CCF1 Title Holders


James Underwood and Thomas (GrCh. Yarrow Hi-Tech Stuck On You At Edan Hill THDN FDC CGC CGCA CGCU TKN TKI TKA TKP ATT VHMA ETD TD-ROM CCF1), CCF1 – 1/1/21
James Underwood and Sue Bee (Ch. Edan Hill’s I Dreamed A Dream RN RI THDN FDC CGC CGCA CGCU TKN TKI TKA TKP ATT VHMA ETD TD-ROM CCF1), CCF1 – 1/1/21
James Underwood and Eve (Watermark Back to the Beginning at Edan Hill RN RI RA FDC CGC CGCA CGCU THDN TKN TKI TKA TKP ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/1/20
James Underwood and Chimp (Ch. Nim Chimpsky v Tani Kazari RN THDN FDC CGC CGCA CGCU TKN TKI TKA TKP ATT ETD TD-ROM CCF1), CCF1 – 9/1/20

Airedale Terrier

Kim Burrier and Quest (Airecraft By Special Request NTD), CCF1 – 7/22/20
Isabelle Magnan and Boo (TDCH BAIS MBAIG ChBAR Margeline Capuccino Boo GCN am/CGCU RI IBAR IBRH MBRH CD RATI TRSi SD-A SD-E TKP PSD-NC SDIN SDO SWN am/AchiverDog CCF1), CCF1 – 2/26/20

Akita (Japanese)

Alina Geishofer CTDI and Sookie (Amaterasu Inu Yoko Zuna Inari ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/5/20

Alaskan Klee Kai

Christina de Juan, Ph.D. CTDI and Maera (TDCH CCF-CH URO1 GPI-CH CH’PR’ Thurisia’s Enchanted Sea Nymph SPOT-ON CGC CGCA TKP RATI RATN IGT ICN2 IMN IUN UND PSD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/4/20
Christina de Juan, Ph.D. CTDI and Luna (TDCH CCF-CH URO1 PTM PTA ‘PR’ Kenai’s Circle of Life CGC CGCA CGCU TKP ORT NW1 L1I DDN DDEN ICN PSD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/4/20
Christina de Juan, Ph.D. CTDI and Zephyr (TDCH CCF-CH CH ‘PR’ Kenai’s Defying Gravity CGC CAA TKP ORT NW1 L1C ICN PSD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/4/20

Alaskan Malamute

Kristina Steinecke Tornqvist and Gejst (Musher´s Secret Long Exposure CCF1), CCF1 – 4/2/21
Chelsea Murray ATDI and Lennon (Vykon’s IXA I’m a Dreamer at Ilannak ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/9/20

American Bully

Danielle Knobel and Wasabi (Wulfsbane Kick It Up A Notch ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/10/20
Elisha Edge and Aimee (TDCH SDCH Aimee CAA DCAT TKP OSD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/15/20
Kayden Goodrich and Phoenix (HLK/BEK’s From Ashes We Rise at Meraki ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/27/20

American Cocker Spaniel

Jaime Bast and Tutti Fruitti (TDCH Dunmorr KG’s Totally Tutti Fruitti ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/3/20
Jaime Bast and Tallulah (TDCH CCF-CH MACH2 Dunmorr KG’s Ou La Lu La CCF1), CCF1 – 8/6/20
Sandra Willis and Jack (J-Bee’s Play One for Me CDX BN RE CGCA ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/19/19
Shara Barlow CTDI and Pepper (Hallmark’s Sugar and Spice NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/15/19
Shara Barlow CTDI and Zoey (Life Through Onyx Eyes ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/11/19

American Hairless Terrier

Susan Brasel CTDI and Naughty (Strider’s Naughty Nadia @ Gaffer NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/13/21
Susan Brasel CTDI and Mrytle (Gaffer’s Vidal’s Promise NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/13/21
Susan Brasel CTDI and Newt (Prisonbreak’s Walkyng Shark @ Gaffer NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/13/21
Susan Brasel CTDI and Mischief (R01 Inter/Nat CH Hi Life Gaffer’s Ain’t Misbehavin ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/27/20
Susan Brasel CTDI and Gibbs (Lace Leroy Jethro Gibbs @ Gaffer CCF1), CCF1 – 1/20/20

American Pit Bull Terrier

Ché Kinnard and Jheri (Jheri CCF1), CCF1 – 11/13/20
Rachel Jackson & Jacob Parks and Bella (Bella CCF1), CCF1 – 9/27/20
Sondra Peirson and CeeCee (‘PR’ H2O’s We’ll Always Remember ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/21/20
Noelle Saladin CTDI and Nova (TDCH CCF-CH Nova ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/4/19
Alan Cope and Seabee (), CCF1 – 10/26/19

American Staffordshire Terrier

Jaida Cooper and Evey (Bluenile’s Just The Way You Are ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/2/20
Jaida Cooper and Glaceon (PMK’s Ice Cold Glaceon ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/2/20
Colleen Fry and Lilly (Lilly Fry CCF1), CCF1 – 2/6/20
Jaida Cooper and Bomber (Prairie Moons Mega Man ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/1/20
Jaida Cooper and Pyroar (Backwood’s Roaring Wild Fire ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/31/20

Australian Cattle Dog

Robin R. Lux and Ruby (TDCH CCF-CH CH Havuherd’s Iron in the Fire CCF1), CCF1 – 1/9/21
Darlene Fritz and Blu (Riverwild Ain’t Saying Boo ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/23/20
Dana Pearson and Coovie (Cuvier ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/22/20
Nelly Benabou and Sprout (TDCH CCF-CH Sprout CCF1), CCF1 – 11/14/20
Jennifer Baiocco and Henna (TDCH CCF-CH Blue Yonder’s Inspired Design RATCH CCF1), CCF1 – 8/29/20
Jolene Gorman CTDI and Tessa (Ch Ferona Lonesome Cowgirl ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/20/20
Emily Johnson CTDI and Quest (The Quest for the Best ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/3/20
Andrea Davis CTDI and Loki (TDCH CCF-CH Loki CCF1), CCF1 – 6/29/20
Jan Martin CTDI and Mattie (TDGCH CCF-CH Mattie Ulster Snow CCF1), CCF1 – 5/22/20
Tiffany Hughes and Kronos (TDCH Kronos the CowDog ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/17/19

Australian Kelpie

Kylie Bergin ATDI and Raddish (Raddish NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/30/20

Australian Shepherd

Glenn Burroughs and Josie (Josie ATD AtoZ NTD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 4/1/21
Glenn Burroughs and Darci (Darci Lynne ETD AtoZ NTD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 4/1/21
Betsy McCauley ATDI and Taz (TDCH Peacock’s Pride Taz Mae CCF1), CCF1 – 3/10/21
Alicia Gesing and Sadie (Flying Sadie Goose ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/3/21
Alicia Gesing and Koa (Cirrus Koa Ke Kai CCF1), CCF1 – 2/10/21
Hannah Clemente and Rhys (Rhys Clemente CCF1), CCF1 – 1/4/21
Marylou Carafello and Mookie (Sunfire Spring Fever Play Ball – Batter Up CCF1), CCF1 – 10/24/20
Natasha Boston ATDI and Bailey (Bailey CCF1), CCF1 – 10/20/20
Judy Boone and Carling (Sunfire’s Something in the Woods CCF1), CCF1 – 10/12/20
Chelsea Mikula and Hope (Samilyn Beyond a Reasonable Doubt CCF1), CCF1 – 10/6/20
Joanne Such and Tabta (Soloyal Secret Romance ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/5/20
Emmanuelle Bussière and Enjoy (TDGCH CCF-CH Boninrook’s Enjoy Life CCF1), CCF1 – 9/11/20
Jessica Stricker CTDI and Ivy (TDCH Topalvi Poison Ivy CCF1), CCF1 – 8/26/20
Hilda Roberts and Troya (TDCH Troya Elvikam of Dreamtale NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/19/20
Jess Simpson and Morgen (TDCH Rannaleroch Chilaca at Applecreek Beg Ex CCF1), CCF1 – 7/29/20
Gina Stetsko and Bizi (TDCH CCF-CH MOTCH SHDCH LookQuest Leap at the Chance CGN RAE2 AGI AGXJ NP SDN DJ RATO SHDCH NSD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/29/20
Gina Stetsko and Tex (TDGCH CCF-CH LookQuest Last Cat Standing PCD RE AGN AGNJ CA SDN RATO DS NSD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/29/20
Anne Bachewich CTDI and JoJo (TDCH Sheep’s Kin Ice Princess ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/11/20
Maci Mize CTDI and Auzzie (TDCH Auzzie Mize CCF1), CCF1 – 6/27/20
Anne Bachewich CTDI and Emmett (TDCH CCF-CH Allum’s Energy Boy CCF1), CCF1 – 6/25/20
Courtney Gluchacki CTDI and Kal (TDCH Kryptonian’s Kal-El ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/22/20
Marissa Andrade and Scarlett Rose (Scarlett Rose NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/16/20
Yvette Shipman and Taz (Shipman’s Dirty Dozen Kickin’ Up Dust CCF1), CCF1 – 6/3/20
Kathy Hopkins and Stetson (Shadowoods Final Edition CCF1), CCF1 – 6/3/20
Kristina DeGiovanni and Summer (Summer Lovin’ ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/1/20
Kristina DeGiovanni and Audrey (TDCH Henson Menagerie Audrey ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/16/20
Jill Foreman and Seeley (Lilac Wine Of Woolly Rocks ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/1/20
Jill Foreman and Hopkins (CH. Midnight At The Oasis Of Woolly Rocks ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/1/20
Jill Foreman and Lawson (CH Quite The Kentucky Kid Of Woolly Rocks ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/1/20
Jill Foreman and Phillis (Hightide’s Wear Di Crown Of Veritas TDI NTD), CCF1 – 5/1/20
Carrie Lucas CTDI and Archie (TDCH Tresrullah’s Comic Book Guy CCF1), CCF1 – 3/30/20
Renea Dahms CTDI and Sirius (Defiance Are You Sirius CGC ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/23/20
Jeff Hendershot and Rylee (SPKS Picture Perfect Miss Rylee Roo CCF1), CCF1 – 3/23/20
Janette Henrey and Charlie Bear (Charlie Bear CCF1), CCF1 – 2/28/20
Sully Stafford and Rooney (Arcoiris’ Love is All You Need CCF1), CCF1 – 2/25/20
Erica Coulson and Murphy (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Blacknblue N Red Oh Liver CCF1), CCF1 – 2/18/20
Wendy Zabicki CTDI and Makeeda (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Zabzoos Makeeda Moonshine CCF1), CCF1 – 11/14/19
Steve Whaley and Storm (Perfect Storm Maximus Whaley CCF1), CCF1 – 11/3/19
Leslie Silva ATDI and Odin (Protector of the Nine Realms ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/1/19
Candy Hendrix CTDI and Rogue (TDCH Rogue Dakota Skye CCF1), CCF1 – 8/29/19
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Pixie (TDCH CCF-CH Sazbrat Lemon Pixie Dust CCF1), CCF1 – 8/17/19
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Parlor (TDGCH CCF-CH Sazbrat Barn Dancin in the Dark CCF1), CCF1 – 8/17/19
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Truly (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TeBrat Truly Scrumptious CCF1), CCF1 – 8/17/19
Bridget L. McAlister CTDI and Enchanted (TDGCH CCF-CH Sazbrat Welcome to New York CCF1), CCF1 – 8/17/19
Kristie Kingsland CTDI and Envy (Teyrnons If I Were You I’d Wanna Be Me Too ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/11/19
Morgan Cain and SuperNova (TDCH SDCH Chevy 2 Much SuperNova ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/11/19

Australian Shepherd (Miniature)

Barb Wright CTDI and Sophie (TDCH Sophie CCF1), CCF1 – 3/17/21
Kaytlyn Riou and Timber (TDCH CCF-CH SaddleUp Timber CCF1), CCF1 – 8/3/20
Tiffany Ashford and Elvis (Elvis ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/24/19


Rhonda Sitter and Lily (Ch Summit Sweet Surrender CGN NC NS CA ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/4/20
Lisa Stewart and Alita (Meisterhaus The Next Level ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/22/20

Basset Hound

Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI, CCFC, SDJ CTDI and Little Bits (Snowshoe’s Little Bit O’Fun NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/29/20
Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI, CCFC, SDJ CTDI and Josie (The Outlaw Josie Wales ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/25/19
Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI, CCFC, SDJ CTDI and Pixel (TDCH Snowshoe’s 1 In A Million ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/25/19
Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI, CCFC, SDJ CTDI and Diamond (Soundtrack Mystical Diamonds and Pearls ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/25/19
Melissa Jokela and Otto (Snowshoe’s Otto Correct Me If I’m Wrong ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/9/19
Cheryl Cieslinski CTDI, CCFC, SDJ CTDI and Xena (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH Soundtrack Warrior Princess “Xena” CCF1), CCF1 – 8/11/19


Wenda Lim and Kobi (Seelim’s Catch Me if You Can @ Singapaw ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/26/20
Brie-Anne Kinrade and Bailey (Bailey ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/28/20
Jodi Remar and Pacey (Pacey CCF1), CCF1 – 7/27/20
Scott Harkins and QT (QT CCF1), CCF1 – 2/17/20

Bearded Collie

Natalie Kirkwood and Spaghetti (TDCH CCF-CH Keiramyst Mi Mackendrick ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/24/21
Patricia L. Rusko and Dream (GCH Starlight Dream Mission CCF1), CCF1 – 9/16/20
Jessica Buckley and Polly (Ch Stylwise No Apologies ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/24/20
Patricia L. Rusko and Jewel (GCHS MBISS Larkangen’s American Trendy GIRI CCF1), CCF1 – 8/12/20

Bedlington Terrier

Carrie Lucas CTDI and Stuart (M&M LAMZ The World Is Not Enough ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/14/20
Stephanie Chua and Ambee (Ambee ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/1/20

