Alphabet Challenge (AtoZ) Title Holders

Afghan Hound

Lorrie Stayura and Nasrin (CH Daghan Gumbo Limbo TDI CGN TT SDS-SP RATI ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/16/21
Lorrie Stayura and Sephira (Azari’s Black Pearl ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/13/21
Birgitta Strömberg and Cilla (Papatazin Little Respect ETD AtoZ), Stockholm , 3/11/21
Birgitta Strömberg and Alice (TDCH Alphaville’s Finger Lickin’ Good AtoZ), Stockholm , 3/8/21

Airedale Terrier

Isabelle Magnan and Boo (TDCH BAIS MBAIG ChBAR Margeline Capuccino Boo CGN am/CGCU RI IBAR IBRH MBRH CD RATI TRSi SD-F TKP PSD-NC SDIN SDO SWN am / Achiever Dog NTD-M AtoZ), QC, 3/22/21


Charlène Mayer and Akamaru (TDCH Daomori Akamaru ITD-M AtoZ), QC, 4/1/21

Akita (Japanese)

Alina Geishofer CTDI and Sookie (Amaterasu Inu Yoko Zuna Inari ATD CCF1 NTD-M AtoZ), Styria, 3/20/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

American Bully

Nikole Tucker and Skye (Brazen’s Blue Skye NTD AtoZ), , 3/22/21
Nikole Tucker and Sadie (COA’s Sadie Sweets of Brazen NTD AtoZ), , 3/22/21
Don Tucker and Finn (Brazen’s Finn MacCool NTD AtoZ), WA, 3/22/21
Karen Tucker ATDI and Mysti (Cosmic Mystique of Brazen Bullies ATD AtoZ), WA, 3/21/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Janilee Benell CTDI and Polar (Red Iron’s Northern Light ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/5/21
Janilee Benell CTDI and Fleur (RDBK Fleur de Les of NXNW ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/5/21

American Cattle Dog

Wendy Hay and Max (Max-A-Bean ETD AtoZ), VA, 3/15/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

American Cocker Spaniel

Leona Hellesvig and Missy (TDCH Int. Com. Ch Vet. Ch UALCH UAG1 Enchanted Little Miss Carefree GCGA VHMA THDA TDIA CD RE AX AXJ AF Cl2-R CL2-H CL2-F APS APK APG APJ APR APD SIN SCN ORT NW1 TKE CI2-S CL2 SBN PSD ETD-M AtoZ), MN, 3/30/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Sandy Sommerfeld and Charli (TDCH Aladdin’s Good Time Charli AtoZ), BC, 3/8/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Kelly Ladouceur and Bowie (BISS Ch KLAD Samamari Shut Up And Drive ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/3/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

American Eskimo Dog

Robin Murray CTDI and Henry (TDCH Henry Jones Murray AtoZ), OH, 3/15/21

American Pit Bull Terrier

Alicia Harantschuk CTDI and Vegas (TDCH Viva Miss Vegas AtoZ), PA, 3/9/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Jenn Heizler and Waffles (Waffles AtoZ), AB, 3/7/21

American Staffordshire Terrier

Shelley McQuillin CTDI and Mabel (SDCH TDCH Miss Mabeline AtoZ), OH, 3/27/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Shelley McQuillin CTDI and Phoenix (One Fiery Spirit AtoZ), OH, 3/27/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Australian Cattle Dog

TaKiyah Lowe and Jaffa (Jaffa NTD AtoZ), QLD, 3/28/21
Andrea Davis CTDI and Loki (TDCH CCF-CH Loki AtoZ), AB, 3/26/21
Andrea J. Fitch and Wade (Walkabout Wade NTD AtoZ), OH, 3/20/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Stephanie Roberts CTDI and Penny Rose (Penny Rose Triumphant ETD AtoZ), FL, 3/15/21
Cassia Devison and Forest (Blu For Ewe Like Peas N’ Carrots ATD AtoZ), ON, 3/15/21
April Geer and Zero (CK9 Dynamic Zero ETD AtoZ), MI, 3/7/21
Shannon Rhude and Treble (TDGCH Treble ETD-M AtoZ), MB, 3/7/21
Roxanne Croteau and Willow (Uretopia’s Courting Trouble ETD AtoZ), QC, 3/4/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Jennifer Wolf-Pierson CTDI and Grit (TDCH Redbud’s True Grit ATD NTD-M AtoZ), TX, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Alla Osypenko CTDI and Mavka (Echo Heelers MAVKA ATD AtoZ), PA, 3/1/21

Australian Koolie

Jan Mundy and Kirra (Kirra AtoZ), ON, 3/28/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Australian Shepherd

Kathy McKenzie and Chloe (CH RaineDance Sports Model ATD AtoZ), BC, 3/29/21
Kathy McKenzie and Tuca (GCh RaineDance Millenni’EM Cameo AtoZ), BC, 3/29/21
Alexis Hawkins and Tesla (Tesla AtoZ), VA, 3/29/21
Beth French and Gabe (Richwood Yes Your Honor AtoZ), MI, 3/29/21
Gayle Silberhorn CTDI and Saga (Big Run’s Saga Continues RN NAJ CGC TKI TKA TKP Achiever Dog ETD AtoZ), IL, 3/28/21
Carly Orr and Eddy (Eddy AtoZ), ON, 3/28/21
Jean Trentini and Schooner (Schooner or Later NTD AtoZ), Ca, 3/27/21
Amanda Jones and Ticket (TDCH Dreamshot No Speed Limit ATD-M AtoZ), FL, 3/27/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Sarah Gibbons and Reese (Austrian Dream Enchanting Magic For Wispafete NTD-M AtoZ), Derbyshire, 3/27/21
Sarah Gibbons and Miley (Ir/Int/UK Ch Mangry’s Need For Speed With Wispafete JW ShCM Ir JCh CJW’17 NTD-M TD-ROM AtoZ), Derbyshire, 3/27/21
Sylvie Beaudry and Kimmy (Kimmy de La Genevoise ETD AtoZ), QC, 3/26/21
Kristina DeGiovanni and Summer (Summer Lovin’ ETD AtoZ), RI, 3/26/21
Renea Dahms CTDI and Sirius (Defiance Are You Sirius CGC ETD CCF3 AtoZ), WI, 3/26/21
Sherry Zeeman and Buckit (Superfly’s Giddy Up Go ETD AtoZ), BC, 3/24/21
Maria Vermaak and Moon (New Moon Rising of Woolly Rocks NTD AtoZ), , 3/21/21
Rafaela Palme and Kimba (Palmvalley A Morning Breeze ATD-M AtoZ), , 3/19/21
Darlene Coppens and Zaida (Starcreeks Hot Blue Star ATD AtoZ), ON, 3/17/21
Talia Byers and Ike (Sazbrat Coolmor All In ETD AtoZ), PA, 3/14/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Kimberly Ward . and Captain Jack (Heavensent Captain Jack ATD AtoZ), AK, 3/13/21
Kimberly Ward . and Monk (Heavensent Monk ATD AtoZ), AK, 3/13/21
Glenn Burroughs and Darci (Darci Lynne ATD AtoZ), , 3/11/21
Maddie Wood and Josie (Josie ITD AtoZ), , 3/11/21
Stephanie Lemieux and Seth (TDCH Moiaussie Never Look Back AtoZ), QC, 3/11/21
Megan Barnard and Maizey (Countrywoods Maizey May AtoZ), MI, 3/11/21
Gina Stetsko and Bizi (TDCH CCF-CH MOTCH SHDCH LookQuest Leap at the Chance SDN SDIN DJ S RATO RATI CGN HIT RAE2 AGI AGXJ NSD AtoZ), AB, 3/10/21
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Pixie (TDCH CCF-CH Sazbrat Lemon Pixie Dust AtoZ), PA, 3/10/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Parlor (TDGCH CCF-CH Sazbrat Barn Dancin in the Dark OSD ETD-M AtoZ), PA, 3/10/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Truly (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TeBrat Truly Scrumptious ETD-M AtoZ), PA, 3/10/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Enchanted (TDGCH CCF-CH Sazbrat Welcome to New York SDPro ETD-M AtoZ), PA, 3/10/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Morgan Pasco and Timber (Timber Jamocha Shake Pasco NTD), OH, 3/7/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Shannon Rhude and Coping (TDGCH Uproar’s Cuprous Coping Saw ETD-M AtoZ), MB, 3/7/21
Annie Proulx and Hope (TDCH Alyjess Gerly Hope ETD-M AtoZ), QC, 3/6/21
Annie Proulx and Dulce (TDGCH Alyjess Gerly Dulce ETD-M AtoZ), QC, 3/6/21
Annie Proulx and Angel (TDGCH Alyjess Gerly Angel ETD-M AtoZ), QC, 3/6/21
Annie Proulx and Charlo (TDGCH Alyjess Gerly Rio ETD-M AtoZ), QC, 3/6/21
Jamie Heberlein CTDI and Meeka (TDCH Cedarwood’s Meeka Wish On Me AtoZ), MO, 3/5/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Kathleen Massicotte and Sofia (TDCH Princess Heart De La Colombe Béarnaise AtoZ), QC, 3/3/21
Gina Stetsko and Tex (TDGCH CCF-CH LookQuest Last Cat Standing DM DS SDN SDIN CA RATO RATI PCD RE AGN AGNJ ARJ AtoZ), AB, 3/3/21
Julie-Anne Dugas and Balto (Alyjess Gerly Balto ETD AtoZ), QC, 3/3/21
Christine Elisabeth Bérczes and Prada (Glamour Aussie’s Elegant Style NTD-M ITD AtoZ), , 3/3/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Courtney Goodey and Bixby (Wispafete Real and True ATD-M AtoZ), Staffordshire, 3/2/21
Courtney Gluchacki CTDI and Kal (TDCH Kryptonian’s Kal-El ATD-M CCF3 OSD TC2 AtoZ), RI, 3/2/21
Susan Evans and Stormy (TDCH Bur Oak’s Stormy Cherokee Rose AtoZ), MI, 3/2/21
Susan Evans and Jozey (TDCH Bur Oak’s Happy Day With Jozey AtoZ), MI, 3/2/21
Emmanuelle Bussière and Enjoy (TDGCH CCF-CH Boninrook’s Enjoy Life ETD-M AtoZ), QC, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Joyce Fongemie and Léo (Alyjess Gerly Leo I’m Angel’s Surprise ETD AtoZ), QC, 3/1/21
Joyce Fongemie and Louna (Alyjess Gerly Louna Looks Like a Panda ETD AtoZ), QC, 3/1/21
Hilda Roberts and Troya (TDCH Troya Elvikam of Dreamtale CCF2 AtoZ), Denbighshire, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Alexanne Girard and Blue (TDGCH Amalgam Radioactive Blue Element AtoZ), QC, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Alexanne Girard and Luna (TDCH Amalgam Under The Moonlight AtoZ), QC, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Australian Shepherd (Miniature)

Misty Yohannan CTDI and Izzee (Izzee ETD AtoZ), MI, 3/6/21

Australian Shepherd (Toy)

Tammye MacKenzie and Brodi (Brodi MacKenzie NTD AtoZ), MI, 3/14/21


Colleen Phillips and Obi (Heartbeat Obsidian Sky NTD-M AtoZ), On, 3/31/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Basset Hound

Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI, CCFC, SDJ CTDI and Xena (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH Soundtrack Warrior Princess “Xena” AtoZ), WI, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Wendy Bidey and Cleo (TDCH Raimex Rio AtoZ), Ceredigion, 3/23/21
Madalena Hutcheson and Lily Dell (Clara Dell’s Lily of the Valley NTD AtoZ), TN, 3/21/21
Brie-Anne Kinrade and Bailey (Bailey TC1 ETD ATD-M CCF2 OSD AtoZ), ON, 3/1/21
Brie-Anne Kinrade and Gypsy (Gypsy AtoZ), ON, 3/1/21
Wendy Bidey and Mawgan (TDCH Whistlers Mawgan AtoZ), Ceredigion, 3/1/21


Nathalie Grenier and Aku (Aku du Sixieme Sens NTD AtoZ), QC, 3/17/21
Nathalie Grenier and Blu (Blu du Sixieme Sens NTD AtoZ), QC, 3/17/21

