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Do More With Your Dog! Dog Sports Camp

Do More With Your Dog! Sports Camp #3
5/18/13 - 5/19/13
Stevens Point, WI

including sheep herding!

In this 2-day camp, you'll have the opportunity to learn new dog sports and refine your skills in the sports that you already participate in. Professional, competing dog sports experts will be your instructor in as many as 15 different sports. Campers stay in a nearby hotel, or in their RVs.

8.5 CEUs for trainers

Expected 19 CEUs for trainers
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5/18/13 – 5/19/13   Stevens Point, WI

Pawsitively Unleashed!
The Ranch at
1296 Ridge Road, Custer, WI 54423
(715) 347-3294

  • 10 beautiful acres atop a hill
  • Sheep herding
  • Tracking
  • Agility


Each class is 50 minutes. There are two or more classes going on during every time slot, so that you can chose which one to attend (Session a or Session b). For example, in one time slot you may be able to chose between a Rally class or a Treibball class.

8:00-9:00am: Check-in, receive Tshirt and gift bag, beverages and snacks
9-9:15: Welcome to camp, procedures and guidelines
9:15-9:30: Overview of classes offered
9:30-10:20: Arena 1 (outside) Arena 2 (outside) Arena 3 (outside) Inside
Jumpers Workshop Rally Obedience Intro to Herding  
10:30-11:20: Agility Contacts Tricks Tracking  
11:30-12:20: Agility Flat Work Impulse Control Geocaching intro  
12:20-2:00: Lunch provided (grilled burgers, brats, chicken) Pawpainting craft
2:00-2:50: Agility Weaves and Tunnels Targeting Fun   Fit Ball Fun
3:00-3:50: Flyball Basics Treibball Impulse Control  
3:50-4:00: Group photo
4:00-4:15: Snack and Q&A about things learned today, all instructors attend
4:15-7:00 Dinner on your own
7:00-8:00: Talent Show! Get your talent act ready with you and your dog
  Arena 1 (outside) Arena 2 (outside) Arena 3 (outside) Inside
8:00-8:30am: Reiki & Meditation, "Getting Connected with your Dog"
8:30-9:20: Agility Contacts Rally Obedience Intro to Herding  
9:30-10:20: Weave Challenge Targeting Challenge Intro to Herding  
10:30-11:20: Obstacle Challenge Behavior Shaping   Pet First Aid
11:30-12:20: Barrel Racing Tricks 2 Tracking  
12:20-1:45: Lunch provided (Walking Tacos)
1:45-2:00: Q&A with all instructors
2:00-2:50: K9 Chiropractic presentation by Dr Nikki Johnson
3:00-3:50: Tricks Testing Canine Good Citizen Testing Lure Coursing Chiropractic adjustments (additional fee)
3:50-4:10: Snack and Awards
4:10-4:30: Closing ceremony

Renea Dahms DipCBST, RMT, AKC CGC-Evaluator, CTDI
Owner and Behavior & Training Director,
Pawsitively Unleashed!

In 1995 Renea began volunteering as a training assistant and then training director for a local all-breed club. In 1997 she opened her own training business based on training methods that were free from harsh methods and concentrated instead on how to motivate and reinforce behavior. That philosophy continues today as all class at PawsU! are fun, game-based and full of owner education.

A 2011 graduate of the Companion Animal Sciences Institute with a diploma in Canine Behavior Science & Technology, Renea helps pet owners solve behavior concerns and crate well-mannered family companions.

Her philosophy is simple… training methods based on real science and not ego are the best way to not only help your dog understand what is expected, but it creates a life-long bond!

Chelsea Wood

Bio to come

Connie Wood

Connie Wood lives in Wisconsin Rapids with her husband, 2 Australian shepherds, 6 cats and 4 horses.

Connie has owned and trained dogs all her life but started competing with her 2 Australian shepherds 7 years ago. She is a volunteer instructor at the local kennel club for agility, rally and obedience classes. She enjoys going out in the community to do demos on all dog sports including agility, flyball, obedience, tracking, disc dog and tricks. Connie and her dogs are also members of the Paws Around Point Dog Scout Troop 222 that prides itself in educating the community to responsible dog ownership and handling.

Connie's training methods are based on positive reinforcement and having fun with your dog. Her dog Sheila , has gone on to perform at the Masters level in AKC agility, has several titles in Rally and Obedience, CGC, Therapy Dog, Dog Scouts Badge and Expert Trick Dog. Young Ruby is beginning her agility train and competes at the Novice level, has Rally Novice, CGC and Advanced Trick Dog titles.

When not training or competing with her dogs, Connie can be found out on the trails with her horse and dogs. She also enjoys crafts-- currently perfecting her skills on making dog tug toys and leashes which she will share at the Do More With Your Dog Sports Camp in Stevens Point, WI. Come Join the Fun!!

Anne Jespersen

Herding instructor
Anne Jespersen lives near Stevens Point, Wisconsin on a small hobby sheep farm with her husband and two sons. She has been raising and training Australian Shepherds for working livestock since 1997. Before that she was involved in obedience and confomation training/trialing and showing.

She has experience with many breeds of herding dog in lessons, and also in doing instinct tests for the AHBA (American Herding Breed Association). Anne has been an approved judge of AHBA tests and trials since 2008.

Anne's dogs have been nationally ranked in the ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) stockdog program for the past 10 years. They have qualified for and competed in the ASCA Stockdog Finals in all classes of stock (sheep, cattle, ducks) for several years.

Her training methods incorporate the methods of the most skilled and experienced trainers of the loose eyed herding breeds in the country. She has also participated in clinics with some of the best Border Collie trainers and trialers in the US.

She has a great passion for the working dog, and for helping people learn about the partnership that is possible with your best buddy in learning to train him/her to the greatest potential.

Additional instructor bios to come.


Nearby hotel: To come

RV parking available. Hooks are $15.00 for the weekend (water/electric)

Camping available on site.

Cost and Refund Policy:

This camp is limited to 24 working spots. The $315 registration fee includes your two-day camp, lunch, snacks, a free camp Tshirt, dog bandana, gift bag, and pawprint craft.

Unlimited auditing spots. Auditing spots do not bring a dog. They may watch classes, and float between classes. They get the gift bag, Tshirt, and free lunch.

Refunds: We understand that things change in your life. If you should need to cancel your reservation, we offer a generous refund. Cancel 90+ days prior: 90% refund, or 100% store credit. Cancel 30-89 days prior: 50% refund, or 65% store credit. Cancel 14-29 days prior: 40% refund, or 55% store credit. Cancel 0-13 days prior: 25% store credit.

Working Spot $315
Working Spot (one day only) $165
Auditing (no dogs) $60
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Feel free to call us! Kyra, Ciegi, Abbey, and Ericka will be happy to assist you: 661-942-2429. Email us at

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