Belgian Malinois

Jenine Wech ATDI and Fletcher (Fletcher CCF1), CCF1 – 2/15/21
Keith E. Blanco and Sadie (Sadie B. ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/7/21
Donna Germann and Piper (Piper: The Charmed One NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/29/20
Ingrid Rademakers CTDI and Kelsy (Kelsy ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/27/20
Ingrid Rademakers CTDI and Espro (Cykodog Excelso Expresso NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/27/20
Tina Hines and Meya (Meya CCF1), CCF1 – 12/22/20
Rachelle Turgeon CTDI and Yurko (TDCH Yurko Sagacaol CCF1), CCF1 – 12/22/20
Rachelle Turgeon CTDI and Guess (Guess Du Château D’agadir ATD TD-ROM CCF1), CCF1 – 12/19/20
Rachelle Turgeon CTDI and Métis (TDCH Métis Von Raliam CCF1), CCF1 – 11/15/20
Jennifer Baiocco and Jayci (Turick’s Journey By Design CCF1), CCF1 – 8/29/20
Tiffany Holley and Hades (BelCol Hot Wheels on Fire at Lananzoor TKN CGC ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/26/20
Tiffany Holley and Nero (BelCol Normandie at Lananzoor ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/26/20
Whitney Lightner CTDI and Sarin (Gaslight My Heart ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/3/20
Riley Story and Folsom (Folsom Blues Story ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/20/20
Joanne Campman and Rosie (CCF-CH CH Souvenir Rambling Rose CD RN AX AXJ NF CGCA BN TKA ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/17/19
Veronica Sturman CTDI and Jade (Jade Sturman CCF1), CCF1 – 11/4/19

Belgian Shepherd

Sylvie Ferland and Xhulu (TDGCH OTCh RGCh RCh Xhulu de Lescaut RMX3 RAE2 CREMCL MHIT CCF1), CCF1 – 3/1/21
Sylvie Ferland and Sculie (ATChC AgMChV Une Sculie de Lescaut XPV AgSc JTV CRNMCL ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/28/21
Marla Williamson CTDI and Fancy (Ch Attra Dea’s to Thine Self Be True SDIN ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/8/20
Marla Williamson CTDI and Fizzgig (Attra dea’s Dark Crystal ETD SDN CW-SP CRNMCL CCF1), CCF1 – 7/8/20

Belgian Shepherd (Tervuren)

Brigitte Carrier and Darka (Hidalgo Darka The Lucky Charm ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/13/21
Jade Dussureault and Zénith (Hidalgo Zenith Of The Sun ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/12/21

Belgian Tervuren

Camilla Echeverria CTDI and Vivi (Joie de Vivre Roberson CCF1), CCF1 – 7/29/20
Silvie De Four and Mila (TDCH CCF-CH Spymaster Milagro of Hakinka’s Home CCF1), CCF1 – 3/30/20
Sindije Saljii and Sayemi (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Sayemi of Hakinka’s Home CCF1), CCF1 – 11/26/19
Sindije Saljii and Jamash (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Int.Ch Multi-Ch Grand-Ch Club-Ch Multi-Vet-Ch Jamash v’t Guitpad Certified Service Dog CSAU TAN Exc. BH BGH-1 RO-3 RO-S OB-1 CGC Racing Master CCF1), CCF1 – 11/24/19
Dr. Pamela Regan CTDI and Phoebe (CH Int. CH TC-CH Patana’s Flash Point BN RN NA NAJ PT FDC CA TKP CGCA CGCU SDPro CCF1), CCF1 – 8/13/19

Berger Picard

Jeff & Beth Metzger and Kevin (Canine Kevin from Heaven CCF1), CCF1 – 12/17/20

Bernese Mountain Dog

Joanne Murrell and Jester (TDCH Dual CH (RO) Bernation Paws For Applause CD TKS TD TSDX FSA HTMA CCF1), CCF1 – 12/12/20
Ashley Atkinson and Winnie (Azhar’s Rumbly In My Tumbly NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/30/20
Sue Murray and Ryder (Cloudforest Ghost Ryder ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/22/20
Tammy Porter and Buzz (GCH Magic Berners to Infinity and Beyond CGC CGCA CGCU CA TKI TKN ATT FDC NSD NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/10/20
Mallory Gasparovic and Baylor (Atria Baylor de Blazing Stars CCF1), CCF1 – 5/30/20
Amy Curran CTDI and Bernie (Malicloy Five Oclock Somewhere ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/20/20
Cindy Still CTDI and Jammer (GCH De-Li’s Jukebox Jam v Triads CGC ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/20/19

Bichon Frise

Larisa Thomas and Wrigley (Wrigley CCF1), CCF1 – 2/18/21
Timothy DiNardi and Shuggy (Prelude’s Prince Shuggy DiNardi ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/11/20
Mindy Columbus CTDI and Dino (Barberry Hillwood Dynamic Dino CGC THD BN RE ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/20/19
Mindy Columbus CTDI and Clay (Barberry Hillwood Heaven Scent ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/20/19

Biewer Terrier

Dee Farrell and Trixie (CCF-CH Moore Bowwag Velveteen Rabbit NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/27/20
Barrie Lynn Wood CTDI and Moose (Confetti Mighty Moose of Benchmark TKP CGCA CGCU CGC ATT ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/19/20

Black Mouth Cur

Sherry Waldrum CTDI and Rosy (CCF-CH Wild Texas Rose CCF1), CCF1 – 7/7/20


Cesilie Szabo CTDI and Bootstrap Bill (CH Recycled Ruffs Dead Men Tell No Tails CGCA GCGU TKN ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/13/20


Ann Cress and Tsavo (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH GCH CH BOSS Magnificent Tsavo CCF1), CCF1 – 2/23/20

Border Collie

Sonia Petrack CTDI and Jet (Ag. Ch. Agislepaws Top Gun Jet NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/25/21
Sonia Petrack CTDI and Kia (Kirbyholme Bees Knees NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/25/21
Carol Ward and Max (Borderstrand Takittwo Th Max AtoZ ETD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 3/8/21
Carol Ward and Sassi (Trumagik Simply Sassi AtoZ ETD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 3/8/21
Amanda Burkhart and Gengar (Platinum’s Sinister Shadow of Sinnoh VHMP ETD AtoZ CCF1), CCF1 – 3/4/21
Amy Cooksey and Eva (Eva CCF1), CCF1 – 3/1/21
Zsuzsanna MacPherson and Rory (TDGCH CCF-CH Puildobhrain Spring Lad CCF1), CCF1 – 2/1/21
Becky Jones and Hendrix (Hendrix ATD NTD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 1/30/21
Natalie Kirkwood and 2B (TDGCH CCF-CH Merlynn Ment2B ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/24/21
Natalie Kirkwood and Torch (TDGCH CCF-CH RURedyFor Torch ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/24/21
Casey L. Palmer and Valor (TDGCH CCF-CH Sterling After All This Time ETD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 1/19/21
Jenine Wech ATDI and Finn (Finn ITD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 1/15/21
Steve Whaley and Zac (BOGO Zac Attack CCF1), CCF1 – 1/3/21
Anna Elfström ATDI and Zoli (CCF-CH Bris av Glonka ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/4/20
Stephanie Noonan CTDI and Kenzie (TDGCH CCF-CH Rival’s Kenzie CRNMCL RN ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/15/20
Kasey Hibberts and Kable (TDCH CCF-CH Oaktree Kable RATS CCF1), CCF1 – 11/3/20
Kathie Raap and Jordie (Sundown Jordie CCF1), CCF1 – 10/21/20
Suzanne Reynolds and Jordi (Jordi ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/20/20
Maree Delamare and Gracie (Gracie CCF1), CCF1 – 10/20/20
Maree Delamare and Ollie (Ollie CCF1), CCF1 – 10/20/20
Alleah Baron and Cyann (Cyann Baron ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/1/20
Patty O’Bleness CTDI and Jazzie (TDGCH CCF-CH Hidden Valley All That Jazz CCF1), CCF1 – 9/15/20
Patty O’Bleness CTDI and Firefly (TDGCH CCF-CH Hidden Valley Firefly After Dark CCF1), CCF1 – 9/15/20
Lisa Morrissey CTDI and Lily (Trick Dog U’s Ms. Lily Pad ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/11/20
Christina Opperman CTDI and Puddle (TDGCH Elsanna Hillbilly Wild Fern at Leebeardream ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/6/20
Kerrie Piper and Sprocket (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH Nyanga Midnite Trooper CCF1), CCF1 – 8/24/20
Kerrie Piper and Solan (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH Nyanga Solar Nite CCF1), CCF1 – 8/24/20
Linda Grotzinger and Bishop (Bishop ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/15/20
Marie Mac Donald and Piper (TDGCH CCF-CH Hollowshot’s Play Me A Tune Piper George ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/6/20
Marie-France Millette CTDI and Spring (TDCH CCF-CH Spring CCF1), CCF1 – 7/21/20
Candice Christensen and Wylie (Wylie CCF1), CCF1 – 7/18/20
Candice Christensen and Turvy (TDCH Foster Turvy ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/18/20
Candice Christensen and Mato Ska (Mato Ska CCF1), CCF1 – 7/18/20
Candice Christensen and Krikit (Krazy Krikit from Oz ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/18/20
Christina Opperman CTDI and Logic (TDGCH CCF-CH Leebeardream Its Logical TD-ROM CCF1), CCF1 – 7/16/20
Lynka Fortin Dumas and Everest (TDCH CCF-CH Essential Everest CCF1), CCF1 – 7/11/20
Krysthel Moore CTDI and Kiss (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH P’tites Bêtes Kiss RPT CGN NBRH NBAR DJ CCF1), CCF1 – 7/9/20
Bobbie Kurivial CTDI and Squall (TDGCH Blitzen’s Tropical Disturbance NSD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/5/20
Christi Skamfer and Ace (Lookout A. Skamfer CCF1), CCF1 – 6/23/20
Tess Starr CTDI and Ziggy (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH RATCHX 5H Ziggy Starrdog BC RATCH CA TKP PSD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/6/20
Annick Chassé and Swing (CCF-CH Grand Oakes Freestyle Swing ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/28/20
Jan Martin CTDI and Amber (TDGCH CCF-CH Amber My Little Gem CCF1), CCF1 – 5/22/20
Jan Martin CTDI and Jasmine (TDGCH CCF-CH Astra Jasmine CCF1), CCF1 – 5/22/20
Paula Smith and Pepper (Pepper Smith ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/8/20
Annick Chassé and Bebop (TDGCH CCF-CH Bebop ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/3/20
Annick Chassé and Méli (CCF-CH Méli ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/3/20
Melanie Gantt CTDI and Sadie (Sadie Lady Brown NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/13/20
Silvie De Four and Rona (TDCH CCF-CH Sunshine Ladirona of Hakinka’s Home CCF1), CCF1 – 3/30/20
Janice Wenig and Bodhi (TDCH Bodhi’s Smoke N Fire CCF1), CCF1 – 3/23/20
Louise Sprowls and Kate (Kate CCF1), CCF1 – 1/20/20
Karen Wisler CTDI and Brenna (TDCH CCF-CH MSF Brenna CA RATCH CGC CGCA CGCU TKA TKI TKP PSD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/26/19
Karen Wisler CTDI and Kasey (TDCH CCF-CH Shebaa’s Siren FDC RATCHX CGC CGCA CGCU TKA TKP SDPro CCF1), CCF1 – 10/26/19
Karen Wisler CTDI and Tweed (TDCH CCF-CH KNJ Tweed RATCHX CGC CGCA CGCU TKA TKP CW-SP CW-SD SDPro CCF1), CCF1 – 10/26/19
Sarah Mancebo and Dixie (Dixie NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/23/19
Melinda Dayhuff and Tony (EC’s Flash CCF1), CCF1 – 10/1/19
Jeff Goldman and Bandito (Celtic Bandito CCF1), CCF1 – 10/1/19
Roberta Bianchettin and Freccia (TBC Freccia CCF1), CCF1 – 10/1/19
Joan M. Snee and Minna (Minna ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/29/19
Heather Tetzlaff and Knightro (My Knight in Shining Armor CGCA FDC RE ACT2 TKP PCD NJC NAC O-TN-O S-WV-N O-HP-N ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/27/19
Morgan Cain and Hemi ‘Cuda (Color Me Gone Hemi ‘Cuda NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/11/19
Anna Larsson and Fonzie (TDCH Emenems Fonzie CCF1), CCF1 – 8/19/19
Bella Rowe and Stardust (TDCH Solarflare’s Shooting Star ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/15/19

Border Terrier

Libby Tanton-Joy and Lunar (CCF-CH Orangebox A New Hope at Itsaso CCF1), CCF1 – 2/2/21
Laura Ryder CTDI and Wicket (TDCH Buguya Secret Mission CCF1), CCF1 – 10/26/20
Laura Ryder CTDI and Milani (TDCH Cherishem Miss Milani CCF1), CCF1 – 10/26/20
Laura Ryder CTDI and Rogue (Redwall Rogue Gem ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/26/20
Laura Ryder CTDI and Lando (Redwall Dead Heart Hamish ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/26/20
Lisa Jury and Fizzle (GCH Rangel Fizzing Whizbees JE CA RATS DM DS DJ CGCA TKP ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/1/19
Charlene Roth and Sasha (Glenlair Sasha CCF1), CCF1 – 9/15/19

Boston Terrier

Tricia Knowler and Frank (Am. Ch. Can Gr. CH. Sito’s DRK Tribute To Trillow TKI ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/17/20

Bouvier des Flandres

Lindell Zieg and River (Land of Pride Canishios River Remonda CCF1), CCF1 – 9/16/20
Lindell Zieg and Stella (Ursus Borealis Native Dancer of Northern Lights CCF1), CCF1 – 9/16/20
Louise Sprowls and Odin (Bluegrass Odin’s Magic CCF1), CCF1 – 7/6/20