Belgian Malinois

Whitney Lightner CTDI and Sarin (Gaslight My Heart ATD CCF2 AtoZ), AZ, 3/27/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Kayla Houtz and Drogon (KHs Taking What’s Ours With Fire and Blood ETD AtoZ), OK, 3/24/21
Sophie Pruneau and Cheap (Cheap ETD-M AtoZ), QC, 3/12/21
Ingrid Rademakers CTDI and Kelsy (Kelsy ETD AtoZ), , 3/6/21
Mélyane Boily & Marie-Neige Simard and Kylo (Kylo ETD NTD-M AtoZ), QC, 3/3/21

Belgian Shepherd

Kiarah Buckler and Envy (Royal Malinois Kennels’ Seven Deadly Sins ATD AtoZ), AB, 3/20/21
Kiarah Buckler and Fox (TDCH Stronghold K9’s Fox ETD-M TD-ROM AtoZ), AB, 3/1/21

Belgian Shepherd (Tervuren)

Jade Dussureault and Zénith (Hidalgo Zenith Of The Sun ETD CCF3 AtoZ), QC, 3/30/21
Jade Dussureault and Maze (Hidalgo Mazikeen Boheme d’un Ciel d’Ete ETD AtoZ), QC, 3/30/21

Berger Américain Miniature

Cécile Godfroid and Plume-Smiley (Plume et Smiley AtoZ), , 3/30/21

Berger Australien

Fanny Bolomé and Oxane (Oxane NTD-M ATD AtoZ), , 3/30/21
Emelda Loncke and Roxie (Roxie AtoZ), , 3/30/21

Bernese Mountain Dog

Kari Thomson and Takoda (TDGCH Tailspins National Guard ETD-M AtoZ), AB, 3/18/21
Nicole Costanza CTDI and Baymax (Baymax ITD AtoZ), NJ, 3/3/21

Black Mouth Cur

Sherry Waldrum CTDI and Rosy (Wild Texas Rose NTD AtoZ), TX, 3/12/21


Erika Fauser and Silas (Legend’s Follow Your Ears ETD AtoZ), FL, 3/28/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Border Collie

Jan Harmon and Patch (Contact Points Buster ITD AtoZ), CA, 3/31/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Mandy Emery and Maverick (Maverick ETD AtoZ), ON, 3/30/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Paula Collins CTDI and Via (O’Livia du Font Mosson ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/30/21
Aurélie Penninckx and Lily (Lily AtoZ), , 3/30/21
Alicia Lemaire and T-keela (Shepherds Wish T-Keela ITD AtoZ), , 3/30/21
Julie Dent and Izzy (Isabelle AtoZ), North Yorkshire, 3/28/21
Mariana Majalainen and Blue (Bryning Blue Smartie NTD-M AtoZ), , 3/28/21
Cendrine Lachaîne and Quinoa (P’tites Bêtes Quinoa ETD AtoZ), QC, 3/28/21
Jean Wright and Maisie (KVR Maisie AtoZ), TX, 3/28/21
Krysthel Moore CTDI and Kiss (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH P’tites Bêtes Kiss RPT CGN NBRH NBAR DJ ATD-M TC-CH AtoZ), QC, 3/27/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Mariana Majalainen and Scooby (Cemig Scooby NTD-M AtoZ), , 3/27/21
Becky Jones and Hendrix (Hendrix ETD-M AtoZ), Cornwall, 3/26/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Rochelle Zahacy and Cricket (TDCH Eastwillow’s No Take Backsies AtoZ), AB, 3/26/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Katie Magoun and Leia (Leia of Longmeadow AtoZ), ME, 3/25/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Casey L. Palmer and Rhys (Sterling Court of Dreams AtoZ), MA, 3/25/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Jeanne Brown and Magic (Molly’s Dblm Mtn Magic NTD AtoZ), AZ, 3/22/21
Natalie Kirkwood and 2B (TDGCH CCF-CH Merlynn Ment2B AtoZ), QLD, 3/22/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Natalie Kirkwood and Torch (TDGCH CCF-CH RURedyFor Torch AtoZ), QLD, 3/22/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Jan Martin CTDI and Onyx (TDCH Onyx ATD-M AtoZ), West Midlands, 3/22/21
Heather Skanes and Eve (Boywood Eve ETD ATD-M AtoZ), NL, 3/20/21
Rachel Dawson and Beckett (TDCH Beckett AtoZ), ON, 3/17/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Sonelle van Wyk CTDI and Ranger (TDGCH Wylwind Red All Bout It ETD-M AtoZ), Gauteng, 3/17/21
Anna Elfström ATDI and Zoli (CCF-CH Bris av Glonka ETD AtoZ), , 3/17/21
Mary Baker CTDI and Elvis (TBC’s 1Love 1Heart ETD AtoZ), FL, 3/16/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Jordan VandeVenter and Echo (FHF Echo Off The Mountain Tops ATD AtoZ), , 3/15/21
Virginnia Murray Butts and Dasher (Dasher ATD AtoZ), NS, 3/14/21
Katey Kosteriva and Misty (Misty ATD-M AtoZ), AB, 3/14/21
Suzanne Lapointe and Mao (TDCH Borderaddik Mao IQ4U AtoZ), QC, 3/14/21
Jordan VandeVenter and Encore (FHF The Spotlight’s On Encore ATD AtoZ), , 3/13/21
Helena Persson and Qila (Ash Òir Tequila ETD AtoZ), , 3/13/21
Stephanie Noonan CTDI and Kenzie (TDGCH CCF-CH Rival’s Kenzie VHMA, RI, TKE, IPS, AGIS, AGIJS, SDN, AADC, MSCDC, SGDC, CRNT, CRAMCL, SD-A, URO1, PTN, NC, NI, PTA, ETD-M, CCF4, OSD, TC2, AtoZ), ON, 3/11/21
Kay Hanbury and Callie (Callie ETD AtoZ), Norfolk, 3/11/21
Selena Short and Fever (Diagemtas Fever to Otterbarrow AW (B) ATD-M ETD AtoZ), , 3/9/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Kara Bellingham CTDI and Treble (Treble AtoZ), AB, 3/8/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Wendy Withington and Alf (Sapphire Alf on Swaledale AtoZ), North Yorkshire, 3/8/21
Ariane Goerlich and Mylo (Lazydaze Drop’n Beats on the Darkside ITD AtoZ), MA, 3/8/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Teresa Histed and Trick (TDCH Rooqui Talented Trickster AtoZ), , 3/8/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Hilary Warren and Reef (TDCH Meisterwerk Reef AtoZ), Pembrokeshire, 3/7/21
Emma Stewart and Cayenne (BW Ring-O-Fire TKN VHMP AtoZ), ON, 3/7/21
Wendy Withington and Jack (Diamond Jack Daniel ATD AtoZ), North Yorkshire, 3/7/21
Nadine Roussel and Kara (Borderaddik Kara ATD NTD-M AtoZ), QC, 3/7/21
Nadine Roussel and Jaydee (Classic Jaydee ETD AtoZ), QC, 3/7/21
Dee Kulbacki CTDI and Nitro (TDCH Ammardan’s Lucky Number 7 ETD AtoZ), OH, 3/6/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Bobbie Kurivial CTDI and Squall (TDGCH Blitzen’s Tropical Disturbance NSD CCF1 AtoZ), FL, 3/6/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Vicki Thacker CTDI and Rhys (TDCH 5H Rhys AtoZ), MT, 3/6/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Selena Short and Puffin (Otterbarrow Time to Shine ATD-M AtoZ), , 3/5/21
Marielle Wåhlstedt and Haley (Noisy Haley of Maranns Home ATD AtoZ), , 3/4/21
Marielle Wåhlstedt and Tipsy (Tipsy ATD AtoZ), , 3/4/21
Casey L. Palmer and Valor (TDGCH CCF-CH Sterling After All This Time ETD-M AtoZ), MA, 3/4/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Andrea Ruckhofer and Arya (TDCH Dia von Western Horse and Dogs ETD-M AtoZ), , 3/3/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Sarah Crouch and Rave (Rooqui’s Party Animal NTD AtoZ), Berkshire, 3/3/21
Sarah Crouch and Risk (Batfink Twist of Fate AtoZ), Berkshire, 3/3/21
Sarah Crouch and Fire (Tanqaru Hot Gossip AtoZ), Berkshire, 3/3/21
Chantal Beaumont and Aryel (ShowTime Aryel Queen of the Oceans ATD AtoZ), QC, 3/3/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Lynka Fortin Dumas and Everest (TDCH CCF-CH Essential Everest ETD-M AtoZ), QC, 3/1/21
Rebecca J. Chuha and Char (Coeur De Lion ETD NTD-M AtoZ), OH, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Mary Ann Nester and Costa (TDCH Devongem Bright Buttons AtoZ), Devon, 3/1/21
Isabelle McKee and Thunder (TDCH Eastwillow’s Thunderstruck AtoZ), WI, 3/1/21
Deb Mclean and Charm (Grand Oakes Sweet Enchantment AtoZ), MI, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Lynnea Britton and Trillian (TDCH Skyview Farm’s Heart of Gold ATD-M AtoZ), CO, 3/1/21
Maritza Rivera and K (Better than Ok NTD AtoZ), Puerto Rico, 3/1/21
Annick Chassé and Méli (CCF-CH Méli ETD-M AtoZ), QC, 3/1/21
Claire Patterson-Abrolat and Kilt (TDGCH PD Kilt of Kynlaire TT2 CGC-Si AtoZ), Gauteng, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Marie Mac Donald and Piper (TDGCH CCF-CH Hollowshot’s Play Me A Tune Piper George ETD-M CCF3 AtoZ), NS, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Teresa Hanula and Leonard (TDGCH Leonard Lee Hanula AtoZ), VA, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Amanda Burkhart and Gengar (Platinum’s Sinister Shadow of Sinnoh ETD VHMP AtoZ), OH, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Michelle Gallant and Jazmyne (TDCH Jazmyne ETD AtoZ), NB, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Chantal Beaumont and Athena (GCh CKC Kynagon Cayenne Sprinkle ATD AtoZ), QC, 2/26/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Border Terrier

Lia Bijsterveld and Dobby (Dobby NTD AtoZ), BC, 3/8/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Lia Bijsterveld and Halley (Fanfare Jetsetter ATD AtoZ), BC, 3/5/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Libby Tanton-Joy and Lunar (CCF-CH Orangebox A New Hope at Itsaso ATD NTD-M AtoZ), Devon, 2/28/21


Emily Lynn and Strelka (Orion’s Little Arrow ATD AtoZ), AL, 3/29/21
Jerrie Lee Jarvis and Never (Starswift Everlasting Legacy NTD AtoZ), MI, 3/24/21

Boston Terrier

Erin Arsenault and Rory (Rory ETD AtoZ), ON, 3/19/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Anne-Sophie Prévost Boivin and Berthe (Berthe ATD AtoZ), QC, 3/18/21
Tricia Knowler and Frank (Am. Ch. Can Gr. CH. Sito’s DRK Tribute To Trillow TKI ITD CCF2 AtoZ), AB, 3/14/21
Kristin Bruce-Cardwell and Archer (Danger Zone ETD AtoZ), TX, 3/14/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Brenda Cirricione and Phoenix (Oakview’s Rebirth Of Our Journey AtoZ), WI, 3/26/21
Marla Fehr and Zora (Zora AtoZ), AB, 3/14/21
Roxann Wilkinson CTDI and Auggie (Auggie ATD AtoZ), MI, 3/7/21

Brazilian Terrier

Anette Almquist and Thor (Sofalex Habanero Da Silva ATD AtoZ), , 3/10/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Maryl DeJong and Ziggy (TDCH Ziggy Bentley Bagel DeJong ETD-M AtoZ), ON, 3/13/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Judi Lacey and Alfie (TDCH CCF-CH Alfie AtoZ), DYFED, 3/9/21

Bull Terrier

Karin Roos and Bella (Bella AtoZ), Gauteng, 3/25/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Gabriela Brooker and Lucy (TDCH Angel Lucy Pel-rim AtoZ), AB, 3/8/21

Bull Terrier (Miniature)

Gail Armstrong and Archie (Can GCh Axelbelle Zdenek Archi the Red ETD AtoZ), ON, 3/23/21


