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Kyra Sundance & Chalcy -
Circus Dog Team

This world famous energetic duo performs acrobatic feats and humorous skits for audiences of all ages.


Live performance are choreographed, well-prepared and presented, and offer quality family fun. Performances include visually exciting acrobatic routines with energetic jumping, body vaulting, and baton twirling. Chalcy amazes audiences with her incredible dog smarts and high level of training and makes them laugh with her humorous antics.

Our Bio

Kyra and her dog Chalcy have performed for audiences worldwide and are regular performers at circuses, fairs, and halftime shows. Television audiences across America, Europe, and Japan have been amazed with their incredible teamwork, athleticism, and intelligence.

Kyra and Chalcy have performed with the Carson & Barnes 5-Ring Circus, and the Hans Winn Circus.


We carry liability insurance and offer the option of adding your circus to the policy as "additional insured."

Liscenced Animal Act

Kyra Sundance and Chalcy are liscenced by the USDA under the Animal Welfare Act as an Animal Act.

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halftime shows
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Watch Kyra & Chalcy perform at the Carson & Barnes 5-Ring Circus! View movie...

circus dog animimal act trick dogs

What they Say

I am hearing nothing but raves from everyone. Having pros in the saddle made all our lives easier. The circus told a story with a beginning, middle and end, that evoked the circus of our youth. It had all the professionalism, sparkle, and pizzaz that a circus should have. Thank you for your genial and professional work."
—Alan Armstrong, Theater Costume, FIDM, Los Angeles CA

“You did a fantastic job... Your performance was first class. We appriciate the professional way you handled the media coverage you received. Such great publicity makes our job a lot easier and draws thousands of people to the show. "
—Gary Zide, Senior Staff V.P., Home Builders Assoc., MO
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“If you are looking for a performance that will wow and entertain your audience and keep them on the edge of their seats, I cannot recommend Kyra Sundance more strongly. I can promise you an incredible experience from first contact until she is packing up and heading home."
  —Dr. Michael Christensen, president of NE Chiropractic Physicians Association
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