Jennifer Posner and Orli (Orli CCF1), CCF1 – 3/4/21
Deb Gil and Theo (CH Rosehill ‘N Sin’s The New Prophecy CCF1), CCF1 – 1/4/21
Theresa Mitchell and Erie (Fireband & Soleils Unsalted at Siglow CCF1), CCF1 – 1/4/21
Diana Greenhow and Quest (CH Mircoa n Irondale’s Desire Walks On NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/17/20
Terry Simpson and Reilly (CH DeNevei’s Livin the Life in Tirna Nog CGC NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/17/20
Caity Watkins and Vayga (Vayga ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/4/20
Deb Gil and Boaz (Sin’s Glory Daze CCF1), CCF1 – 6/29/20
JoAnne Rowles CTDI and Sundance (Triple B’s ION Sundance ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/21/20
Heather Mounce and Evie (NewAlba N Novera’s Big Bang NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/30/20
Kelli-ann Reilly CTDI and Star (TDCH Star Boxer Girl Reilly CCF1), CCF1 – 4/7/20
Linda Roehm and Lady (Lady Roehm CCF1), CCF1 – 9/15/19
Alyssa M. Theis-Covic CTDI and Ruckus (Ruckus VIII ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/12/19
Alyssa M. Theis-Covic CTDI and Rogue (Rogue One ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/10/19


Colleen Fawcett and Emmi (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Ir Ch/Hr/Int Ch Fostebrie Divine Gold at Beannchor ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/1/20


Judi Lacey and Alfie (TDCH CCF-CH Alfie CCF1), CCF1 – 8/22/20


Lisa Pellerito and Po (Po Panda NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/11/21


Nanette Pearl and Harriet (VeGrenan’s Guardian of a Broken Heart NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/8/20
Kim Klassen and Tyler (TDCH GCH Garroway’s Livin’ On The Edge CGN PCD RN CCF1), CCF1 – 5/24/20
Sherri Bellmore and Buffy (CCF-CH CAN GRCH Bolder Rockabull SpecialSlayer CGN NS CA NR ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/24/20
Leanne Zukowski and Tuff (Am Ch Can GCh Sycalcade’s Eight Seconds to Win CGN RE CD TT RATI ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/21/20
Kim Klassen and Rush (Ch Impact N Garroway Helluva Ride NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/9/20

Cairn Terrier

Karen McClean CTDI and Miss Marple (TDCH Ch Quarrydene’s Diamond Heist CCF1), CCF1 – 2/7/21
Avril Billingsley and Mabel (TDCH Goldngrove’s Mabel NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/25/20
Margaret Hendershot and Bruce (Hendershot’s Bruce the ResQ Barker NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/31/20
Julie Trottier and Gaston (Dorlin’s Graffiti Masterpiece ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/22/20
Julie Trottier and ZsaZsa (CCF-CH Ch. Dorlin Graffiti Femme de Rêve ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/6/20

Cane Corso

Tara Cain and Valentina (AKC Fedele’s Villa Valentina Italia CGC TKN ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/14/21
Susan Watkins and Demi (IntlBA Ch Hierarchy and Fedele’s Sweet N Sassy Demi CCF1), CCF1 – 7/22/20
Lucie Malouin CTDI and Giulietta (TDCH CCF-CH Giulietta Amarone Di Diva CCF1), CCF1 – 5/14/20
Janine Erato CTDI and Chai (CH Black Pearl Chai FDC FCAT THDD CGCA CGCU TKA ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/9/20
Janine Erato CTDI and Essie (GCH CH Black Pearl Espresso FDC CAX FCAT2 THDX DJ DN CGCA CGCU TKA ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/9/20
Janine Erato CTDI and Java (Black Pearl Java CA DCAT CGC TKI ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/9/20

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Tara Cotton and Kit (Gatewyn Cottontail’s Starfox ATD NSD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/29/20
Esther Farber and Pro (CCF-CH GCH CH Snapdragon Professor Hinkle RN CA BCAT TKA CCF1), CCF1 – 8/11/20
Melanie Gonglach and Teddy (Teddy Arth CCF1), CCF1 – 10/21/19

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Charlotte Grant and Molly (Kewpy’s Piccolo ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/10/20
Charlotte Grant and Misty (Kewpy’s Misty Blue NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/10/20
Hélène Desbiens and Maya (CCF-CH Maya Labernoise ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/9/20
Penny Windlow and Fletcher (TDGCH CCF-CH Dual Ch (Neuter) (TS) Triple Ch (Neuter) (RO) (T) Daventri Midnight Dash CDX RAE4 AD JDX SDX GD SPDX FS.I HTM.I ET CCF1), CCF1 – 7/12/20
Tonya Wilhelm and Dexter (Abit Splashy NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/10/20
Lisa Davila and Jiminy (Jiminy CCF1), CCF1 – 7/4/20
Rebecca Dawidziak and Balto (), CCF1 – 11/18/19


Nancy Gagné and Whiskey (Whiskey ETD AtoZ 20:1 CCF1), CCF1 – 4/3/21
Natalie Kaye CTDI and Cheeko (Usain Meeko Lakota NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/5/21
Krysthel Moore CTDI and Sooky (Sooky IBAR ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/9/20

Chihuahua (Long Coat)

Nina Hechelbacher CTDI and Sunny (TDGCH CCF-CH Bastian von Chihuahuafreunde ETD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 2/9/21
Donna Brittain and Luke (Temple’s A New Hope TKP CASD ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/5/19

Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

Donna Brittain and Angel (TDCH RACH Temple & Phipps’ Angel Gets Her Wings RM2 RAE TKP CGC ASCA_RAX CCF1), CCF1 – 9/25/19

Chinese Crested

Isabelle Bouchard and Zsa Zsa Gabor (Sassytails Silklace Merrywidow ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/18/20
Susan Brasel CTDI and Odin (Ch Sirocco Practice Like U Never Won NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/26/20
Jean Werner and Atticus (Renegade’s Star Spangled Screamer CCF1), CCF1 – 3/30/20

Chinese Crested (Powder Puff)

Lisa Ann M. Borell and Heart (Nopera’s Peg O My Heart ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/14/21
Sharon Pointeer and Zerin (TDCH Zerin CCF1), CCF1 – 10/18/20

Chinese Shar-Pei

Tina Chase and Vivian (Chases Blast from the Past CCF1), CCF1 – 4/10/20
Tina Chase and Cookie (Chases Stirfry N Fortune Cookies ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/10/20
Tina Chase and Zucker (Windswepts on a Sugar High CCF1), CCF1 – 4/10/20
Tina Chase and JuJu (Chases My Jubilee Is Gonnabea Star ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/10/20
Tina Chase and Natasha (Chases First Class Traveller NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/10/20
Tina Chase and Healy (Chases Breakin the Law CCF1), CCF1 – 1/13/20
Tina Chase and Aurora (Chases Alaskan Surprise CCF1), CCF1 – 1/12/20
Tina Chase and Tindrah (Chases Twinkling Start in the Sky CCF1), CCF1 – 1/12/20

Cirneco dell’Etna

Annik-Tabea Lassak CTDI and Blenda (Blenda del Gelso Bianco ETD NTD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 2/12/21


Julie James CTDI and Barnaby (TDGCH Barnaby ETD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 1/15/21

Cocker Spaniel

Ciara Maher CTDI and Aussie (Kerrijoy Abarth ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/18/21
Ciara Maher CTDI and Possum (Blue Sparkles ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/18/21
Angela Beavis and Ollie (TDGCH CCF-CH Truffles Duke CCF1), CCF1 – 12/6/20
Ween Sze Teoh and Moonbeam (Devongem Rainbow Dash ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/31/20
Ween Sze Teoh and Spyro (Devongem Fire And Ice ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/9/20
Stephanie Pierrard and Jonagold (Weeping Willow s Jonagold CCF1), CCF1 – 3/27/20
Patricia A. Kohn and Murphy (Murphy Brown Eyed Girl BN RN TKP ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/19/19

Cocker Spaniel (working)

Vicki Young and Alita (Ebonacy Warrior Princess ETD AtoZ CCF1), CCF1 – 3/19/21

Collie (Rough)

Cheryl Stewart and Lacey (Lacey NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/24/21
Andrea Leidl CTDI and Millie (TDCH BH HWT HJCH HCH SRBCH Rineweld Heart of Goodness ‘Millie’ CCF1), CCF1 – 7/24/20
Antje Alberda CTDI and Leia (Glamourace Collies Princess Leia ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/19/20
Patty Stafford CTDI and Jackson (CCF-CH Scarborough’s Memories of Yesteryear ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/5/20
Meghan Crosson and Alice (Crossons It’s Always Tea Time ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/25/20
Antje Alberda CTDI and Scarlett (Cornerstone the Silver Echo BLX vW’17 NVK CCF1), CCF1 – 1/6/20
Patty Stafford CTDI and Dylan (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Scarborough’s A Tribute To A Dream CCF1), CCF1 – 12/30/19
Patty Stafford CTDI and Logan (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Scarborough’s Keeper of the Dream CCF1), CCF1 – 12/30/19
Martha Patterson-Avery and Mika (East View’s Nightstar Creme Brûlée CCF1), CCF1 – 11/3/19
Antje Alberda CTDI and Star (CCF-CH Glamourace Collies Flaming Star BE NL BJK CW’17 NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/2/19
Lori Borenstein and Stormy (Foremost Quiet Storm CD BN GN RA CGCA TKI ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/15/19
Monique & Michelle Arpin and Reason (Glasgowhill’s Reason To Believe NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/14/19
Monique & Michelle Arpin and Taz (TDCH Ch Pairiepine Brackenbrae Whonor ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/24/19

Collie (Smooth)

Hannah M. Collison CTDI and Brenn (TDCH Metallic Debonair CCF1), CCF1 – 4/10/20


Matt McBee and Esme (Esme McBee CCF1), CCF1 – 3/30/21


Karen Oney and Tink (One Tink Pony NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/3/19


Virginia Weida and Heidi (Heidi ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/17/20
Virginia Weida and Penny (Penny ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/17/20

Dachshund (Miniature)

Stephanie von Eggers & Matthias Dahl and Brass (TDCH AWWOD Lock And Load ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/7/20
Stephanie von Eggers & Matthias Dahl and Harvey (TDCH WSM Harvey ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/27/20
Vicky Lee and Hetty (TDGCH Abbilis Practical Magic With Jahenbe CCF1), CCF1 – 9/21/20
Vicky Lee and Robin (TDGCH CCF-CH Jahenbe’s It’s A Miracle CCF1), CCF1 – 9/5/20
Earlene Winn CTDI and Kitsune (Wild West Weiner smokin Gun Miss Kitty ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/30/20
Maureen Meads and Jemma (TDGCH CCF-CH Rafthouse Jemma Meads CCF1), CCF1 – 7/23/20
Ffion Griffiths and Tomas (Glyndwr Star Player ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/11/20
Mady Oudshoorn and Tristan (CCF-CH Daks-Veg-As Tristan Vince NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/6/20
Earlene Winn CTDI and Joy (CCF-CH Christmas Joy ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/1/19


Linda Davis and Taco (TDGCH GCH CH CAN CH UKC CH Snapshots Don’t Spill the Beans RN FDC CAX21 DCAT SWE SCM SHDN RATO DN CGCA CGCU TKP ATT VHMA ETD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 2/25/21
Kelly Amos and Nike (TDCH SpotWdr N Element Princes Heir Cdn/Am RN DSA DM S TKE CGN VCX ATD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 2/20/21
Iréne Hansen and Prime (Delicate Design’s Prime ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/4/21
Iréne Hansen and Storm (Delicate Design’s Storm ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/4/21
Cindy Riggans and Lync (Lync CCF1), CCF1 – 10/7/20
Kim Bainbridge and Olaf (Lucas Legend Like a Warm Hug ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/13/20
Andrea Davis CTDI and Kalypso (TDCH Echoviews Trick Shot ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/29/20

Doberman Pinscher

Carol Freele and Dax (Modadobe Pantz on Fire CCF1), CCF1 – 12/11/20
Marie-Claire Guindon and Phoenix (Can Ch Soulstorm N Cassel DarkPhoenix RATS ABRH MBAR RATI IBARp IBRH CGN WAC VGM ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/28/20
Marie-Claire Guindon and Ninja (TDCH Can Ch Cassel N Soulstorm Wait for It CA RATO MBRH MBAR RATI IBARp IBRHp TT CGN VGM ETD TD-ROM CCF1), CCF1 – 5/23/20
Ché Kinnard and Jolie (CCF-CH Jolie NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/11/20
Paul Gibson and Ariel (Ariel CCF1), CCF1 – 4/10/20
Vikki Bourgeois CTDI and Stark (RMH You Own The Throne ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/21/19

Dutch Shepherd

Kelly Knowles CTDI and Athena (Athena Knowles NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/23/20
Flor M. Chaves and Fiona (Fiona Hernandez CCF1), CCF1 – 10/12/20

English Cocker Spaniel

Tanya Woods and Cookie (TDGCH Kebarlea Cookies N Cream ETD-M AtoZ CCF1), CCF1 – 3/27/21
Eileen Gerber and Fynnigan (CCF-CH Felicity Fynnigan Moon Joyfire ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/31/20
Martha Strohm and April Violet (AKC SR92894801 April Violet Reign of Stars Attitude Addie ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/29/19
Arthur D. Sample and Lily (AKC SS00416006 Ziel-Lor No Kidding CCF1), CCF1 – 9/29/19

English Mastiff

Karen Massner CTDI and Sherman (TDCH CIA’s Soa Jax of Simesh CCF1), CCF1 – 3/2/21
Justyn Riley and Antilles (Wedge Antilles Riley NTD), CCF1 – 11/18/20

English Pointer

Karalyn Bell and Lady (Lady Bell ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/10/20

English Setter

Diane Gray and Snow (BJ’s Festivity Southern Sizzle of Beara ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/25/21

English Shepherd

Pamela Sisler CTDI and Toby (Toby Fast Paws ETD ITD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 3/29/21
Pamela Sisler CTDI and Turbo (Groves Turbo ATD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 3/29/21
Jill Pariza and Angel (Angelica Dora Star Bear Angel CCF1), CCF1 – 7/22/20

English Springer Spaniel

Judi Lacey and Evie (CourtGwynne Jini ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/16/21
Tracey Howe and Thistle (TDGCH Naycar’s Thistle Belle CCF1), CCF1 – 1/4/21
Ashley Atkinson and Spencer (TDCH Parlor’s Rainbow Sus Spencer CCF1), CCF1 – 11/30/20
Trudy Styles and Abby (Abby CCF1), CCF1 – 11/17/20
Martha Warnock and Lucy Grace (Beswin Ynot Winsome Justintime CCF1), CCF1 – 9/16/20
Jeanine Jorgensen and Betty (Ch. Keypoint’s Please Play Again ETD NSD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/20/20
Crystal Scott and Hugo (Doublel’s Hugo NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/12/20
Sharon Houston and Riley (Riley C. O’Riley ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/3/19