Beatrice Page and Oakley (HOF RACH (U)CH Wildwood Little Miss Sure Shot CD BN RM4 RAE2 FDC NAP AJP BCAT PKD-I TT CGC TKP/ETD VBD OSD ETD AtoZ), GA, 3/17/21
Sandra Fulton-Cooper and Meraki (Bodannas Meraki AtoZ), MN, 3/11/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Lisa Pellerito and Po (Po Panda NTD AtoZ), VA, 3/10/21
Beatrice Page and Tipsy (TDCH HOF GRCH Wildwood Delightful Intoxication CDX BN RM MXP MJP CAX BCAT TT OSD CGC TKP PKD-I PKD-IN-2 VBD TD-ROM AtoZ), GA, 3/2/21

Cairn Terrier

Karen McClean CTDI and Miss Marple (TDCH Ch Quarrydene’s Diamond Heist CGN CCF1 AtoZ), AB, 3/6/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Delania McNatt and Chloe (UKC ALCH INT’N CH Walnut Creek Taka Chance On Me CGC RN BCAT FDC USA UFA RATN ETD AtoZ), OK, 3/10/21
Melanie Gonglach and Teddy (Teddy Arth CCF3 ETD-M AtoZ), CO, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Elly Ellis and Griffin (LavenderHillsLittleRedGriffin NTD AtoZ), ON, 3/18/21
Alexandra Wood and Harry & Louis (Waggerden Best Man & Karidana The One And Only Louis AtoZ), ON, 3/15/21
Stephanie Gilman and Massimo (Massimo ATD NTD-M AtoZ), CO, 3/12/21
Charlotte Grant and Molly (Kewpy’s Piccolo ATD AtoZ), BC, 3/8/21
Charlotte Grant and Misty (Kewpy’s Misty Blue NTD-M ATD AtoZ), BC, 3/7/21
Linda Krochak and Kenna (Aphrodite’s Kenna in a Tutu AKC ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/6/21

Cesky Terrier

Martina Ekström and Inez (Selalon’s Inspiring Indira ETD AtoZ), Sverige, 3/7/21
Martina Ekström and Zita (Selalon’s Glittering Goldie ETD AtoZ), Sverige, 3/7/21
Sofia Ekström and Alba (Selalon’s Gemma Gloria ETD AtoZ), Sverige, 3/7/21
Sofia Ekström and Eila (Sellandafjalls Eila ETD AtoZ), Sverige, 3/7/21


Krysthel Moore CTDI and Sooky (Sooky ETD CCF1 AtoZ), QC, 3/27/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Robin Murray CTDI and Victor (Victor Groot Murray ITD AtoZ), OH, 3/25/21
Alice Leyk and Skunk (Skunk Of The Forest AtoZ), AB, 3/24/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Brandie Feuer and Emma (Emma Feuer TKA CGC RATO ETD AtoZ), NV, 3/20/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Audrey Bilodeau and Beauté (Beauté Chouchou Sugarman AtoZ), QC, 3/17/21
Nancy Mirantz and Tango, Wolfie, Raven & Cowboy (Tango, Wolfie, Raven & Cowboy AtoZ), NM, 3/11/21
Heather Carrier and Bean (TDGCH Bean Bean The Wrecking Machine NTD-M AtoZ), Fl, 3/7/21
Nancy Gagné and Whiskey (Whiskey AtoZ), QC, 3/5/21
Annie Proulx and Gladyce (Topc’s Princess Olga de Chado AtoZ), QC, 3/3/21
Nancy Mirantz and Raven (TDGCH Tiny Raven of Tijera’s NR ETD-M EXDM PSD AtoZ), NM, 3/1/21

Chihuahua (Long Coat)

Nina Hechelbacher CTDI and Sunny (TDGCH CCF-CH Bastian von Chihuahuafreunde ETD-M AtoZ), , 3/1/21

Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

Donna Brittain and Angel (TDCH RACH Temple & Phipps’ Angel Gets Her Wings RM4 RAE3 CGC TKP ADP-GrCH CCF2 NTD-M AtoZ), TN, 3/6/21

Chinese Crested

Isabelle Bouchard and Zsa Zsa Gabor (Sassytails Silklace Merrywidow ATD NTD-M AtoZ), ON, 3/17/21
Jerrie Lee Jarvis and Three (Keepin Couldn’t Keep Three AtoZ), MI, 3/13/21
Kim Mayes CTDI and Loki (TDGCH Nalibey’s Love Me Do Loki TD AtoZ), FL, 3/5/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Chinese Crested (Powder Puff)

Lisa Ann M. Borell and Heart (Nopera’s Peg O My Heart ETD AtoZ), PA, 3/7/21

Chinese Shar-Pei

Kristina Meyer and Bran (Faltige Herzen Bran Bowerman NTD AtoZ), , 3/24/21
Kristina Meyer and Caoimhe (Faltige Herzen Caoimhe-Lilly Potter AtoZ), , 3/14/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Tina Chase and Aurora (Chases Alaskan Surprise ITD AtoZ), MI, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Tina Chase and Tindrah (Chases Twinkling Star in the Sky ITD AtoZ), MI, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Cimarron Uruguayo

Gabriella Hurtos CTDI and Teto (HJCH SRB JCH Beowulf Cerberus Illusion ATD NTD-M AtoZ), , 3/16/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Gabriella Hurtos CTDI and Duncan (Duncan Cerberus Illusion ATD AtoZ), , 3/12/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Gabriella Hurtos CTDI and Anakin (C.I.B. HGCH HSCH SRB GCH HCH SRB CH RO CH SRB JCH HJCH Anakin Cerberus Illusion ATD AtoZ), , 3/5/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Cirneco dell’Etna

Annik-Tabea Lassak CTDI and Blenda (Blenda del Gelso Bianco ETD NTD-M AtoZ), , 3/12/21


Julie James CTDI and Barnaby (TDGCH Barnaby ETD-M CCF3 AtoZ), London, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Cocker Spaniel

Angela Beavis and Ollie (TDGCH CCF-CH Truffles Duke CCF1 ETD-M AtoZ), S glou, 3/17/21
Suzanne Lapointe and Lou IQ4U (Lou IQ4U ETD AtoZ), QC, 3/14/21
Maeve Tartaro and Cassie (Cassie AtoZ), Galway, 3/11/21
Kelly Ladouceur and Charlotte (Am Can Ch KLAD Samamari Fire And Rain ETD TD-ROM AtoZ), AB, 3/2/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Ciara Maher CTDI and Aussie (Kerrijoy Abarth ATD AtoZ), Roscommon, 3/1/21

Cocker Spaniel (working)

Vicki Young and Alita (Ebonacy Warrior Princess ETD AtoZ), Berkshire, 3/7/21

Collie (Rough)

Antje Alberda CTDI and Star (CCF-CH Glamourace Collies Flaming Star BJK NL CH BE CW’17 ETD NTD-M AtoZ), Friesland, 3/26/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Karen Mingham and Zoe (Ellerran Carry Me Home NTD-M ITD AtoZ), SA, 3/10/21

Collie (Smooth)

Ulla Granberg and Luna (TDCH Merciless Love Bomb AtoZ), , 3/5/21

Dachshund (Miniature)

Jodie Foster and Artoo (Artoo NTD AtoZ), BC, 3/26/21
Vicky Lee and Robin (TDGCH CCF-CH Jahenbe’s It’s A Miracle TD-ROM ETD-M AtoZ), Leicestershire, 3/3/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Terri Frenia and Nyla (RHill Avignons Sweet Bizness ML ATD AtoZ), NY, 3/1/21
Vicky Lee and Hetty (TDGCH Abbilis Practical Magic With Jahenbe CCF2 ETD-M AtoZ), Leicestershire, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Andrea Davis CTDI and Kalypso (TDCH Echoviews Trick Shot CCF1 AtoZ), AB, 3/26/21
Kelly Amos and Nike (TDCH SpotWdr N Element Princes Heir Cdn/Am RN DSA DM S TKE CGN VCX ATD-M CCF1 AtoZ), ON, 3/5/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Linda Davis and Taco (TDGCH GCH CH CAN CH UKC CH Snapshots Don’t Spill the Beans RN FDC CAX21 DCAT SWE SCM SHDN RATO DN CGCA CGCU TKP ATT VHMA ETD-M CCF1 OSD TC1 AtoZ), MD, 3/2/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Jayde Davey CTDI and Sherlock (Sherlock ATD AtoZ), Cheshire, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Danish-Swedish Farmdog

Anette Almquist and Ninni (SE UCH Sofalex Niña ATD AtoZ), , 3/10/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Doberman Pinscher

Donna Fong and Titan (Grand Red Titan of the Seas CGC TKN ATD AtoZ), FL, 3/30/21
Sarah Wood and Hugo (TDCH Chopitea Doddington NTD-M AtoZ), East Sussex, 3/7/21
Terri Frenia and Vanya (RHills Dare To be Different NTD-M AtoZ), NY, 3/1/21

Dutch Shepherd

Ann Dijkstra CTDI and Axis (Axis AtoZ), NH, 3/27/21
Amélie Gagnon Dupont and Nitto (TDCH Oliver Twist de la Terre des Fandres ETD AtoZ), QC, 3/13/21
Kim Cooper and Recce (TDGCH Recce von Logan Haus AtoZ), ON, 3/7/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

English Bull Terrier

Desirée Hoffman and Sadie (Jimnah Sadie NTD AtoZ), Bloemfontien, 3/31/21

English Cocker Spaniel

Heather Coiner CTDI and Paddington (Paddington ETD AtoZ), TN, 3/30/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Eileen Gerber and Fynnigan (Felicity Fynnigan Moon Joyfire CCF4 ETD-M AtoZ), ON, 3/26/21
Bev Holoboff and Egypt (Ch. SD-MACH AgMCH Driftwind Nefertiti MADC CW-SP ETD AtoZ), BC, 3/25/21
Bev Holoboff and Ever (Ranzfel Unforgettable For Ever SD-S-SP SD-A CW-SD CW-SP SDN NS ETD AtoZ), BC, 3/25/21
Nicole Ehmann and River (Especially Tricaliber’s Heaven SDS-SP NTD AtoZ), , 3/12/21
Sophie Jackson and Sparrow (Sophs Miracle Magic Minion NTD-M AtoZ), Suffolk, 3/6/21
Nicole Ehmann and Summer (CH Bluestone Summer at Tricaliber RN ADC ATD AtoZ), , 3/6/21
Tanya Woods and Cookie (TDGCH Kebarlea Cookies N Cream ETD-M AtoZ), SA, 3/3/21
Dianne Ford and Jenga (TDGCH Devongem Let It Shine ETD-M AtoZ), NL, 3/2/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Rebecca Gemlo-Dunstan and Luna (Kenynten Calming Camomile ATD AtoZ), West Yorkshire, 3/1/21

English Mastiff

Karen Massner CTDI and Sherman (TDCH CIA’s Soa Jax of Simesh CCF1 NTD-M AtoZ), AB, 3/10/21

English Pointer

Jackie Kumpf and Freya (Freya Valkyrie NTD-M ITD AtoZ), , 3/10/21
Jenny Beadling and Rita (Señorita Margarita NTD AtoZ), NJ, 3/4/21
Karalyn Bell and Lady (Lady Bell CCF2 ETD NTD-M AtoZ), VIC, 3/1/21

English Springer Spaniel

Karen, Carlee & Billy Smallwoods and Merlin (Merlin The Magical Puppy Of Windsor NTD AtoZ), Londonderry, 3/26/21
Judi Lacey and Evie (CourtGwynne Jini ATD AtoZ), DYFED, 3/15/21

English Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Toni Webster and Kash (Shadowstaff Han Solo NTD AtoZ), Whangaparaoa, 3/8/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Eskimo Spaniel

Eileen Gerber and Khia (TDCH Khia Kay Nanuq CCF4 AtoZ), ON, 3/26/21

Finnish Lapphund

Annie Carlsson and Heidi (Härestrand’s Princess Calypso ATD ITD-M AtoZ), , 3/2/21
Annie Carlsson and Toffie (Toffiefee ATD ITD-M AtoZ), , 3/2/21

Flat-Coated Retriever

Karen Wickham and Charlie (TDCH Coastalight Guns and Noses AtoZ), ON, 3/4/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Fox Terrier (Smooth)

Bonnie Bartlett and Fallon (TDCH Foxwell Rama Oh So Striking CCF1 ETD-M AtoZ), MA, 3/3/21

French Bulldog

Kim Newman and Lois (Legends Lois Lane NTD AtoZ), MI, 3/22/21
Joy Cole-Eggers and Boris (Boris AtoZ), QC, 3/18/21
Joy Cole-Eggers and Basil (Basil AtoZ), QC, 3/15/21
Beatrice Page and Hogan (CH Fantome de la Rive Gauche PKD-I ATD AtoZ), GA, 3/8/21

