princess Calypso ATD ITD-M), , 2/10/21
Emily Garnett and Alma (TDCH Orical Claddagh ATD ITD-M), NSW, 1/20/21

Fox Terrier (Smooth)

Bonnie Bartlett and Fallon (TDCH Foxwell Rama Oh So Striking CCF1 ITD-M), MA, 1/27/21

German Coolie

Karen Wisler CTDI and Mya (CCF-CH K’s Powerhouse ETD ITD-M), OH, 3/4/21

German Shepherd Dog

Tracey Hill and Kinky (Just A Kinky von Immerstark ETD ITD-M), ON, 3/29/21
Tracey Hill and Jetta (Jetta von Immerstark ETD ITD-M), ON, 3/7/21
Sue Matthews and Zac (TDCH Abaeterno Flash CCF2 ITD-M), Worcestershire, 2/27/21
Sue Matthews and Izzy (TDCH Kezara of Kremlynn CCF2 ITD-M), Worcestershire, 2/27/21
Carrie-Anne Selwyn and Dodge (Too Hot to Dodge ATD ITD-M), Surrey, 2/20/21
Henriette Ortmann and Tesla (Amagers Tesla ITD-M), , 2/9/21
Tracie Karsjens and Bliss (TDCH Atlas’ Blissful Feeling ITD-M), MN, 2/6/21
Suzanne Wiebe CTDI and Jaqui (Blackridge’s Janique Eri ETD ITD-M), ON, 1/31/21
Demy Card and Riley (Riley Chevelle ETD ITD-M), TX, 1/29/21
Courtney Gluchacki CTDI and Ace (TDCH UCH DAE CH Lasvada’s Ace of Spades CA CGC DN IT NW1 ORT RN TKP TD-ROM CCF2 OSD ITD-M), RI, 1/16/21
Colleen Beaudet and Conan (TDCH CCF-CH Royale’s Lone Wolf ITD-M), ON, 1/4/21
Pat Saito and Rogue (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH Wild Winds Irish Rogue TKE RI RN CRAMCL HIC ITD-M), ON, 1/4/21
Cynthia Boles CTDI and Sebastian (TDCH Sebastian Barrington Boles OSD ITD-M), MO, 1/2/21
Kayleigh Shield and Luna (TDCH Diamond Rogue CCF4 ITD-M), Greater Manchester, 12/31/20

German Shorthaired Pointer

Megan Krystal & Marco Cortopassi and Luna (Stanneyfields Imagine w Blastem ETD ITD-M), ON, 2/26/21
BrendaAnn Brown and Coburn (Nuthatch if a Tree Falls (Coburn) ITD-M), ON, 2/4/21
Jayne-Marie Appleyard and Myla (Box of Pink Frogs ETD ITD-M), , 1/29/21
Kathleen Reynolds CTDI CCFC SDJ CTDI and Rodney (TDCH CCF-CH GCH CH Voyager’s Greatest Harvest ACT 1 CGCA CGCU TKE ETD OSD ITD-M), CO, 1/21/21
Kathleen Reynolds CTDI CCFC SDJ CTDI and Greta (TDCH CCF-CH Cuttin Wilds Space Cowgirl X Kimber Tactical Greta CGCU ACT1 JH TKE ETD OSD ITD-M), CO, 1/18/21
Kathleen Reynolds CTDI CCFC SDJ CTDI and Abbey (TDCH CCF-CH Steel Fork Abbey CD PCD BN RA SH FDC ACT 1 THDN CGCA CGCU TKE SDPro TC4 ITD-M), CO, 1/17/21
Deanna Glasgow and Findley (TDCH BNJ Ordinary Hero ITD-M), ON, 12/30/20

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Winston (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH Finnabair Winston O’Reilley ITD-M), FL, 1/1/21
Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Griffin (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH CH Ber-D-Mar Ballygriffin of Greystone ITD-M), FL, 12/28/20

Golden Retriever

Sarah Middleton and Brodie (Tealcreek Fox Mulder ITD-M), , 3/10/21
Jillian Todd ATDI and Addie (TDGCH Northwoods Jevas Queen of the Road ITD-M), ON, 1/5/21
Melissa Williams and Illi (Harvestimes Orange and Blue Dream ITD-M), IA, 1/3/21
Nathan Wilden & Tammie Carter and Maple (Savaneta How Sweet It Is AI ATD ITD-M), SA, 12/31/20
Corrie Horne and Calum (CH. Auburnmist Road To Dunsmuir RN ETD ITD-M), NB, 12/31/20
Marissa Hall and Luke (TDCH Luke ITD-M), ON, 12/31/20
Samantha Snyder and Finn (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH OPK’s Gimmie Some Finn ITD-M), PA, 12/29/20
Jillian Todd ATDI and Louie (TDGCH Kenro’s Jevas Miracle Prince TD-ROM ITD-M), ON, 12/29/20