English Toy Spaniel

Penny Windlow and George (TDCH Triple Ch (Neuter) (T) (TS) Grand Ch Cavildown Prince George RAE RE FS.S HTM.S ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/11/20

Eskimo Spaniel

Eileen Gerber and Khia (TDCH CCF-CH Khia Kay Nanuq CCF1), CCF1 – 12/31/20

Field Spaniel

Jacqueline Graham and Oliver (Wyldkatz Oliver Titanium Knight CCF1), CCF1 – 10/6/20
Daphne A. Stover and Faith (Wyldkatz Keep the Faith CCF1), CCF1 – 10/6/20
Daphne A. Stover and Panther (Wyldkatz Intrepid Night Panther CCF1), CCF1 – 10/6/20
Rebecca Menard and Artemis (GCH Pemberley’s Moonlight Huntress DN CGN ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/10/20
Rebecca Menard and B.G. (CH Pemberley’s Starlight Huntress CGN ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/10/20
Kathy Laverty and Quinn (Killara’s Overnight Success CCF1), CCF1 – 7/22/20

Finnish Lapphund

Matthew Rudd and Henkka (Infindigo Lintu Henkka CCF1), CCF1 – 10/25/20
Nicole Wain and Leevi (TDCH CCF-CH Armahani Kuunzite Kuutamo (AI) CCD RE JDX SPD GD HT ET JC ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/9/20
Heather Beastall and Loki (CCF-CH Infindigo Mailat Loki ShCM RL1Ex ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/19/20
Michelle Gurney and Slinky (TDCH CCF-CH Aus Ch Armahani Iolite Ihana (AI) HT ET JC WPD FD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/2/20
Michelle Gurney and Squiggle (TDCH CCF-CH Aus Ch Aus Neut Ch Armahani Diamond Dansut (AI) CCD RA ADX JDX SDX SPDX GD HT ET JC WPD FMCh TD-ROM CCF1), CCF1 – 7/2/20
Kira Sergiacomi and Ryker (TDCH Ch CCF-CH Theldaroy Suklaa Crispello WPD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/18/19
Kira Sergiacomi and Vader (TDCH CCF-CH Ch Caleebra Diamond Empress JC CCF1), CCF1 – 8/23/19

Flat-Coated Retriever

Cora-Lee Smith and Shadow (Shadow Bear Smith CCF1), CCF1 – 1/13/21
Hélène Beaupré and Chaplin (TDCH CCF-CH GCh Fieldday Limelight CGN RE ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/8/20
Hélène Beaupré and Scott (CCF-CH Fieldday Austin Power ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/8/20

Fox Terrier (Smooth)

Lajla Brejning and Gilbert (Eriksholt Gilbert NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/2/21
Bonnie Bartlett and Fallon (TDCH Foxwell Rama Oh So Striking CCF1), CCF1 – 8/21/19

French Bulldog

Perri Evans and Stewart (Stewart CCF1), CCF1 – 9/11/20
Lisa Wagner and Lucifer (Be my Milestone vom Burgdorf Dill ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/13/20

German Coolie

Karen Wisler CTDI and Mya (CCF-CH K’s Powerhouse ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/26/19

German Pinscher

Jade Dussureault and Bentley (Dunroamin’s Christmas Trip ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/12/21
Ladonna Loken and Gibson (CH Starview Rock n Roll Star of Leilani CCF1), CCF1 – 11/18/20
Kirstin Lukasko CTDI and Scooby (TDGCH Caches One Haute Toddie CCF1), CCF1 – 10/15/20
Robyn Harrel and Danne Jo (CH Windamir’s Haute Couture v Carabella BN RN CA RATS TT CGC ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/16/20

German Shepherd Dog

Cynthia Nunes and Kovu (Kynthos’ Heart of a Lion CGC NTD-M AtoZ CCF1), CCF1 – 4/1/21
Ashley Kinsinger and Riley (Riley Jellick CCF1), CCF1 – 3/27/21
Lynn Elmwood and Remmi (Sir Remmington CCF1), CCF1 – 3/1/21
Paula Heriot and Lhotse (First Ascent Lhotse Von Ryanhaus CA DSA RATS ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/24/21
Cynthia Boles CTDI and Sebastian (TDCH Sebastian Barrington Boles OSD ETD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 1/25/21
Carrie-Anne Selwyn and Dodge (Too Hot to Dodge ATD NTD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 1/13/21
Lisa Parsons CTDI and Salem (Salem V Mowatt NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/10/21
Olivia Lescallett and Ryder (Ryder Lescallett CCF1), CCF1 – 1/4/21
Rachelle Turgeon CTDI and Odin (Odin von Dandico CCF1), CCF1 – 11/18/20
Mary-Anne Boulet and Clio (Albtals Clio vom Zaubermeister RTD TD-TROM ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/12/20
Jennifer Frese and Uli (Umbra vom Haus Accanihoffen ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/9/20
Kim Chartier and Spyke (TDCH CCF-CH Spyke Von Raliam CCF1), CCF1 – 11/1/20
Mary-Anne Boulet and Riikka (Frederika vom Kirschental PCD CGN RN HIC NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/3/20
Marcia McGrory and Myla (TDCH McGrory’s Myla Joy ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/12/20
Marcia McGrory and Meka (McGrory’s Meka Grace ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/12/20
Kayleigh Shield and Luna (TDCH Diamond Rogue CCF1), CCF1 – 8/11/20
Dawn Fisher and Angel (Atlas’ A Bit Beyond Daybreake ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/15/20
Colleen Beaudet and Conan (TDCH CCF-CH Royale’s Lone Wolf ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/11/20
Tracie Karsjens and Bliss (TDCH Atlas’ Blissful Feeling PSD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/9/20
Tracie Karsjens and Zen (TDCH White Star’s Nirvana at Atlas OSD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/9/20
Carrie McAunaul CTDI and Glitch (SD-MACH SD-GCH TDCH Alphapack’s To Mend And Defend SD-ELx2 SD-GD SD-GT SD-GA NSD HOT FILM ACTOR CCF1), CCF1 – 7/3/20
Ariel Zavala and Roycen (Sterling Rolls Royce CCF1), CCF1 – 7/2/20
Bridgette M. Ashmore CTDI and Hodge (High Hopes vom Haus Mears NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/28/20
Pat Saito and Rogue (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH TC-CH Wild Winds Irish Rogue CCF1), CCF1 – 6/28/20
Christa Cicerone and Atlas (TDCH Krytonian’s Billy Batson TKP ETD NSD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/20/20
Courtney Gluchacki CTDI and Ace (TDCH UCH DAE CH Lasvada’s Ace of Spades CA CGC DN IT NW1 ORT RN TKP TD-ROM CCF1), CCF1 – 6/15/20
Courtney Gluchacki CTDI and Ivy (She-Rock’s Mardan High Maintenance V Carlyn ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/13/20
Sue Matthews and Zac (TDCH Abaeterno Flash CCF1), CCF1 – 5/3/20
Sue Matthews and Izzy (TDCH Kezara of Kremlynn CCF1), CCF1 – 5/2/20
Paul Gibson and Zeke (Zeke CCF1), CCF1 – 4/11/20
Melissa Hoyer and Fawkes (Vendetta von haus Huro ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/24/20
Pam Booras CTDI and Vera (CCF-CH Vera Vom Waldenhaus ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/21/20
Anita Dudiwka and Jentry (PetersElite Jentry CCF1), CCF1 – 2/3/20
Martina Cope and Maximus (), CCF1 – 10/26/19

German Shorthaired Pointer

Isabelle Bernard and Zana (TDCH Karpaten Irbis Ondine DM CCF1), CCF1 – 11/9/20
Sasha Scheib and Minerva (Scheib’s witchy Minerva CCF1), CCF1 – 9/1/20
Eve Hoehle-Adams and Loretta (Bear Paw’s Coal Miner’s Daughter ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/26/20
Deanna Glasgow and Findley (TDCH BNJ Ordinary Hero ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/9/20
Deanna Glasgow and Wallace (Schutzen’s A Shot To Remember ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/9/20
Megan Krystal & Marco Cortopassi and Luna (Stanneyfields Imagine w Blastem ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/1/20
Susan McClaughry and Cooper (Cooper CCF1), CCF1 – 2/5/20
Kathleen Reynolds CTDI CCFC SDJ CTDI and Greta (TDCH CCF-CH Cuttin Wilds Space Cowgirl X Kimber Tactical Greta JH ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/10/19
Monia Lasanté and Rebel (Legacyk Rebel by Choice ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/5/19
Kathleen Reynolds CTDI CCFC SDJ CTDI and Rodney (TDCH CCF-CH GCH CH Voyager’s Greatest Harvest TKN TKI TDN TDI TDA TDE CGC ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/22/19
Kathleen Reynolds CTDI CCFC SDJ CTDI and Abbey (TDCH CCF-CH Steel Fork Abbey CD SH RA THDN CGCU FDC TKP ETD OSD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/19/19

Glen of Imaal Terrier

Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Griffin (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH CH Ber-D-Mar Ballygriffin of Greystone CCF1), CCF1 – 8/12/19

Golden Retriever

Megan Hundt and Lynyrd (Jetoca’s One in the Sun CCF1), CCF1 – 4/3/21
Kimberly Noel and Cupid (Heartland Spread The Love At Charisma TKN NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/29/21
Kimberly Noel and Tipsy (HnrB/UKCCH Heartland Sippin A Hot Toddy At Charisma BCAT DS DJ TKN NTD AtoZ CCF1), CCF1 – 3/23/21
Alex Grantland and Rocco (Rock’in Rocco Grantland CCF1), CCF1 – 3/1/21
Nathan Wilden & Tammie Carter and Maple (Savaneta How Sweet It Is AI ETD ATD-Masters CCF1), CCF1 – 1/19/21
Maria Frick and Thor (Thor Boomer T Boom Frick CCF1), CCF1 – 1/2/21
Beth Whaley and Willow (Princess Willow B-Taylor Whaley CCF1), CCF1 – 12/17/20
Sybille Peterson and Carlos (Harborview’s Carlos Santana CCF1), CCF1 – 12/17/20
Tracy Noling and Freya (Freya Hillock’s Fireball CCF1), CCF1 – 11/20/20
Nikki Kraynick and Branson (OzarkMtn Silver Dollar City NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/7/20
Amy Gallentine and Penny (Penny Gallentine CCF1), CCF1 – 10/7/20
Jennifer Yuen and Nimbus (Labyrinth’s Flying Nimbus CCF1), CCF1 – 9/20/20
Andrea Hesz and Aline (TDCH Golden Von Schwarcz Fabiola ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/14/20
Kailyn Richardson CTDI and Odin (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH GldnMeadows God of Wisdom and Gold CGCA CGCU TKE RN PSD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/1/20
Nancy Arena and Toby (Toby Arena NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/31/20
Samantha Snyder and Finn (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH OPK’s Gimmie Some Finn RE FDC CAA BCAT SHDN DS DJ CGCA CGCU TKE ATT CCF1), CCF1 – 7/11/20
Ella Lambert CTDI and Zeke (TDCH Not Throwing Away My Shot ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/4/20
Melissa Weldishofer and Godric (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Copperfield’s Golden Snitch CCF1), CCF1 – 7/2/20
Bernetta Dougert and Midas (Midas Touch of Claussville ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/15/20
Katarina Dery and Apollo (Apollo Dery ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/16/20
Megan Esherick CTDI and Elf (TDCH Surf ‘N Turf Belvenie Winter Solstice SCN SIN SBN FDC BCAT CGC ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/23/20
Colin Ladd and Fireball (Fireball Whiskey of Windham ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/18/20
Colin Ladd and Porsche (New Era’s Porshe Still Dancing After the Party ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/18/20
Sherry Johnson and Bailey (Baileys Irish Cream Chocolate Mint CCF1), CCF1 – 3/28/20
Lori Lang and Grace (Princess Gracie Lou CCF1), CCF1 – 1/10/20
Elke Duerring and Callie (Callie CCF1), CCF1 – 12/3/19
Debbie Green and Griffin (Griffin Green CCF1), CCF1 – 11/22/19
Susie Curtis and Huxley (), CCF1 – 11/18/19
Elke Duerring and Cooper (Cooper CCF1), CCF1 – 10/22/19
Renee Cullen and Evie (Snow Walker Auric Soul Of Irish Eyes ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/22/19
Maria Hill and Grace (Grace ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/13/19
Christine Adams CTDI and Hazel (Hazel ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/8/19
Cheryl McBride and Linzie Lu (Miraleste Kates Amazing Linzie Ann ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/1/19
Donna Lee and Brady (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Woodland True Patriot CD PCDX BN RE CGCA CGCU TKP SDPro CCF1), CCF1 – 9/15/19
Joanne Sato and Koa (SDCH TDCH Margold Koa No Ka ‘Oi RA CDX MX MXJ MJB XF T2B CGCA CGCU TKP SDPro CCF1), CCF1 – 9/15/19
Joanne Sato and Maui (Wynwood Maui No Ka ‘Oi TKI ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/15/19
Sarah McMurdo CTDI and Waffles (Mon Moriani Waffle NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/15/19
Sarah McMurdo CTDI and Olive (Kyon’s Go Olive Go ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/15/19

Gordon Setter

Dr. Debbie Boyd ATDI and Squeak (Can GCh Duurstede’s Ms Squeak NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/22/20

