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Become a Member of an All-Star Team!

Do More With Your Dog! is about community and bringing like-minded people together. Our All-Star Performance Dog Teams are the perfect way for you to connect with other positive trainers and have some fun at the same time! Your dog knows a lot of tricks; show them off! 

What is the All-Star Team? 

To encourage the formation of trick dog demo teams across the country, Do More With Your Dog! is sponsoring the official Pro All-Star Performance Dog Team™. Local groups can form a team and become part of the All-Star Team. All-Star teams choreograph a show and perform at schools, fairs, 4-H meetings, church functions, parties, shopping malls, parades, therapy visits, sporting events, and other venues. The format of the show may vary, encompassing routines such as: trick demonstrations, musical canine freestyle, drill team, obedience demos, disc, and flyball. 

Do They cost Anything?

Starting in 2018, All-Star Teams are a free to join. However, any team gear or uniforms may be purchased by the Team Captain at a discount. It will be up to the captain to disclose any individual team cost.

How do I get on an All-Star Team? 

The criteria for joining your local All-Star team is determined by the Team Captain. Criteria may include earning your Trick Dog title, or completing a class, or assisting the team in a number of public demos, or may include All-Star tryouts. See the list below for All-Star teams in your area. 

Who are the Team Captains? 

The All-Star Team Captain will lead the team, upholding the team standards to reflect on the Do More With Your Dog! sponsorship.

Team Captains are vetted through the Do More With Your Dog! certification program, and have proven skill at effectively teaching students to at utilize positive methods to teach dog tricks.

There Are no Team Captains in my Area

Any one of our many Certified Instructors is eligible to form and captain a team. Contact one in your area and let them know of your interest!




Become an All-Star Team Captain

Lead the Pack

By becoming an All-Star Performance Dog Team® Team Captain you are leading other trainers to do more with their dogs! The main goal of All-Star teams is to come together to achieve something as a group. As the Team Captain, you will set the criteria for becoming a team member (criteria may include earning a Trick Dog title, or completing a particular class, or assisting in public demos).