Great Dane

Shinae Perry ATDI and Presley (Ch Stardust’s A little Less Conversation CGCA CGCU BN RE TKA FDC ATT TC ITD-M ATD), TX, 2/3/21
Sherry Young and Bacardi (TDGCH RBPIS BBPISS Ch Kiltic’s Bacardi Breeze ETD ITD-M), AB, 1/28/21
Kristi Walton & Dallas Scott and Emmett (TDCH ATG’s Not In My Nature ATD ITD-M), AB, 1/26/21
Kayla Baxter and Archer (TDGCH CH Paquestone’s Light Up The Sky CD RA CGN VGD ITD-M), ON, 1/3/21

Great Pyrenees

Anne Poirier CTDI and Isabella (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Du Val Perché Kira Anne CGN TKE SDIN RN ITD-M), ON, 1/12/21


Christine Beisert and Dolce (TDCH SDGCH RATCHX6 Dolce Gambino OA OAJ OFP NW2 THD CGCA CGCU RS-N JS-O GS-O L1C L1I AN TDIA PKD-N CZ8B ITD-M), TX, 2/22/21


Sabrina Lo and Charlie (TDCH CCF-CH GCH Yup’s Coal Harbour CGN RI RAE3 PCD ITD-M), BC, 2/13/21

Icelandic Sheepdog

Nikole Henthorn and Reyka (TDCH Caradoc’s True Joule Reyka Orestus ITD-M), WI, 1/30/21

Irish Setter

Susan Pister and Guinness (CSATCH Captiva Pister Pride RE CGN ADC CRA CRNT OA OAJ NF ETD ITD-M), ON, 1/25/21

Irish Terrier

Sabine Haumann and Cragar (Golden Go-Go Girls Evel Knievel ETD ITD-M), , 2/15/21
Sabine Haumann and Tikka (Firepearls Beware of Tikka ATD ITD-M), , 2/15/21
Diane Gollowitzer CTDI and DeeDee (DeeDee ETD ITD-M), West Sussex, 2/13/21

Jack Russell Terrier

Anke Claassen and Leah (TDGCH Leah ETD ITD-M), , 2/17/21
Kathleen Tepperies CTDI and Rebel (TDGCH Rebel ITD-M), East Sussex, 1/25/21
Claire Powell and Teddy Edward (CCF-CH He’s Just Ted ETD PSD ITD-M), North Yorkshire, 12/31/20


Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Reggie (TDGCH CCF-CH Suncoast’s Lt Reggie Barclay of LI THDX CGCA CGCU TKE VHMA SDPro ITD-M), NY, 1/21/21
Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Kallie (TDGCH CCF-CH Clingmey’s Keeshond Garden’s Kallie ITD-M), NY, 1/17/21
Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Ray (TDGCH CCF-CH CH Blessed to Hope from Lavendermist Meadow SDPro ITD-M), NY, 1/15/21
Stacie Beasley CTDI and Clancy (TDGCH ALCH RO3 UJJ Beasley’s Fancy Chief Clancy CDX GO RM RAE2 CGCA CGCU THDA DJ RATO BCAT TKP OSD ITD-M), MD, 12/27/20