Great Dane

Haley Hegedus and Pepper (Pepper Hegedus ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/31/20
Haley Hegedus and Hazel (Leggo’s Winterbloom Witch Doctor CCF1), CCF1 – 12/28/20
Sherry Orich CTDI and Optimus (TDCH CH Regal Black’s Sweet Red Kupid CGN RN VGD ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/5/20
Sherry Orich CTDI and Elita (TDCH OVD Under The Radar V Meraki RN ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/5/20
Darla-Jean Wotherspoon CTDI and Spice (CACJD CACD CAGCD CACIB Ellenni Blackstone Ashella Spice 4 Life Aristocrat CCF1), CCF1 – 10/21/20
Darla-Jean Wotherspoon CTDI and Fab (Aristocrat GD DR FX Fabulos CCF1), CCF1 – 10/21/20
Darla-Jean Wotherspoon CTDI and Maria (Aristocrat GD DR Black Maria CCF1), CCF1 – 10/21/20
Darla-Jean Wotherspoon CTDI and Dream (TDCH CACJD CACD CAGCD CACIB CQUISO Ashella’s Caribbean Dreamer ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/21/20
Darla-Jean Wotherspoon CTDI and Shade (Dreamin In Shades Of Blue ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/21/20
Darla-Jean Wotherspoon CTDI and Chaos (A Sweet Chaotic Dream ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/18/20
Darla-Jean Wotherspoon CTDI and Autumn (Dreamy Autumn Sunset ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/18/20

Great Pyrenees

Anne Poirier CTDI and Bear Bear (TDCH Bear Bear CCF1), CCF1 – 4/15/20
Anne Poirier CTDI and Isabella (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Du Val Perché Kira Anne CCF1), CCF1 – 12/16/19
Anne Poirier CTDI and Sébastien (TDCH CCF-CH Ch. Woolmarsh Xeter’s Sebastian CCF1), CCF1 – 12/16/19
Diane Sammarco CTDI and Xander (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH Rivergroves Xander of Portmeirion CCF1), CCF1 – 11/14/19

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Lindsay Gausden and Crush (Cherished the Circus Elephant Sat on the Peanut CCF1), CCF1 – 6/17/20


Carrie Lucas CTDI and Franklin (Lakilanni Shell Adore Me ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/14/20
Karen Dayberry and Terra (GCHB Grandcru Leeuwin at CeOttis CCF1), CCF1 – 1/20/20
Lori Willick and Tessie (Tessie ATD CCF!), CCF1 – 9/14/19


Elizabeth Tanchak and Johnny (MistyTrails Captain Johnny ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/12/20
Margaret Lynn Kloske and Rocket (CH Angelheart’s Bright Star of Cara Dulce NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/17/20
Sabrina Lo and Charlie (TDCH CCF-CH GCH Yup’s Coal Harbour CGN RAE3 PCD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/4/20
Jo-Ann Nielsen and Tesla (TDCH CCF-CH Small Opals That’s Amore ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/2/20
Rebecca Zoretich and Buddy (Sunset Buddy ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/27/20
Leslie Safin and Heely (Nauti Heli Scene Stealer ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/30/20
Renee Cullen and Peaches (Happy Paws’ Hav’N A Blast At Blarney THDN CGCA CGCU TKA CCF1), CCF1 – 1/25/20


Tanja Stroblmayr CTDI and Delo (Delo von der Waldlichtung ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/24/20
Tanja Stroblmayr CTDI and Elim (Elim von der Waldlichtung ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/23/20


Renee Evans and Beau (TDCH CCF-CH Waimarino’s Beau of Winiata RN ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/6/20
Diana Scott and Chance (Chance ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/16/20

Icelandic Sheepdog

Marie-Thérèse Mrusczok and Sara (TDCH Huldudals Sara CCF1), CCF1 – 12/9/20

Irish Setter

Will Grabert and Hennessy (Daesyn’s Whiskey Lulaby NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/15/21
Deborah Larson and Krispie (CCF-CH Klassi Krispie Kream ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/22/20
Patti Wendling and Reese (CH Avon Farm Pure Gold CCF1), CCF1 – 12/30/19

Italian Greyhound

Laura Anne Rori Gray and Herbie (Herbie CCF1), CCF1 – 12/7/20

Jack Russell Terrier

Lucie Vaníková and Kelsey (CCF-CH Kelsey CCF1), CCF1 – 11/3/20
Margaret Hendershot and Mario (TDGCH ADCH PDCH CATE TACH2 TNAC MBR Hit Reset to Play Again CCF1), CCF1 – 8/27/20
Claire Powell and Teddy Edward (CCF-CH He’s Just Ted NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/10/20
Shari Hain and Penny (Penny Hain CCF1), CCF1 – 6/27/20
Patricia Budrow and Sterling (TDCH Reynard’s Folly Sterling CCF1), CCF1 – 6/16/20
Daniele Pichette CTDI and Squat (TDCH ChBRHs FDCh Squat Le Petiloo AADC AGDC EXJ-Br MSDC DDX MBAR MGTGs TRSi ED-J CCF1), CCF1 – 3/11/20
Daniele Pichette CTDI and Salty (TDCH ExBRH GChBAR SeaDog Salty Brine MGTG TRSi DD ED-j ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/9/20
Daniele Pichette CTDI and Spade (TDCH GChBAR ChBRH DDACh Inseguire Ace o’Spades AADC SGDC AMDD BMDF MGTG TRSi FDX CCF1), CCF1 – 3/8/20


Sonja Fromm and Kody (Kody ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/29/20
Karen Sheahan and Jeep (TDCH LadySlipper’s Star of Might OSD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/13/20
Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Kallie (TDGCH CCF-CH Clingmey’s Keeshond Garden’s Kallie CCF1), CCF1 – 9/12/19
Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Ray (TDGCH CCF-CH CH Blessed to Hope from Lavendermist Meadow ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/8/19
Mary C. Lynch CTDI and Reggie (TDGCH CCF-CH Suncoast’s Lt Reggie Barclay of LI CCF1), CCF1 – 8/31/19


Bethwyn Innes and Rusty (Rusty Innes NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/10/20


Sarah Krueger and Duncan (Ambermoon’s Roller Soaker CCF1), CCF1 – 10/21/20


Anne Bachewich CTDI and Ira (CCF-CH Huron’s Lyrics By Gershwin ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/21/20

Labrador Retriever

Kristin Wegel and Ember (TDCH Hammr Ridgeview Fire’s Ember ETD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 2/1/21
Yenni Yap and Nemo (Nemo NTD-M ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/23/21
Julie Boyd CTDI and Ajax (Ajax Boyd ITD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 1/7/21
Foster Pool and Roman (Roman Pool CCF1), CCF1 – 1/4/21
Dori Mulligan and Bear (Bear CCF1), CCF1 – 1/2/21
Donna Cook and Rhyli (Weskeag Reflections of The Past ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/31/20
Sara Gibbs and Cooper (Starlight Buckeye Cooper Gibbs CCF1), CCF1 – 12/17/20
Tessa Roberts and Georgi (Georgi CCF1), CCF1 – 12/2/20
Karen Tracy and Ella (Lady Ella of Windfall Woods CCF1), CCF1 – 12/2/20
Sharon Schweitzer and Frankie (Frankie CCF1), CCF1 – 11/20/20
Suzanne Stieglitz and Rosie (Rosie Snowball Stieglitz CCF1), CCF1 – 11/20/20
Phyllis & Paul Charbonneau and Maggie (Luckylabs Maggie Charbonneau CCF1), CCF1 – 11/17/20
Emily Wright and Mellow (Mellow CCF1), CCF1 – 11/17/20
Jessica Bock and Della (SFGD Runnin’ Down A Dream CCF1), CCF1 – 11/16/20
Kara Douglas and Chase (TDCH Chase of Miramonte ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/29/20
Helen Gray and Maverick (TDGCH CCF-CH Nicholforest Top Gun CCF1), CCF1 – 10/27/20
Helen Gray and Cadbury (TDGCH CCF-CH Swinsteads Blazing Boy CCF1), CCF1 – 10/27/20
Lauren Mackenzie CTDI and Winston (TDGCH Winston Warrior Wilkins CCF1), CCF1 – 10/3/20
Sully & Kelley Cammel and Marley Colt (Marley Colt Bandito CCF1), CCF1 – 9/26/20
Ellen Davis and Lilly (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH Lilly of Clay Farm CCF1), CCF1 – 9/12/20
Ellen Davis and Scout (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH Scout of Clay Farm CCF1), CCF1 – 9/12/20
LaShonna Gojkov and Moose (Moose CCF1), CCF1 – 8/18/20
Julie Boyd CTDI and Bentley (TDGCH CCF-CH Bentley Dyson ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/15/20
Rosanne Cabot and Norbert (Norbert Bejorn’ NTD), CCF1 – 7/22/20
Ella Lambert CTDI and Zoey (Born From the Stars ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/4/20
Margaret Throne and Prissy (Layney’s Dream On ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/21/20
Christa Tucker CTDI and Daisy (TDCH CCF-CH Daisy Mae Tucker II CCF1), CCF1 – 4/19/20
Lori Lang and Oscar (Admiral Oscar A. Lang CCF1), CCF1 – 1/10/20
Matt Roberts and Oakley (Oakley Roberts CCF1), CCF1 – 12/15/19
Libby Smith ATDI and Goose (Sterling Ridge Mongoose CCF1), CCF1 – 11/3/19
Libby Smith ATDI and Salsa (Sterling Ridge Spicey Salsalita CCF1), CCF1 – 11/3/19
Deby Hackney and Faith (Carousel Farms Answered Prayers CCF1), CCF1 – 10/26/19
Arunkumar Casuba and Mylo (Sealion’s Mylo CCF1), CCF1 – 10/19/19
Kristen Tarr and MacGyver (Rimfire & Mt. Hopes No Coincidence ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/7/19
Heather Schneider and Emma (TDCH Eromit’s Jane Austen CCF1), CCF1 – 9/2/19
Heather Schneider and Gabby (TDCH Eromit’sTalk of the Town CCF1), CCF1 – 9/2/19

Labrador Retriever (English)

Michael Gabriele and Mordecai (Mordecai CCF1), CCF1 – 3/25/21
Rachael Chandler-Head and Cooper (Cooper CCF1), CCF1 – 2/22/21

Lancashire Heeler

Ingrid Rademakers CTDI and Healey (Fay of the Seven Hills Country ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/27/20

Lhasa Apso

Sue Ridgley and Gigi (Mon Ami ‘n Joyslyn’s Wind Racer Gigi Villoresi ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/29/19
Sue Ridgley and Coco (TDCH Karlyn Ridgley’s Luigi Coco Chinetti CGC TKP CCF1), CCF1 – 9/29/19


Christina Opperman CTDI and Minion (TDCH Leebeardream One In A Minion TD-ROM ITD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 3/13/21
Alex Cowtan and Archie (TDGCH CCF-CH Up n Over Archie CCF1), CCF1 – 7/10/20

Miniature American Shepherd

Sharon L. Jonas ATDI and Dink (Wigglebutt Cozmic One ATD NSD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/4/21
Sharon L. Jonas ATDI and Iko (Wigglebutt The Spy Who Loved Me ITD NSD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/4/21
Angela P. Ogle and Zen (Wigglebutt Zenyatta ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/3/21
Angela P. Ogle and Han (Wigglebutt Han Solo ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/3/21
Angela P. Ogle and Tyrion (Wigglebutt Tyrion CCF1), CCF1 – 4/3/21
Angela P. Ogle and Dani (Wigglebutt Dracarys CCF1), CCF1 – 4/3/21
Annik-Tabea Lassak CTDI and Maynard (Silver Dream Mini’s Grimm’s Fairytales NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/19/21
Christine Crocker and Jane (TDCH CCF-CH FHF Calamity Jane ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/27/20
Sandie Nagel and Daya (CCF-CH Wigglebutt Makin’ My Day ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/19/20
Holly Rupprecht and BeeBee (CCF-CH Wigglebutt Sweeter Than Honey ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/18/20
Melinda Dayhuff and Carmen (Makanalong Red Sky at Night CCF1), CCF1 – 10/1/19
Melinda Dayhuff and Katie (Makana Twist N Shout CCF1), CCF1 – 10/1/19
Lynn Steward and DaCoda (DaCoda de Allegro con brio CCF1), CCF1 – 9/30/19
Elizabeth Frum CTDI and Queenie (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Wigglebutt Wand Chooses the Wizard CCF1), CCF1 – 8/15/19