German Coolie

Holly Nagel and Dottie (Quantum Coolies Some Where Over the Rainbow ETD AtoZ), NY, 3/23/21

German Pinscher

Jade Dussureault and Bentley (Dunroamin’s Christmas Trip ETD AtoZ), QC, 3/30/21
Susan Wikström and Marco (Zhivariis Marco NTD-M ITD AtoZ), , 3/8/21

German Shepherd Dog

Ashley Lynch and Ava (Ava Lynch ETD AtoZ), IL, 4/26/21
Ashley Lynch and Apollo (Apollo Lynch ATD AtoZ), IL, 4/26/21
Cynthia Nunes and Kovu (Kynthos’ Heart of a Lion CGC NTD-M AtoZ), RI, 4/1/21
Sue Matthews and Zac (TDCH Abaeterno Flash CCF2 ITD-M AtoZ), Worcestershire, 3/28/21
Sue Matthews and Izzy (TDCH Kezara of Kremlynn CCF2 ITD-M AtoZ), Worcestershire, 3/28/21
Nikki Miller and Lilly (Baroness Lilly vom Miller NTD AtoZ), OH, 3/28/21
Chris Michalak CTDI and Riot (Kami Kaze Von Immerstark ATD AtoZ), ON, 3/27/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Tracie Karsjens and Bliss (TDCH Atlas’ Blissful Feeling ATD-M SDPro CCF1 AtoZ), MN, 3/26/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Mélanie Roy and Chief (Chief ATD AtoZ), QC, 3/26/21
Kaitlin Smith CTDI and Atlas (Atlas ATD NTD-M AtoZ), IL, 3/26/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Alice Leyk and Remus Oak (Wakita’s Viking Quest AtoZ), AB, 3/24/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Lin Edmonds and Nico (TDCH Reinglens Bad Reputation AtoZ), East Sussex, 3/22/21
Laura M. Cook and Kandi (Atlas’ Abiding Kandieren Mond ITD AtoZ), PA, 3/21/21
Lin Edmonds and Inddy (TDCH Incubus Chikki AtoZ), East Sussex, 3/21/21
Marissa Andrade and Tukka (Kryptonian’s Tukka NTD AtoZ), RI, 3/18/21
Courtney Gluchacki CTDI and Ace (TDCH UCH DAE CH Lasvada’s Ace of Spades CA CGC DN IT NW1 ORT RN TKP TD-ROM CCF2 OSD ATD-M AtoZ), RI, 3/18/21
Lorrie Stayura and Zevah (Mystksand’s Zevah’s on the Run HIC TDIA CGN RI TT SDS-SP PCD RATCHX CZ8G ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/17/21
Natasha Baguley CTDI and Schultz (Schult von Hafen of Noblelines ITD AtoZ), ON, 3/17/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Zilda Hutton and Lola (TDCH Giantlands Lola AtoZ), East Sussex, 3/17/21
Pat Saito and Rogue (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH Wild Winds Irish Rogue TKE RI RN CRAMCL HIC ETD-M AtoZ), ON, 3/12/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Gina T. Landino and Oliver (Oliver von Davis AtoZ), WA, 3/8/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Gina T. Landino and Ivan (Ivan Landino-Gibbons AtoZ), WA, 3/8/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Kayleigh Shield and Luna (TDCH Diamond Rogue CCF4 ETD-M AtoZ), Greater Manchester, 3/8/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Carrie-Anne Selwyn and Dodge (Too Hot to Dodge ATD ITD-M AtoZ), Surrey, 3/4/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Paula Heriot and Lhotse (First Ascent Lhotse Von Ryanhaus CA DSA RATS ATD CCF1 AtoZ), CT, 3/3/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Quinn Bader and Archer (UFO vom Wildhaus ETD AtoZ), CO, 3/2/21
Paula Heriot and Gerda (Boone’s Ruby Wanderlust CD PCD BN RM2 RAE2 FDC CAX BCAT CZ8P3 DJA CGCA CGCU ATD AtoZ), CT, 3/2/21
Paula Heriot and Krieger (Boone’s Chance Encounter RN RATCHX8 CGCA ATD AtoZ), CT, 3/2/21
Colleen Beaudet and Conan (TDCH CCF-CH Royale’s Lone Wolf ETD-M AtoZ), ON, 3/1/21
Cynthia Boles CTDI and Sebastian (TDCH Sebastian Barrington Boles OSD ETD-M AtoZ), MO, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Carrie McAunaul CTDI and Glitch (SD-MACH SD-GCH TDCH Alphapack’s To Mend And Defend SD-ELx3 SD-GT SD-GD SD-GA TC1 DS HOT CCF1 NSD AtoZ), AB, 3/1/21

German Shorthaired Pointer

Neely Pratt and Otis (Otis AtoZ), GA, 3/21/21
Tom & Jackie Kumpf and Riley (Riley Rocket ATD NTD-M AtoZ), OH, 3/12/21
Jenny Beadling and Jäger (Upper Aetna’s Schuss Jägermeister NTD AtoZ), NJ, 3/4/21
Siobhan Marguerite Martel and Gala (TDCH Fondcombe Galadriel’s Gift AtoZ), QC, 3/3/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Isabelle Bernard and Zana (TDCH Karpaten Irbis Ondine CCF3 DM AtoZ), QC, 3/2/21
Kathleen Reynolds CTDI CCFC SDJ CTDI and Greta (TDCH CCF-CH Cuttin Wilds Space Cowgirl X Kimber Tactical Greta ACT 1 JH CGCA CGCU TC-2 ETD-M OSD AtoZ), CO, 3/1/21
Kathleen Reynolds CTDI CCFC SDJ CTDI and Abbey (TDCH CCF-CH Steel Fork Abbey CD PCD BN RA SH FDC ACT 1 THDN CGCA CGCU TKE SDPro TC4 ETD-M AtoZ), CO, 3/1/21

German Wirehaired Pointer

Alvin Marklund and Dunder (Sub Terram Blixt och Dunder NTD AtoZ), , 3/29/21

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Griffin (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH CH Ber-D-Mar Ballygriffin of Greystone ETD-M AtoZ), FL, 3/1/21
Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Winston (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH Finnabair Winston O’Reilley ETD-M AtoZ), FL, 3/1/21

Golden Retriever

Stephanie R. Ensley and Dirk (Arkansas Honey Gold’s MVP Mighty Dirk Maus CGCU ITD AtoZ), AR, 3/28/21
Michelle Dorsey and Scout (Scout AtoZ), RI, 3/26/21
Gail Armstrong and Sawyer (Maplelane’s Come in for a Bite ITD AtoZ), ON, 3/26/21
Kathy Schneider and Troeigh (Wyncoras Playing With Fire NTD AtoZ), AB, 3/24/21
Penelope McDonald and Luke (Luke Skywalker NTD AtoZ), AL, 3/23/21
Sky Kale and Teddy (Teddy Bear From Space NTD), NC, 3/22/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Lise Boucher and Soleil (TDCH Taygold’s Ray of Light AtoZ), QC, 3/18/21
Jane Kinnear and Shamus (Blueheron’s Golden Wings AtoZ), ON, 3/15/21
Belinda Fryer and Monty (TDCH Monty NTD-M AtoZ), Gauteng, 3/15/21
Diana Frohman and James (TDCH Freestyles Ladies Love Cool James AtoZ), NY, 3/13/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Diana Frohman and Violet (TDCH Freestyle’s Say It With Flowers AtoZ), NY, 3/13/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Maria Hill and Grace (Grace ATD CCF2 NTD-M AtoZ), FL, 3/12/21
Belinda Fryer and Axel (Lurasia Prince Dutiful ITD NTD-M AtoZ), Gauteng, 3/12/21
Madeline Politeski and Ivy (Sterre’s All Star League ATD AtoZ), ON, 3/7/21
Kristin Dinney and Oakley (Oakley ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/5/21
Nancy Trus CTDI and Gambit (TDCH Brackenridge’s Marvelous Move NTD-M AtoZ), ON, 3/4/21
Jillian Todd ATDI and Louie (TDGCH Kenro’s Jevas Miracle Prince TD-ROM ETD-M AtoZ), ON, 3/2/21
Jillian Todd ATDI and Addie (TDGCH Northwoods Jevas Queen of the Road ETD-M AtoZ), ON, 3/2/21
Susan Wolf and Melody (TDCH Goldbounty’s Buttercup AtoZ), Somerset, 3/2/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Nathan Wilden & Tammie Carter and Maple (Savaneta How Sweet It Is AI ETD-M AtoZ), SA, 3/1/21
Kimberly Noel and Tipsy (HnrB/UKCCH Heartland Sippin A Hot Toddy At Charisma DS TKN NTD), VA, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Laura Scott and Gryffin (Brackenridges Brave at Heart ETD AtoZ), ON, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Great Dane

Kristi Walton & Dallas Scott and Emmett (TDCH ATG’s Not In My Nature ETD-M AtoZ), AB, 3/26/21
Kayla Baxter and Archer (TDGCH CH Paquestone’s Light Up The Sky CD PCD RA CGN VGD ETD-M AtoZ), ON, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Amanda Horning and Rudy (The Swiss Robinson Rude Boi AtoZ), AB, 3/23/21


Christine & Donald Beisert and Dolce (TDCH SDGCH RATCHX6 Dolce Gambino OA OAJ OFP NW2 THD CGCA CGCU RS-N JS-O GS-O L1C L1I AN TDIA PKD-N CZ8B ATD-M AtoZ), , 3/2/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Mette H. Larsen CTDI and Miki (TDCH Jabir’s Danés Ippolito AtoZ), , 3/30/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Leslie Safin and Solo (Nauti Wandering Solo NTD-M AtoZ), CT, 3/18/21
Jo-Ann Nielsen and Tesla (TDCH CCF-CH Small Opals That’s Amore AtoZ), Jylland, 3/4/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Sabrina Lo and Charlie (TDCH CCF-CH GCH Yup’s Coal Harbour CGN RI RAE3 PCD ETD-M AtoZ), BC, 3/1/21

Icelandic Sheepdog

Marie-Thérèse Mrusczok and Sara (TDCH Huldudals Sara AtoZ), , 3/18/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Irish Setter

Will Grabert and Hennessy (Daesyn’s Whiskey Lulaby CGCA CGCU ITD AtoZ), FL, 3/22/21

Italian Greyhound

Ellen Widdup and Picaboo (Sanlore Alura Fleur de Sel Caramel ATD AtoZ), AB, 3/2/21

Jack Russell Terrier

Meike Flintzak and Vada (Forest Hunter Happiness VADA AtoZ 20:1), Nordrhein-Westphalen, 4/2/21
Laura Kirk and Tilly (Little Miss Tills ATD AtoZ), , 3/26/21
Patricia Budrow and Lily (Conasauga Copper Lily AtoZ), ON, 3/26/21
Anke Claassen and Leah (TDGCH Leah ETD-M AtoZ), , 3/15/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Marijke Bergsma and Tessa (Tessa ITD AtoZ), , 3/13/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Joanne Richardson and Max (Max ITD AtoZ), North Yorkshire, 3/12/21
Krisztina Alexy and Zizi (Zizi ETD AtoZ), , 3/3/21
Kathleen Tepperies CTDI and Rebel (TDGCH Rebel ETD-M AtoZ), East Sussex, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Johanna Franziska Dyssy and Maja (Maja NTD AtoZ), , 3/19/21


Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Kallie (TDGCH CCF-CH Clingmey’s Keeshond Garden’s Kallie THDX CGCA CGCU TKE VHMA ETD-M OSD TC1 AtoZ), NY, 3/2/21
Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Reggie (TDGCH CCF-CH Suncoast’s Lt Reggie Barclay of LI THDX CGCA CGCU TKE VHMA SDPro ETD-M AtoZ), NY, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Ray (TDGCH CCF-CH CH Blessed to Hope from Lavendermist Meadow THDN CGC TKE VHM SDPro ETD-M AtoZ), NY, 3/1/21

Kerry Blue Terrier

Christina Wainwright and Indie (Indie ETD NTD-M AtoZ), Derbyshire, 3/28/21


Sarah Krueger and Duncan (Ambermoon’s Roller Soaker ATD-M CCF2 AtoZ), WI, 3/26/21

