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Do More With Your Dog! Dog Sports Camp

Do More With Your Dog! Sports Camp #2

2/16/13 - 2/17/13
Richmond, VA

(a top-notch and warm and toasty facility!)

In this 2-day camp, you'll have the opportunity to learn new dog sports and refine your skills in the sports that you already participate in. Professional, competing dog sports experts will be your instructor in as many as 15 different sports. Campers stay in a nearby hotel, or in their RVs.

11 CEUs for trainers
19 CEUs for trainers
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2/16/13 – 2/17/13   Richmond, VA

All Dog Adventures
4111 W. Clay St,
Richmond, VA 23230
(804) 355-7737

  • Indoor plus outdoor facility
  • 5 acres
  • Warm and toasty!
  • 3 warm indoor restrooms
  • Crates provided



Each class is 50 minutes. There are two or more classes going on during every time slot, so that you can chose which one to attend (Ring 1, Ring 2, or Ring 3). For example, in one time slot you may be able to chose between a Rally class or a Treibball class.

8:00-9:00am: Check-in, receive Tshirt and gift bag, coffee and fruit
9-9:15: Orientation: rules, get acquainted game
9:15-9:30: Overview of classes offered
9:30-10:20: Ring 1 (inside) Ring 2 (inside) Ring 2 (inside)
Intro to Agility 1 Rally Obedience Impulse Control
10:30-11:20: Musical Freestyle Nose-Work Therapy Dog
11:30-12:20: Tricks 1 Rally Obedience Clicker Training
12:20-2:00: Lunch provided, demo, craft
2:00-2:50: K9 Conditioning Retrieving/ Teaching Fetch Targeting Fun
3:00-3:50: Get Fit Ball Tunnelers Impulse Control
3:50-4:00: Group photo
4:00-4:15: Snack and Q&A about things learned today, all instructors attend
4:15-7:00 Dinner on your own
7:00-8:00: Speaker or Demo, dessert
  Ring 1 (inside) Ring 2 (inside) Ring 2 (inside)
8:00-8:30am: Doga bonding session
8:30-9:20: Intro to Agility 1 Intro to Agility 2 Flyball
9:30-10:20: K9 Coordination Treadmill Confidence & Speed
10:30-11:20: Therapy Dog Nose-Work Treibball
11:30-12:20: Tricks 2 Pet First Aid Tricks 1
12:20-1:45: Lunch provided, craft make your own organic dog treats
1:45-2:00: Q&A with all instructors
2:00-2:50: K9 Nutrition (presented by Ginger's Eats and Treatz)
3:00-3:50: Tricks Testing K9 Massage CGC/TDI Testing
3:50-4:10: Snack and Awards
4:10-4:30: Closing ceremony

Cindy Briggs, CTDI
Owner, All Dog Adventures

Camp Host

Cindy Briggs has been training dogs for 30 years. Her dogs have competed in Obedience, Rally, Agility, Freestyle, Tracking, as well as performed for TV commercials and print ads. Currently her Golden Retriever is the mascot for Villiage Bank in and around Richmond, VA.

Cindy uses shaping, positive methods for her own dogs as well as her philosophy for all the instructors at All Dogs Adventures.

Cindy is the owner of All Dog Adventures, a unique dog daycare with SMART PLAY and a different style of positive training, agility, competition obedience, fun & games with your dog.

April Dawkins

April has always loved dogs so her family took on a puppy from Guiding Eyes for the Blind in 2007 for her to train. Lyndie, the puppy, was released from Guiding Eyes and became April's own dog to love and keep.

April has earned 3 levels of APDT Rally titles, AKC Rally title, Expert Trick Dog Title, competed in agility and Freestyle.

Carol Minter

Carol has been an animal lover from birth, always with an animal in her life. She enjoys training dogs and watching them learn. After receiving a Bachelor Degree in Social Work, she researched and decided on a breed of dog that best suited her and her life style, a Boykin Spaniel.