Miniature Pinscher

Mark Gordon and Chip (Chip CCF1), CCF1 – 12/22/20

*Mixed Breed

Alida Titchenal and Ollie (Alida’s Sir Garrick Ollivander of Titchenal ATD OSD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/4/21
Maiya Ballesteros and Chloe (Chloe CCF1), CCF1 – 3/30/21
Adel Way ATDI and Mysti (Mystique ETD-M AtoZ CCF1), CCF1 – 3/28/21
Amanda Pietros and Celly (Celly ATD NTD-M AtoZ CCF1), CCF1 – 3/25/21
Vanessa Loveseth CTDI and Cora (TDGCH Cora ETD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 3/23/21
Vanessa Loveseth CTDI and Bella (TDGCH Bella ETD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 3/23/21
Lindsey Mitchell and Rosie (Rosie the Adventure Rescue CCF1), CCF1 – 3/20/21
Jodi Jarvis-Therrian CTDI and Olaf (Odin J’s Heavenly Sent Heart Olaf A. Snowman NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/19/21
Lori Good and Jessye (Folklore Jessye of the Valley CCF1), CCF1 – 3/16/21
Chelsea Du Jardin CTDI and Knox (TDGCH Good as Gold Knox AtoZ CCF1), CCF1 – 3/14/21
Kathryn Mindiak and Guinness (Guinness ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/10/21
Jean Mastin and Oscar (Oscar Mastin CCF1), CCF1 – 3/10/21
Megan Turner and Patch (Patch ATD AtoZ CCF1), CCF1 – 3/5/21
Ieva Pukite and Bruno (Bruno CCF1), CCF1 – 3/5/21
Charis Smith ATDI and Duke (TDCH Double Dog Duke ATD CCF1 AtoZ), CCF1 – 2/28/21
Sue Headley and Zeus (Zeus CCF1), CCF1 – 2/26/21
Victoria Walker and Sage (Sage-A-Saurus Wreck ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/25/21
Susan Foster and Piranha (Piranha Foster ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/20/21
Christen Cupler CTDI and Linc (Lincoln Oliver Doodle ATD NTD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 2/20/21
Connor Clay & Chellsea Petri and Millie (Millie Grace CCF1), CCF1 – 2/18/21
Melissa Mortimer and Dexter (Dexter ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/16/21
Lisa Pellerito and Oliver (Oliver E CCF1), CCF1 – 2/11/21
Charlotte Sinclair and Misty (Caribbean Black Pearl CCF1), CCF1 – 2/10/21
Tracy Brewer and Rio (CCF-CH Rio’s My Love On The Run ETD ATD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 2/10/21
Linda Betz and Reina (Mi Hermosa Reina Negra RI CGCA CGCU TKN FDC NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/9/21
Linda Betz and Tippy Toes (Tippy Toes RAE CGCA CGCU TKI FDC ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/9/21
Nicky Thomas and Dougal (TDCH Dougal ATD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 2/3/21
Shannon Langel CTDI and Rune (TDGCH SDGCH Princess Rune Myth of Langel Tails ETD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 1/30/21
Caroline Walker CTDI and Quinn (TDCH CCF-CH Harlequin Learn to Fly ETD ATD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 1/27/21
Teagan Birt CTDI and Friz (Friz Go Get the Bee ATD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 1/25/21
Alina Geishofer CTDI and Mali (Mali Kookie von Amon Sul NTD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 1/23/21
Natalie Kaye CTDI and Dottie (Dottie ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/21/21
Mike & Ann Sowd and Sam (Sambucca CCF1), CCF1 – 1/21/21
Emma Smith and Harvey (Harvey CCF1), CCF1 – 1/20/21
Ashlee Kroeper and Jake Sully (Jake Sully of Pandora ATD NTD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 1/20/21
Jason Lee & Jane Kim and Ellie (Ellie NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/18/21
Karen Kathka CTDI and Trevor (TDGCH SDCH Trevor’s Nightime Miracle CCF1), CCF1 – 1/17/21
Jenine Wech ATDI and Fleury (Fleury ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/15/21
Jodi Hutcheson and Angel Hope (Dublin’s Angel Hope CCF1), CCF1 – 1/11/21
Sofia & Grahame Roytblat and Freya (Freya Roytblat ITD NTD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 1/11/21
Donna Berkowitz and Pearl (TDGCH CCF-CH Pearl ETD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 1/10/21
Julie Fairless and Ruby (Ruby Sue Fairless CCF1), CCF1 – 1/4/21
Stephen F. Pierannunzi and Brady (Brady CCF1), CCF1 – 1/2/21
John & Cindy Godby and Yuuki (Hurricane Yuuki Godby CCF1), CCF1 – 1/2/21
Martha B. Carlton and Lance (Sir Lancelot of Carlton CCF1), CCF1 – 1/2/21
Nicki Klevering CTDI and Leo (Leo CCF1), CCF1 – 1/1/21
Teresa Davis and Simba (Simba CCF1), CCF1 – 12/29/20
Olivia Dunbar ATDI and Georgia (Georgia Dunbar NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/28/20
Carrie Kumpf and Carmella (Carmella Kumpf CCF1), CCF1 – 12/27/20
Angie Lang and Bentley (Bentley CCF1), CCF1 – 12/27/20
Olivia Dunbar ATDI and Bruno (Bruno Dunbar CCF1), CCF1 – 12/23/20
George & Jamie Macris and Milo (Mr. Milo Bravery Macris CCF1), CCF1 – 12/17/20
Angie Palomba and Zeke (King of Croydon CCF1), CCF1 – 12/17/20
Loren Goodbun and Penny (Penny CCF1), CCF1 – 12/11/20
Laura Anne Rori Gray and Buddy (Buddy CCF1), CCF1 – 12/7/20
Laura Anne Rori Gray and Chase (Chase CCF1), CCF1 – 12/7/20
Anna Elfström ATDI and Theo (CCF-CH Theo ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/4/20
Teresa Spino and Lizzy (Lizzy Jane McGuire CCF1), CCF1 – 12/2/20
Shelley Rhodes and Bailee (Bailee CCF1), CCF1 – 12/2/20
Jo Beighley and Bently (TDCH CCF-CH Bently Sanchez ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/1/20
Donna & JIm Knapil and Nyah (Nyah CCF1), CCF1 – 11/28/20
Lea Lainay Deriot and Enzo (Enzo Lainay Deriot CCF1), CCF1 – 11/24/20
Suzanne Morgan and Gus (Captain Ferguson Maximillion CCF1), CCF1 – 11/20/20
Amy Lutsch and Riggs (Riggs CCF1), CCF1 – 11/18/20
Benny Carnevale and Dexter (Dexter CCF1), CCF1 – 11/18/20
Kathy Sulja and Jazmine Skye (Jazmine Skye CCF1), CCF1 – 11/18/20
Alina Geishofer CTDI and Haku (Haku Kookie von Amon Sul ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/17/20
Caroline Walker CTDI and Harley (TDGCH CCF-CH Harlequin Whatever it Takes CCF1), CCF1 – 11/15/20
Kelly Knowles CTDI and Roy (CCF-CH Roy Knowles ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/14/20
Karen Clarke and Timmy Tam (Timmy Tam ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/10/20
Loral Franklin and Rab (Rab CCF1), CCF1 – 11/10/20
Sandra Hardman and Nikki (CCF-CH Hardman’s Nikki Fargo ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/2/20
Donna Graves and Piper (Graves’ Fun Little Flyer Piper CCF1), CCF1 – 10/29/20
Georgia Kerr ATDI and Edison (Edison ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/26/20
Fallon Gunn and Tricky (Tricky ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/25/20
Natasha Cameron CTDI and Bella (TDCH Bella CCF1), CCF1 – 10/23/20
Natasha Cameron CTDI and Tobias Roger (TDCH Tobias Roger CCF1), CCF1 – 10/23/20
Gloria Winkler and Chicco (Chicco ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/20/20
Shea Heinsen and Poppy (Poppy CCF1), CCF1 – 10/20/20
Linda A. Irwin and Buttons (Heavenly Sent Luv That Binds CCF1), CCF1 – 10/19/20
BriAnna Jones and Tsuki (Tsuki CCF1), CCF1 – 10/13/20
Debra Honda and P.D. (Poi Dog “P.D.” CCF1), CCF1 – 10/12/20
AnnaMarie Macchione and Lily (Lily Macchione NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/4/20
Linda Lemmens and Mazie (aMazi-ng Scentsation ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/27/20
Diana Underhill and Gemma (TDGCH Gemma in the Sky with Diamonds SDPro CCF1), CCF1 – 9/27/20
Courtney Mang and Lucy (Lucy Mang ATD NSD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/26/20
Kendra Lutz and Silver (OutRun’s High Merit ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/16/20
Lauren N. LeDoux and Ravi (Rolliepollieravioli ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/13/20
Kendra Lutz and Vimy (MissJiff’s Battle Ground ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/12/20
Marla Matera and Leo (TDCH CCF-CH Leo Matera CGCA TKP CW-SRA CW-ZR1A CW-OAL1 WCRL-RL1 ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/8/20
Perri Evans and Koda (Koda the Martial Artist ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/8/20
Samantha Cunningham and Toby (TDCH CCF-CH Toby Falcor the Luck Dragon RATI RATN TKI NDAI TBAD TG1 CCF1), CCF1 – 9/6/20
Flip Collins CTDI and Alfie (TDGCH CCF-CH Alfie CCF1), CCF1 – 9/5/20
Flip Collins CTDI and Jack (TDCH Jack CCF1), CCF1 – 9/5/20
Brenda Heil and Blue Rue (Blue Rue Heil CCF1), CCF1 – 9/5/20
Sandra Stojsic and Kira (Kira ATD OSD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/29/20
Roxana Romero and Lucy (CCF-CH Lucy Romero CCF1), CCF1 – 8/29/20
Margaret Hendershot and Malachi (TDCH CATCH Hendershot’s Message From My Past MAD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/27/20
Margaret Hendershot and Natasha (TDGCH Louie’s Make Way for a Villain CCF1), CCF1 – 8/27/20
Mary Ann Seman and Tuxedo (CCF-CH Tuxedo ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/27/20
Laurie King CTDI and Putter (TDCH Putter THDA CGCA CGCU TKP NSD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/25/20
Samantha Cunningham and Mia (TDCH CCF-CH RL1X RL2X How Can I Resist Momma Mia CGC TKP RE CCF1), CCF1 – 8/25/20
Samantha Cunningham and Thunder (TDCH CCF-CH RL1X Thunder from Down Under CGC RN PD SPS TKP CL2-R CL2-F CL2-H TSAD TG3 APJ APK NDAP NJP CCF1), CCF1 – 8/25/20
Judi Lacey and Ruby (TDCH CCF-CH Ruby Star of Larks Field CCF1), CCF1 – 8/22/20
Hannah Pratt and Jackson (TDCH CCF-CH Jackson’s Earth Song ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/20/20
Nicki Klevering CTDI and Trix (TDCH SDCH CCF-CH Trix CCF1), CCF1 – 8/19/20
Marie-Josee Blondin and Bailey (TDCH CCF-CH Bailey ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/16/20
Caitlin Smith and Lizzie (Lizzie Smith ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/15/20
Finnian Mckeown and Porter (TDCH Howdy Huckleberry Cowboy CCF1), CCF1 – 8/13/20
Bettina Szajbert and Artur (TDCH Artur ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/12/20
Hélène Desbiens and Cliff (CCF-CH Cliff ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/9/20
Cassandra Bell and Phoebe (Phoebe Amity Bell NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/8/20
Cassandra Bell and Cami (Camilla Amenity Bell NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/8/20
Sophie Penson CTDI and Hope (CCF-CH CHAS Hope, Freedom and Courage ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/7/20
Katherine Doster and Skye (Skylos Kokkinos ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/6/20
Shirley Russel and Gadzooks (Klipsan Lillehammer ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/30/20
Kim Dykstra CTDI and Snookie (Snookie Dykstra ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/29/20
Kim Dykstra CTDI and Milo (Dykstra’s Milo of Lebeau ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/29/20
Rebecca Moser and Toby (Toby the Destroyer CCF1), CCF1 – 7/27/20
Cheryl E. Christy and Sadie (Christy’s My Fair Sadie CCF1), CCF1 – 7/22/20
Leslie Morris CTDI and Perse (TDGCH CCF-CH Perephone of Sheldon CCF1), CCF1 – 7/20/20
Paula Smith and Eli (Eli Smith ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/19/20
Sarah Burkett and Annie (TDCH Annie CCF1), CCF1 – 7/13/20
Kim Dykstra CTDI and Serena (Dykstra’s Little Serena ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/13/20
Kelly Dean CTDI and Dani (Danica Joy ETD NSD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/12/20
Laura Weeks and Reynolds (Reynolds ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/11/20
Lina Hutchings and Aspen (Aspen Paige Hutchings CCF1), CCF1 – 7/6/20
Kerry Ann & David Harrison and Nelly (Nelly NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/4/20
Jenny Lapke and Sadie (Sadie ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/2/20
Jenny Lapke and Maddie (Maddie CCF1), CCF1 – 7/2/20
Jenny Lapke and Bella (Bella CCF1), CCF1 – 7/2/20
Natalee Yates and Toffee (Sweet as Colorado Toffee ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/1/20
Judy Miller and Oscar (Oscar ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/30/20
Irene Ng and Sierra (TDCH CCF-CH Sierra of Acacia ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/30/20
Sandy Baird and Birdie (CCF-CH Birdie Family Ties ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/30/20
Debbie Le Blanc and Stella Bella (Stella Bella CCF1), CCF1 – 6/28/20
Debbie Le Blanc and Roxy (Roxy NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/28/20
Debbie Le Blanc and Molly (Molly NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/28/20
Mckinley Dick CTDI and Simon (Simon’s Second Chance ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/27/20
Megan DiPrete ATDI and Peanut (Peanut of Bandit of Warwick ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/20/20
Megan DiPrete ATDI and Bandit (Bandit of Warwick ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/13/20
Patricia Barge and Gertrude (Gertrude Marie ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/10/20
Cassi Anderson and Dylan Alexander (CCF-CH Dylan Alexander ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/9/20
Shayna Walker and Roxy (Roxy CGC ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/25/20
Caitlin Smith and JoJo (JoJo ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/16/20
Myra Anne-Marie Arsenault and Pipin (Pipin Aliya Arsenault NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/16/20
Emily Mathews ATDI and Ryder (TDCH CCF-CH Ryder ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/8/20
Arianne Arseneault and Polka (TDCH Polka CCF1), CCF1 – 5/2/20
Cindi Wanta and Lola (Lola CCF1), CCF1 – 4/13/20
Cindi Wanta and Rosie (Rosie CCF1), CCF1 – 4/13/20
Melanie Gantt CTDI and Jackson (Action Jackson Brown NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/13/20
Melanie Gantt CTDI and Radar (Radar Brown Rescued ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/13/20
Sophie Penson CTDI and Ducky (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH GCHAS ICNCH AZTDCh Penson’s Agile Archduck CCF1), CCF1 – 4/9/20
Diane & Jeff Ward and Daisy (Daisy Ward CCF1), CCF1 – 4/9/20
Christy Stevich and Devika (Devika Star Stevich CCF1), CCF1 – 4/8/20
Katie Bednarz and Atlas (Impulsive At Last ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/31/20
Millie McDowell and Winnie (Winnie CCF1), CCF1 – 3/26/20
Brittney Regan and Kandy (CCF-CH Kandy ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/15/20
Sarah Van Renselaar CTDI and Zero (TDGCH CCF-CH Weskeys Zero to Sixty ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/10/20
Terrie Tripp and Skippy (Skippy Ray Tripp CCF1), CCF1 – 3/3/20
Jamie Grimes and Mica (Mica CCF1), CCF1 – 2/28/20
Katie Bednarz and Logan (Logan MMXVIII ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/27/20
Linda A. Irwin and Rags (Patchwork Strings Around My Heart NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/17/20
Emily Lyons and Piper (Piper ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/1/20
Doug Respecki and Kassie (TDCH CCF-CH Kassandra Respecki ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/25/20
Judy Katz and EL (Ellsworth Bunker CCF1), CCF1 – 1/20/20
Haley Lichtenfels and Mia (Mia Rose Lichtenfels CCF1), CCF1 – 1/20/20
Jennifer Bramble and Captain Morgan (TDGCH CCF-CH Captain Morgan Spiced Gold ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/11/20
Stephanie Wallace and Nash (Nash CCF1), CCF1 – 1/11/20
Lisa Ferris and Zeus (Zeus CCF1), CCF1 – 1/9/20
Sally Mascolino and Gina (Gina Marie Mascolino CCF1), CCF1 – 1/8/20
Heidi Pritchett and Betsy (Betsy CCF1), CCF1 – 1/2/20
Cheryl Reesman and Lucy (Reesman’s Lucy CCF1), CCF1 – 12/11/19
Lori May and Henry (Henry Wentworth May CCF1), CCF1 – 12/11/19
Kim McBee and Rory (Rory McBee CCF1), CCF1 – 12/11/19
Janet Whipker and Jazzy (Jazzy CCF1), CCF1 – 12/3/19
Jennifer Provo and Roxie (Roxie CCF1), CCF1 – 11/22/19
Janella Mazzocca and Flynn (Flynn Ryder CCF1), CCF1 – 11/22/19
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Onyx (Rising Midnight Star ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/20/19
Terje Goldston CTDI and Anzhel (Anzhel Goldston ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/19/19
Terje Goldston CTDI and Tovjah (Tovjah Goldston ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/19/19
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Xephyr (Wild Wind Xpress ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/19/19
Lorrie Reynolds CTDI and Pixie (TDGCH SDCH Flying Pixie Dust CCF1), CCF1 – 11/19/19
Lynn Taylor and Doogie (), CCF1 – 11/18/19
Phyllis Varrati and Sadie (), CCF1 – 11/3/19
Megan Rotunno and Abby (Abby CCF1), CCF1 – 11/3/19
Kim Ogden and Zeus (Zeus CCF1), CCF1 – 11/3/19
Patrick Koh ATDI and Obed (TDCH Obed Blessing CCF1), CCF1 – 11/2/19
Melanie Gantt CTDI and PIper (Piper Brown CCF1), CCF1 – 10/22/19
Samantha Cunha and Cannoli (TDCH Cannoli CCF1), CCF1 – 10/11/19
Stacey Evans and Harley (Harley Grace CCF1), CCF1 – 10/7/19
Barbara King and Toblerone (TDCH Toblerone CCF1), CCF1 – 10/4/19
Julie Andrews and Toby (Tobias Andrews ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/2/19
Stacey Gong and Coco (CooCoo for Coco Puffs ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/1/19
Dr. Shane McConnell and Luna (RSQ Luna’s Goth the Jets CCF1), CCF1 – 9/30/19
Ariel N. Baber CTDI and Halligan (TDCH Zero to Hero BN RN CGCA CGCU SDPro CCF1), CCF1 – 9/27/19
Jennifer Lueck CTDI and Branson (TDCH Branson O’Brien CCF1), CCF1 – 9/22/19
Kathleen Powelski and Jojo (Jojo Powelski ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/21/19
Morgan Cain and Plymouth (TDCH The Pride is Back CCF1), CCF1 – 9/17/19
Sandy Baird and Spree (TDCH CCF-CH Meant to Be ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/11/19
Hahnbee Choi and Stormy (), CCF1 – 9/3/19


