2020 Trick Dog Expo!


  • The Third Annual Trick Dog Expo (abbreviated as TriDEx) has been announced for April 3rd - 5th, 2020 at the beautiful Purina Farms Event Center in Gray Summit, MO. 

  • TriDEx will host a full schedule of speakers, workshops, demonstrations, stunt dog entertainers, and exhibitor hall.

  • The highlight of TriDEx will be the Stunt Dog National Championships, culminating in the crowning of the second National Stunt Dog Champion.




About Purina Farms

For more than 80 years, Purina has been a leader in pet care and nutrition. As part of their mission to show the world the true potential of pets, Purina has been hosting outdoor dog shows and sporting events for the past 16 years and has become an important partner of kennel and parent breed clubs. With the opening of the Purina Event Center, Purina Farms has become a full-service destination for dog enthusiasts who want to host, participate in or attend an indoor or outdoor show.

The Purina Event Center, an 84,000-square-foot state-of-the-art indoor facility that opened in August 2010, can accommodate even the largest of dog shows and performance events, and includes all the amenities to make TriDEx exceptional.

Purina Farms Address:

Purina Farms Event Center

300 Checkerboard Dr., Gray Summit, MO 63039

Stunt Dog National Championships

Dog tricks are the fastest growing interest in the dog training community. Tricks help owners bond with their dogs, and they also teach humans the skill of motivation through positive reinforcement training. Do More With Your Dog!® has awarded 14,000 "Trick Dog" titles, which are earned by the demonstration of tricks to a Certified Trick Dog Instructor, and not required to be performed in front of an audience.

TriDEx presented the first venue for earning the "Stunt Dog" title, a title earned through live trick show performance in front of an audience at the 2018 event. Once again competitors will compete in one of 5 levels, executing compulsory items as well as expressing creativity. The most esteemed event is the Stunt Dog Champion ring, where performers pull out all the stops to entertain and amaze the audience with funny, well-trained, and perfectly executed routines.

About Do More With Your Dog!®

TriDEx is organized by Do More With Your Dog!, the world's leading trick dog program. DMWYD is the official sanctioning body for the sport of dog tricks, having awarded 14,000 individual titles for Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and Champion Trick Dog, and having trained and certified 1,000 dog training instructors. Dozens of workshops are presented across the country each year on topics such as tricks, games, and canine conditioning. Professional trick dog teams called All-Star Performance Dog Teams present live trick dog shows across the country.

About Kyra Sundance

Do More With Your Dog!® CEO Kyra Sundance is a world-reknowned dog trainer, lecturer, and internationally best-selling author. With over a million copies in print, Kyra’s award-winning books have inspired dog owners worldwide to develop fun and rewarding relationships with their dogs. Honed through decades of professional experience, Kyra’s easy to follow step-by-step training methods are the most effective and humane way to train. Her positive methods foster confident, happy dogs who are motivated to do the right thing rather than fearful of making a mistake.

As professional performers, Kyra and her Weimaraners starred in shows for the King of Morocco, Disney’s Hollywood stage shows, circuses, halftime shows, on The Tonight Show, Ellen, Animal Planet, in movies, and in their own television series.

Media Coverage

The event, and specifically the finals of the AKC Stunt Dog Champion event, will be televised.