Labrador Retriever

Lori Weltz and Cashew (TDCH Eromit’s Cashew Twist ATD-M AtoZ), AB, 3/31/21
Christoph Hirsch and Oranna (Oranna ATD AtoZ), , 3/31/21
Wendy Adam and Phoebe (Ledumwood Bracey ETD AtoZ), Devon, 3/31/21
Hannah Winship and Jet (Levenghyl Jet Set ATD AtoZ), North Yorkshire, 3/26/21
Lori Clark and Rae (Rae ETD AtoZ), ME, 3/26/21
Kara Douglas and Chase (TDCH Chase of Miramonte NTD-M AtoZ), CA, 3/26/21
Shannon Regan and Cannon (Cannon NTD AtoZ), , 3/25/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Barbara King and Harvey (Six Mile’s Canadian Twist ETD AtoZ), BC, 3/23/21
Lynn Grice and Badger (Glanwold Austin AtoZ), , 3/21/21
Jan Perryman and Toby (Icarus Starman GB KClub KC UK ATD AtoZ), Isle Of Wight, 3/18/21
Heather Schneider and Gabby (TDCH Eromit’sTalk of the Town AtoZ), BC, 3/17/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Heather Schneider and Emma (TDCH Eromit’s Jane Austen AtoZ), BC, 3/17/21
Megan Rose Taylor and Rowley (TDCH Rowley the Superdog AtoZ), Surrey, 3/16/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Joh Bryant CTDI and Bo Diddley (TDCH Poolehall Bo ITD-M AtoZ), Derbyshire, 3/16/21
Kate Midwinter and Honey (Honey ETD AtoZ), BC, 3/15/21
Heather Buzby and Kayla Dover (Kayla Dover NTD-M ETD AtoZ), NJ, 3/14/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Thomas Trabue and Timbre (Timbre of Columbia TDI CGCA TKA), MO, 3/13/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Kristen Geiger CTDI and Gordy (Gordy ETD AtoZ), PA, 3/13/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Lisa Gunn CTDI and Lily (Gunn’s Lily of Watson Bridge CD RN CGC CA ETD AtoZ), AL, 3/9/21
Lisa Gunn CTDI and Willow (Gunn Willow of Watson Bridge AtoZ), AL, 3/9/21
Lia Bijsterveld and Rodeo (Envercreek Not My First ATD AtoZ), BC, 3/7/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Lauren Mackenzie CTDI and Winston (TDGCH Winston Warrior Wilkins AtoZ), MD, 3/6/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Emma Collington and Marlowe (Atkinsday Kit Marlowe AtoZ), ON, 3/5/21
Sue Betts and Chuck (Ch. Castilleja’s Chuck Wagon CGN AGXS ADXJS NPS RRN RRI THDN ETD AtoZ), ON, 3/4/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Julie Boyd CTDI and Bentley (TDGCH CCF-CH Bentley Dyson ETD-M AtoZ), SA, 3/1/21
Julie Boyd CTDI and Ajax (Ajax Boyd ITD-M ATD AtoZ), SA, 3/1/21
Lowell Vigeant and Tansey (Tansey of Thistle and That Farm NTD AtoZ), NH, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Lori Weltz and Lily (TDGCH Eromit’s Tiger Lily ETD-M AtoZ), AB, 3/1/21
Velma Ricketts and Mazie (TDGCH Simply Amazing AtoZ), NS, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Kristin Wegel and Ember (TDCH Hammr Ridgeview Fire’s Ember ETD-M CCF1 AtoZ), NY, 3/1/21

Lagotto Romagnolo

Marianne Hall and Chile (WestCoast Sapphire ATD AtoZ), BC, 3/30/21


Sylwia Babicz CTDI and Arya (Arya Alfa Leonis ITD NTD-M AtoZ), , 3/19/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Lhasa Apso

Sue Ridgley and Gigi (Mon Ami ‘n Joyslyn’s Wind Racer Gigi Villoresi CGC TKP ETD CCF2 AtoZ), IL, 3/3/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Sue Ridgley and Coco (TDCH Karlyn Ridgley’s Luigi Coco Chinetti CGC TKE CCF2 AtoZ), IL, 3/2/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Alex Cowtan and Archie (TDGCH CCF-CH Up n Over Archie AtoZ), Witney, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Rachel Wells CTDI and Jimmy (Jimmy ATD AtoZ), Dublin, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Manchester Terrier

Lâle Katharina Aksu CTDI and Metric (TDCH Black Bandits U Got It All Metric AtoZ), BC, 3/1/21

Miniature American Shepherd

Rhian Davies-Litherland CTDI and Quill (MarvelMAS Story Time ETD AtoZ), Flintshire, 3/31/21
Fiona Ross and Logan (Karma’s I Only Date Rock Stars AtoZ), BC, 3/28/21
Cheryl Warren and Spice (TACh Flagtree’s Simply Spicy BN PCD CD RE HT AX AXJ XF CA CGCA TKA AAD SR AS JM SG TMAG3 AtoZ), SC, 3/27/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Cheryl Warren and Geordi (Flagtree’s Chief Engineer TKI NTD AtoZ), SC, 3/21/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Melanie Parsons and Cody (Cody ETD AtoZ), RI, 3/18/21
Jen Klang and Bam (TDCH Harvest Wind Boom Goes The Dynamite AtoZ), MI, 3/15/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Cheryl Warren and Titan (Flagtree’s Mission to Mars TKI ITD AtoZ), SC, 3/14/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Karen Bailey Cooper and S’more (Flagtree’s All That And Some More TKA ATD NTD-M AtoZ), OK, 3/13/21
Cheryl Warren and Chime (Flagtree’s Clear as a Bell TKI AtoZ), SC, 3/13/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Sandie Nagel and Daya (CCF-CH Wigglebutt Makin’ My Day ETD AtoZ), MI, 3/12/21
Holly Rupprecht and BeeBee (CCF-CH Wigglebutt Sweeter Than Honey ETD AtoZ), MI, 3/12/21
Teresa Macorke and Reese (Flagtree’s Secret Recipe ATD AtoZ), TX, 3/11/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Teresa Macorke and Puzzle (Flagtree’s Piece of the Puzzle ATD AtoZ), TX, 3/10/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Cheryl Warren and Capt’n Kirk (ADCH TACh Flagtree’s Cleared for Takeoff BN CD RE HT AX AXJ XF CA CGCA CGCU TKP TM TSAD TMAG2 AtoZ), SC, 3/7/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Josée Godbout CTDI and Oliver (Legacy’s Oliver Dawson ETD AtoZ), QC, 3/6/21
Karen Bailey Cooper and Justin (CH Flagtree’s Boot Scootin’ Boogie RN FDC CA BCAT RATN DSX DJ CGCA CGCU TKA ATD ITD-M AtoZ), OK, 3/6/21
Elizabeth Frum CTDI and Queenie (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Wigglebutt Wand Chooses the Wizard ETD-M AtoZ), OH, 3/1/21
Karen Bailey Cooper and Bailey (UACH TRAC TACH Cooper’s Bailey Gal ATD ITD-M AtoZ), OK, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Karen Bailey Cooper and Cupcake (Flagtree’s Piece of Cake D PCD BN RM RAE PT FDC NA NAJ NJP CAA BCAT RATN CGCA CGCU TKP ATD ITD-M AtoZ), OK, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Tami Dettinger and Holly (TDCH MACH Finny’s High Flying Holly CD RI FDC MXS MJS MXF TQX T2B2 CA FCAT2 SWE SCM SHDE RATCHX11 CZ8P DSX2 DJ CGCA CGCU TKP ATT ETD-M AtoZ), WI, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Karen Bailey Cooper and Baker (UCH Flagtree’s Bake Me A Cake RI FDC BCAT RATN DSX DJA CGCA CGCU TKA ATD ITD-M AtoZ), OK, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Lindsay Kelly CTDI and Mable (TDCH Mable Lee Kelly CGC AtoZ), CT, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