Damian Burke and Suze (Bluemoon’s Crepe Suzette CD BN RM FDC NAP OJP SCA SIA SEN RATM CZ8S OSD CGCA CGCU TKP WD DD4 TDD / Can. CD DD RN CGN ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/15/20
Mary Burke and Zoe (Bluemoon’s Living the Life of Zoe ETD OSD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/15/20
Perri Graf and Sophie (GCH Old Bays Voyage to Nitestar BN CGCA WD DD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/21/20
Perri Graf and Titan (GCH Goldcups Best Kept Secret @ Nitestar CCF1), CCF1 – 6/3/20

Norsk Lundehund

Alina Geishofer CTDI and Jolner (CIB A-PL-Ch A-SLO-JCh EW Lundeklippe Jolner ITD NTD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 3/12/21
Alina Geishofer CTDI and Crysella (CIB A-PL-Ch A-SLO-JCh EW Crysella Lunde von Amon Sul ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/12/20

Norwegian Elkhound

Elisha Byron and Maya (Maya ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/2/21

Norwich Terrier

Karin Schneeberges and Bixley (Bixley CCF1), CCF1 – 12/2/20
Joe Nutkins CTDI and Ripley (TDCH Norowic Lady Of Lorien CCF1), CCF1 – 6/11/20
Joe Nutkins CTDI and Merlin (TDCH Tebrun Favour CCF1), CCF1 – 6/11/20

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Carolanne Street and Ruby (Ruby CCF1), CCF1 – 1/21/21
Lia Raitt and Henrik (Ch FoxRun Javahill Swedish Golf Boss ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/21/20
Kathy Gogas and Khaleesi (Manitou’s Mother of Dragons CCF1), CCF1 – 11/21/20
Tiffany J. Liverpool and Ember (Redshadow’s Rising Phoenix CCF1), CCF1 – 9/16/20
Rochelle Kurth and Coach (TDCH CCF-CH Tipping Rock Centerfield at Hawks Nest ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/1/20
Michele Levitt CTDI and Sirius (CCF-CH Honeyrun’s Mischief Managed CCF1), CCF1 – 7/1/20
Barrie Lynn Wood CTDI and Bam Bam (Foxbrooke Bam Bam Little River Dog of Benchmark CGC ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/19/20
Rochelle Kurth and Noble (TDGCH Hawks Nest Divine Providence ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/3/20
Lisa Porter CTDI and Zeppelin (TDCH Tollwest’s Whole Lotta Love ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/26/20
Lynn Berker CTDI and Rhythm (AKC CH KD’s Whitecross Fast Dancing Waters CD RN MX AXJ CGCA TKP ETD PSD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/15/19


Brenda Hannan and Lucy (Rockalily’s I Love Lucy ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/16/21
Jenny and Ray (Southcreek’s Just In Case NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/29/20
Laurie McClintock and Kato (Kato CCF1), CCF1 – 11/7/20
Jessica Budd-Whitbread CTDI and Jasper (TDCH CCF-CH Rockalily’s Diamond in the Ruff CCF1), CCF1 – 7/21/20
Bobbie Kurivial CTDI and Arden (TDCH SDCH Braylor’s Arcadian Forest of Eve CCF1), CCF1 – 7/5/20
Ainsley Stapleton and Ollie (Diamond Sun’s Rockem’ Sockem’ Ollie CCF1), CCF1 – 4/11/20
Marie Staffeldt and Charlotte (Charlotte ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/4/20
Marie Staffeldt and George (Staffeldt’s Gorgeous Georgius ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/4/20
Diana Squicciarini CTDI and Glinda (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH Medlee’s Ruby Slippers CGC CCF1), CCF1 – 9/29/19

Parson Russell Terrier

Edith Gravel and Zomby (TDCH Zomby CCF1), CCF1 – 3/22/20

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Lauren Kuperstein and Scout (Scout, Tag Hunter ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/20/20
Kelsey Oswald-Bauer and Pavlov (Pavlov CCF1), CCF1 – 11/17/20
Lauren Kuperstein and Willow (Outlands Willow Wisp ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/7/20
Carol Sescourka and Izzy (Addis Brynlea Izzybits o Honey CCF1), CCF1 – 7/29/20
Alyssa Ramos CTDI and Maslow (Outlands Theory of Human Motivation NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/11/19

Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

Megan Esherick CTDI and Ginny Weasley (Clancy’s Mischief Managed ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/17/21
Megan Esherick CTDI and Spice (Clancy’s Pumpkin Spice Ale TD BN RN PCSH CGCA ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/27/20
Megan Esherick CTDI and Alice (Clancy’s Down the Rabbit Hole SIN RATI ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/26/20
Megan Esherick CTDI and Gromit (Clancy’s Curse of the Were-Rabbit VCD1 BN RE AX AXJ NF PCJH CGCA ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/26/20

Plott Hound

Courtney Hostetler and Rey (Rey Potato CCF1), CCF1 – 11/28/20


Cynthia McDonall and Morgan (Ch Hipoint Unconditional AI ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/26/20
Heather Coiner CTDI and Mason (TDGCH CCF-CH Mason Dog CCF1), CCF1 – 8/3/20


Janice E. Garlitz and Truffles (Accolade’s Way To Go Truffles CCF1), CCF1 – 11/14/20
Brenda Hill and Chi (Chi CCF1), CCF1 – 10/20/20
Jennifer Canon ATDI and Sakari (Sakari Canon NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/28/20
April Cuthbertson and Zsa Zsa (Regina Zsa Zsa CCF1), CCF1 – 9/3/20
Debbie Le Blanc and Moose (Moose NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/28/20
Rose Richardson and Finnick (Finnick the Dog CCF1), CCF1 – 10/23/19

Poodle (Miniature)

Heike Bettell and Lady (Pudlian Lady ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/10/20
Margaret Veres and PIA (TDCH PIA of Ocala CCF1), CCF1 – 9/10/20
Melinda Invergo and Tate (Morning Glory’s Fearless Pursuit CCF1), CCF1 – 7/20/20

Poodle (Standard)

John & Cindy Godby and Gandy (Gandy Rose Godby CCF1), CCF1 – 1/2/21
Shania Coward and Cleo (Cleopatra (Whimsical Cleopatra) CCF1), CCF1 – 12/17/20
Marsha Snider and Breeze (Braemar’s Ocean Breeze of Targa CCF1), CCF1 – 12/5/20
Kali Kerstetter and Odin (Odin Purnell CCF1), CCF1 – 12/5/20
Jill Dominguez and Nemo (Finding My Heart with GL NTD NSD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/16/20
Lia Messner and Jib (Bobcat Running for Glory AX JX N F ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/29/20
Riley Story and Ila (TDCH Ila Jane Story ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/28/20
Riley Story and Klay (Klay Walker Story ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/15/20
Lauren Trummer and Finn (Smiddy’s Dexter CCF1), CCF1 – 10/23/19
Kim Flatley and Oscar (Oscarmania CCF1), CCF1 – 10/23/19
Gail M. Laidoner and Dante (The North Star Commandant CGC CCF1), CCF1 – 10/19/19
Devin Garvey and Lily (Devin’s Purple Lily NTD), CCF1 – 10/5/19

Poodle (Toy)

Elisheva Kleerekoper CTDI and Aussie (CCF-CH C’mon Aussie C’mon Canne De Bella NTD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 1/11/21
Sandy Woodruff and Lila Jane (TDGCH CCF-CH CH Sandjo’s Custom’s Here For The Party DPUK-BEFL1 INM ICN1 INU IGT TKN CGC CGCA NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/31/20
Chiyoko Tamada and Lily (Tamada’s Lily CCF1), CCF1 – 10/1/19

Portuguese Water Dog

Kent & Tam Ramsey and Gibson (Gibson Power Ramsey CCF1), CCF1 – 3/10/21
Shari Cooper and Stella (Aquadea Primeira Estrela ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/7/21
Karen Massner CTDI and Aaroo (TDCH CCF-CH CH. Baywood Double Dare 2B Difrent RI CGCA THD ADC PD TKP WWDX CCF1), CCF1 – 1/27/21
Karen Massner CTDI and Kanga (TDGCH CCF-CH GCH Baywood Gota Dare ToBe Difrent RN AGN AGNJ JT ADC TKP AWD ETD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 1/22/21
Audrey Hawthorne and Capri (Can CH Armada’s Making Waves at Baywood TKP ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/8/21
Audrey Hawthorne and Raia (TDCH CH Armada’s Lets Parti IP XP JT RI AGX AGXJ WD American CGC RN NA NF CGC TKI ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/8/21
Stella Fairhall and Skipper (Tanaki’s Blackwood Lane CCF1), CCF1 – 12/9/20
Linda Propp and Clipper (Baywood Watch Me Fly RE ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/11/20
Linda Propp and Avro (GCh Baywood A Legend in Flight RN RI ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/26/20
Tammy Hibberson and Quinta (MACH Eauchien’s Quinta CDX RE ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/1/20
Alleah Baron and Janeiro (CH Marshview Ringed In Gold ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/20/20
Lynda Ziegenhagel and Maze (TDCH CCF-CH Marinella’s Maybe I’m Amazed CCF1), CCF1 – 9/10/19


Dyanne Williams and Mango (Mango CCF1), CCF1 – 3/11/21
Susannah Chalmers and Marsha (CCF-CH Miss Marshamallow ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/6/21
Justine Girard and Olive (TDGCH CCF-CH Drageltik to the Moon & Back ETD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 1/28/21


Melita Rogers CTDI and T zi (TDCH Kelprin T zvihar ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/18/19


Samantha Goble and Whiskey (Whiskey ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/28/21
Lindsay McCaughey and Layla (Layla NTD AtoZ CCF1), CCF1 – 3/25/21
Tanya Walls CTDI and Mierda (Mierda Walls ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/14/21
Sandra Stojsic and Odin (Ajax of Letis Black Diamonds ATD NSD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/29/20
Heidi Baltzly and Panzer (CCF-CH INT/UKC CH URO1 Wildhaven’s Seven Second Panzer Two TKN CGC TKI RN BN RI ATT TKA TT RATI SPOT ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/22/20
Caren Vicich and Ryker (Gch Esmond’s How Sweet It Is CGCU BN RA TKN CCF1), CCF1 – 6/26/20
Joyce Argus and Truman (CCF-CH Truman Argus CCF1), CCF1 – 11/3/19
Dawn Sybrant and Ryder (Ch Raden’s IronClad Alibi RE CGC CCF1), CCF1 – 9/16/19

Russell Terrier

Angela Juenger and Cody (Symphony’s Mighty Music Man CCF1), CCF1 – 11/7/20
Elizabeth C. Berthold CTDI and Rugby (Foxfield Rugby Jack Be Quick ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/10/20
Elizabeth C. Berthold CTDI and Cricket (TDGCH Cricket Jack of Hearts CGC TKE CCF1), CCF1 – 2/25/20
Kelli Whitfield CTDI and Cooper (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH TC-CH Finnabair Anu Maximum Force CCF1), CCF1 – 8/13/19

