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Get your Trick Dog title!

Do More With Your Dog!® is the official sanctioning body for the sport of Dog Tricks.

Each trick is assigned a difficulty rating, and a dog earns his title by performing tricks of your choosing which add up to a minimum point value. With 101 tricks to choose from, there are plenty of tricks to suit every dog!


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Get Started!

Download the Trick Dog title application Here

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Other Forms

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Abbreviated application for Novice Title only
This one-page form can be used only for the Novice title. This form works well for instructors to use in class.

Novice Title Only

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Tri-Panel Brochure
This tri-panel brochure explains the Trick Dog Title program. Print this page on one side of the paper, and the Novice title application (above) on the other side.

Novice Title Brochure Cover

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Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert - Short Form
This two-page form can be used only for the ITD, ATD, and ETD titles. This form works well for instructors to use in class.

Int, Adv, Exp Titles Only

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