Sarah Krueger and Duncan (Ambermoon’s Roller Soaker CCF2 ITD-M), WI, 2/24/21

Labrador Retriever

Kristina Lackner and Blue (Wildclover’s Dusty Blue ETD ITD-M), , 3/22/21
Joh Bryant CTDI and Bo Diddley (TDCH Poolehall Bo ETD ITD-M), Derbyshire, 2/28/21
Anita Ryge Trampedach and Shampoo (Vincents LabTrack Shampoo ITD-M), , 2/22/21
Yenni Yap and Nemo (Nemo ITD-M), , 2/1/21
Mia Rasmussen and Selma (TDGCH Vincents LabTrack Selma ITD-M), , 2/1/21
Muriel Nagle and Wally (Sommit’s Way to Go Wally ITD-M), WI, 1/24/21
Ellen Davis and Scout (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH Scout of Clay Farm ITD-M), VA, 1/20/21
Ellen Davis and Lilly (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH Lilly of Clay Farm ITD-M), VA, 1/20/21
Julie Boyd CTDI and Ajax (Ajax Boyd ITD-M), SA, 1/2/21
Kristin Wegel and Ember (TDCH Hammr Ridgeview Fire’s Ember ITD-M), NY, 1/2/21
Julie Boyd CTDI and Bentley (TDGCH CCF-CH Bentley Dyson ITD-M), SA, 1/1/21
Lori Weltz and Lily (TDGCH Eromit’s Tiger Lily ITD-M), AB, 12/29/20
Lori Weltz and Cashew (TDCH Eromit’s Cashew Twist ITD-M), AB, 12/29/20

Lagotto Romagnolo

Daniel Vowles and Lupo (Lupo ETD ITD-M), Essex, 2/4/21

Lakeland Terrier

Hannah Gill and Bo (Dapperdax Holly ATD ITD-M), , 2/16/21


Christina Opperman CTDI and Pea (TDCH Leebeardream Sweet Pea ITD-M), Staffordshire, 2/18/21
Christina Opperman CTDI and Minion (TDCH Leebeardream One In A Minion TD-ROM ITD-M), Staffordshire, 1/12/21

Miniature American Shepherd

Karen Cross and Pippin (TDGCH Follow Me Over the Moon ITD-M), ON, 3/28/21
Holly Rupprecht and BeeBee (CCF-CH Wigglebutt Sweeter Than Honey ETD AtoZ ITD-M), MI, 3/18/21
Sandie Nagel and Daya (CCF-CH Wigglebutt Makin’ My Day ETD AtoZ ITD-M), MI, 3/18/21
Karen Bailey Cooper and S’more (Flagtree’s All That And Some More TKA ATD ITD-M AtoZ), OK, 3/13/21
Lindsay Kelly CTDI and Mable (TDCH Mable Lee Kelly CGC AtoZ ITD-M), CT, 3/2/21
Laura Jennings and Diesel (Ivorred Master Diesel ITD-M ), , 2/25/21
Karen Bailey Cooper and Cupcake (Flagtree’s Piece of Cake CD PCD BN RM RAE PT FDC NA NAJ NJP CAA BCAT RATN CGCA CGCU TKP ATD ITD-M), OK, 2/20/21
Renate Marktscheffel and Timmy (My Magic Painted Mayday ETD ITD-M), , 2/20/21
Elizabeth Frum CTDI and Queenie (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Wigglebutt Wand Chooses the Wizard ITD-M), OH, 2/16/21
Karen Bailey Cooper and Justin (CH Flagtree’s Boot Scootin’ Boogie RN FDC CA BCAT RATN DSX DJ CGCA CGCU TKA ATD ITD-M), OK, 2/15/21
Karen Bailey Cooper and Bailey (UACH TRAC TACH Cooper’s Bailey Gal CD BN RE PT FDC OAP OJP RATN CGCA TKP ATD ITD-M), OK, 2/8/21
Gabriela Angelevska and Coll (Starrytails Supernova ITD-M), ON, 2/6/21
Karen Bailey Cooper and Baker (UCH Flagtree’s Bake Me A Cake ATD ITD-M), OK, 1/18/21
Tami Dettinger and Holly (TDCH MACH Finny’s High Flying Holly CD RI FDC MXS MJS MXF TQX T2B2 CA FCAT2 SWE SCM SHDE RATCHX11 CZ8P DSX2 DJ CGCA CGCU TKP ATT ITD-M), WI, 1/12/21
Christine Crocker and Jane (TDCH CCF-CH FHF Calamity Jane ETD ITD-M), CT, 1/3/21