She was also introduced to Dog Agility and learned the sport with her 5 year old Boykin Spaniel named Richmond. Richmond has earned his CGC, OA, & NAJ titles. Carol now competes in agility with her Papillon named MACH Heavensent Fast & Furious RA, CD, OJP, AP “Skills”. He qualified and attended the AKC Agility Nationals 2011.

Carol teaches Obedience, Manners, Canine Companions for Independence puppies, Doga, and Agility. Carol has attended multiple seminars and trainings with some of the top Agility Instructors in the world.

Dawn Glasco

Dawn teaches Flextime Obedience and Crate Games and competes in Agility. She has three great chocolate labs that she does obedience with. Dawn also breeds and shows chocolate Labrador Retrievers, Old Ridge Labradors.


Elizabeth Kost

Gauis ( long haired miniature dachshund) and Elizabeth compete in agility, earthdog and hope to start competing in obedience. Gauis has earned his NA, NAJ, and JE and is also the first and only dachshund every to earn an expert trick dog title!

Jennifer Thomas

Jennifer Thomas is a CGC Evaluator, member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and Troop Leader for the local Dog Scout Troop #194. She is also a member of several dog clubs and a volunteer for Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue. She enjoys training her dogs in obedience, agility, tracking and dock dog.

Katherine Smith

Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants), Professional Member APDT, (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), AKC Canine Good Citizenship Evaluator, Animal Behavioral College Mentor.

Ketherine has had Old English Sheepdogs for over 30 years doing conformation showing, therapy dog and media work and attained championships on her dogs in the Bred By and Open classes. Katherine started her professional dog training career in 1998 and says her mentors were Cindy Briggs, the late Cheryl Dunfee and Ian Dunbar. She started Shaggeypaws Behavior Consulting in 2000 working with clients on basic manners and leadership, behavior problems including reactivity, fear, aggression, phobias, and separation anxiety, and performs temperament, litter evaluations, PAWS and PAT tests for breeders and private individuals and offers private instruction in conformation showing. Katherine teaches three levels of Pet Dog Manners Group Classes and loves teaching her students how to appropriately and respectfully understand, teach, guide and live with their canine companions. Katherine says her goal “is to have folks fall in love and stay in love with their pet dogs and teach them how to become and remain good canine citizens and remain in forever homes”.

Melanie Parrish

Melanie has been a Dobermom since 1986. However, it was her current Doberkids, ARCH Parrish's "Precious" Jewel BN RE RL1X ThD CGC TDInc. and Melanie's "Blaze" of Glory RN RL1X CGC, who led her to formal dog training, the passion for AKC & APDT Rally and the joys of teaching others. As well as being a Manners instructor, Melanie is an AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator and Therapy Dogs, Inc. Tester / Observer.

Melanie visits local nursing homes with Precious as a team with Caring Canines Therapy Dogs and volunteering for Doberman Assistance Rescue & Education (DAR&E).

Morgan Krug

Morgan teaches obedience to pet dogs. The first look of comprehension a dog gets when learning a new command - that "light bulb moment" - is one of Morgan's favorite things to witness. Morgan's dog Deliah is a demo dog, agility competitor and master of tricks.

Her love of training and behavior led Morgan to get her first bachelor's degree in Psychology from VCU. She has since gotten her second bachelor's degree and is currently attending VCU for graduate school.

Rhea McCaffrey

Rhea is a rally, obedience, and agility instructor, bringing 25 years of dog training and competition experience to her students. She is an AKC Rally Judge, and an APDT Rally Judge. As an exhibitor, she has personally earned more than 50 titles on her own dogs.

Rhea competes in rally, obedience, and agility, belongs to several dog sport clubs, and regularly attends seminars and camps to learn more.

Stacy Reeves

Stacy competes with golden retriever Gracie in AKC and USDAA Agility. Parson Russell, Carter, competed in agility and has now moved on to Earth Dog which he loves best. Carter is currently working on his Sr. Earth Dog title. Stacy's love of dog sports and those who participate in them has led her to organize camps, workshops, and events. Some of the top trainers in the country have come to give seminars. Stacy has attended many workshops and handling camps given by Susan Garrett, Greg & Laura Derrett, Anthony Clarke and Tracy Sklenar.