*Mixed Breed

Alyssa Borek and Lia (Sugar Magnolia Candy Girl ATD AtoZ), WA, 4/2/21
Rhonda Wallace and Remi (Remi Wallace ETD AtoZ), MD, 3/31/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Karen Filmer and Savannah (Filmer’s Savannah NTD AtoZ), NC, 3/30/21
Stacey Hytrek and Meadow (Vail Meadow of Hunters Bay ITD AtoZ), CO, 3/30/21
Alex Vermeersch and Minnie (Minnie AtoZ), AB, 3/29/21
Carol Graham CTDI and Kody (TDCH SDGCH Kody AtoZ), MD, 3/29/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Wendy Hay and Kable (Kable ETD AtoZ), VA, 3/28/21
Jean Trentini and Haley (Trentini’s Haley NTD AtoZ), Ca, 3/27/21
Juliet Hitchins CTDI and Seren (Seren ETD AtoZ), Mid Glamorgan, 3/27/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Rachel Tardif and Rocko (Rocko AtoZ), QC, 3/27/21
Micheline Thibeault and Kado (Kado AtoZ), QC, 3/27/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Kayte Lawrence and Vera (Vera ATD AtoZ), BC, 3/27/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Lorna Johnson and Annie (Annie ATD AtoZ), BC, 3/27/21
Jennifer Chadney and George (George ETD AtoZ), Greater London, 3/27/21
Karen Bonser and Dakota (Dakota Blue ITD AtoZ), Isle of Wight, 3/26/21
Sophie Penson CTDI and Hope (CCF-CH CHAS Hope, Freedom and Courage TKP UWRo TGNov ICN IGT DTA-FTDT TDMN NSD TC1 ETD ATD-M AtoZ), GA, 3/26/21
Emma Thompson and Bertie (Bertie NTD AtoZ), Middlesbrough, 3/26/21
Karen & Dave Brooke and Barney (Barney NTD AtoZ), Derbyshire, 3/26/21
Christina Jones CTDI and Chloe (TDGCH SDGCH Flopdoodle Chloe Bean ETD-M AtoZ), MD, 3/26/21
Diana M. Radoff and Ravioli (Ravioli CGC TKI ETD-M AtoZ), AK, 3/26/21
Wendy Hay and Tama (Tama T ETD AtoZ), VA, 3/26/21
ABC Team and ABC (ABC Pet Resort & Spa AtoZ), , 3/26/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Karole Wilson and Finnigan (Finnigan AtoZ), , 3/26/21
Robin Clinch and Moss (TDCH Moss AtoZ), ON, 3/25/21
Jaime Pierce and Sadie (Sadie NTD AtoZ), VA, 3/24/21
Patti Merritt and Elway (Elway ETD AtoZ), NY, 3/24/21
Barbara King and Toblerone (TDCH Toblerone AtoZ), BC, 3/23/21
Irene McHugh and Bernie McSquare (Bernie McSquare ATD AtoZ), AZ, 3/23/21
Irene McHugh and Lizzie McSquare (Lizzie McSquare ATD AtoZ), AZ, 3/23/21
Megan DiPrete ATDI and Peanut (Peanut of Bandit of Warwick ATD AtoZ), RI, 3/23/21
Morley VetCentre and Co-Operative Care (“Co-Operative Care” AtoZ), , 3/22/21
Judy Rojas and Pogo (Pogo ETD AtoZ), OH, 3/22/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Stephanie Bacon and Samara (Samara ETD AtoZ), ON, 3/22/21
Alice Sampson and Clover (Clover AtoZ), North Yorkshire, 3/21/21
Helene Radl & Claudia Fischer and Maggy (Maggy AtoZ), , 3/21/21
Susan Stoneman and Pixel (Takoda’s Tiny JPEG AtoZ), OH, 3/20/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Amanda Pietros and Celly (Celly NTD-M ITD AtoZ), RI, 3/19/21
Laura Kramer and Ember (Ember AtoZ), OR, 3/18/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Kendra Lutz and Vimy (MissJiff’s Battle Ground ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/17/21
Kendra Lutz and Silver (OutRun’s High Merit ITD AtoZ), AB, 3/17/21
Tiffany Lee and Kalas (Kalas ETD ATD-M AtoZ), PA, 3/17/21
Rosy Skilton and Lyra (Lyra NTD-M AtoZ), , 3/17/21
Carey Garvey and Rooney (Rooney The Runt Garvey AtoZ), PA, 3/16/21
Megan Rose Taylor and Ruby (TDCH Ruby the Superdog AtoZ), Surrey, 3/16/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Yvonne Soh and Muffin (TDCH Muffin AtoZ), , 3/16/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Yvonne Soh and Cookie (TDCH Cookie AtoZ), , 3/16/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Theresa Beauregard and Kimmi (That’s Hot, Kimchi ATD AtoZ), CT, 3/16/21
Julie Boyd & Adel Way and Animal Tactics Trick & Canine Conditioning Spark Team! (Animal Tactics Trick & Canine Conditioning Spark Team! AtoZ), , 3/15/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Emily Almeida and Gus (Gus ATD AtoZ), ON , 3/15/21
Joanne Richardson and Molly (Molly NTD AtoZ), North Yorkshire, 3/14/21
Heather Buzby and Ellie Mae (Ellie Mae NTD-M ETD AtoZ), NJ, 3/14/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Jenny Lapke and Sadie (Sadie ATD AtoZ), IL, 3/14/21
Sheri Supena and Marzi (Marzi ATD AtoZ), IL, 3/14/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Marla Fehr and Xylee (Xylee AtoZ), AB, 3/14/21
Talia Byers and Ladybird (Byers Ladybird Johnson NTD AtoZ), PA, 3/14/21
Kristen Geiger CTDI and Napa (Napa ITD AtoZ), PA, 3/14/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Anna Elfström ATDI and Theo (CCF-CH Theo ETD AtoZ), , 3/14/21
Beth Long and Donnie (Running with the Wolves Donatello ETD AtoZ), TN, 3/13/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Alexis Larson and Indygo (Indygo ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/12/21
Michelle Larson and Scarlet (Scarlet ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/12/21
Jessica Bartunek and Finley (Finley Bartunek ATD AtoZ), MA, 3/11/21
May Wong and Darcy (Miss Darcy ETD AtoZ), , 3/11/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Nicole Lee and Solomon (Solomon Lee ATD AtoZ), AZ, 3/11/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Mary Ann Seman and Tuxedo (CCF-CH Tuxedo ETD AtoZ), PA, 3/11/21
Nathalie Lepage and Spencer (Spencer Lepage ATD AtoZ), QC, 3/11/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Lisa Pellerito and Oliver (Oliver E AtoZ), VA, 3/10/21
Kelly Dean CTDI and Dani (Danica Joy ETD AtoZ), CT, 3/10/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Angela Rotunno CTDI and Mia (Mia ATD AtoZ), OH, 3/10/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Judi Lacey and Ruby (TDCH CCF-CH Ruby Star of Larks Field AtoZ), DYFED, 3/10/21
Marie-Soleil Morin and Charlot (Charlot NTD-M AtoZ), QC, 3/9/21
Charlotte Sinclair and Misty (Caribbean Black Pearl ETD ATD-M AtoZ), Hull, 3/9/21
Joanne Casey and Clyde (Clyde NTD AtoZ), ON, 3/9/21
Megan Barnard and Bailey (Bailey Jean AtoZ), MI, 3/9/21
Ashlee Kroeper and Jake Sully (Jake Sully of Pandora DCAT ATT VHMA ATD NTD-M AtoZ), FL, 3/9/21
Krista Nelson and Willow (Willow ETD-M AtoZ), ON, 3/8/21
Melanie Rousseau and Suki (Suki NTD AtoZ), QC, 3/8/21
Oliver White and Tiki (Tiki NTD AtoZ), , 3/8/21
Sam Kannegiesser and Fidget (Bundles of Joy ‘Flying High’ NTD), ON, 3/8/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Jennifer Lueck CTDI and Ashton (Ashton O’Brien NTD AtoZ), WI, 3/8/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Emily Gallagher and Billie (Billie Blue Bonnet ETD AtoZ), Hampshire, 3/7/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Chelsea Du Jardin CTDI and Knox (TDGCH Good as Gold Knox AtoZ), QC, 3/7/21
Terin Chown and Guppy (On Targets Stayin’ Afloat NTD AtoZ), AB, 3/7/21
Laurie Brajkovich and Waffles (Waffles Brajkovich ATD AtoZ), CA, 3/7/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Richmond SPCA Green Team and Flash (Flash NTD AtoZ), , 3/7/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Caroline Walker CTDI and Quinn (TDCH CCF-CH Harlequin Learn to Fly ATD-M AtoZ), Yorkshire, 3/7/21
Teagan Neil and Marcus (Marcus ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/7/21
Audrey McDonald and Rosie (Rosie McDonald ATD AtoZ), Victoria, 3/6/21
Rosemary Connolly and Amber (Amber Connolly ETD AtoZ), IL, 3/6/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Terin Chown and Queen (On Targets Rise To The Throne ATD NTD-M AtoZ), AB, 3/6/21
Karen Profenna CTDI and Sophie (TDGCH Sophie’s Comet II AtoZ), NY, 3/6/21
Courtney Mang and Lucy (Lucy Mang ETD NTD-M AtoZ), FL, 3/5/21
Erika Fields and Mack (Mack ATD AtoZ), MA, 3/5/21
Cynthia & Mitchel Menting and Hook (Captain Hook ETD NTD-M AtoZ), , 3/5/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Nicki Klevering CTDI and Leo (Leo CCF3 AtoZ), QLD, 3/4/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Nicki Klevering CTDI and Trix (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Trix AtoZ), QLD, 3/4/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Crystal Collins CTDI and Link (Starlink ATD AtoZ), PA, 3/4/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Louise Wilson and Betty (TDCH Our Girl Betty AtoZ), North Yorkshire, 3/4/21
Michelle Welsh and Harvey (Harvey ETD AtoZ), MA, 3/4/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Nancy Trus CTDI and Solace (TDCH Solace NTD-M AtoZ), ON, 3/4/21
Desiree Nickerson and Koda (Koda NTD AtoZ), NS, 3/4/21
Desiree Nickerson and Zoey (Zoey NTD AtoZ), NS, 3/4/21
Divina Reyes CTDI and Bruno (TDCH Bruno Reyes AtoZ), Victoria, 3/3/21
Christine Bennett and Dixie (Dixie ETD-M AtoZ), ON, 3/3/21
Kelly Knowles CTDI and Roy (CCF-CH Roy Knowles ETD-M AtoZ), GA, 3/3/21
Jennifer Bramble and Captain Morgan (TDGCH CCF-CH Captain Morgan Spiced Gold ETD-M SDpro AtoZ), MI, 3/2/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Madeleine Rowett Bober and Stella (Anna Stella ETD ATD-M AtoZ), , 3/2/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Alexa Connors and Koda (Koda ITD AtoZ), ON, 3/2/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Alina Geishofer CTDI and Haku (Haku Kookie von Amon Sul ETD CCF1 ITD-M AtoZ), Styria, 3/2/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Sandra Holland CTDI and Havok (Havok ATD NTD-M AtoZ), ON, 3/2/21
Logan Hartman and Briar (Disney’s Briar Rose BCAT ATD AtoZ), IN, 3/2/21
Jennifer Lueck CTDI and Branson (TDCH Branson O’Brien AtoZ), WI, 3/2/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Ruth Sheller CTDI and Piper (TDGCH CCF-CH Sheller’s Piper ETD-M AtoZ), MD, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Donna Berkowitz and Pearl (TDGCH CCF-CH Pearl ETD-M AtoZ), FL, 3/1/21
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Xephyr (Wild Wind Xpress CCF2 ETD-M AtoZ), CO, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Onyx (Rising Midnight Star CCF2 ATD-M AtoZ), CO, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Pixie (TDGCH SDCH Flying Pixie Dust CCF2 ETD-M AtoZ), CO, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Nicky Thomas and Dougal (TDCH Dougal ATD-M ETD AtoZ), Warwickshire, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Vanessa Loveseth CTDI and Cora (TDGCH Cora AtoZ), AB, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Vanessa Loveseth CTDI and Bella (TDGCH Bella AtoZ), AB, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Dawn Heaton and Cooper (MorgansR Super Cooper ETD AtoZ), Lancashire, 3/1/21
Alex Berry and Flint (Bat Ears ETD AtoZ), Lancashire, 3/1/21
Megan Turner and Patch (Patch ATD AtoZ), Scotland, 3/1/21
Marla Matera and Leo (TDCH CCF-CH Leo Matera CGCA TKP VHMA CW-SRA CW-ZR1A CW-OAL1 WCRL-RL1 AtoZ), VA, 3/1/21
Leslie Morris CTDI and Perse (TDGCH CCF-CH Perephone of Sheldon SDPro AtoZ), CA, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Shannon Langel CTDI and Rune (TDGCH SDGCH Princess Rune Myth of Langel Tails TC2 ETD-M CCF2 AtoZ), FL, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Jo Beighley and Bently (TDCH CCF-CH Bently Sanchez ETD-M CCF3 AtoZ), MO, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Charis Smith ATDI and Duke (TDCH Double Dog Duke ITD-M CCF1 AtoZ), MD, 3/1/21
Kathleen Tepperies CTDI and Bea (TDGCH Bea ETD-M AtoZ), East Sussex, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Amanda Jones and Punk (TDGCH Brilliant’s Iggy Pop ETD-M AtoZ), FL, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Jennie Murphy and Benny (Benny and the Jet ETD AtoZ), NL, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Diana Underhill and Gemma (TDGCH Gemma in the Sky with Diamonds SDPro CCF3 ATD-M TC3 AtoZ), ON, 3/1/21
Sofia & Grahame Roytblat and Freya (Freya Roytblat ATD-M CCF1 AtoZ), NSW, 3/1/21
Stephanie Bednarek Orton and Merlin (Merlin NTD AtoZ), VA, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Tracy Brewer and Rio (CCF-CH Rio’s My Love On The Run ETD ATD-M CCF2 AtoZ), Kent, 3/1/21
Nicole Pressburger and Madison (The Mad Patter ETD-M AtoZ), Dublin, 3/1/21
Elaine Loranz and Arthur (Arthur ETD AtoZ), NH, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Anne Smith and Mochi (TDCH Cuppycake’s Carolina Moon AtoZ), VA, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Olivia Dunbar ATDI and Georgia (Georgia Dunbar NTD CCF1 AtoZ), VA, 3/1/21
Marie-Josee Blondin and Bailey (TDCH CCF-CH Bailey ETD-M AtoZ), QC, 3/1/21
Sara Busby and Koda (Koda the Martial Artist ATD NTD-M CCF1 AtoZ), MO, 3/1/21
Cheryl Hart CTDI and Vision (Tactical Image’s Sight forSore Eyes ETD ITD-M AtoZ), ON, 3/1/21
Veronica Tan CTDI and Obed (TDCH Obed Blessing OSD ATD-M AtoZ), , 3/1/21
Christen Cupler CTDI and Linc (Lincoln Oliver Doodle ATD ITD-M AtoZ), FL, 3/1/21
Katie Dable and Lexi (Lexi Go Round ETD ATD-M AtoZ), Staffordshire, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Katie Dable and Heidi (Heidi Flies High ETD ATD-M AtoZ), Staffordshire, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Caroline Walker CTDI and Harley (TDGCH CCF-CH Harlequin Whatever it Takes ETD-M AtoZ), Yorkshire, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Adel Way ATDI and Mysti (Mystique ETD-M AtoZ), SA, 3/1/21
Nessa Kimmey and Otis (Otis ITD AtoZ), MI, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Laura Winspear and Pig (Pig ATD AtoZ), NY, 2/28/21
Nancy Boylan CTDI and Sundae (Butterscotch Sundae (AKC Canine partner) ETD AtoZ), VA, 2/28/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Ulrika Sievertsson Nelzén CTDI and Luna (TDGCH Luna Sweetheart AtoZ), , 2/28/21


Lisa Rose Musselwhite and Rootie (Royal Flushes Rootbeer Float NTD AtoZ), OR, 3/26/21
Cheryl Cavalier CTDI and Mason (Cavalier’s Mason of Rockcastle Cove ATD AtoZ), MD, 3/17/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Tiffany Moran CTDI and Gracie (IntCH Court Royal’s Somebody To Love RN TD THDA CGCA TKA VHMA fit dog DD ATD-M AtoZ), OR, 3/2/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Norwegian Elkhound

Elisha Byron and Maya (Maya ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/12/21