*Mixed Breed

BrendaAnn Brown and Marley (Driving Miss Marley ITD-M), ON, 3/23/21
Marie-Soleil Morin and Charlot (Charlot AtoZ ITD-M), QC, 3/18/21
Cynthia & Mitchel Menting and Hook (Captain Hook ETD AtoZ ITD-M), , 3/16/21
Ulrika Sievertsson Nelzén CTDI and Luna (TDGCH Luna Sweetheart AtoZ ITD-M), , 3/15/21
Kim Dykstra CTDI and Snookie (Snookie Dykstra ETD ITD-M), IL, 3/14/21
Vanessa Loveseth CTDI and Cora (TDGCH Cora AtoZ ITD-M), AB, 3/12/21
Vanessa Loveseth CTDI and Bella (TDGCH Bella AtoZ ITD-M), AB, 3/12/21
Marla Matera and Leo (TDCH CCF-CH Leo Matera CGCA TKP VHMA CW-SRA CW-ZR1A CW-OAL1 WCRL-RL1 AtoZ ITD-M), VA, 3/4/21
Siobhán Owens and Kelly (Kelly ATD ITD-M), , 3/3/21
Alina Geishofer CTDI and Haku (Haku Kookie von Amon Sul ETD CCF1 ITD-M), Styria, 3/2/21
Karen Kathka CTDI and Trevor (TDGCH SDCH Trevor’s Nightime Miracle CCF1 ITD-M), MO, 3/2/21
Tina Makin and Reef (Reef ITD-M), , 3/2/21
Bethany Kent and Luna (Luna Kent ITD-M), Gloucestershire, 2/27/21
Charlotte Sinclair and Misty (Caribbean Black Pearl ETD ITD-M), Hull, 2/27/21
Christen Cupler CTDI and Linc (Lincoln Oliver Doodle ATD ITD-M), FL, 2/27/21
Charis Smith ATDI and Duke (TDCH Double Dog Duke ITD-M), MD, 2/25/21
Tiffany Lee and Kalas (Kalas ETD ITD-M), PA, 2/24/21
Christine Bennett and Dixie (Dixie ETD ITD-M), ON, 2/24/21
Katherine Turcotte and Buddy (Buddy ETD ITD-M), QC, 2/24/21
Kim Dykstra CTDI and Milo (Dykstra’s Milo of Lebeau ETD ITD-M), IL, 2/23/21
Renate Marktscheffel and Lulu (Lulu ETD ITD-M), , 2/20/21
Caroline Olsson and Molly (Molly ITD-M), , 2/15/21
Lynne Zinnel and Duncan (TDCH Zinnel’s Bomb Squad ITD-M), IA, 2/7/21
Kim Dykstra CTDI and Serena (Dykstra’s Little Serena ETD ITD-M), IL, 2/7/21
Tracy Brewer and Rio (CCF-CH Rio’s My Love On The Run ETD ITD-M), Kent, 2/7/21
Madeleine Rowett Bober and Stella (Anna Stella ITD-M), , 2/5/21
Samantha Cunningham and Toby (TDCH CCF-CH Toby Falcor the Luck Dragon RATI RATN TKP NDAI TBAD TG1 ITD-M), OH, 2/4/21
Katie Dable and Lexi (Lexi Go Round ETD ITD-M), Staffordshire, 2/1/21
Katie Dable and Heidi (Heidi Flies High ETD ITD-M), Staffordshire, 2/1/21
Judith Smith and Charlie (Charlie ETD ITD-M), , 1/31/21
Philip Wala and Fauci (Fauci ITD-M), MN, 1/29/21
Nicky Thomas and Dougal (TDCH Dougal ATD ITD-M), Warwickshire, 1/29/21
Ann Lee CTDI and Izzy (TDGCH Izzy Wizzy Woo ITD-M), England, 1/28/21
Samantha Cunningham and Thunder (TDCH CCF-CH RL1X Thunder from Down Under CGC RN PD SPS TKP RL2 CL3-R CL2-H CL2-F APJ APG APK TG3 TSAD NDAP NAP OAJ ITD-M), OH, 1/28/21
Krista Nelson and Willow (Willow ITD-M), ON, 1/27/21
Cheryl Hart CTDI and Vision (Tactical Image’s Sight forSore Eyes ETD ITD-M), ON, 1/27/21
Kathleen Tepperies CTDI and Bea (TDGCH Bea ITD-M), East Sussex, 1/25/21
Angela Wiltshire and Scribbles (Scribbles ETD ITD-M), , 1/25/21