Suzanne Massey

Suzanne and Indie compete in the Masters level of USDAA agility classes. Indie has Master's Titles in Standard, Jumpers, Snooker and Pairs. Suzanne is an instructor for Agility classes. She was recently the trial secretary and organizer of the inaugural agility trial committee for All Dog Adventures first USDAA trial.

Suzanne holds her Master's Degree in Speech Pathology and works as a speech therapist (independent contractor) for Henrico and Chesterfield Counties.

Tami Pohnert

Tami teaches agility. She owns shelties and competes in agility.

Days Inn
2100 Dickens Rd
I-64 and WEst Broad st exit
Richmond, VA 23230
Residence Inn
Richmond West End
2121 Dickens Rd
Richmond, VA 23230
RV parking available
Americamps RV Park
11322 Air Park Rd
Ashland, VA

Feel free to call us! Kyra, Ciegi, Abbey, and Ericka will be happy to assist you:
. Email us at info@domorewithyourdog.com

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Arriving / Parking

All Dog Adventures
4111 W. Clay St,
Richmond, VA 23230
(804) 355-7737

We have a few parking spots available in front of and on the side of our building. Feel free to park in the street, or in the lots of neighboring buildings. The only place that you CAN NOT PARK is in front of #4108 (brick building with a green awning).

Check-In When you get here, come in the green door and proceed to check in at the front table. You'll be given your camp T-shirt, and a schedule for the day. We'll also have our Camp Store set up for shopping (we'll be selling treats, toys, etc.) and some fruit and coffee for breakfast. After check in, we'll have an introductory talk and time for you to sign up for the classes you'd like to take!
Crates We'll have plenty of crates available for participating dogs. If your dog is more comfortable on a bed or mat, you're welcome to bring your own and use that instead.
Pottying your dog There is a small grassy area in front of our building, next to our parking lot that you can use to potty your dog. Pickup bags and a trash can are located in this area. Please remember to pick up after your pet!
Doggie Manners Please keep your dogs under control. While your dog might be friendly, you never know who's pooch doesn't like other dogs in its face. It's important to keep your dog on a short leash and keep their attention on you while in close proximity to other dogs. No flexi (retractable) leads, please.
Temperature / Weather The facility is kept nice and toasty, but it's best to wear layers
Restrooms Three indoor (warm and toasty) clean restrooms
What to Bring

For the dog:

  • Lots of treats. Soft, easy to eat ones that don't crumble work best: cut up hot dogs, cheese, sandwich meat, cooked frozen meatballs, etc.
  • Flat collar
  • Leash
  • Dog crate, bed, or mat
  • Coat (if needed for outdoors)
  • Pickup bags
  • Dog food
  • If your dog has a special motivator toy that he loves, bring that

For you:

  • Camera
  • Clothing layers
  • A big smile :)

Some items will be for sale at camp:

  • Dog treats
  • Clickers
  • Tug Toys
Nearby vets and pet stores

Pet Smart 1/2 mile or less away

Veterinarian - Emergency vet - Dogwood veterinary emergency and specialty center 804-716-4700

Veterinary emergency and specialty center -804-353-900


Lunch (sandwiches) drinks, and snacks will be provided both days. We have a list of local restaurant recommendations for dinner. Homemade cookie for dessert.

We will hve bottle water, we have other hot/cold water dispenser, and coffee free of charge all day.

Breaks There will be a 10 minute break between each learning session, so you'll have plenty of time to take your dog outside and just to relax for a minute! If at any time during activity sessions you or your dog needs to rest for a bit, feel free to do so!
Note About Therapy Dog Testing If you are planning on taking the TDInc test on Sunday, your dog needs to have proof of a negative fecal exam within the past 6 months. Please bring this proof with you to camp if you would like to take the test. More detailed information about TDInc testing requirements and what to bring to the test can be found here.





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