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Do More With Your Dog! Dog Sports Camp

CTDI Instructor Certification Workshop #12
taught by Kyra Sundance

8/24/13 - 8/25/13
Delaware, OH


View photos of Workshop here

In this 2-day workshop taught by Do More With Your Dog!® founder Kyra Sundance, you will learn the academic knowledge and hands-on techniques necessary to become a CTDI certified instructor.

While many trainers choose to work toward their CTDI certification by ordering the application packet by mail, the benefit of this workshop is that you will not have to film a video (as Kyra can watch you live), and you will have the opportunity to work out any problems right there on the spot with Kyra. The goal of this weekend workshop is to have you walk away at the end of the weekend with your CTDI certification in hand. If this goal is not achieved, you may submit a written exam or video (per Kyra's instructions) at a later date at no additional cost. We want you to succeed!

13.5 CEUs for trainers
TBD CEUs for trainers
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CTDI Instructor Certification Workshop

K9 Ponderosa
3269 State Route 37 West
Delaware, OH 43015

  • 20 acre facility
  • Fully fenced perimeter, segmented into several fenced areas

8:30-9:00am: Check-in, receive instructor packet and gift bag, coffee and pastry
9:00-12:30: Pack walk, about DMWYD, Timing, Luring, Marker Training, Prompted Shaping, Progression/Regression
12:30-1:30: Lunch provided to campers, paw painting contest
1:30-4:30: Review, Re-evaluation, Build-on Behaviors, Signals & Cues, Hints, 5 Ways to Elicit a Behavior, Free-Shaping, Review
4:30-8:30: Gumbo dinner, live band
9:00-12:30: Pack walk, Review of tricks from yesterday, Targeting, Remote Reinforcement, Scent Games, Nose-Work, Motivation, Pedestal Training, Egg Timers, Bucket Games
12:30-1:15: Lunch provided to campers
1:15-3:50: Eye contact, Praise-Touch-Treat, Chaining, Back-Chaining, Schedule of Reinforcement, Review, Teach Physical Precision by Cheating, Be a Tree, Review of tricks from today, Teaching your first tricks class, Q&A
3:50-4:30: Group photo and certificate presentation
Workshop Instructor:

Kyra Sundance
Kyra Sundance

KYRA SUNDANCE is a world-acclaimed Stunt Dog Show performer, celebrity dog trainer, and internationally bestselling author.

Her acrobatic Sundance Dog Team starred in thousands of live shows including a command performance for the King of Morocco; Disney’s Underdog stage show; Bravo TV's Showdog Moms & Dads series; circuses and halftime shows; co-host of Worldwide Fido Awards; and performances on The Tonight Show, Ellen, and more.

A world-renowned training expert, Kyra authored 7 books including the international bestseller 101 Dog Tricks, and hosts an award-winning DVD series.

She is nationally ranked in competitive dog sports, works as a set trainer for dog actors, and lectures on positive training techniques. 

Founded by Kyra Sundance, “Do More With Your Dog!®” encourages the integration of your dog into more areas of your life through training, dog sports camps, and the All-Star Performance Dog Team.

Kyra is a UCLA alumnus and an ultra-marathon runner.


Kyra Sundance
Renea Dahms

Kyra will be assisted by Renea Dahms. In 1995 Renea began volunteering as a training assistant and then training director for a local all-breed club. In 1997 she opened her own training business based on training methods that were free from harsh methods and concentrated instead on how to motivate and reinforce behavior.

That philosophy continues today as all class at PawsU! are fun, game-based and full of owner education.
A 2011 graduate of the Companion Animal Sciences Institute with a diploma in Canine Behavior Science & Technology, Renea helps pet owners solve behavior concerns and crate well-mannered family companions.

Her philosophy is simple… training methods based on real science and not ego are the best way to not only help your dog understand what is expected, but i creates a live-long bond! Owner education of dog training keeps dogs forever in the home!


You will learn the academic knowledge and hands-on techniques necessary to become a CTDI certified instructor.