Veronica Tan CTDI and Obed (TDCH Obed Blessing OSD ITD-M), , 1/23/21
Thyra Powers CTDI and Dixie (TDCH Dixie Powers SDPro ITD-M), CO, 1/23/21
Thyra Powers CTDI and Ozzie (TDGCH Ozzie Powers ITD-M), CO, 1/22/21
Raechel Drill CTDI and Lilah (TDCH Miss De Lilah Darling Doodle ITD-M), CA, 1/22/21
Samantha Cunningham and Mia (TDCH CCF-CH RL1X RL2X How Can I Resist Momma Mia CGC RE TKP RL2 ITD-M), OH, 1/14/21
Teagan Birt CTDI and Friz (Friz Go Get the Bee ATD ITD-M), OR, 1/13/21
Caroline Walker CTDI and Quinn (TDCH CCF-CH Harlequin Learn to Fly ETD ITD-M), Yorkshire, 1/13/21
Sofia & Grahame Roytblat and Freya (Freya Roytblat ITD-M CCF1), NSW, 1/12/21
Adel Way ATDI and Mysti (Mystique ETD ITD-M), SA, 1/10/21
Donna Berkowitz and Pearl (TDGCH CCF-CH Pearl ITD-M), FL, 1/10/21
Natalee Yates and Toffee (Sweet as Colorado Toffee ATD OSD CCF1 ITD-M), MN, 1/10/21
Diana M. Radoff and Ravioli (Ravioli ATD ITD-M), AK, 1/9/21
Diana Underhill and Gemma (TDGCH Gemma in the Sky with Diamonds SDPro CCF2 ITD-M), ON, 1/6/21
Marie-Josee Blondin and Bailey (TDCH CCF-CH Bailey ITD-M), QC, 1/6/21
Amanda Jones and Punk (TDGCH Brilliant’s Iggy Pop ETD ITD-M), FL, 1/4/21
Jo Beighley and Bently (TDCH CCF-CH Bently Sanchez ETD CCF2 ITD-M), MO, 1/3/21
Tammy Hanstead CTDI and Elsie (TDGCH Elsa Marie You Are My Sunshine ITD-M), ON, 1/3/21
Sandy Baird and Birdie (CCF-CH Birdie Family Ties ATD ITD-M), ON, 1/3/21
Sandy Baird and Spree (TDCH CCF-CH Meant to Be ETD ITD-M), ON, 1/3/21
Nicole Pressburger and Madison (The Mad Patter ETD ITD-M), Dublin, 1/2/21
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Onyx (Rising Midnight Star ATD CCF2 ITD-M), CO, 1/2/21
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Xephyr (Wild Wind Xpress ETD CCF2 ITD-M), CO, 1/2/21
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Pixie (TDGCH SDCH Flying Pixie Dust CCF2 ITD-M), CO, 1/2/21
Caroline Walker CTDI and Harley (TDGCH CCF-CH Harlequin Whatever it Takes ITD-M), Yorkshire, 1/2/21
Flip Collins CTDI and Alfie (TDGCH CCF-CH Alfie ITD-M), Otago, 12/31/20
Ruth Sheller CTDI and Piper (TDGCH CCF-CH Sheller’s Piper ITD-M), MD, 12/31/20
Kelly Knowles CTDI and Roy (CCF-CH Roy Knowles ETD ITD-M), GA, 12/31/20
Tracey Hopper and Vali (Springsett The Doctor ETD ITD-M), , 12/30/20
Sophie Penson CTDI and Hope (CCF-CH CHAS Hope, Freedom and Courage TKP CASP MASP FASP CASFD BASFD SASFD MTASA L2AAS L3AAS UWRo CCF2 NSD TC1 ETD ITD-M), GA, 12/29/20
Jennifer Bramble and Captain Morgan (TDGCH CCF-CH Captain Morgan Spiced Gold SDPro ITD-M), MI, 12/29/20
Leslie Morris CTDI and Perse (TDGCH CCF-CH Perephone of Sheldon PSD ITD-M), CA, 12/28/20
Christina Jones CTDI and Chloe (TDGCH SDGCH Flopdoodle Chloe Bean ITD-M), MD, 12/28/20
Shannon Langel CTDI and Rune (TDGCH SDGCH Princess Rune Myth of Langel Tails ITD-M), FL, 12/27/20