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Helena Schougaard and Chilli (TDCH Chilli AtoZ), Jylland, 3/29/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Lynne Lyall and Hailee (TDCH Kalmegess Bootscoot’n Kntrygrl Hailee NTD-M AtoZ), ON, 3/24/21
Arleigh Bell and Champagne Bluez (Saucy Dogs Champagne Bluez NTD-M ATD AtoZ), BC, 3/23/21
Arleigh Bell and Trbel (Saucydog Trbel NTD-M ATD AtoZ), BC, 3/22/21
Rochelle Kurth and Ginny (SW Don’t Forget The Party at Hawks Nest AtoZ), CT, 3/17/21
Kristin Heiden and Jaeger (MNCH, EN Ch. Foxvale’s Gipsy Danger ARCHEX BN RE CGC TKP Elite-3 ATD AtoZ), IL, 3/11/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Krista Prockiw and Begbie (Pikkinokka’s Adamas Begbie ATD AtoZ), BC, 3/7/21
Anna-Mette Farcinsen and Rossi (TDCH SEVCH NOVCH DKSCH(V) NORDSCH(V) DKSCH RBM Rönne Rivers Fonzy af Patron ETD-M AtoZ), Jylland, 3/7/21
Logan Hartman and Flynn (Trademark’s On The Fly DDB CGC ATD AtoZ), IN, 3/2/21
Lisa Porter CTDI and Zeppelin (TDCH Tollwest’s Whole Lotta Love TD-ROM AtoZ), AB, 3/1/21
Lisa Porter CTDI and Talus (TDCH Tollwest Summit Fever AtoZ), AB, 3/1/21
Lisa Porter CTDI and Revel (TDCH Tollwest Revello AtoZ), AB, 3/1/21
Lisa Porter CTDI and Rio (Tollwest Rio Grande ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/1/21
Rochelle Kurth and Noble (TDGCH Hawks Nest Divine Providence CCF1 AtoZ), CT, 3/1/21


Wendy Wallace and Journey (TDCH CH Castel’s Ex Pistol CD RM SN CA AtoZ), BC, 3/28/21
Lori Wojciechowski and Phoebe (Kings Crossing Phoebe ATD AtoZ), IL, 3/26/21
Shanelle McCormick and Jada (Jade by Paris ATD-M AtoZ), , 3/26/21
Shanelle McCormick and Catcha (Rushines Catcha Later Truluv ATD-M AtoZ), , 3/25/21
Wendy Wallace and Rumor (TDCH SDDA-MCH Ch OTCH Arkeno’s This Rounds on You RM RATN NS Agl AtoZ), BC, 3/16/21
Penny Norem and Ditto (Tollegend Bizzie Signal ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/12/21
Linda Krochak and Gus (Gus ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/6/21
Marie Staffeldt and George (Staffeldt’s Gorgeous Georgius TKP ETD AtoZ), WI, 3/4/21
Marie Staffeldt and Charlotte (Charlotte ETD AtoZ), WI, 3/4/21
Leanne Walsh and Roxy (Ellielane Abby’s little Roxy ATD AtoZ), Queensland, 3/4/21
Penny Norem and Vinnie (Marron’s Piano Man ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/4/21
Diana Squicciarini CTDI and Glinda (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH Medlee’s Ruby Slippers CGC ETD-M AtoZ), PA, 3/1/21
Christina Sanders and Quasi(modo) (TDCH AGMCH2 Topflite Rings My Bell SHDGMCh MXP AGSCX JTX CGN AtoZ), AB, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Parson Russell Terrier

Bev Taylor and Zoozoo (Zookarra NTD AtoZ), BC, 3/31/21
Laura Foster and Colin (Hoolmark Paleface ETD ITD-M AtoZ), Northamptonshire, 3/31/21
Jane Wallace and Gracie Pip (Kenaiteen Duchess of Jade ATD AtoZ), , 3/15/21


Emma Kate Frazier and Newt (TDCH Newton Scamander AtoZ), AL, 3/6/21
Rachel McMichael CTDI and Tiangou (Tiangou Juro ATD AtoZ), PA, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Stephanie de Champlain and Gimli (Elisa Corhil Sweetango ATD AtoZ), QC, 3/24/21
Delania McNatt and Tasha (UKC/INT’L CH Haystack Acres Sage Treasure CGCA RN BCAT FDC USA UFA RATN ETA ETD NTD-M AtoZ), OK, 3/5/21
Delania McNatt and Annie (UKC GCH Haystacks Make Way For Annie CGC RN FDC HIC RATI UFA USA BCAT ETD TD-ROM NTD-M AtoZ), OK, 3/5/21
Delania McNatt and Phoebe (UKC GR.CH. Valacara Poetry In Motion ITD NTD-M AtoZ), OK, 3/5/21
Delania McNatt and Gentry (UKC CH Valacara Gentle On My Mind ITD NTD-M AtoZ), OK, 3/5/21
Delania McNatt and Lucas (UKC GR CH Valacara Love Me Do ITD NTD-M AtoZ), OK, 3/5/21
Delania McNatt and Jasmine (UKC CH Valacara Just One Look ITD NTD-M AtoZ), OK, 3/5/21
Lauren Kuperstein and Willow (Outlands Willow Wisp ETD ATD-M AtoZ), WA, 3/4/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Emily Chapman and Louie (Louie Lytle ATD AtoZ), ON, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Brooke Colley and Briar (TDCH Kingscroft IL Migliore ITD-M AtoZ), NY, 3/4/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Heather Coiner CTDI and Mason (TDGCH CCF-CH Mason Dog ITD-M AtoZ), TN, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Poodle (Miniature)

Noeline Foreman and Meg (TDCH Fantasy Black Beauty CCD RA AtoZ), , 3/31/21
Beverley Korness and Tailor (Ch Lyric’s Sew it Seems CDX RE SDN CGN CRA-MCL SD-SP ASCA RN AM CD RE SCN SIN CGCA TKP NTD-M AtoZ), BC, 3/26/21
Beverley Korness and Jack (Lyric’s Jack B. Quick PCD RA CGCA TKP ATD ITD-M AtoZ), BC, 3/26/21
Koralee Samaroden CTDI and Deacon (Mrang Belcourt The Royal Mile ITD AtoZ), AB, 3/15/21
Brenda Truelove and Rose (Ripley’s Annie Rose ATD AtoZ), BC, 3/14/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Roslyn Beaman and Newton (Rosebell’s Defying Gravity ETD AtoZ), ON, 3/13/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Margaret Veres and PIA (TDCH PIA of Ocala CCF1 OSD TC1 AtoZ), FL, 3/13/21
Jo Humphrey CTDI and Rio (Lone Star Blue Rio ATD AtoZ), TX, 3/11/21
Natalie Twardawa CTDI and Rousseau (TDCH Glow Rousseau Veritable Lumiere AtoZ), ON, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Amber Somers ATDI and Fifi (Fifi, Sprinkle of Stardust Salt NTD AtoZ), Essex, 3/1/21

Poodle (Standard)

Elisa Sumakeris and Aelin (Piccolo’s She’s Got Magic NTD-M AtoZ), NC, 3/16/21
Paige Pinney and Bishop (TDCH Piccolo’s To Waypoint This Looks Bad ATD-M AtoZ), MA, 3/4/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Elisheva Kleerekoper CTDI and Gucci (Divino Nero Scented Rose ATD NTD-M AtoZ), CA, 3/1/21
Jennifer Farrer and Pharaby Fable (Pharaby Fable of Lake Sai ETD AtoZ), GA, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Caroline Cox and Onyx (Black Lace Onyx ATD AtoZ), CA, 3/1/21

Poodle (Toy)

Nancy Laporte and Zelda (TDCH Zelda AtoZ), QC, 3/31/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Elisheva Kleerekoper CTDI and Aussie (CCF-CH C’mon Aussie C’mon Canne De Bella ATD NTD-M AtoZ), CA, 3/1/21

Portuguese Water Dog

Tammy Hibberson and Quinta (MACH Eauchien’s Quinta TD CDX CWDX Superdog 2015 ETD AtoZ), BC, 3/14/21
Karen Massner CTDI and Aaroo (TDCH CCF-CH CH. Baywood Double Dare 2B Difrent RI CGCA THD PD TKP WWDX ADC ATD-M AtoZ), AB, 3/10/21
Karen Massner CTDI and Gia (Baywood’s Got It All ETD ITD-M AtoZ), AB, 3/10/21
Karen Massner CTDI and Kanga (TDGCH CCF-CH GCH Baywood Gota Dare ToBe Difrent RN AGN AGNJ JT ADC TKP AWD ETD-M AtoZ), AB, 3/10/21
Cathy Hammerschmidt and Farley & Jaxx (Farley & Jaxx AtoZ), BC, 3/8/21
Joseph Kelly CTDI and Carlito (Eclipse Bernado NTD AtoZ), NJ, 3/5/21
Astrid Homet and West (CH TDCH DJ Cutwater Where The Wind Takes Me AtoZ), QC, 3/4/21
Linda & Robert Propp and Avro (GCh Baywood A Legend in Flight RN RI CRNMCL ETD CCF4 AtoZ), , 3/3/21


Ewa-Magdalena Rak and Earl (Earl Avere Fortuna ITD-M AtoZ), ON, 3/30/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Susannah Chalmers and Marsha (CCF-CH Miss Marshamallow ETD AtoZ), Warwickshire, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Rowena Orok and Cooper (Cooper AtoZ), ON, 3/2/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Jennifer Nowak and Mayhem (TDCH Catskill Mini Mano Mayhem AtoZ), PA, 3/27/21

Pyrenean Shepherd

Jeri Piercy and Rowdie (Chaparral’s Party Animal AtoZ), NB, 3/29/21
Lee Ann Simonson and Henri (TDCH Chaparral’s High Honour AtoZ), CO, 3/15/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Mette H. Larsen CTDI and Coby (TDCH Coby Blue de la vie Pastorale AtoZ), , 3/6/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Mette H. Larsen CTDI and Ludo (Nouveau Ludo du Pic de Pioulou ETD AtoZ), , 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Esmee Verberne ATDI and Riley (TDCH Riley Run to the Hills ETD-M AtoZ), Noord-Brabant Holland, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Rat Terrier

Bev Taylor and Ace (Flying Ace of Hearts NTD AtoZ), BC, 3/31/21

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Laurie Hynes and Fia (TDGCH Flickering Flame Lights The Way AtoZ), VA, 3/28/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Susan Hynes and Willow (Bonfirebeau Weeping Willow ETD AtoZ), VA, 3/28/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Kevin Hynes and Griffin (Monarch’s Golden Griffin Wings Take Flight AtoZ), , 3/28/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Renata Poulton and Martin (The Red Baron Of Course NTD AtoZ), BC, 3/3/21
Marion Felgenhauer and Gator (TOTR ColorsoftheWynd Of Course NTD AtoZ), BC, 3/1/21


Megan Thompson and Roya (Roxanhaus Little Miss Giggles NTD AtoZ), ON, 3/24/21
Barb Burgess and Maia (Zirkcreek Can See Clearly Now ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/22/21
Lindsay McCaughey and Layla (Layla NTD AtoZ), RI, 3/18/21
Kristi Fraser and Grady (Akamai London Calling Eirian ETD AtoZ), AB, 3/9/21
Kristi Fraser and Juno (VonStoisch Long a Time Running ATD AtoZ), AB, 3/1/21
Cynthia Boles CTDI and Oskar (Oskar ATD AtoZ), MO, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Russell Terrier

Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Cooper (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH Finnabair Anu Maximum Force ETD-M AtoZ), FL, 3/1/21

Russian Toy

Marie Donahue CTDI and Pyxis (Rodina Straze Pyxis z Gingerbred A Star is Born ATD NTD-M AtoZ), MD, 3/5/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Saint Bernard

Laurie Keith and Bill (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH TC-CH Kudos Fits the Bill Regalbear ETD-M), MB, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Kimberly Goodwin and Daryl (CCF-CH Daryl NTD AtoZ), NH, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Susan Waltman and Quiz (TDGCH ADP-CH(Th) Tubila ‘N Aeolus Just Dream On RN JC BCAT CGC TKE RL1 SSB ICN PKD-N PKQT-COVID-3 OSD ETD-M AtoZ), VA, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Kathleen Morrison ATDI and Alfie (TDCH Sancha’s Alfio Sings for Lola AtoZ), AB, 3/16/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Houri Torossian and Scout (Scout Torossian ATD AtoZ), ON, 3/7/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Marc-Alexandre Beaulieu and Neo (TDCH Nothing Else Matter but Neo AtoZ), QC, 3/6/21


Isabelle St-Martin and Jinx (Skydance Don’t Jinx It ETD AtoZ), , 3/8/21
Danielle Muessigbrodt and Maverick (Oasis Fasten your Seatbelts TKP ETD NTD-M AtoZ), NY, 3/1/21