  • Marker Training
  • Rewarding in correct position
  • Optimal success ratio
  • Schedule of Reinforcement
  • Jackpot
  • Incrementally greater Hints with less familiar cues
  • Building on known behaviors
  • 5 Ways to Elicit a Behavior
  • Free-Shaping vs. Prompted Shaping
  • Chaining Behaviors
  • How we teach Physical Precision (we cheat!)
  • How to teach 30 tricks
  • Pedestal Training to improve focus, distance, and work ethic
  • Building Drive to increase Motivation
  • Non-Food Rewards
  • Structuring your training session
  • Teaching eye contact
  • Stress Indicators
  • Teaching a class: How to be an effective teacher
  • 7-Week Teacher's Guide
  • Overview of Dog Sports




Best Western Plus Delaware Inn
1720 Columbus Pike
Delaware, Ohio 43015
Call 866-676-3077
Phone: 740/363-3510 |
Fax: 740/363-1677
We blocked 30 dog friendly rooms. $99.99 per night plus and extra $20.00 for each night if you have a dog.
Check in is Aug. 23rd and check out is Aug. 25th

Comfort Inn Delaware
1251 Columbus Pike
Delaware, Ohio 43015
Call 866-676-3077


Alum Creek State Park Campgrounds
3615 S. Old State Road
Delaware, Ohio 43015

Delaware State Park Campground
5202 US 23 North
Delaware, Ohio 43015

Working Spots / Auditing:

Working spots. Includes the two-day workshop, your CTDI application fee, the entire CTDI instructor packet, lunch, snacks, and a gift bag.

Auditing spots. Auditors are not eligible to become certified at the end of class. You will receive the instructor packet, lunch, snacks, and a gift bag.

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Feel free to call us! Kyra, Ciegi, Abbey, and Ericka will be happy to assist you:
. Email us at info@domorewithyourdog.com

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Arriving / Parking

K9 Ponderosa
3269 State Route 37 West
Delaware, OH 43015
Owner: Scott MacConachie, scott@k9ponderosa.com cel: 614-563-7757

*GPS directions aren't always correct for this location. Here are directions from the hotel:

  1. Head south on Columbus Pike — 446 ft
  2. Take the 1st right toward W Hull Dr — 0.2 mi
  3. Turn right onto W Hull Dr — 397 ft
  4. Take the 1st left onto Columbus Pike — 1.9 mi
  5. Take US-36/ US-42/ William St ramp to OH-37/ N Sandusky St — 0.2 mi
  6. Turn left onto US-36 W/ US-42 S/ E William St Continue to follow US-36 W/ E William St — 0.5 mi
  7. Turn right onto N Liberty St — 0.2 mi
  8. Take the 2nd left onto OH-37 W/ State Route 37 W — 3.1 mi
  9. Turn left to stay on OH-37 W/ State Route 37 W — 0.3 mi
  10. Turn left Destination will be on the right — 0.3 mi
Crates Please bring a dog crate if possible. If you are unable to bring a crate, there will be a few crates available to borrow.
Temperature / Weather We expect a high of 80-degrees, a low of 64-degrees, with the possibility of scattered showers. The workshop will outdoors. The speaking portions will be on chairs, under a large wedding-type tent. The hands-on training portions will be outdoors, on the grass. During the speaking portions, your dog will be in a crate under a nearby tree. If it rains, we will move to the indoor training facility.
Restrooms Outdoor portable toilets.
What to Bring

For the dog:

  • Lots of treats. Soft, easy to eat ones that don't crumble work best: cut up hot dogs, cheese, sandwich meat, cooked frozen meatballs, etc.
  • Flat collar
  • Leash
  • Dog crate, bed, or mat
  • Pickup bags
  • Dog food
  • If your dog has a special motivator toy that he loves, bring that

For you:

  • Camera
  • Treat bag
  • A big smile :)

Some items will be for sale at camp:

  • Dog treats
  • Clickers
  • Apparel
  • Books
  • Much more
Nearby vets and pet stores To come
Waiver At the start of the workshop you will need to sign a liability waiver covering the event and the facility.

Coffee and pastry will be available in the morning.

The Workshop will provide your lunch for both days, of Subway sandwiches.

Saturday night will have a catered Gumbo dinner and a live band.





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