Debbie Carroll and Miska (TDGCH Miskahuszar of Hungary ITD-M), NL, 2/7/21


Mary Burke and Zoe (Bluemoon’s Living the Life of Zoe ETD ITD-M), , 2/28/21
Tiffany Moran CTDI and Gracie (IntCH Court Royal’s Somebody To Love RN TD THDN CGCA TKA VHMA Fit Dog DD ITD-M), OR, 2/6/21

Norwegian Elkhound

Elisha Byron and Maya (Maya ETD AtoZ ITD-M), AB, 3/26/21

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Susie Schmidt and Rocco (Camusmor Ball Of Fire ATD ITD-M), , 1/25/21
Anna-Mette Farcinsen and Rossi (TDCH SEVCH NOVCH DKSCH(V) NORDSCH(V) DKSCH RBM Rönne Rivers Fonzy af Patron ATD ITD-M), Jylland, 1/24/21
Chelsey Protulipac and Slice (TDCH MOTCH ATCHC Foxgrove’s Slice of Pi WC RE UD SD-A-SP MSCDC ITD-M), ON, 1/22/21
Rochelle Kurth and Coach (TDCH CCF-CH Tipping Rock Centerfield at Hawks Nest ITD-M), CT, 1/2/21


Shanelle McCormick and Jada (Jade by Paris ATD ITD-M), , 2/18/21
Shanelle McCormick and Catcha (Rushines Catcha Later Truluv ATD ITD-M), , 2/18/21
Jane Douglas and Justin (TDCH Truluv’s In It To Win It ETD ITD-M), BC, 2/11/21
Diana Squicciarini CTDI and Glinda (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH Medlee’s Ruby Slippers CGC ITD-M), PA, 12/28/20

Parson Russell Terrier

Laura Foster and Colin (Hoolmark Paleface ETD ITD-M), Northamptonshire, 1/15/21

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Barbara Farrell and D’Arcy (TDCH MACH3 Drifan Imaginethat Windswept MXB2 PAD MJB2 PJDS MFG TQX T2B4 TKP ITD-M), NY, 2/15/21
Barbara Farrell and Jinty (TDGCH Ravinel The Supernatural Jinni TKP ITD-M), NY, 2/8/21
Lauren Kuperstein and Willow (Outlands Willow Wisp ETD ITD-M), WA, 12/29/20
Alyssa Ramos CTDI and Maslow (Outlands Theory of Human Motivation ETD ITD-M), WA, 12/29/20


Heather Coiner CTDI and Mason (TDGCH CCF-CH Mason Dog ITD-M), TN, 2/3/21
Brooke Colley and Briar (TDCH Kingscroft IL Migliore ETD ITD-M), NY, 1/10/21

Poodle (Miniature)

Robin Miller and Carmela (Carmela ETD ITD-M), BC, 2/28/21
Beverley Korness and Jack (Lyric’s Jack B. Quick PCD RA CGCA TKP ATD ITD-M), BC, 2/23/21
Faye Roche and Brio (TDGCH Eaglehill’s Little Big Shot ETD ITD-M), IL, 1/3/21

Poodle (Moyen)

Birgitte Bang and Happy (G-Diggers Happy ITD-M), , 2/15/21

Poodle (Standard)

Christine Ballard and Charlie (Whirlwind Summer Surprise ITD-M), Nottingham, 3/6/21
Raechel Drill CTDI and Oliver (TDCH Tova’s Onyx To Goodness UGRCH TKP CGC VC ITD-M), CA, 1/22/21
Paige Pinney and Bishop (TDCH Piccolo’s To Waypoint This Looks Bad ITD-M), MA, 1/3/21

Portuguese Water Dog

Linda Propp and Avro (GCh Baywood A Legend in Flight RN RI CRNMCL ETD CCF4 AtoZ ITD-M), AB, 4/1/21
Karen Massner CTDI and Aaroo (TDCH CCF-CH CH. Baywood Double Dare 2B Difrent RI CGCA THD PD TKP WWDX ADC ITD-M), AB, 3/10/21
Karen Massner CTDI and Gia (Baywood’s Got It All ETD ITD-M), AB, 3/10/21
Karen Massner CTDI and Kanga (TDGCH CCF-CH GCH Baywood Gota Dare ToBe Difrent RN AGN AGNJ JT ADC TKP AWD ITD-M), AB, 1/24/21


Ewa-Magdalena Rak and Earl (Earl Avere Fortuna ITD-M), ON, 3/29/21
Justine Girard and Olive (TDGCH CCF-CH Drageltik to the Moon & Back ITD-M), QC, 1/10/21
Noémie Simard ATDI and Viktor (TDGCH Vigelais Viktor ETD ITD-M), QC, 1/8/21

Pyrenean Shepherd

Esmee Verberne ATDI and Riley (TDCH Riley Run to the Hills ITD-M), Noord-Brabant Holland, 1/7/21