Schnauzer (Miniature)

Emma Woinowski and Samson (Samson Woinowsk NTD AtoZ), TX, 3/28/21
Jenny Martindale and Piper (Kenynten Push Your Luck NTD AtoZ), Cumbria, 3/20/21
Karin Roos and Lexie (Lexie NTD AtoZ), Gauteng, 3/17/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Brenda Lévesque and Enzo (Enzo ITD AtoZ), QC, 3/4/21

Schnauzer (Standard)

Brenda Cirricione and Bekka (Von Roth’s Outrageous Fortune BN RE FDC BCAT ACT1 THDN CGCA CGCU TKP ATT VHMA ATD AtoZ), WI, 3/26/21
Brenda Cirricione and Xander (Sondergeist Urban Legend Von Roth RI FDC BCAT CGCA CGCU TKP ATT VHMA ATD AtoZ), WI, 3/26/21
Heidi Nissinen and Zetka (Wanhan Purolan Zetor ATD AtoZ), , 3/24/21
Agneta Hjelm and Yara (TDCH Argenta’s Yarmela ETD-M AtoZ), , 3/17/21

Shetland Sheepdog

Christina Desharnais and Merlin (Merlin AtoZ), QC, 3/31/21
Valerie Auclair and Zeus (Ch Bradshaw the Lightning of Zeus CGN ETD TD-ROM AtoZ), QC, 3/31/21
Shanna Wilkinson and Sparkle (Lakepoint’s Light The Way NTD AtoZ), UT, 3/31/21
Shanna & Cindy Wilkinson and Pixie (Lakepoint’s Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust NTD AtoZ), , 3/31/21
Amandine Monty and Calin (Calin AtoZ), , 3/31/21
Karen Graham Banman and Froster (TDGCH Cassbar Frosting the Town Balo AtoZ), SK, 3/29/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Diane Smith and Kira (Bravo Inspiration ETD PSD CCF1 AtoZ), OH, 3/27/21
Megan Innes CTDI and Forte (Avoca Rock and Roll ETD AtoZ), BC, 3/26/21
Jo-Anne Von Schleinitz and Jewel (Herdabout Set in Gold ATD AtoZ), BC, 3/20/21
Jo-Anne Von Schleinitz and Sisko (Herdabout Deep Space Nine ETD AtoZ), BC, 3/19/21
Veronika Loudova and Lilly (TDCH Key to Kiss AtoZ), , 3/16/21
Shelley Lanthier and Riot (Granite Whole Nine Yards AtoZ), ON, 3/14/21
Suzanne Lapointe and Billy IQ4U (Shallugy’s Billy IQ ETD AtoZ), QC, 3/14/21
Guy Charbonneau and Stanley (Shalligy Stanley Black ETD AtoZ), , 3/14/21
Barb Wright CTDI and Parker (TDCH CH Conspirito’s Park Avenue CCF2 NSD TC1 AtoZ), BC, 3/11/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Lise Carriere and Bella (Dreamland Miss Bella ETD AtoZ), , 3/7/21
Angela Hogg and Arrow (Emmy’s Apple Shot NTD AtoZ), AB, 3/6/21
Sheri R. Rockhill CTDI and Keiran (TDGCH TACH3 C-ATCH3 Blackmyst’s Run For The Checkers RA OA OAJ OF TKP CGC ChST ChSN ChJP ChCL ChWC ChFH ChJU TAM5 TMAG4 ATA-I AtoZ), PA, 3/5/21
Susan Blais and Emma (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Blue Heavens Secret Love ETD-M AtoZ), ON, 3/1/21
Linda Laflamme and Daisy (Daisy ETD AtoZ), QC, 3/1/21
Stephanie Boudreault and Alice (TDGCH CCF-CH Selegance Sweet Alice AtoZ), QC, 3/1/21
Marlene Mosher and Jasper (TDCH CCF-CH Jasper ETD-M NSD AtoZ), QC, 3/1/21
Lynnea Britton and Infinity (Heaven’s Best Infinite Guardian ETD ATD-M AtoZ), CO, 3/1/21

Siberian Husky

Marie & Malene Hansen and Nanna, Kida, Iza & Taz (Nanna, Kida, Iza & Taz AtoZ), , 3/25/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Stephanie Arnold and Mila (Starry Sky Eyes CGCA CGCU MTASP HASA UASA BASFD SASFD L1AAS ATD AtoZ), MD, 3/18/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Sharon and Winter (Winter ETD CCF2 AtoZ), ID, 3/12/21
Kristina Schöller CTDI and Calvados (Calvados Sleed Dogs AtoZ), Steiermark, 3/12/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Julie Larouche and Blizzard (CCF-CH Desloupiots Blizzard D’Hiver ETD NSD TC1 AtoZ), QC, 3/1/21
Julie Larouche and Boreal (CCF-CH Desloupiots Hiver Boreal ETD NSD TC1 AtoZ), QC, 3/1/21
Kim Mayes CTDI and Spirit (TDCH Nalibey’s Spirit of the Seppala Dog CCF1 AtoZ), FL, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Silky Terrier

Meredith Reeve and Dora (TDGCH CCF-CH Carmorosa’s Dora the Explorer AtoZ), BC, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Isabelle Bouchard and Stetson (Erinisle’s Whiskey in the Jar ETD ITD-M AtoZ), ON, 3/17/21


Annabel Sarah Vujic CTDI and Bijou (Mein Augenstern ATD AtoZ), , 3/11/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Ariane Goerlich and Rimke (TDCH Rimke Sintsje van de Waterplaats AtoZ), MA, 3/8/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Jessica Angel and Finn (TDGCH Star Rein ETD-M CCF3 CGC TKP PKD-N PKQT-COVID2 ORT RATI AtoZ), WA, 3/2/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Kajsa Berglund and Härja (Matheriz Partygirl ITD AtoZ), , 3/30/21
Lisa Parsons CTDI and Triana (Varekai’s Besarla Mientras Vuela ETD NSD CCF2 NTD-M AtoZ), NS, 3/1/21

Tasmanian Smithfield

Natalie Kirkwood and Sage (TDCH CCF-CH Orabanda Sage AtoZ), QLD, 3/2/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Thai Ridgeback

Alina Geishofer CTDI and Anantachai (Anantachai Aekh-Thai von Amon Sul ETD NTD-M AtoZ), Styria, 3/11/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Tibetan Spaniel

Lina Bäcklin and Foxie (Shangri-la Klematis ITD AtoZ), , 4/1/21
Barbara McConnell and Peikko (TDCH Can. Gr. Ch. Playpoint Tiptop AtoZ), BC, 3/25/21

Tibetan Terrier

Sarah Ellis CTDI and Pebbles (TDCH Incalux Lytening Strikes AtoZ), Pembrokeshire, 3/17/21

Toy Fox Terrier

Amber Welch and Fennek (Fennek ETD AtoZ), ON, 3/9/21

Treeing Walker Coonhound

Alicia Harantschuk CTDI and Liberty Belle (Liberty Belle AtoZ), PA, 3/6/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Melodie Gunn and Missy (Gunn’s Vizslas Artemis AtoZ), CA, 3/27/21
Melodie Gunn and Kimber (Gunn’s Vizslas Sauska AtoZ), CA, 3/27/21
Anna Craig CTDI and Strider (TDGCH SDCH Firelight’s Cariad Elgin Geronimo RE FDC CAA BCAT RATN CGCA TKE AtoZ), TN, 3/26/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Linda Kush and Roxie (TDCH RoxieAnna AtoZ), MO, 3/16/21
Connie Priesz CTDI and Kimber (TDCH CCF-CH ALCH Mira’s Little GIrl Kimber RN RATN CGC TKE VHMA TC3 CCF4 PSD ETD-M AtoZ), MN, 3/1/21

Vizsla (Smooth-Haired)

Raven Ivany and Titan (Deerrun’s Titan at Burntriver FDJ CD RAE2 CGN ETD AtoZ), ON, 3/14/21
Raven Ivany and Brutus (Rocklyn’s Burntriver Thriller CGN TKP ETD AtoZ), ON, 3/14/21


Cindy Cerne and Mick! (Trax Edenrock Start Me Up AtoZ), BC, 3/27/21
Christine Boldrick and Elle (Rissana’s Perfectly Elegant TKN RATN NTD AtoZ), FL, 3/22/21
Sue Westwood and Wally (Wally NTD AtoZ), ON, 3/20/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Stéphanie Côté and Musette (BIS GCH Cazaway Melody Of Joy RN ATD AtoZ), QC, 3/18/21
Tanya K. Rowan CTDI and Monet (Oakpoint’s Platinum Water Lily ETD TKP JH CGC RATN VHMA NA 111 OSD ATD-M CCF1 AtoZ), NY, 3/1/21

Weimaraner (Longhaired)

Dee Dakin ATDI and Roo (Astraios Wizard of Aus ETD AtoZ), Hampshire, 3/6/21

Welsh Sheepdog

Liz Harris and Belle (Belle AtoZ), North Yorkshire, 3/27/21

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Julia Hatch and Winston (Taimeres Take a Chance on Me AtoZ), , 3/26/21
Caroline Penistone CTDI and Alfie (Samsalin Boy Racer ITD AtoZ), England, 3/8/21
Kathrine Strashok CTDI and Jynx (Jynx ATD AtoZ), AB, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

West Highland White Terrier

Angelika Nagel CTDI and Emmely (TDCH Emmely Erdbeer vom Hadler Land AtoZ), Hamburg, 3/28/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Jennifer Nowak and Evelyn (TDCH CCF-CH Bella Vista’s Evie Body Needs One! AtoZ), PA, 3/27/21

Wheaten Terrier

Jaime Borenstein and Jameson (Marolou Whiskey’s Legacy Jameson AtoZ), QC, 3/13/21


Chanèlie Roy and Prana (TDGCH GCH Freckashpeng Prana CGN CA S NC AtoZ), , 3/31/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Alexandra Plaschka and Xylan (Black Magic Xylan ATD AtoZ), BC, 3/26/21
Laura Baratta and Tristan (TDCH AmCH & CanGCH Burnt Sienna Red Mountain AtoZ), BC, 3/16/21
Diana Cognigni CTDI and Diesel (TDCH Sovereign Sporting Fields Legendary Bugatti AtoZ), PA, 3/15/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Nathaly Simard and Kate (TDCH Harmony’s N Sportingfields Almost Famous DE TKI NTD-M ITD AtoZ), QC, 3/3/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Susan Graham and Bentley (TDCH CH Clandara’s Driving the Bentley CGN AtoZ), ON, 3/3/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Diana Cognigni CTDI and Loki (Timbreblue Italy Meets Wales Chicory AtoZ), PA, 3/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Anne-Sophie Prévost Boivin and Hazel (Barbues Des Bois Hazel ATD AtoZ), QC, 3/18/21

Working Sheepdog

Karen Colls CTDI and Jay-Z (TDCH Indahouse Rock Steady Crew ETD-M CCF2 NSD TC1 AtoZ), Warwickshire, 3/9/21

Yorkshire Terrier

Michelle Chia & Kimberly Tan and Zenith (Zenith The Yorkie SG AtoZ), , 3/10/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Marie Staffeldt and Reggie (TDCH Reggie AtoZ), WI, 3/4/21


Sinead Jakeway and ‘G’ (George AtoZ), , 3/28/21 >> Watch My Video – <<
Ashlee Kroeper and Churro (Churro ITD AtoZ), FL, 3/8/21
RJ Morris and Lil Bit (Lil Bit AtoZ), , 3/3/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Ruth Sheller CTDI and Clara Bow, Cecilia, Gwen, Frieda & Clarice (Clara Bow, Cecilia, Gwen, Frieda & Clarice AtoZ), MD, 3/14/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Jim Morris and Jim’s Herd (Jim’s Herd AtoZ), CA, 3/6/21 >> Watch My Video – <<

Guinea Pig

Zoë Borghuis and Rebel (Daydreams Jenni NTD AtoZ), , 4/1/21 >> Watch My Video – <<


Ann Dijkstra CTDI and Diora (Diora AtoZ), NH, 3/27/21
Lorrie Stayura and Sayyid (Vision Shine’s Sayyid AtoZ), AB, 3/27/21


Velma Ricketts and Doc (What’s Up Doc ETD AtoZ), NS, 3/8/21 >> Watch My Video – <<