Our Positive Training Philosophy


Participants in Do More With Your Dog!® programs (trick dog titles, CTDI instructor certification, All-Star team, Sports Camps) agree to train in accordance with this positive training philosophy.


Do More With Your Dog!® is more than a training program… it’s a lifestyle.

The Do More With Your Dog!® positive training philosophy is committed to helping dogs and their owners develop joyful relationships based on trust and built through positive reinforcement training techniques.

As trainers, our goal is not to suppress behavior and teach subservience. Our goal is to develop joyful relationships with dogs who balance enthusiasm and self control. We foster confident, happy dogs who are motivated to do the right thing rather than fearful of making a mistake. By cultivating a foundation of a loving, trusting, and respectful relationship, we develop our dog’s motivation to be our willing partner.

There are many types of collars, harnesses, and head halters available today, and they can be the source of controversy amongst dog trainers. We realize that it is not the collar but the trainer that defines the humaneness of a training relationship, but we also recognize that in the hands of a novice or misguided dog owner some collars have more potential than others to harm a dog. Do More With Your Dog!® requires that dog tricks be trained through positive methods which do not utilize chain, prong, or remote (electronic) collars, as these types of collars are associated with compulsion training techniques which do not, in any way, represent the Do More With Your Dog!® positive training philosophy. It is our hope that as trainers gain more knowledge about positive techniques and become more experienced in their use, they will incorporate more positive methods in all areas of their training.


Positive Training Philosophy

"If you aren't having fun, you aren't doing it correctly." Positive reinforcement is the easiest, most effective, and most humane way to teach a behavior: you get your dog to do a behavior, you give him a treat/reward, and he learns to repeat the behavior.Positive reinforcement training methods strengthen and enhance the relationship between you and your dog as you work collaboratively toward a mutual goal in an encouraging, stress-free and fear-free environment. The dog participates in the learning process with a positive attitude, and enjoys working and interacting with the trainer. By utilizing positive training techniques, we raise a dog who is confident, communicative, and eager to please.Successful dog trainers today do not view training in isolation of the totality of the dog/owner relationship. We look at training not as something that happens during a specified session, but rather as something that occurs with every interaction with your dog. We recognize the core of dog training as the dog/owner bond.

Positive Training

DOES include:

  • training by rewarding desireable behaviors
  • rewards of treats, toys, praise, play
  • marker/ clicker training
  • luring, capturing, and shaping
  • discipline through non-violent consequences such as time-outs, attention removal, or the removal of something the dog likes
  • lots of patience

DOES NOT include:

  • violence, intimidation, confrontation, domination behaviors, frightening, teasing, significant stress
  • force-based techniques / forced physical manipulation
  • compulsion techniques
  • unrealistic or unattainable training goals
  • frustration or anger




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