Rat Terrier

Alannah Leavitt and Cassie (TDGCH Cassie ETD ITD-M), AB, 1/7/21


Lene Søndberg and Quno (TDGCH Fattiggården’s Quno ATD ITD-M), , 2/10/21
Lene Søndberg and Fillucca (TDCH ABC Royal’s Fillucca ATD ITD-M), , 2/10/21

Russell Terrier

Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Cooper (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH Finnabair Anu Maximum Force ITD-M), FL, 1/3/21

Saint Bernard

Laurie Keith and Bill (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH TC-CH Kudos Fits the Bill Regalbear ITD-M), MB, 12/29/20


Ali LeCarpentier and Dahari (TDCH Madejel Première Enfant ITD-M), Nr Buxton, 3/15/21
Ali LeCarpentier and Kaizu (Tywysog Cyntaf Arabaidd of Madejel ITD-M), Nr Buxton, 3/3/21
Ali LeCarpentier and Mara (Kensteen Brook of Madejel ITD-M), Nr Buxton, 3/3/21
Susan Waltman and Quiz (TDGCH ADP-CH(Th) Tubila ‘N Aeolus Just Dream On RN JC BCAT CGC TKE RL1 SSB ICN PKD-N PKQT-COVID-3 OSD ITD-M), VA, 2/15/21


Lisa Marino CTDI and Biscotti (TDCH Mystical’s Dolci Biscotti Bacio di Cioccolati OSD CCF2 ITD-M), VA, 1/4/21
Lisa Marino CTDI and Sorbetto (TDCH GCH CH Alpine Glo’s Signature Delight OSD CCF2 ITD-M), VA, 1/4/21
Lisa Marino CTDI and Spumoni (TDCH Mystical’s Favorite Flavor Spumoni OSD CCF2 ITD-M), VA, 1/4/21


Marianne Walting and Flippan (Maidens Opera ITD-M), , 3/14/21
Sophie Harrison and Tucker (Aradet Blue Boy ITD-M), , 2/28/21

Schnauzer (Miniature)

Jane Martin and Frankie (Lilacglade Silver Angel ITD-M), , 3/23/21
Amy McGovern and Miri (Aristos’ I Dare Delmae Miri ATD ITD-M), OK, 2/4/21
Amy McGovern and Arwen (Aristo’s Lady Arwen ATD ITD-M), OK, 2/4/21

Schnauzer (Standard)

Agneta Hjelm and Yara (TDCH Argenta’s Yarmela ETD ITD-M), , 2/14/21
Andrea Ferguson Jones CTDI and Ryder (TDCH Dinsdale’s Weight of a Nation ITD-M), ON, 1/31/21
Andrea Ferguson Jones CTDI and Caber (TDCH Dinsdale’s Highland Fling ITD-M), ON, 1/31/21

Scottish Terrier

Diane Gollowitzer CTDI and Dougal (Dougal ITD-M), West Sussex, 1/13/21

Shetland Sheepdog

Maria Ivarson and Debbie (Funny Blacks Moonlight ITD-M), , 3/25/21
Maria Ivarson and Axa (Funny Blacks Wild Easter Sun ITD-M), , 3/25/21
Signe Rasmussen and Bambus (TDCH Lightning Bamboo ITD-M), , 2/14/21
Anni Pedersen and Duchesse (TDCH Foula’s Bi Nite ITD-M), , 2/13/21
Anni Pedersen and Hilma (Fæhunden’s Venice ITD-M), , 2/13/21
Susan Pister and Ice (Rivermyst Fire and Ice RN CGN CRN CRNT ETD ITD-M), ON, 1/27/21
Jean Tuck and Zac (TDGCH Tooralie’s Masquerade at Craygill ITD-M), Staffordshire, 1/22/21
Jean Tuck and Maddie (TDCH Saunderswood Fire Fly of Craygill ITD-M), Staffordshire, 1/22/21
Susan Blais and Emma (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Blue Heavens Secret Love ITD-M), ON, 1/19/21
Emer Page and Shoka (Moifara King Ashoka ITD-M), Dublin, 1/16/21
Lynnea Britton and Infinity (Heaven’s Best Infinite Guardian ETD ITD-M), CO, 1/11/21
Sandy Fuller CTDI and Zephyr (Chatham’s Gentle Breeze ETD ITD-M), IL, 1/10/21
Sandy Fuller CTDI and Lily (Belmark Water Lily ETD ITD-M), IL, 1/4/21
Marlene Mosher and Jasper (TDCH CCF-CH Jasper ETD ITD-M), QC, 1/1/21