Saint Bernard

Laurie Keith and Bill (TDGCH SDCH CCF-CH TC-CH Kudos Fits the Bill Regalbear CCF1), CCF1 – 10/25/20
Kimberly Goodwin and Daryl (CCF-CH Daryl NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/6/20


Brandie Hudecek ATDI and Storm (Aspen’s Seawind Perfect Storm NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/27/21
Brandie Hudecek ATDI and Scarlett Rose (Impala Scarlett Rose of Sea Wind CGC ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/24/19
Brandie Hudecek ATDI and Moses (Seawind’s Parting Red Sea CCGA TKA JC RATI ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/24/19


Monica Hemenway and Harpo (Ch Polar Star N Polar Mist Animal Crackers CA CGC TKP BCAT ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/25/20
Lisa Marino CTDI and Biscotti (TDCH Mystical’s Dolci Biscotti Bacio di Cioccolati ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/13/19
Lisa Marino CTDI and Zamboni (Windsong’s Ice Princess Zamboni ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/13/19
Lisa Marino CTDI and Spumoni (TDCH Mystical’s Favorite Flavor Spumoni CCF1), CCF1 – 10/3/19
Lisa Marino CTDI and Sorbetto (TDCH GCH CH Alpine Glo’s Signature Delight ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/3/19


Cheryl Pullen and Rascal (GCHS CH Aned’s Blaise CGCA CCF1), CCF1 – 7/6/20
Melanie Kenny and Theo (TDCH Volnera Smooth Operator CCF1), CCF1 – 8/23/19

Schnauzer (Miniature)

Jessica Tripp and Annabelle (CH Regencyxcl’s Miss Annabelle ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/23/20
Jessica Barnard and Harley (Arydan Harley Davidson ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/26/20
Katie Yarnall and Roo (Roo Yarnall CCF1), CCF1 – 9/26/20
Rhea Hass and Ella (TDCH CCF-CH Hass’ Cinderella TKP CCF1), CCF1 – 7/23/20
Stephanie Ferron and Neska (Deloka’s Neska ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/12/20
Agatha Miconi and Luna (Sarius Luna’s Moonlight Serenade CCF1), CCF1 – 1/20/20

Schnauzer (Standard)

Brenda Cirricione and Bekka (Von Roth’s Outrageous Fortune BN RE FDC BCAT ACT1 THDN CGCA CGCU TKP ATT VHMA ATD AtoZ CCF1), CCF1 – 3/28/21
Brenda Cirricione and Xander (Sondergeist Urban Legend Von Roth RI FDC BCAT CGCA CGCU TKP ATT VHMA ATD AtoZ CCF1), CCF1 – 3/28/21
Marie Braswell and Gideon (Gideon CCF1), CCF1 – 1/4/21
Jane Pilkey and Willow (TDCH Silcort Willow ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/7/20
Jane Pilkey and Polo (TDCH Silcort Polo ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/5/20

Scottish Terrier

Alin Friedt and Finn (VDK Finn Friedt NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/5/21

Shetland Sheepdog

Marlene Mosher and Jasper (TDCH CCF-CH Jasper NSD ETD-M AtoZ CCF1), CCF1 – 3/21/21
Karine Boudreault and Marcus (Selegance Petit Marcus ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/28/21
Linda Laflamme and Daisy (Daisy CCF1), CCF1 – 1/18/21
Stephanie Boudreault and Alice (TDGCH CCF-CH Selegance Sweet Alice CCF1), CCF1 – 12/19/20
Karen Gardner and Rayna (Gardner’s Tiny Whisper NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/29/20
Renate Ploder and Pongo (TDCH Zabadak of Cherryglen ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/4/20
Isabel Elisha Phua and Cyane (Crescentstar’s Blue Moon CCF1), CCF1 – 9/26/20
Lilian Mettan-Ure and Quinn (TDCH CCF-CH Valdosta Dare to Dream of Savendie CCF1), CCF1 – 8/12/20
Susan McAdam and Luka (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Miqelon Luka CCF1), CCF1 – 7/7/20
Barb Wright CTDI and Parker (TDCH CH Conspirito’s Park Avenue CCF1), CCF1 – 7/1/20
Natalee Yates and Ruthee (Hopes Carry Me Back ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/1/20
Diane Smith and Kira (Bravo Inspiration ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/26/20
Debbie Harper and Miley (Enthralling’s Hannah Montana CCF1), CCF1 – 5/27/20
Amanda Wrobel and Luci (Cathance Luzia NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/17/20
Amanda Wrobel and Bella (Cathance Captation ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/8/20
Susan Blais and Emma (TDCH SDGCH CCF-CH Blue Heavens Secret Love ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/1/20
Renee Cullen and Estes (Shirehill Grand View BN RN THDX CGCA CGCU CCF1), CCF1 – 1/25/20
Diane Serra and Breccan (Breccan CCF1), CCF1 – 11/18/19
Janet M. Moore and Toby (CCF-CH Janremlo Krystal Tobias ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/5/19
Lynda Kuzbel and Brooklyn (Armitage Wishes Do Come True CCF1), CCF1 – 9/29/19
Lynda Kuzbel and Declan (Casia Full of Goodness CCF1), CCF1 – 9/29/19
Monique & Michelle Arpin and Kieran (Dalgarnoch Defining Moment CCF1), CCF1 – 8/24/19

Shih Tzu

Stephanie Noonan CTDI and Skye (CCF-CH Skye CRN ADC ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/15/20
Alvin Jay Legaspi and Princess (Princess NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/9/20

Shiloh Shepherd

Taylor Mariani CTDI and Bane (JnL’s Bane of Glory ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/30/21

Siberian Husky

Ana Claudia Jørgensen and Lua (Mesmocan Clair de Lune CCF1), CCF1 – 4/2/21
Kristina Schöller CTDI and Yuri (Yuri Anana Amarok ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/20/21
Kristina Schöller CTDI and Hope (High Hopes Bila Hatanga ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/20/21
Raechel Winters and Ixidor (Ixidor CCF1), CCF1 – 10/8/20
Kristina Schöller CTDI and Penny (CCF-CH Antirias Pennywise Anana Amarok ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/7/20
Mette Smith and Blaize (BlueRose’s Blaizing A New Path CCF1), CCF1 – 10/6/20
Carmen Bonmassar and Leila (Leila ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/4/20
Nina Egger and Nanook (Shadeguard’s Dressed for Success ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/4/20
Melanie Maurer and Kira (Shadeguard’s Crazy for You ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/4/20
Malene S. Hansen CTDI and Iza (TDGCH CCF-CH Mesmocan Lightning Ridge CCF1), CCF1 – 9/15/20
Kim Mayes CTDI and Spirit (TDCH Nalibey’s Spirit of the Seppala Dog CCF1), CCF1 – 9/11/20
Kristina Schöller CTDI and Duszka (Zandelle Anana Amarok ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/29/20
Julie Larouche and Arctique (CCF-CH Desloupiots Hiver Arctique ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/17/20
Julie Larouche and Boreal (CCF-CH Desloupiots Hiver Boreal ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/17/20
Julie Larouche and Blizzard (CCF-CH Desloupiots Blizzard D’Hiver ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/17/20
Shelly Korobanik and Suka (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH Nanook’s Enchanted Dream CCF1), CCF1 – 7/28/20
Shelly Korobanik and Sila (TDGCH SDGCH CCF-CH Nanook’s Northern Sila CCF1), CCF1 – 7/28/20
Sharon and Winter (Winter ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/30/20
Kristina Schöller CTDI and Cristal (Cristal Sleed Dogs NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/28/20
Mary Ann Heiss and Nash (Snowborn’s Good Times and Pick Up Lines CCF1), CCF1 – 6/22/20
Anna Marmann and Lumi (Lumi Adventure Tribe CA BCAT RATN CGC TKI CCF1), CCF1 – 4/8/20
Mary Ann Heiss and Stormi (Snowborn’s Missouri Squall Line CCF1), CCF1 – 3/23/20
Sandra Hudspeth and Shiva (CCF-CH Echoing Wind Kodiak Stand By Me ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/13/20

Silky Terrier

Meredith Reeve and Scamper (TDCH Carmorosa Watch Me Scamper ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 4/23/20
Meredith Reeve and Dora (TDGCH CCF-CH Carmorosa’s Dora the Explorer CCF1), CCF1 – 4/21/20

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Isabelle Bouchard and Stetson (Erinisle’s Whiskey in the Jar ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/18/20
Connie Koehler and Casey (Connemar Bonney Spring Training CCF1), CCF1 – 10/19/19


Jessica Angel and Finn (TDGCH Star Rein ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/17/20

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Rikki Kaufman and Roulette (Classy Staffy’s Lockheed Starfire CCF1), CCF1 – 7/31/20
Lisa Parsons CTDI and Triana (Varekai’s Besarla Mientras Vuela ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/20/20

Swedish Vallhund

Hope Caldwell and Slick (Treasure Island Slick Willy ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/27/18

Tamaskan Dog

Donna Barnfield and Misha (Misha NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/21/21

Tasmanian Smithfield

Natalie Kirkwood and Sage (TDCH CCF-CH Orabanda Sage ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/24/21

Texas Heeler

Patty DiGiacobbe and Apollo (Apollo NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/14/20
Brenda LaBrot and Razzi (Razzi ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/3/20

Thai Ridgeback

Alina Geishofer CTDI and Kali (JCH Benjakalyani Thai von Amon Sul ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/8/20

Tibetan Spaniel

Heather Fuller and Zephyr (Improv Storming The Castle NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/2/20

Toy Fox Terrier

Amber Welch and Fennek (Fennek ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/8/20


Crystal Steers and Finn (Finnley ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/22/21
Erica & Garrison Matte and Wrigley (Wrigley CCF1), CCF1 – 11/17/20
Jessica Bimmermann and Bullitt (CCF-CH Bullitt Bimmermann CCF1), CCF1 – 7/11/20
Kathryn G. Pullen and Ryder (Ch. Triad’s Mythic Along for the Ride CGC CCF1), CCF1 – 7/6/20
Linda Kush and Roxie (TDCH RoxieAnna CCF1), CCF1 – 6/16/20
Connie Priesz CTDI and Molly (TDCH CCF-CH Little Girl Molly RN THDD CGCA CGCU TKP RATN NSD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/26/20
Connie Priesz CTDI and Kimber (TDCH CCF-CH ALCH Mira’s Little GIrl Kimber ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/26/20


Linda Kush and Riley (Riley ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 6/16/20
Tanya K. Rowan CTDI and Monet (Oakpoint’s Platinum Water Lily ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/30/19

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Diane Gray and Harland (CCF-CH GCH Glascony’s Meadow of the Hares AGNJS AGNS AS CRN CA RIT ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/25/21
Sue Morphy and Arthur (TDCH Caergrawnt Tulip Painter with Echophy ETD NSD CCF1), CCF1 – 2/9/21
Cathy Crnkovich and Bodie (Loyal Wind Welsh Bodie ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/19/19

West Highland White Terrier

Antoinette Yurkovic and Bunny (CCF-CH Bella Vista’s Playboy Bunny ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/12/20
Jennifer Nowak and Evelyn (TDCH CCF-CH Bella Vista’s Evie Body Needs One! CCF1), CCF1 – 6/16/20

Wheaten Terrier

Vicky Morris and Tottie (Tottie ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/20/20
Vicky Morris and Angus (Angus ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/20/20


Miranda Logan and Fitz (Brushwood Maker’s Mark ETD NTD-M CCF1), CCF1 – 2/19/21
Monique Cormier and Sully (Cariad N Robbins Hudson River Landing ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 11/17/20
Jenny Edwards and Ffion (CCF-CH Foxgloves Little Blue Bean ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 10/28/20
Helen Dyke and Grace (CCH-CH Twinkle Sunrise ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/20/20
Helen Dyke and Elsie (CCF-CH Malochcourt Elsie May ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 9/16/20
Debbie Blythe KPA-CTP CTDI CCFC CTDI and Alfie (Karasar’s Player NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/4/20
Jenny Edwards and Eiralys (Milk Flower of the Snow ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 7/2/20
Nan Carroll and Dazzle ( CCF1), CCF1 – 10/22/19
Diana Cognigni CTDI and Jake (TDCH Timbreblue’s Mysterious Dream Warrior CCF1), CCF1 – 9/25/19
Diana Cognigni CTDI and Diesel (TDCH Sovereign Sporting Fields Legendary Bugatti CCF1), CCF1 – 9/25/19

White Shepherd

Melanie Fuellgraf and Ozzy (CH Thornvalley’s Wonderful Oz CCF1), CCF1 – 12/6/20
Kathleen Ingram and Nikita (CCF-CH CH Thornvalley’s Nikita of Oz CCF1), CCF1 – 11/2/19


Anne Binnendijk and Remus (Hachi of Silkenhome ATD CCF1), CCF1 – 5/20/20

Working Sheepdog

Karen Colls CTDI and Dizzee (Fix Up Look Sharp Indahouse ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 3/19/21
Christina Opperman CTDI and Autumn (TDCH Leebeardream Fright Night ETD NTD-M TD-ROM CCF1), CCF1 – 2/19/21
Karen Colls CTDI and Jay-Z (TDCH Indahouse Rock Steady Crew NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 12/29/20
Christina Opperman CTDI and Summer (TDCH CCF-CH Leebeardream Summer Leebear TD-ROM CCF1), CCF1 – 11/4/20

Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless)

Alina Geishofer CTDI and Kamanchi (Kamanchi Luc T. (Mestre) NTD CCF1 ROM), CCF1 – 2/28/21

Yakutian Laika

Bettina Szajbert and Zevran (TDCH HJCH Go-Jasu Shin’A Zevran ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/12/20


Marie Staffeldt and Reggie (TDCH Reggie CCF1), CCF1 – 2/20/20


Kiara Rose and Ernie (Ernesto Montoya NTD CCF1), CCF1 – 1/17/21
Laura Anne Rori Gray and Jasper (Jasper CCF1), CCF1 – 12/7/20
Kerrie Piper and Binx (Binxalee ETD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/31/20
Amy Curran CTDI and Sylvester (Fairwind Black Opal CCF1), CCF1 – 4/24/20
Susan Gahan and Ruby (Ruby ITD CCF1), CCF1 – 8/22/19