Advisory Board


With over four thousand Certified Instructors and over 70,000 titles awarded you are bound to have questions. Our Advisory Board is here to help you. Their mission is to assist with special projects within DMWYD to help clarify and coach others in the DMWYD program and act as a liaison.

Meet Your Advisory board Members

Kelli Whitfield,
Advisory Board Chairperson

Terms Served: 2020

Kelli is a CTDI with over 850 titles witnessed through her Dog Trick Fairy Spark Group. Kelli is also a Stunt Dog Judge, CCFC, CGC evaluator, AKC Temperament Test Judge and Farm Dog Judge. Kelli competes in multiple performance events with her 3 terriers in NADAC, AKC and NACSW. Kelli grew up on a hobby farm and showed registered quarter horses for 15 years before switching over to dog sports. Kelli and her dogs have earned more than 150 titles. Kelli teaches scent work, STAR puppy/CGC and performance foundation classes.

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Tess Star:

Terms Served: 2020

Tess Starr is a CTDI, CCFC, Stunt Dog Judge, AKC CGC Evaluator and Temperament Test Judge. She has been competing in dog sports since 1985 and has earned over 170 titles on her dogs including Trick Dog Champion (TDCH) titles on three dogs her Australian Cattle Dog, Layla and her two Border Collies, Ziggy and Chance. Chance has been has been deaf since birth. Trick training was instrumental in developing a relationship with Chance. That experience inspired her to start her spark teams dedicated to providing accessible free information on positive reinforcement training for all animals and people from all geographic, social and economic areas. In addition to her dogs, she shares her life with her husband Richard, chickens, one cat and sheep. She is also a licensed falconer and has worked with a variety of wildlife species as ambassador animals for wildlife rehab centers and sanctuaries. Her trick dog students have earned over 1000 trick dog titles.

Dee Hart

Terms Served: 2020

With over 270 titles witnessed, SDJ at TriDEx, Professional dog trainer , CGC evaluator, All Star Performance Team Captain, CCFC, Professional dog trainer for 23 years

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Lorrie Reynolds

Terms Served: 

  • Experienced CTDI who has taught basic obedience, agility, and tricks since 2005
  • Instructor holds Championship titles in tricks and agility, and has titled through SDCH and TDGCH
  • National Agility Championships competitor 2004 – 2018, earned agility championship titles with three rescue dogs in multiple venues
  • Has owned and competed with sighthound, terrier, and herding mixes

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Laura Respecki:

Terms Served: 2020

Laura Respecki Certified Professional Trainer-Victoria Stillwell Academy, CTDI, CCFC, SDJ, AKK CGC, ATT & Fitness evaluator.

At the age of 10 Laura Respecki experienced her 1st competitive sport showing her Collie. Later on she learned that her true passion was not actually competing, but producing the events and helping rescue dogs.

For 25 years Laura road raced sports cars and produced vintage car racing events in combination with concours car shows. When the team sold their last race car her husband told Laura to return to her 1st love; dogs.

Laura’s rescue, Kassie, has kept her busy while she earned 30+ titles and has worked for over 9 years as a therapy dog. She helped Laura transform as a trainer. Kassie helped embed in her that she personally will always rescue, rehabilitate and celebrate with dogs.

In 2010 Laura started volunteering as a trainer with a local club; teaching AKC S.T.A.R puppy, obedience, AKC CGC, therapy dog preparation and produced several AKC tests at obedience shows for the group. In 2020 Laura joined the training team at Union Lake Pet Services.

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Patty Stafford:

Terms Served: 2021

Patty Stafford

Patty Stafford

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Melissa Fenstermaker
CPDT, KPA-CTP, Victoria Stilwell Faculty Advisor, CCC, CTDI, SDJ, AKC-CGC Evaluator

Terms Served: 2020

Melissa has always had an interest in working with dogs. She started working professionally with dogs in 2003. Melissa enjoys working with every dog that walks through the doors. Training dogs to learn behaviors that make their owners happy is what she enjoys most. This might mean obedience or trick training, confidence building, or any other behavior. The look on an owner’s face is the most satisfying reward. Her goal is to improve the bond between owner and dog by opening lines of communication through positive reinforcement training. Melissa finds that the more she learns about the dogs and dog training the more her passion grows. She not only enjoys teaching dogs new tricks but also teaches humans quite a few too.

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Daniele Pichette:

Terms Served: 2020

Daniele is training dogs since 2010 and had been working in the tv/film industry for 6 years now. She is one of the fastest growing Certified Trick Dog Instructor in Canada of the most prolific in the world with over 500 titles approved. She is also a Certified Canine Fitness Coach.

She trained, competed and titled in almost every dog sports with her four Jack Russell Terriers and contributed to many other dogs’ successes as a trainer and coach.

She worked with many great companies for ads like Fido and Chewy, and major movie productions like My Spy and the animation movie Sgt. Stubby: an unlikely hero.

She is also bilingual (French & English) and can help with any questions or issues you could be facing in regard of the language barrier.

Kelly Schumann

Terms Served:

Kelly Schumann is a CTDI, CCFC, Stunt Dog Judge, AKC CGC Evaluator and AKC Fit Dog Instructor. Kelly discovered DMWYD when searching for alternatives to keep her mentally active dog busy after arthritis retired him from agility at 10 years old. Being able to modify the tricks to match his restrictions but keep his mind busy was a perfect fit. Kelly applied the DMWYD philosophy and training to their foster dogs too. It was phenomenal to find a program where extremely fearful dogs are able to work at home, at their own pace to build the confidence they so desperately need. With positive reinforcement and confidence building tricks they have put 35 foster dogs on the path to a new future. Kelly has competed in Scent work, currently competes in agility and is an instructor at her local dog training facility. Kelly teaches all levels of tricks with her demo dog Goose. Kelly was instrumental in facilitating the adding of the Non- Agility program (Rally, Obedience, AKC STAR Puppy, CGC, Scent Work and Tricks classes) to the class roster changing the 18 year agility only club to a full service training center.

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Would You Like to Serve?

Advisory Board members are asked to serve a 6 month term and contribute a minimum of 60 hours.
— For this full term, you will be compensated in credits and/or swag such as logo jackets
— You will be listed as an Advisory Board Alumni
— Terms are April – September, and October – March
— Please turn in your timesheet at the end of your term detailing your evaluations


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