Shiba Inu

Desi Desario and Dioji (Dioji Desario ETD ITD-M), CA, 3/11/21
Stephanie Sun and Teddy (TDCH Teddy XII ITD-M), CA, 2/13/21

Shih Tzu

Stephanie Noonan CTDI and Skye (CCF-CH Skye CRN ADC ITD-M), ON, 2/19/21
Ann Lee CTDI and George (TDGCH Gorgeous George of Hindles ITD-M), England, 1/28/21

Siberian Husky

Julie Larouche and Arctique (CCF-CH Desloupiots Hiver Arctique ETD ITD-M), QC, 4/3/21
Julie Larouche and Boreal (CCF-CH Desloupiots Hiver Boreal ETD NSD TC1 AtoZ ITD-M), QC, 4/3/21
Julie Larouche and Blizzard (CCF-CH Desloupiots Blizzard D’Hiver ETD NSD TC1 AtoZ ITD-M), QC, 4/3/21
Kristina Schöller CTDI and Penny (CCF-CH Antirias Pennywise Anana Amarok ETD ITD-M), Steiermark, 1/20/21
Malene S. Hansen CTDI and Iza (TDGCH CCF-CH Mesmocan Lightning Ridge OSD ITD-M), Jylland, 1/6/21

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Annette Andersen and Simba (TDCH Gaelic-Wheaten’s Rebel Commander (DK10773/2011) ETD ITD-M), , 3/21/21
Isabelle Bouchard and Stetson (Erinisle’s Whiskey in the Jar ETD ITD-M), ON, 1/2/21


Jessica Angel and Finn (TDGCH Star Rein ITD-M), WA, 1/5/21

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Simon Hein & Smilia Juel and Nala (Rockingstaff Beautifulday ATD ITD-M), , 2/26/21
Maria Eklund CTDI and Kiwi (TDGCH Matheriz Kick-Ass Keeper ITD-M), , 1/6/21


Connie Priesz CTDI and Molly (TDCH CCF-CH Little Girl Molly RN THDD RATO CGCA CGCU TKE FDC VHMA PSD TC3 ITD-M), MN, 1/8/21
Connie Priesz CTDI and Kimber (TDCH CCF-CH ALCH Mira’s Little GIrl Kimber RN RATN CGC TKE VHMA PSD TC3 ITD-M), MN, 1/8/21


Tanya K. Rowan CTDI and Monet (Oakpoint’s Platinum Water Lily TKP JH CGC RATN VHMA NA 111 ETD CCF1 OSD ITD-M), NY, 12/31/20

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Caroline Vink and Oscar (Caergrawnt Viking ETD ITD-M), , 1/16/21

West Highland White Terrier

Sam Boole and Alex (Ballymacran Sams Song ITD-M), , 3/7/21


Ali LeCarpentier and Malika (Malika De Ma Vie of Madejel ITD-M), Nr Buxton, 3/3/21
Nathaly Simard and Kate (TDCH Harmony’s N Sportingfields Almost Famous DE TKI AtoZ ITD-M), QC, 3/3/21
Miranda Logan and Fitz (Brushwood Maker’s Mark ETD ITD-M), AB, 3/1/21
Monique Cormier and Sully (Cariad N Robbins Hudson River Landing ETD CCF2 ITD-M), AB, 2/14/21

Working Sheepdog

Christina Opperman CTDI and Zeva (Leebeardream Zeva Le Bear ETD ITD-M), Staffordshire, 2/18/21
Angie Thornley and Wren (Wren You Have It Flaunt It ITD-M), , 2/10/21
Courtney Holmes and Blue (Blue Eyed Scamps ITD-M), , 2/4/21
Christina Opperman CTDI and Summer (TDCH CCF-CH Leebeardream Summer Leebear TD-ROM ITD-M), Staffordshire, 1/14/21
Karen Colls CTDI and Jay-Z (TDCH Indahouse Rock Steady Crew ATD ITD-M), Warwickshire, 1/6/21


Carriann Phillips and Hades (TDGCH Ulrich Hades Guysson ITD-M), Surrey, 2/15/21

Horse (Miniature)

Noeline Cassettari CTDI and Rose (TDCH Flying Dust Ombre Rose ITD-M), NSW, 1/6/21